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					              Parasitism, Mutualism, or Commensalism?
Read about each relationship and decide which type of symbiosis is being described:

1. shrimp and sea anemone                 The shrimp is immune to the stinging
                                          tentacles of the sea anemone. By
                                          hiding in the sea anemone, the
                                          shrimp is protected from predators.

2. green alga and fungus (lichen) A green alga and fungus are
                                          dependent on each other. The fungus
                                          gains nutrients synthesized from the
                                          alga, and the alga receives water
                                          and nutrient salts from the fungus.

3. rhizobium bacteria and                 The bacteria found on the roots of a
                                          soybean plant fix atmospheric
soybean plant
                                          nitrogen and make it available to the
                                          plant. The bacteria receives
                                          carbohydrates from the plant.

4. hermit crab and sea anemone The hermit crab is less likely to be
                                          eaten by cuttlefish when an
                                          anemone rides on its shell. The
                                          anemone gains access to a wider
                                          feeding range.

5. oxpecker bird and                      The oxpecker bird eats ticks living
                                          on the hippopotamus's back.

6. tapeworm and dog                       The tapeworm attaches to the
                                          intestinal wall of the dog and takes
                                          nutrients consumed by the dog.

7. crocodile and Egyptian plover The Egyptian plover feeds on
                                          leeches and other scraps of food in
                                          the crocodile's mouth. The crocodile
                                          benefits because the plover cleans
                                          its teeth.

8. ant and acacia tree                    The ant burrows into a thorn of the
                                          acacia tree to live and eat sugar
                                          secreted by the tree. The ants benefit
                                          the tree by attacking predators.

9. cleaner fish and shark                 The cleaner fish feeds on parasites
                                          in the shark's mouth and gills.

10. tick and cow                          The tick burrows into the cow's skin
                                          to suck blood.

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