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Setting Action on Guitar


Setting Action on Guitar

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Setting Action on Guitar Is Easy

Guitar is an alluring musical instrument, but it cannot charm the listeners, if it goes out of tune.
Guitars when first purchased from the stores sound perfectly well but wear and tear, humidity etc
prevents it from sounding the same way. Hence, regular setting up of this instrument is
extremely vital.

Setting action on guitar is one of the basic parts of guitar set- up and it greatly helps in
improving the playability of this instrument. Often it is seen that guitars have strings above its
neck which hurts the player’s fingers. This is just one of the examples of the many indications
that the instrument exhibits to tell that it is time to set its action.
When setting the action on the instrument, check whether the strings are properly placed in the
neck and whether its overall playability is fine. Setting action on guitar is quite easy and can be
tried even by a beginner who lacks the skill of a luthier. All you need to do is loosen the strings
of the instrument where they can be re-tightened and then test the adjustment action of the

After dealing with the strings, move to the bridge of the instrument. Check how the string is
connected to the bridge; this is important for string height greatly affects the playability of the

Setting the action can be done by following an instruction manual. But then make sure that you
are careful enough when adjusting the action, for a single mistake can completely ruin your
instrument. So having adjusted the strings check whether one string is in sync with the other. If
the strings are not in sync then it would be extremely difficult to transfer the fingers from one
string to the other while playing the guitar. Generally, truss rod adjustment is not required while
setting the action of the guitar. Most importantly, use proper tools of high quality to set the
action on your guitar. Tools of poor quality would not last for long and can severely hamper your
guitar forever.

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