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					                                                          State of Maine
                                         Department of Administrative and Financial Services
                                                    Bureau of General Services
                                                    Project Budget Summary

Addition and Alterations to Generic Building - Phase I                                                  Date of this report: 01/10/2005
East Campus                                                                                                       Bid Date: 06/03/2005
Augusta, Maine                                                                                    Proposed Occupancy Date: 11/25/2005

Part A: Administrative
    1   Land                                                            $0         this space for comments
    2   Advertising                                                   $222         this space for comments
    3   Legal/Insurance                                                            this space for comments
    4   Bid Document Printing and Handling                                         this space for comments
  5.1   Furnishings                                                                this space for comments
  5.2   Fixtures                                                                   this space for comments
  5.3   Equipment                                                                  this space for comments
    6   Telecommunications                                                         this space for comments
    7   Security Systems                                                           this space for comments
    8   Percent for Art program                                      $5,000        1% of construction cost estimate
    9   Moving, Temporary Space                                                    this space for comments
   10   Bid Contingency                                             $25,000        5% of construction cost estimate
   11   Construction Contingency                                    $50,000        5 to 10% of construction cost estimate
   12                                        Part A Subtotal        $80,222
Part B: Fees & Services
  13    Architect/Engineer Basic Services Fee                       $55,000        this space for comments;
  14    Additional A/E Services Fees (Supplemental Agreements)           $0        this space for comments
  15    A/E Reimbursables Expenses                                       $0        this space for comments
  16    CM Preconstruction Fee (if used)                                 $0        this space for comments
  17    CM Preconstruction Reimbursable Expenses (if used)               $0        this space for comments
  18    Hazardous Materials Removal Design                                         this space for comments
  19    Environmental Phase I / Renovation Impact Study                            this space for comments
  20    Survey                                                          $0         this space for comments, ex.: "not required"
  21    Soils/Borings                                                              this space for comments
  22    Preconstruction Testing                                      $2,300        (ex.: environmental site assessment)
  23    Construction Testing                                                       this space for comments
  24    Life Cycle Cost Analysis                                                   this space for comments
  25    Hazardous Materials Removal                                                this space for comments
  26    Construction Clerk                                                         this space for comments
  27    Owner's Representative                                                     this space for comments
  28                                          Part B Subtotal       $57,300
Part C: Construction
  29 Original Contract Amount                                     $500,000         (initial budget sheet can track new, reno., site devel.)
  30 Cumulative Total of Change Orders                                             this space for comments (link to other worksheets)
  31                                         Part C Subtotal      $500,000

  32                                     Total Project Cost       $637,522
                                          Allocated Amount                         limit of funding

                                           Building Areas
                                          New Construction                    SF
                                               Renovation                     SF
                                                     Total                    SF

   0cebf6a9-d701-44b4-b6ec-d057a4130daa1 Project Budget Summary                                                               Page 1 of 2
                                                      State of Maine
                                     Department of Administrative and Financial Services
                                                Bureau of General Services
                                                  Project Schedule Summary

Addition and Alterations to Generic Building - Phase I                                         Date of this report: 12/06/2004
East Campus
Augusta, Maine

   Notification to BGS                                      January 3, 2005    PIP Form received
   Approval by BGS                                         January 17, 2005
   Establish first budget sheet                            January 31, 2005    important to update periodically
   Notification of other agencies                          January 31, 2005    M. Arts Commission, BIS, RMD, PMD, etc.
   Advertise for A/E services                              February 6, 2005
   Interview for A/E services                                March 7, 2005
   Select A/E firm                                          March 18, 2005

   Approve A/E agreement                                     March 28, 2005
   Commence Design                                             April 4, 2005
   Schematic Design complete                                   May 9, 2005
   Design Development complete                                June 20, 2005
   Construction Documents complete                          August 22, 2005    Request wage determination
   Final review comments                                  September 5, 2005    Allow sufficient review time prior to bidding
   Out to Bid                                             September 9, 2005
   Filed Sub-bids received                               September 28, 2005
   Bids received                                            October 5, 2005

   Approve construction contract                           October 21, 2005
   Construction commences                                  October 31, 2005
   Phased construction complete                              March 27, 2006    if applicable
   Construction complete                                    August 28, 2006    per contract
   Building systems commissioning complete                  August 28, 2006
   Punchlist generated                                    September 1, 2006    by Architect
   Punchlist complete                                    September 22, 2006

   Certificate of Substantial Completion issued          September 25, 2006
   Move-in                                               September 26, 2006
   Close-out checklist complete                             October 2, 2006    BGS checklist
   Occupancy                                                October 6, 2006    open for business
   Post-Occupancy Evaluation                                  April 25, 2007   BGS review of project

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