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Guitar Set Up Guide - Do You Need One?

A perfect guitar when freshly purchased from the store plays great, but with passage of time it
ceases to be perfect. Guitars can go out of tune for many reasons; regular wear and tear is the
most common reason. Therefore, it calls for regular tuning-up and adjustment of different guitar
parts. If you wish to keep your guitar in a proper functioning state you would need to follow a
guitar set up guide and set it accordingly. Reliable guitar set up guides are available on the
internet, and it is vital to buy a good one in order to keep your guitar performing well.

Although adjusting the guitar parts and setting them up is no easy job and might demand
professional help, you can start with some basic setting up. Though this would not be an all
encompassing setting up job, it would nevertheless ensure that your guitar is playing perfectly.
Basic setting up of the guitar would require adjusting the truss rod, adjusting the bridge, the
height of the pickups and intonation. These are the minor tasks involved in setting up the guitar,
and do not require you to be an experienced tech.

Setting up the guitar yourself would help you save money that you would have had to pay the
tech. All you need to do is to make a list of instruments that you would need to set up the guitar
and follow the instructions outlined in the guide. Moreover, adjusting the parts of the guitar
should be done cautiously, for a mistake on your part can ruin its finish. A good guitar set up
guide would not just show you how to set your guitar up but it would also make you aware of the
ways in which one can take proper care of the guitar.

Now, how would you know that your guitar would need a set up? Well, if the tunes get out of
tune, if it does not sound good and if most of the strings are too high, then you know that you
need to do some fixing. Setting up the guitar is all about improving its playability and tunes. To
make your first attempt at setting up the guitar a success, be patient and passionate towards
setting up the guitar. A proper set-up job makes your guitar all the more playable and fun for
you. So, when setting up your guitar can yield you so many benefits, make sure you do the job

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