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Set Up Electric Guitar

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Learn To Set Up Electric Guitar Yourself

Electric guitar is a popular variety of guitars and is widely owned and played by people all over
the world. Electric guitars have gained great popularity in almost all types of popular music
genres. The difference between electric guitar and the other varieties of guitar is that the former
makes very little audible sound, when its strings are plucked. Hence, it needs to be plugged into
the amplifier to make it sound louder. If you have an electric guitar of your own, you might have
to learn to set up electric guitar to ensure it functions optimally.

A new electric guitar would definitely mean that it would be in a top- notch playing condition.
But regular playing of the guitar would lead to wear and tear of its parts, that would require
repairing and servicing. A reputable guitar tech would be the best person for adjusting the
different parts of your electric guitar. But if learnt properly and done with passion, even you can
do it on your own. All you would need is the capability of carrying out the instructions perfectly.
The set up of electric guitar would require setting up of intonation, string height, pick- up
height and adjusting the truss rods.

The adjustable truss rods in electric guitar run down along the centre of its neck. The adjustment
of the truss rods can be both easy and complex process – it would depend on the wear and tear
that it has gone through. The truss rods if not adjusted with caution, can ruin the guitar forever. If
you are able to adjust the truss roads properly, the next step would be to adjust the action height
for the better playability of the guitar.

Setting the intonation of the guitar is the next step for it plays an important in the functioning of
the guitar. The guitar’s sound completely depends on its intonation; therefore fine tuning of the
electric guitar is extremely important. Setting of the pick-up height of the guitar is very important
as it would determine the output of the guitar. Though the instructions of setting up the electric
guitar might same quite easy but it can be quite challenging and tricky. Though it might not
require a technician if you are ready to put enough effort and passion. Rather it would be
advisable to take the guidance of someone who has adjusted the electric guitar parts earlier to
avoid damaging the guitar.

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