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Electronic forms software lets you manage all your office’s paperwork online
Company                      Product             Description                                                        Company                   Product              Description

Adobe Systems Inc.           Adobe Form          Converts forms created in XML into Adobe PDF or standard           iSolutions Inc.           PerfectForm          A turnkey enterprise-level network form and workflow system
San Jose, Calif.             Server 5.0          HTML, depending on the device on which the form is to be dis-      Camarillo, Calif.                              with hosting on an iSolutions site; designed for large single- and
408-536-6000                                     played; accompanied by Adobe Form Designer, a toolset for                            multilocation environments requiring form access, manage-                                    designing XML and PDF forms and linking them to corporate                                                         ment, storage, database linking and e-mail functionality; $200
                                                 databases; $30,000 up for Form Server, depending on the CPU;                                                      yearly for 100 or more users; $750 for the Web setup fee
                                                 $1,695 up per license for Form Designer
                                                                                                                    KnowledgeGear Inc.        FormGear             A Web-based forms program used to create customized forms
Benefit Software Inc.        Forms4Us            An online service that offers Web site storage and retrieval for   Tulsa, Okla.                                   and requests; forms can be e-mailed to specified users or
Santa Barbara, Calif.                            employee forms relating to benefit enrollment, claims, surveys,    918-523-4327                                   groups; integrates with other KnowledgeGear business applica-
805-568-0240                                     policy manuals, summary plan descriptions, handbooks,                                      tions; configurable security levels; $150 up for licensing fee                                 announcements, newsletters and more; when a document is
                                                 added, updated or replaced, clients can send an original copy      Microsoft Corp.           InfoPath 2003        An enterprise-level approach that enables Microsoft Office
                                                 of the new one and it will be immediately added and indexed;       Redmond, Wash.                                 users to integrate XML forms into Office documents for publi-
                                                 priced according to number and types of forms                      425-882-8080                                   cation to the Web; $199 for single-user version; bundled free
                                                                                                                                        with Office 2003
CAD &           Form Tool 5.0       Enables the design of new forms from scratch or the creation
Foster City, Calif.                              of customizable forms from 600 editable forms and 200+             Memberclicks Corp.        Quick Forms          Online forms link to your Web site to collect information and
650-627-0015                                     included label templates; packaged with easy-to-use editing        Atlanta                                        payment; each can stand alone or work with existing hardware                           tools, spell checking, a complete database, electronic filling     800-914-2441                                   and software; modules include Event Registration, Dues Pay-
                                                 and mailing capabilities; $80                                                       ment, Application Form, Order Form, Donation Form and Survey
                                                                                                                                                                   Form; $200 per form; monthly fee of $9.95 plus 95 cents per
Captiva Software Corp.       FormWare 5.0        Provides a universal capture platform for managing business-                                                      transaction for transaction forms; $30 for nontransaction forms
San Diego                                        critical information from forms, documents and electronic data
858-320-1000                                     streams; desktop version combines document capture and                          forms processing into one easy-to-use package; supports a          Professional Computer     pcFORMation/         Windows and Macintosh systems for an extensive online library
                                                 range of capture applications from document imaging to forms        Forms Co.                MacFORMation         of forms; single-user versions of both systems priced at $150
                                                 processing (OCR/ICR) and data key entry; priced according to       San Jose, Calif.                               up; Office versions priced at $399 up; most libraries are priced
                                                 modules used and number and types of CPUs involved                 800-955-6284                                   at $100 each
Cardiff Software Inc.        LiquidOffice 3.0    An enterprise-level e-forms automation system for creating,
Vista, Calif.                                    deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking         Primary Software Inc.     Visiform 2.0 Stan-   An electronic form design and filling system built around Visi-
760-936-4500                                     and approval processes for electronic forms; automates all         Irvine, Calif.            dard Edition         Form Designer for forms creation and VisiForm Filler; provides                                  aspects of forms and documents using industry standards                          control over form design with alignment and distribution tools,
                                                 (XML, HTML, PDF and InfoPath formats); creates, routes,                                                           rich text editing, fractional fonts; allows movement of data to and
                                                 tracks, approves and signs online e-forms; pricing to be                                                          from any ODBC-compliant data source; bundled with Visiform
                                                 announced later this year                                                                                         Imager; $199 for standard package; $339 for standard package
                                                                                                                                                                   with Premium routing, $99 for Imager and $99 for data COM
Data Blocks                  Remark Web          Enables users to create online surveys, evaluations, registra-                                                    libraries; VisiForm Lite free form filler
Sunland, Calif.              Survey 3.0          tions, guest books, ballots, information requests and other
818-951-2825                                     similar forms for the Internet or an intranet without having to                               know HTML; using five steps, you can create an online form,        Pumatech Inc.             Satellite Forms      A rapid application development tool for Palm OS and Pocket
                                                 publish it to an HTML file, collect data, download it to a text    San Jose, Calif.          MobileApp            PC 2002 handhelds; used to develop handheld forms applica-
                                                 file and use the data in most spreadsheet and database pro-        408-321-7650              Designer             tions that integrate seamlessly with desktop database applica-
                                                 grams; $499 for a single-user Standard version; $950 for a                               tions or directly with server-based data via Pumatech's Enter-
                                                 single-user Professional version                                                                                  prise Intellisync Server Software, sold separately; $995

Deluxe Financial             Computer Forms      Online forms including invoices, miscellaneous forms, multi-       Quask                     FormArtist 3.0       A Web forms and survey program—the $49 FormArtist Presto is a
 Services Inc.                                   purpose forms, purchase order forms and statements; priced         Santa Monica, Calif.                           single-user version for designing forms and simple surveys; the
Shoreview, Minn.                                 according to the number and types of forms requested               866-624-4747                                   $199 FormArtist Standard adds database management features
800-328-0304                                                                                                                                with export and statistical reporting to Presto; the $899 Form-                                                                                                                                                Artist Professional adds ACT, GoldMine and MS-CRM support,
                                                                                                                                                                   advanced exports such as SPSS and HTML, plus developer
Enterprise Technology Inc.   FormDocs for        There are six editions of FormDocs: Basic, $80; Premium,                                                          options; FormArtist Enterprise version features advanced server-
North Andover, Mass.         Windows 6.5         $130; Office, $1,250 per 100-user site; Web, $1,250 per 100-                                                      side components based on Microsoft SQL Server and the .Net
978-686-0020                                     use site; OEM/VAR, Enterprise; and Server, $1,300 per single-                                                     platform and is priced according to number of CPUs used                                 server license. Feature sets range from basic forms manage-
                                                 ment and design to professional enterprise-level forms
                                                 management for all uses in the enterprise. FormDocs Develop-       Raosoft Inc.              EZSurvey for the     Creates Web and e-mail surveys with the Windows survey edi-
                                                 er Kit, which lets you integrate FormDocs with applications you    Seattle                   Internet             tor and command center; publishes Web, e-mail and handheld
                                                 write, is also available for $499                                  206-525-4025                                   surveys and forms; collects responses through any standard
                                                                                                                                          Web or e-mail server; summarizes results with built-in summary
EXZ Corp.                    EZ-Forms            Suite of forms software ranging from PDF Typer to EZ-Forms                                                        statistics and charts; instant Web reporting; can combine with
Houston                                          Gold, a feature-laden package that includes a database engine                                                     Raosoft's EZReport or RapidReport for more advanced statisti-
281-280-9900                                     for forms management and location; $129 for PDF Typer, $229                                                       cal analysis; $399 for single-user version; $2,100 for Profes-                                      for EZ-Forms Gold. EZ-Forms-4U program is available for users                                                     sional (enterprise) version; Palm or handheld pricing depends
                                                 who want EZX to design forms for government and business,                                                         on quantity
                                                 priced according to specific design criteria
                                                                                                                                              OmniForm 5.0         Turns paper forms into digital forms and creates new digital
Formatta Corp.               Formatta 6.0        Has three main components: Filler 6.0 lets users fill out forms    ScanSoft Inc.                                  forms from scratch; comes with a complete set of predesigned
McLean, Va.                  Series              online or offline with features such as save, encrypt, print,      Peabody, Mass.                                 form templates; bundled with a single license for the OmniForm
888-993-6767                                     e-mail, route and more; Designer 6.0 turns paper forms into        978-977-2000                                   Filler/Manager; Premium version can be used across an enter-                                 electronic forms; Server 6.0 automates all form processing and                               prise; $550 for OmniForm 5.0, $700 for OmniForm Premium
                                                 lets users prefill forms and update databases with structured                                                     5.0; $30 for Xpress Forms Pack, a collection of more than 200
                                                 XML; eForms functionality can be integrated into applications                                                     forms templates
                                                 using Server APIs; Filler 6.0 is free, Designer 6.0 is $995 per
                                                 copy and Server.6.0 is $25,000 up depending on the server             SmartDraw 6.0        Designer software for forms creation; templates included for
                                                                                                                    San Diego                                      most business purposes; $69 Standard version for creating
Hostedware Corp.             Hosted Survey       Web-hosted survey application developed for researchers,           858-549-0314                                   basic charts and diagrams includes 1,000 standard symbols;
Irvine, Calif.                                   evaluators and performance improvement specialists; used to                              $129 professional version adds Microsoft Office support, spell
949-585-1500                                     create electronic surveys, feedback reviews, questionnaires                                                       checker, advanced import/export features and one symbol col-                             and other online forms for data collection, analysis and report-                                                  lection; $198 Professional Plus version adds 11 symbol collec-
                                                 ing; packages of survey responses are purchased on a sliding                                                      tions, including business, clip art, networks, floor plans and
                                                 scale, for instance, 10,000 responses at 75 cents each equals                                                     engineering
                                                 $7,500; 1,000 responses at 95 cents each equals $950
                                                                                                                    Vanguard Software Corp.   Vanguard Vista       A Web survey tool that lets users create, post and track surveys
                                                                                                                    Cary, N.C.                                     online; users' surveys run on Vanguard's servers but are cus-
Integic Corp.                Certification &     Certification & Licensing module is designed for government        800-538-8173                                   tomized to blend seamlessly with their own Web sites; user-
Chantilly, Va.               Licensing module    agencies responsible for certifying and licensing individuals or                             friendly interface allows surveys to be built quickly and easily
703-222-2840                 of the e.Power      businesses; manages applicant forms online and automates                                                          without knowledge of HTML or Web design; $195 per month for              Application Suite   scheduling and coordination with e.Power; provides a respon-                                                      unlimited surveys, no term commitment and no setup charges
                                                 sible environment for constituent self-service that protects
                                                 individual privacy; free with the e.Power Application suit

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