Business Expense Policy

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					                                                       Business Meeting Expenses

                                                                                                        Col F
                                                                    Col D                        Amount of money           Col G
                                                                Percentage of                      to be coded to   Amount of money
                              Col B
                                                 Col C          Time Spent on                    Projects/Prog (Col  to be coded to
                           Total Hours      Hours Spent on       Educational         Col E       D X Col E) Code to Business Mtg (Col
         Col A             Spent on the    Educational/Charit    Projects (Col   Total Meeting     6050 Series or   E - Col F) Code to
  Dates of the Meeting       Meeting         able Projects         C/Col B)       Expenses              6023            6020 Series
                                                                  #DIV/0!                            #DIV/0!             #DIV/0!

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