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Gibson Guitar Setup-Strings, Fret, and Bridge

Now that you have got a new guitar, your fingers much be itching to strum but before you get any
rhythm going it is apparent that you need to set up the guitar. Both Fender and Gibson guitar setup is
done in nearly the same manner with some changes.

There are manifold advantages of having the right guitar setup, major ones being the ease of playing
and the quality of sound output that you get.

The intonation of the instrument depends largely on the action of the guitar. Action is the distance
between the strings and the frets, greater the distance higher the action and vice versa. Guitar with
lower action means the strings are much closer to the frets and thus it becomes easier to play especially
for the beginners. Experienced players can play a lot faster with a low action.

Now low action is possible only when frets are level and the guitar neck is appropriately bend. Ideally,
neck should be concave when sighted along its length. If it is straight or bends backwards, you will need
to seek professional help to adjust the truss rod. You can also adjust the truss rod yourself but it requires
a lot of skill and hence it is advisable that you take your guitar to a professional luthier.

The height of the bridge also plays an important role in getting a low action. Action is directly
proportional to the height of the bridge- higher the bridge, higher the action. Height of the bridge in
acoustic guitar can be adjusted either by sanding it down if it is too high or by putting shims in the
grooves if it is low. Gibson guitar setup is usually done by adjusting the bridge from top and bottom.

Be careful to alter things in your guitar only a little bit as bigger changes will detune the intonation. It is
suggested strongly that you take your guitar to a professional for a near perfect setup. You can work on
other aspects of your playing technique once your setup is to your liking.

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