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Affiliate Marketing Success Principles


There are two keys to a successful business that often seem lacking in affiliate marketing-reserach and plan. Read this ebook to find out how.

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									Affiliate Marketing Success
                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

    1. Before You Choose Your Affiliate Products
    2. You NEED a website
    3. Getting Free Traffic to Your Affiliate Website
    4. Getting Paid Traffic to Your Affiliate Website
    5. Some Last Pointers About Being a Successful Affiliate Marketer

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                          ABOUT THE AUTHOR

   This report is released by The Guide Shop and written by
   Mandy Buchanan (aka Mandy B).

   Mandy B has been writing as a freelance writer through
   Elance since 2006 and has been involved in internet
   marketing since 1998. She also has a number of websites
   including The Guide Shop where she sells a number of
   ebooks and reports she has written on various topics.

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Hi and welcome to the “Affiliate Marketing Success Principles” report.

In this report we are going to discuss a few principles that are essential for your
success as an affiliate marketer and the reason why many would-be affiliate marketers
fail to make any money online.

If you would like a more in-depth look at how you can make money online then please
purchase “The Complete Guide to Making Money Online” from The Guide Shop. In
this guide I have not only covered affiliate marketing but also a number of other ways
you can make money online.

I trust you enjoy this report and find it useful in achieving affiliate marketing success.

Mandy B

There are two keys to a successful business that often seem lacking in affiliate
marketing – research and a plan. It is not enough to simply sign up for one affiliate
program after the next hoping that one of them will be the right one and make you
millions without much work. You need to research before and you need to create a
business plan that will lead you to success. In this chapter we are going to look at
these keys.

Begin with Understanding Yourself

The first research you need to do is really a personal analysis. Take a critical look at
yourself – your skills, personality and interests. Each of these factors will affect your
ability to be a successful affiliate marketer and can tell you exactly what you should
go into. Take some time now to write down a table of your skills, personality and
interests and then think of business ideas that will use these unique characteristics.

Keyword Research

Another important factor in the success of your affiliate marketing business is
choosing the right niche, where people are hungry to purchase products. This begins
with thorough keyword research.

You can use tools such as Wordtracker and the Google Adwords keyword research
tool to determine those keywords that have a high search volume versus low
competition. These are the best keywords to use when promoting your affiliate
programs and a good niche to go into.

Market Research

Another important element of choosing the right niche is market research. You not
only need to find out whether people are searching for the products you are going to
sell but also how much they are prepared to pay for these products.

Online market research can be done in forums, email groups, social networking
websites and any other place where people congregate online and where you can see
what they are discussing or ask questions. Ask as many questions as possible and find
answers for these before choosing your affiliate products.

Determine Your Target Market

Now let us look at how you are going to create your business plan for affiliate

The first step is to determine your target market. Your research will have shown you a
good niche to go into and should have already shown you who the people are who are
interested in these types of products. It is now time to create a specific picture of your
target market – how old are they, where do they live? What lifestyle do they lead?
How much money do they have? Try to visualize your target market as a particular
person and write a description of them including their problems, needs and desires.

How Are You Going to Reach Your Target Market?

Now you have an idea of who your target market is it is time to create a plan on how
you are going to reach them. This is your marketing plan.

Think about what tools will most effectively reach your target market – unless you are
specifically selling products that webmasters want your best place to start may be with
article marketing, pay per click advertising, social networking, etc. There are many
tools available if you sell a product that webmasters want.

Work out exactly what marketing tools you are going to use, how you are going to
implement these and a step by step marketing plan that will bring you results.

What are Your Goals?

The last thing I want to look at in the business plan for affiliate marketing is your
goals. What do you really want to achieve with your affiliate marketing? How much
money do you want to make? What other goals do you have for this? Be specific and
set time limits to when you want it done by.

Research and creating a business plan are essential for the success of your affiliate
marketing business. You need to know where you are going, why and how you are
going to get there. Don’t be a program hopper and join any program that promises you
riches overnight – be a serious business owner and work yourself to success.
                                You NEED a Website

I don’t know how many times I have seen affiliate marketing programs or online
network marketing programs saying you don’t need a website (or they provide you
with one). Having your own website is essential for your success online – no matter
what type of business you do. In this chapter we are going to look at why and how you
can get your own website.

Why Do You Need a Website to Market Your Affiliate Program?

The main reason behind having your own website to market your affiliate programs is
that it helps to brand you and gives you the opportunity to make multiple sales to the
same person. When you market an affiliate link you are branding the business you are
affiliated with and never know who you are actually sending there or get the
opportunity to make more sales to them effectively.

By having your own website you can create your own list of subscribers interested in a
specific type of product. They will then see you behind the website and get to know
you as someone they can trust for this particular type of product.

Once someone has subscribed to your opt-in list you can keep them coming back,
advertise more products to them and hopefully purchasing more than just one of your

Register Your Own Domain Name

The first step in getting your own website is registering a domain name. This domain
name should contain your primary keyword and be easy for your visitors to remember.

Many affiliate marketers are attracted to affiliate marketing because it is free to join
and they may initially be on a very limited budget. If the thought of getting your own
domain name scares you for this reason, don’t let it. You can get a free domain name
at I always use these domain names as I believe it is not only good for
those on a limited budget but it also makes sense in saving money in your business
and for a small donation you can get 100 domain names.

Find Website Hosting

The second step in getting your own affiliate website is to find hosting. When it
comes to hosting I generally do not recommend getting free hosting as it does come
with its own problems but if you need to get free hosting then choose a web host like You can also get very cheap hosting from

If you have a more flexible budget then take your time to look around for the best web
hosting for you that includes all the features you need such as the amount of space, the
number of domain names, different web languages, etc.

Designing Your Affiliate Website
Lastly, how do you design your website?

If you have a good budget for your affiliate marketing business then the best option
may be to hire a professional web designer as this is one of the most important aspects
of your business and whether you are going to get sales or not.

If you do not have the budget for a professional designer or already know
programming then you can learn programming languages and create your own website
using HTML or other web design languages. This gives you greater flexibility at
reduced cost.

The last way – free but also not as flexible, is to use WYSIWYG editors. These are
like word processors in their format and so are easy to use but you may experience
problems when you want to change some code.

It is vitally important for the success of your affiliate marketing to drive traffic to your
own affiliate website and then through that to your affiliate links. This helps to brand
you and gives you the chance of selling multiple products to the same people. You
will need to register your domain name, find hosting and then design the website or
get someone else to do it for you.

Once your website is up and running the next step is to drive as much traffic to it as
possible. Fortunately the internet has many free ways you can do this and you should
take advantage of as many of these as possible. In this chapter we cover just a few of
those ways to help you get started but always be on the look out for new methods.

DIY Search Engine Optimization

Getting free traffic to your website should begin with doing your own search engine
optimization. Although search engine optimization is tricky and you may not be able
to get a first page result yourself, there is still plenty you can do to improve the results
you get from the search engines.

There are two keys in doing your own search engine optimization – keyword
optimization and link building. Many of the ways we mention below will help you
create links to your website but let’s briefly discuss keyword optimization.

In the first chapter we looked at doing keyword research to help you find your niche.
While doing this you should have found good keywords that had a high search volume
and low competition – these are the keywords you need to target in your search engine

Include these links in your domain and file names, in the titles on your website, in
bold near the top of pages, and scattered throughout your content. These keywords
will then tell the search engines what your website is about and help to drive traffic to

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a huge way to attract traffic to your website and
includes many different ways to do so including social networking, social
bookmarking, social content, video and photo sharing, Twitter, and many other
websites. Try to create as many social media profiles as possible and learn as much as
you can about using these to attract traffic to your website.

Article Marketing

Another powerful way to promote your business is using article marketing. Write
articles that can be distributed through article directories with an author’s resource
box that encourages people to visit your website.

Incidentally, this is another reason why you need your own website as an affiliate –
many article directories will not accept affiliate links in your author’s resource box
and so you need to direct them to your web page first before passing them on to your
affiliate’s page.
Article marketing is powerful in a number of ways – not only do you get traffic
directly from the article directories themselves but you also help to improve your
search engine optimization through link building and you may even find that other
webmasters re-print your articles and so link back to you allowing you to benefit from
their traffic.

Text Ad Exchanges

Text ad exchanges are becoming a popular way to drive traffic to your websites and
not only include solo email ads but also a number of other options such as text ads,
banner ads, and sometimes other advertising options. You can generally sign up for
these free although you get greater benefits if you choose to upgrade. We will soon be
putting a text ad directory on our Free Online Advertising website so check this out
for more information and for other free marketing methods.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges have been around for many years and work on sending traffic to
your website in exchange for you viewing other people’s websites. You can either join
free or benefit from an upgraded membership. Once again, view our Free Online
Advertising website for a traffic exchange directory.

Safelist Emails and List Builders

Safelist mailers and list builders are both ways to email others without necessarily
building your own list first. Generally I prefer safelist mailers as they can get traffic to
your website much quicker, without needing to refer anyone first. Credit-based
mailers ensure that people actually read your emails in order to build up credits.

List builders are generally slower as you generally need to recruit other members first
in order to benefit from them or take out an upgraded membership but the one list
builder I do recommend for getting free leads without having to recruit anyone or pay
is Triple Your List.

Viral Marketing Mechanisms

Today there are many viral marketing mechanisms but the idea behind these is that
your advertising multiplies itself many times over bringing you great results. This may
be through giving away a product on JV sites and encouraging others to give away
your product or joining one of the many viral marketing websites available today.

These are just a few of the many free ways to draw traffic to your affiliate website.
You can find more on our free Online Advertising website or on our Free Biz Opps

If you start with a good budget, or as you start to make money from your affiliate
business, you should push this back into your business with paid traffic. Although
there are many free ways to market and you can begin with these, getting paid traffic
to your website just helps to increase the number of visitors you receive and your
chances of making more sales.

Pay per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords is a great place to start. This can
instantly start to bring in traffic and you are only paying for actual results. Write a
compelling ad in a few short sentences and then direct them to your website.

Use the reports to monitor your results and determine the best keywords and ads to

Paid Banner Advertising on Other Websites

Another way to get paid advertising is through buying banner space on other websites.
You should look for websites that target a similar target market and have quite high
traffic volumes to get the best results.

Offline Advertising

You will generally need to pay something for offline advertising whether it is printing
costs to get your brochures or flyers, or expensive fees for radio or television
advertising. Whatever you choose to do offline to promote your business, however,
can help you reach a completely new set of customers and can be well worth your

Determine the budget you have for paid advertising and then use it wisely on pay per
click advertising, paid banners, offline advertising and purchasing upgraded
memberships in some free programs.

Through the course of this report we have looked at a number of important principles
for affiliate marketing success – proper planning, having your own website and
driving plenty of traffic to your website. Before we finish though we just want to
mention a few last pointers for affiliate marketing success.

Affiliate Marketing Success Requires Perseverance

No matter what they tell you, you can’t get rich overnight and with no effort. Being
successful in anything requires dedication and hard work. You can make money with
affiliate marketing but you need to persevere and stick with it until you start seeing
results. Don’t give up on your plan!

Get to Know Your Affiliate Products

Another important point is to really get to know the affiliate products you are
promoting. Buy them yourself, use them, ask questions about them, contact the
business you are affiliated with and ask them questions about the products. Do
whatever you can to really come to grips with the products you are promoting so that
you are in a better position to promote them to others.

Choose a Few Programs and Stick With Them

I mentioned this briefly in the first chapter – don’t be a program hopper, but it is
definitely worth re-iterating. Program hoppers and opportunity seekers are not likely
to succeed. Plan carefully and then choose a few affiliate programs that compliment
your business plan and stick with them. This is the way to true affiliate marketing

Track Everything

Testing and tracking is important to see what is bringing results and what is not. You
can either use the Google Analytics program to test and track your results or you may
go with another tracker such as Protrackerplus. I like to use both to see exactly what is

These last few success principles will really help to put you ahead of many affiliate
marketers who are not putting the success principles we mentioned in this report into
practice. You can succeed with affiliate marketing but it probably won’t happen
overnight and it will require dedication, getting to know your products and sticking
with a few programs and tracking everything.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online – you can start free with
a free domain name and hosting and free advertising and begin making money before
you need to spend anything.

Before choosing your affiliate marketing products and programs though you should
carefully research and plan and get to know what products you need to promote, why
and how you are going to do this.

You can use free marketing resources (we mention a number in this guide, on the Free
Online Advertising website and Free Biz Opps blog) and then upgrade to paid
advertising as you start to make money.

Lastly, get to know your products and programs, stick with them and track everything.

We trust you have found this report useful and that it will bring you much affiliate
marketing success. Feel free to give this away to other affiliate marketers you know to
help them succeed.


Mandy B

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