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  New cars: what the critics say
                                                                                                Overall – across tarmac and gravel – the
  The Sunday Times                                                                              WRX shows a superb blend of “go-hard
  The Impreza WRX sedan is something                                                            poise” and daily drive compliance.
  you can happily put in your driveway                                                          “That’ll do Rex, that’ll do.”
  without the neighbours sneering. Unlike
  the WRX hatch, the new sedan is “in                                                           Open Road
  proportion”, with sufficient styling to                                                       The latest and greatest Impreza WRX
  “draw attention”. The 2.5-litre, flat                                                         appeals as much to “yummy mummies
  4-cylinder engine is a success, and the                                                       and golfing grannies as it does to rally
  seats are a compromise between sports                                                         fans and gym junkies”. It wins points
                                                                     Subaru Impreza WRX         for performance, safety, refinement,
  and comfort – so “tired bodies can plop
  in and creak out” with ease.                                            From $39,990          responsive steering, ergonomics and
                                                                                                value. On the downside, it has modest
  The Daily Telegraph                            power, 23Nm of urge and a suspension           boot space, it’s a bit thirsty on the road
  Subaru have put the bite back into             package that brings back dynamic               and it does lack some “edginess and
  “Rex” with the arrival of the sedan.           handling. They have also managed to trim       charisma”. Nevertheless, it’s an
  Upgrades include an extra 26kW of              combined fuel efficiency to 10.4L/100km.       “undeniably effective tool”.

                                                                                                                                                SourCe: T3, herAld SuN, AuSTrAliAN fiNANCiAl review
  The best… office accessories                                            Swiss Business Tool from the makers of the Swiss Army knife
                                                                          comes the ultimate office tool. Keep it close and you’ll never
 Streamline the study at home, or persuade your
                                                                                    have to search for a stapler, hole punch, staple
 boss to invest in some of these tools, designed
                                                                                    remover or scissors, says the Afr. it also has a
 to make office life more bearable
                                                                                    fold-out blade for chasing away stationery thieves.
                                                                                    Price: $225. Contact: (02) 9279 4806 for stockists.
            Milan Direct Aeron-inspired
            Office Chair The original design
            for herman miller’s Aeron mesh                                                       Fellowes MicroShred 450Cs
            chair won a place in the New                                                         This machine eats documents for
              york museum of modern Art’s                                                        breakfast, lunch and dinner, mincing
               permanent collection. This                                                        sheets of A4 into 4,000 tiny, hard-to-
                chair has similar style and                                                      decipher pieces, says T3. Price: $499.
                          ergonomics, at                                                         Contact:
                            a fraction of the
                            cost, says the       Hermès Calfskin Paperweight                    The Ecobutton The makers claim it
                        herald Sun. Price:       Nothing can make a desk stand out like         saves the average PC-user $75 a year
                          $224. Contact: www.    an expensive and pointless paperweight.        on electricity bills and will reduce their
                    And nobody does them better than hermès,       carbon footprint by 480kg of Co2
                                                          says The Australian financial         a year, says the herald
                                                                    review. They source         Sun. it plugs into your
                                                                       large pebbles from       computer, and sends
                                                                        france and encase       it into deep sleep
                                                                        them in calfskin.       when not in use.
                                                                        Price: $560. Contact:   Price: $19.95.
                                                                       (02) 9287 3200           Contact: www.
                                                                     for store locations.

Tips of the week...                                     And for those who                       The internet... expanding
staying secure online                                   have everything…                        the Twitter experience
● don’t recycle passwords between sites.                                               This site allows you to
if a hacker steals your details from one site,                                                  tweet with pictures. log on and upload
then they might be able to access your                                                          your picture, add some words and your
savings accounts on another.                                                                    tweet goes out with a link to your image.
● if you receive a “phishing” email claiming                                           sifts through Twitter and
to be from a bank and asking for login                                                          lists tweets about songs. it‘s linked to
details, you should report it. Never open an                                                    online music library grooveshack allowing
attachment unless you trust its source.                                                         you to instantly listen to the songs
● opening dodgy url links can be like                                                           recommended by your favourite twitterers.
releasing a “cyber-poison” into your PC.                                               A question-and-answer
links to corrupt websites are one of the                                                        forum for the twittersphere. Just log on,
main methods used by viruses, spyware                                                           type in a question, press search, and
and malware to infect your computer.                                                            the service will search Twitter for
● Anti-virus software alone won’t cut it any      With the BluAlert vibrating bracelet you      appropriate answers.
more. you need something with internet           never have to worry about forgetting your with this site you
security to protect from keystroke copying.                                                     can form or join “twitter groups”– Twitter
                                                 mobile phone. Using Bluetooth technology
● Never put personal information online.                                                        users who organise around similar
                                                   you simply pair the bracelet with your
By uploading things like your date of birth                                                     interests such as foodies, or 6wS for
and address to social networking sites, for       mobile phone and it will vibrate if you’re    writing six-word stories.
example, you’re giving hackers what they         ever separated by more than five metres. It
                                                                                       Tell this site where
need to gain access to your online life.         can also be set to vibrate when your phone     you are and it will find twitterers within a
● if you must do stupid things, don’t film              rings so you never miss a call.         specified distance. Searching their tweets
them. if you must film them, don’t upload              Price: $61.00, plus postage              for keywords like “gridlocked”, “traffic” or
them for the world to see.                          Contact:              “sale” can be useful.
SourCe: The herAld SuN                           SourCe: STuff mAgAziNe                         SourCe: SuNdAy life

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