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Coffee Kiosk Business Plan - PowerPoint

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Coffee Kiosk Business Plan document sample

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									         Miami Dade College
    Operations 2007 Annual Report
      2008 Key Divisional Goals
                             February 2008

“One Team, One Goal…Exceeding Expectations Together”
Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to share with you our first Annual Report
for Miami Dade College’s Operations’ divisions. This
report highlights some of the many accomplishments
of 2007 and our key goals for 2008 within the divisions of Business Affairs,
Information Technology, Human Resources and Facilities Management.

To be sure, each of our divisions has made significant contributions this
past year: Business Affairs managed nearly $13 million in institutional
financial aid support to students and our Budget Office skillfully developed
a $333 million 2007-2008 annual operating budget in the face of
reductions in state funding. Facilities Management completed over 14,000
work orders , initiated several major construction/renovation projects and
developed new procedures for general contractors that will result in the
most advantageous pricing for minor construction projects. Human
Resources managed over 56,000 online applications for over 1,000 full-
time and part-time positions, and piloted a new hiring process for Support
Non-Exempt employees that resulted in an 83% reduction in time to hire!
Not to be outdone, Information Technology implemented a new email
service for students, helped reinvent the College’s home page, and
completed a key systems upgrade resulting in reduced maintenance and
software costs.
I am especially proud of the efforts of our customer service philosophy
committee, a 12 person team representing each of our divisions that, with
input from all division employees, developed a service brand and
philosophy to guide how we will serve our many and varied customers.
Our brand: “One Team, One Goal….Exceeding Expectations Together.”
Our philosophy--12 key principles--is listed on the following page, and is
the foundation upon which we will do business. A second employee
committee has now been charged with developing ideas to implement this
critical initiative.

Meredith E. Gibbs
Meredith E. Gibbs
Provost for Operations                                                         2
                 Our Service Philosophy
“One Team, One Goal…Exceeding Expectations Together”

We believe in:

Quality                               Reliability
Providing service that is complete,   Consistently delivering our
reliable, accurate and exceeds        commitments
customer needs and expectations
Working together to achieve           Participating in opportunities for
goals                                 training and development to
Accountability                        enhance skills for optimal service
Taking ownership and bringing a       Respect
higher level of commitment to our
                                      Creating a culture of trust, sincerity
Knowledge                             and consideration
Becoming proficient in our roles      Attitude
and understanding the roles of        Maintaining a positive outlook by
others                                taking pride in our work
Offering multiple solutions that
address customer needs                Being available to provide prompt,
Communication                         courteous and thoughtful assistance
Engaging in clear and informative     Delivery
exchanges by listening                Providing solutions as efficiently as
attentively and sharing information
at all levels

                          Business Affairs
       “As we enter a new calendar year and reflect on
       2007’s accomplishments, I wanted to again thank
       all Business Affairs employees for their hard work,
       dedication and efforts over the past year. Keep up
       the good work and know that I truly appreciate all
       of your efforts.”

       E.H. Levering
       Vice Provost for Business Affairs/CFO
2007 Key Accomplishments
• Disbursed over $65 million in Pell Grants to needy students
• Managed nearly $13 million in institutional financial aid support to
• Effectively managed College and Foundation endowments to record
   balances at year-end
• Implemented Higher One’s automated student refunds service,
   dramatically improving the speed of refunds and eliminating over
   30,000 paper checks annually
• Completed federal financial aid audits with no significant findings,
   and state financial audits with no findings for 7th year in a row
• Successfully opened new college bookstores at the Hialeah and
   West Campuses and renovated stores at Medical and Wolfson
• Developed and managed a $333 million Annual Operating Budget in
   the face of state reductions
• Developed and established budgets for our newest campuses at
   Hialeah and West
• Negotiated a favorable health benefits program renewal which
   reduced the amount of increase to the College and employee
• Reduced student loan defaults to record low levels
                     Business Affairs
2007 Key Accomplishments (continued)
• Effectively implemented the financial module of the Facilities
   Project Management System
• Evaluated the Risk Management Consortium’s Safety Program to be
   piloted at Kendall Campus
• Completed Facilities' accounting reconciliations resulting in
   additional dollars available for maintenance and repair projects
• Successfully renovated food/coffee kiosk at North and opened a
   new café concept at West
• Reduced Worker’s Compensation expenses college-wide by
   approximately $100,000
• Improved Perkins Loan collection rate and helped to reduce default
   rate among students by 6%
• Processed payroll and completed reporting requirements for 9,657
   employees without missing a pay date
• Automated the transmission of all tax shelter annuity (TSA)
• Processed 50,300 invoices in accounts payable and issued 29,000
   vendor checks in central accounting with an average turnaround
   time of 5 to 10 business days
• Managed $8 million of new tangible personal property added to the
   College’s inventory system during 2007
• Hosted the College’s first ever Reverse Trade Fair, an open house
   event to establish new business relationships with the minority and
   small business vendor community
• Issued 5,687 purchase orders totaling approximately $87 million
• Completed a successful transition of Foundation leadership and
   integration of Foundation finance, accounting and scholarship
   management into the College
• Evaluated and implemented a tri-lingual call center system for
   financial aid to serve students more effectively
                    Business Affairs
2007 Key Accomplishments (continued)
• Processed 16,400 Purchasing Card transactions totaling $3.5 million
• Presented nine architectural/engineer design and general contractor
   selections for capital projects to the Board of Trustees

Key Goals for 2008
• Capitalize on business and financial opportunities
• Ensure compliance with federal, state and local requirements,
    including accounting and financial principles and best practices
• Improve College and departmental operational efficiency through
    reengineering, automation, outsourcing and other means
• Provide accurate and timely analysis and reporting of business and
    financial information
• Provide dedicated customer service to the wide variety of internal
    and external customers
• Provide staff with the resources necessary to successfully achieve
    the department’s vision and execute its mission

                  Facilities Management
           “2007 was an exciting year in Facilities
           Management. None of it could have been done
           without a very strong team effort at every level
           within our organization. I give the highest praise
           to Facilities Management employees for their

           Curtis Reynolds
           Vice Provost for Facilities Management

2007 Key Accomplishments
• Initiated planning and design of several major
   construction/renovation projects: Homeland Emergency Defense
   Project at North: $6.2 million, Building 9000 at Wolfson:$14 million,
   Student Services Renovations at Medical:$2.2 million
• Completed planning, design, and began construction of a $39
   million 100,000 square feet new science complex at North Campus
• Completed $19 million renovation projects across all campuses,
   including science lab renovations, faculty office space, multi-media
   classrooms and administrative office spaces
• Effectively completed over 14,000 work orders for maintenance and
   refurbishing projects across the campuses
• Developed $70 million PECO capital projects budget and managed
   capital project planning across all campuses
• Expanded the capability of the online work order system to enhance
   ease of use
• Restructured and reorganized Facilities Management Division to
   better focus on construction and maintenance operations
• Implemented project team concept for major construction projects
   to incorporate key stakeholders and enhance project feedback
• Implemented new procedures for general contractors to ensure
   most advantageous pricing for minor construction projects             7
                 Facilities Management
2007 Key Accomplishments (continued)
• Implemented a budget cash flow and forecasting program to better
    manage general construction project budgets
• Simplified contracts for architects and contractors to better reflect
    current business practices and legal requirements
• Updated and revised Hurricane Emergency Response Procedures to
    create standardized building condition reporting
• Developed automated approval and tracking processes for minor
    construction projects
• Established a deferred Facilities Operations Maintenance database
    which allows the college to document existing physical needs and
    facilitate future projects
• Implemented a Computerized Maintenance Management System to
    better track campus/college projects
• Developed a College-wide master plan for landscape/irrigation
• Implemented Americans with Disabilities Act transition plan to
    better accommodate students, faculty, and staff on the campuses
• Expanded Facilities Project Management database to allow project
    related documents to be viewed within database
• Added Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
    certification requirements to design criteria and new construction
    contracts to ensure contractors address green design/sustainability
• Expanded the college’s direct purchase program to include materials
    for major construction projects
• Completed over $7.3 million of deferred maintenance projects, i.e.
    chillers, escalators, roof replacements, air handlers, building
    envelope refurbishments and automatic doors
Key Goals for 2008
• Practice sound financial management and implement cost
    containment and efficiency measures
• Provide excellent delivery of services to customers through
    feedback, use of technology and empowerment of Facilities’
    employees                                                           8
               Facilities Management
Key Goals for 2008 (continued)
• Deliver all minor/major construction projects on time and within
• Provide an infrastructure and environment that focuses on effective
    and productive communications
• Ensure the academic, professional and personal success of all
    individuals within Facilities Management
• Maintain services that keep the College in compliance with State
    Requirements for Education Facilities (SREF) and Florida Building

                      Human Resources
       “As I look back on our accomplishments during 2007, I am
       inspired to mention our HR Team. My thanks to each
       and every one of them---they are the unsung heroes who
       do a great job supporting our college. They are amazing!”
       Iliana Castillo-Frick
       Vice Provost for Human Resources

2007 Key Accomplishments
• Handled over 56,279 online employment applications for over 1000
   full-time and part-time positions
• Completed a business process review of the hiring process and
   made numerous revisions, including revising the applicant life cycle
   to shorten the time to hire, re-vamping the on-boarding/new
   employee orientation
• Piloted a new screening and hiring process for Support Non-Exempt
   Employees at Kendall and West Campuses which reduced the time
   to hire by 83%
• Expanded the locations for background checks for new hires to offer
   a more convenient second location at Kendall Campus
• Completed the Image Now project to scan and archive nearly
   42,716 personnel documents
• Assisted with the analysis and implementation of a new health
   benefits plan
• Implemented online open enrollment for over 264 retirees
• Successfully handled tuition reimbursement program for 198
   employees totaling over $300,000
• Completed the College’s reclassification project for Student Services,
   Campus Services, Financial Aid and Facilities which included
   conducting a market assessment and review compensation levels
   for 60 positions, impacting 157 employees
• Developed a new compensation philosophy for the college               10
• Updated job descriptions for 135 classifications
                   Human Resources
2007 Key Accomplishments (continued)
• Began the second phase of a college-wide compensation
   assessment project to benchmark key positions for market
   competitive salaries
• Re-structured the Human Resources organization, without
   additional revenues, to focus on recruiting and retention and
   enhance benefits operations
• Completed benefits open enrollment, including workshops and
   individual meetings, for more than 2500 employees
• Processed 4200 RPAs and over 700 personnel requisitions
• Re-negotiated contracts with vendors resulting in cost savings of
• Implemented many on-line/automation initiatives including, on-line
   United Way contributions, revising on-line employee handbook,
   creating on-line emergency management guidebook, updated
   ASTRA handbook and placed on web site, on-line annual contract
   renewals, electronic salary notifications
• Handled 291 employee relations matters, with a reduction in time
   to close of 10%
• Partnered with CT&D to implement training programs for
   employees and supervisors on college policy and procedures
Key Goals for 2008
• Continue efforts to review compensation levels for employees
• Contain expenditures to comply with college fiscal restraints
• Review and improve resolution processes within Employee
• Enhance MDC hiring process to reduce time to hire and to provide a
    better experience for new employees
• Enhance automated and on-line processes to provide greater
    efficiency and effectiveness
• Improve guidance to MDC managers on all aspects of human        11
    resources policy and procedure
               Information Technology
“2007 was another great year for Information
Technology. These accomplishments are just a few
examples of over 100 successful IT-related efforts that
were worked on in addition to making sure the college’s
network, telephones, and enterprise applications are
always available. My thanks to our IT employees for their
hard work, energy and dedication.”
Karl Herleman
Vice Provost for Information Technology

2007 Key Accomplishments
• Implemented Image Now, a new imaging system, in Human
   Resources, Financial Aid, and Business Affairs to reduce paper and
   physical storage needs, and enhance document security
• Implemented a new College-wide email service for students and My
   Awards, a website for students to select financial aid on-line
• Upgraded and enhanced the College’s on-line admissions
   application and student portal
• Analyzed options for cellular service and consolidated vendors
   resulting in annual savings of $40,000
• Restructured our IT organization to improve operations for
   internet/information security, project management and quality
• Upgraded the College’s mainframe computer system to a 2096, 3-
   CPU 550 MIP machine, resulting in reduced maintenance and
   software costs, power and cooling consumption and floor space
• Implemented a new Web-based help desk (Parature) in the College
   Call Center, Virtual College and IT to provide faster service to
• Assisted in developing a comprehensive budget for the College’s
   new learning management system (ANGEL) and supported the
   implementation of Phase I
• Retired the College’s antiquated legacy system and upgraded it with
   a state of the art HP blade server system and VMWare virtualization
   infrastructure which offers 10 times the capacity of traditional
   servers at a much lower cost
             Information Technology
2007 Key Accomplishments (continued)
• With the District Office of Communications, developed a new MDC
   home page
• Automated the communication infrastructure between MDC and
   the Department of Education to enable faster submission of key
   reporting data
• Implemented a new firewall to increase capacity, security and
• Assisted in the implementation of the automated financial aid
   student refund service through Higher One
• Upgraded the College’s Polycom video conferencing bridge system
   by implementing a new gatekeeper and upgrading equipment in
   conferencing locations college-wide
• Completed Phase III of a college-wide WiFi initiative to provide
   wireless access for students in libraries, computer courtyards and
   other student common areas
• Implemented anti-spam measures, including load balancing new
   anti-spam gateways to cut down on email spam
• Completed a database and blueprint library for our fiber optic cable
   infrastructure across the college to quickly assess and remediate
   networking issues
• Piloted a new Telecommunications work order and problem
   reporting system
• Implemented a web based interface with Odyssey for our
   Community Education program
• Enhanced the Background Check Appointment Scheduler
• Provided design and implementation for communications
   infrastructure in hundreds of new construction, remodeling,
   renovation and quick job projects throughout the College
• Implemented a faster, easier to manage and more reliable storage
   system that more than doubled the College’s storage at a much
   lower cost
• Helped create and launch the College’s iTunes U site

              Information Technology
Key Goals for 2008
• Manage and control expenses within allocated annual budget levels
• Update the College’s IT strategic plan
• Ensure IT activities and actions are aligned with the College’s
    mission and provide the necessary support for students, campuses,
    and district administrative departments
• Provide an always-available IT infrastructure with minimal levels of
    unplanned service disruptions
• Continue to provide “keep the lights on” support for key College
    events, organizations and technologies
• Support the successful completion of major College initiatives as
    detailed in the IT project portfolio including: Financial Aid, Learning
    Management System, Website Renovation, PC Refresh, and Odyssey


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