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									Small Business and Industry Outreach
          Initiative (SBIOI)
      Fourteenth Quarterly Symposium

               October 2009
Corporate Overview

 A thriving, values based information technology solutions and services provider:
     Small Business - established 1998 with Headquarters in Fairfax, VA
     Reputation for consistently providing service delivery excellence and technical innovations in the national security market
     Top Secret facility clearance
     DCAA-approved competitive rate structure and financial system
     98.6% of staff have active security clearances
     Staff hold ITIL, PMP and Advanced Technical Certifications (CISSP,CCND, etc)
     Managed growth rate of 30%+ per year
     Financially solvent

 Long term, strategic growth vision:
     Experienced senior management team with collective industry experience 50+ years
     Disciplined strategic and annual business plans focus and drive our business practices
     Measured strategic positioning investments (people, tools, process)
     Adaptive incorporation of industry best practices (p(Win), opportunity lifecycle, metrics, etc)
     Anticipate exceeding $25M SB size standard approx. 2015 at current growth

     Solutions are tested and proven, yet customized to meet the unique needs of our federal customers
     Our approach to delivering high quality IT solutions and services centers around risk mitigation
     Committed to contributing partnerships with our customers and teammates
     Practices will not identify us as an exclusive Small Business

Corporate Recognition

 FAST 50 by Washington Technology Magazine
     Webster Data Communication has been named one of the nation's fastest growing small businesses in the federal
      marketplace by Washington Technology magazine for 2008 with over 72% annual growth in 2007.

 Fantastic 50 Award from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce
     Webster Data Communication has been recognized for three consecutive years as one of the fifty fastest growing companies
      in Virginia: 2007, 2008, and 2009.
     Webster Data Communication is saluted for their entrepreneurial success and contribution to Virginia’s economic vitality and
      recognized for their tremendous growth which averaged over 300% over 4 years.

 Hot 500 by Entrepreneur Magazine
     Webster Data Communication has been named one of the nation's fastest growing small businesses by Entrepreneur
      magazine. Webster Data ranked number 125 on Entrepreneur's Hot 500 list of small companies in terms of percentage and
      absolute growth from 2002 to 2006.

 The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority
     Webster Data Communication was honored in 2009 for high annual revenue or growth rate.

Operational Excellence

A Cleared and Certified Workforce….

                                                                        Interim Secret
                                                                        Interim Top Secret
                                                                        Top Secret

PMP certified                 CCNP

ITIL certified                Dell Certified Technician

DoD 8570.01 (CISSP)           HDI Support Center Analyst

Comptia A+                    Apple (Mac) Certified Help
                              Desk Specialists
MCSE                          BMC Remedy AR System 7.x

MCP                           SSCP Professional

Core Capabilities
 Information Technology Engineering Support Services
     Enterprise Architecture
           Network Engineering
           Server Administration/Consolidation/Virtualization
           System Engineering, Design and Implementation (WAN/MAN/BAN)
     Information Assurance
           Certification and Accreditation (C&A)
           Information Assurance Vulnerability Assessment (IAVA)
     Network Security
           Network Security Audits & Design
           Network Penetration Testing
           Firewall/IDS Design and Review
           Network Documentation
           Security Compliance Adherence Policy, Processes and Procedures
     Quality Assurance (QA) and Independent Verification and Validation (IV& V)
 Systems Integration Support Services
     Network Operations Centers
     VIP Call Centers
     Continuity of Operations (COOP)
     Help Desk
     Desktop Support
     Deployment Support Teams

Where we Started

   1996 – 1997: Webster Data began work for Department of the Navy Information & Network
   Processing Office
       Consolidated disparate & miscellaneous SECNAV and OPNAV networks of over 100 work group
       Rebuilt & expanded classified and unclassified Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Network of 7000
        users each
       Provided classified T3 WAN; unclassified OC3 WAN
       Connected Pentagon, Navy Yard, Nebraska Ave, Crystal City
       INPO transition to OPTI

   1998 to Present: Webster Data brought in to NMCI to provide Network Communication
       Provided technical project managers to identify and fix planning and execution gaps
             Provide connectivity over LAN/WAN
             Achieve the prescribed levels of security (IA)
             Synchronize internal and external requirements: (cabling, power, HVAC, racks, routers, switches etc)
       Prime contractor transitioned the program from over 180 subs to 5 national subs
       WDC has survived each transition and evolved support from highly technical to a mix:
             Science and Technology Support Services
             Enterprise Architecture System Engineering, Design and Implementation (WAN/MAN/BAN)
             Operations, Maintenance and Logistics Support
             Network deployment and refresh teams                                                                   6
Key Clients

Who we serve:                            Key Partnerships:
  Defense Advanced Research Projects        HP - Electronic Data Systems (EDS)-
  Agency (DARPA)                            2009 Selected as an HP Premier Vendor
  US Navy                                   Wyle Information Systems
    Office of Process, Technology and      Booz Allen Hamilton
                                            SRA International
    Military Sealift Command
    SPAWAR                                 Lockheed Martin
    NMCI                                   CACI
  US Marine Corps
  Defense Information Systems Agency

Webster Data Support to Charleston

  Preferred Small Business Contractor
       Strong technical reputation with DoD and Navy
       Extensive NMCI experience
       Competitive Pricing
       Excellent teaming member
  Joint Medical Information System (JMIS)
      N65236-08-D-6801
      Information Assurance
      JMIS Subcontractor
  Supporting Lowcountry Chapter of Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA)
      2009 “Terry Watkins Scholarship” Established
      AFCEA Golf Tournament Sponsorship
  Supporting C5ISR Government/Industry Conference
       Small Business Sponsor
  Supporting Charleston Defense Contractors Association
  Local Office
                                      6650 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29406
                                      Terry L. Watkins, Southeastern Regional Director

Webster Data National Presence


                                                                         Minneapolis                                                                Groton
                                                                                                          MI                Philadelphia
                                                      Kansas City
                                                                                                Crane                                                        Patuxent River
                                                  OK                                                                                                           Washington, DC
                                                                                                             TN                 NC
            Camp                            TX                                             Memphis                                                             Arlington
            Pendleton                                    Oklahoma City
                                                                                                                                             Jacksonville      Dahlgren
                                                                                                             GA       SC                                       Herndon
                San Diego                             Plano                             MS                                                                     Quantico
                                                                               LA                                                                              Portsmouth
                                                                                                             Albany                                            Norfolk
                                                                              New                                                                              Chesapeake
                                                                              Orleans                                                 Kings Bay                VA Beach
                                                                                                                                                               Newport News
                        HI                                                                                                           Mayport
                             Pearl Harbor                                                                                            Jacksonville

                                                                         WDC HQ

                                                                         Current support
                                                                                                                      Key West
                                                                         Previous /future support

Past Performance Highlights
   Service              Client                          Description of Services
   Information          Defense Advanced Research          Penetration Testing
   Assurance and        Projects Agency (DARPA)            Intranet Security Testing
   Network Security                                        Firewall/IDS Design/Review
                                                           Wireless Security
                                                           Web Application Testing
                                                           Insure Policy Compliance and Procedures
   Enterprise           United States Navy- Office of      MAN/WAN/BAN Infrastructure
   Architecture         Process, Technology and            Quality Assurance (QA)
                        Information (OPTI)                 Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
                                                           Continuity of Operation (COOP) -Disaster Recovery
                                                            (DR) Planning
   Information          Military Sealift Command           CONUS and OCONUS Information System Support
   Systems and          (MSC)                              Network Operations Center Support (24 X 7 X 365)
   Network Operations                                      Bandwidth Management
                                                           Defense Messaging Systems (DMS) Support
                                                           Life Cycle /Legacy Systems Support
   Network Support      Navy Marine Corps Intranet         Monitor and Manage Network Operations
                        (NMCI)                             Deploy Upgrades and Implement New Systems
                                                           Testing and Documentation
                                                           Third Tier Helpdesk Support
   Emergency Data       United States Navy- National       Infrastructure Design and Implementation
   Communication        Capital Region                     Disaster Recovery and Rapid Response
   Support                                                 Testing and Documentation

Webster Data …
        Enhancing the War Fighter's Effectiveness
Spectrum/Bandwidth Management- DARPA and Military Sealift Command
     Wireless technology- the key to land based and shipboard success
     Spectrum supportability- management and deconfliction of the spectrum landscape for the fleet afloat
     Increasing demand for bandwidth and expectations for bandwidth availability
Telecommunication Provisioning- DISA Network Global Solution (DGS)- DISA
Support to the Naval Networking Environment- NMCI
     IT Service Framework
     Information assurance                                                                       DON CIO Initiatives
     Legacy Network Environment                                                               Speed – A Sense of Urgency
     Data Analyst                                                                             Common Interoperable Solutions
Privacy – Personal Identification Information – DAPRA                                          Spectrum Management
                                                                                               Biometrics / Identity Management
     PDA encryption
                                                                                               Privacy
     Mobile/wireless                                                                          Enterprise Solutions
Business and Tactical IT- UnderSecNav (OPTI)                                                   Workforce Competencies
     Application Development                                                                  Business and Tactical IT
     Portfolio Management and Performance Management                                          Knowledge Sharing - Reach-back
     Governance
     Certification and Accreditation
     IT planning
     Strategic Planning
Data at Rest (DAR)- DARPA
    DAR encryption for mobile computing devices and removable media- a high priority for DoD IA programs
    Protecting sensitive data at rest including Personal Identifiable Information (PII) when taken outside of the organization's enclave

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
             Sample Services      Description of Services

             Program Management      Configuration Management (Software/Hardware)
                                     Life Cycle Management and Refresh
                                     Adherence to Service Level Agreements
                                     Ensure Policy Compliance and Procedures
                                     Quality Assurance (QA)
                                     Documentation and Reporting
                                     Customer Liaison

             Network Support         Infrastructure Design and Implementation
                                     Internet/Intranet Support and Testing
                                     Wireless Security
                                     Deploy Upgrades and Implement New Systems
                                     Third Tier Helpdesk Support

             Seat Management         Desktop Moves/Adds/Changes
                                     Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Integration
                                     Audio/Visual Support
                                     Blackberry/PDS support
                                     Database Development and Administration
                                     Asset Management and Logistics

             Other Tasks             Technology Insertion
                                     Testing, Training and Documentation
                                     Continuity of Operation (COOP) and Disaster Recovery
                                      (DR) Planning

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
(DARPA) Information Assurance / IT Security
  Holistic engagement identifies and addresses security/IA vulnerabilities, not just the functionality of network
      Collaborative work environment
      Recognized, experienced, certified experts (CCSP, CISSP, and SSCP)
      Reach back
      Proven Performance

  Comprehensive methodology ensures the creation of a strong IT security/IA foundation and maximizes
  investment in information security
      Assess
      Design
      Implement/Deploy
      Operate
      Test and evaluate
      Adjust
      Maintain

  Unique end to end solutions that provide timely and accurate security incident response
      Combinations of technology, talent, processes and plans
      Filters, correlates and refines warnings and indicators into reportable conditions
      Provides reconciled, accurate, actionable reported security information
      Provides real time and planned response solutions
      Dashboards

    Data Correlation Dashboard Designed For DARPA
                 Executive Dashboard Tool designed for DARPA by Webster Data Communication

• Advanced correlation
 of dissimilar data types
• Quarterly & Yearly Trends

                                                                                   Security Information Event Manager

• Real time alerting on
• Trending of statistics                                                      Network
                                                Network                                                          Trending
• Some Filtering                                                            Management
                                            Forensics/Threat                                                   System/Event
• Basic correlation                                                      Systems/Real Time
                                             Impact Analysis                                                  Pattern Analysis
• Monthly, Quarterly Trends                                               Event Collection

• Real time alerting on                                                                                                    Patch
 events                                                Intrusion   Vulnerability                                        Management
                                                                                      Anti-Virus        Switches/
• Trending of statistics              Firewall        Detection    Management                                             Network
                                                                                      Spyware            Routers
• Some Filtering                                      Protection   (IAVA/IAVM)                                             Access
• Basic correlation                                                                                                     Control Card
• Monthly, Quarterly Trends

Assistant for Administration Office of the Undersecretary of the Navy
Office of Process, Technology & Information (OPTI)

                                Service         Description of Services
                                Strategic          Enterprise Network System Design and
                                Planning and        Review
                                Management         Solutions Integration and Strategy
                                                   Change Management: Legacy Systems
                                                    Transition and Consolidation
                                                   Process Reengineering and Improvement
                                Enterprise         MAN/WAN/BAN Infrastructure
                                Architecture       Quality Assurance (QA)
                                                   Independent Verification and Validation
                                                   Intranet/Web Application Management
                                                   Continuity of Operation (COOP) and
                                                    Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning
                                Documentation      Strategic Communications and Training
                                and Training       Infrastructure Design and Documentation
                                                   Information and Physical Security Review
                                                   Performance Tracking
                                Other Tasks        Liaison between
                                                   Technical Solution Evaluation and Subject
                                                    Matter Expertise
                                                   Evaluate Metrics and Results
Military Sealift Command (MSC)
                   Service           Description of Services
                   Information          CONUS and OCONUS Information System
                   Systems Support       Support
                                        Shipboard Installation of New Systems and
                                        Legacy Systems Support and Maintenance
                                        Systems Integration
                                        Life Cycle Support
                                        Rapid Response
                   Network Support      Network Operations Center Support (24 X 7 X
                                        Voice and Data Communication Monitoring and
                                        Classified and Unclassified Network Support
                                        Defense Messaging Systems (DMS) Service
                                        Third Tier Helpdesk Support
                                        Bandwidth Management
                   Documentation        Incident Tracking and Reporting
                   and Training         End-user Support and Training
                                        Testing and Documentation

Navy Marine Corps Intranet
 (NMCI) US Navy
                                                  Service              Description of Services
                                                  Seat Management         24 X 7 Technical Helpdesk Call Center Support
 Largest intranet in the world                                            Nationwide
 Over 650,000 accounts on 340,000 seats                                  Onsite Systems Support and Maintenance
 Over 3,000 locations, from major bases to                               Legacy System Support and Consolidation
  single-seat storefronts                                                 Systems Administration and Server Support
 24 / 7 enterprise level service
                                                                          Intranet/Web Application Testing and Support
     3 NOCs, 3 Enterprise Help Desks
     52 Server Farms (Classified/Unclassified)                           Mobile Deployment Teams
                                                  Network Support         Network Engineering for Voice, Data, Video and
                                                                          MAN/WAN/BAN Infrastructure Design and
                                                                          Wireless Network Design and Implementation and
                                                                          Network Security
                                                                          Disaster Recovery and Rapid Response
                                                                          Third Tier Helpdesk Support
                                                                          Site Surveys and Network Testing
                                                  Project Management      Business and Financial Analysis
                                                                          Onsite and Remote Operational and Logistics Support
                                                                          Scheduling Deployments and Vendor Resources
                                                                          Configuration Management
                                                                          Equipment Installation Engineering Plans
                                                                          System and Component Documentation
                                                                          Operations and Maintenance Manuals
                                                                          Policies and Procedures
OCONUS Navy & MSC Deployment Support
                                                         Spain   Italy              Bahrain
                    Philippines                                          Crete
               Singapore                  Japan   Guam
Diego Garcia

Webster Data… A Trusted Teaming Partner
 Proven Methodology
     Comprehensive and time-tested methodology identifies best approve to satisfy customers
     Staff hold ITIL, PMP and Advanced Technical Certifications (CISSP,CCND, etc)
     Quality Control and Risk Mitigation processes in place
     One size does not “fit all”
     Process-driven

 Proven Performance
     Over 11 years delivering superior mission-critical information technology solutions to the federal government
     Work hand-in-hand with our customers blending our highly qualified and certified IT professionals with current, operational subject matter
     Solid record in the adaptation of new technologies
     Commitment to customer satisfaction- “If we Can Make DARPA Happy, We Can Make All Customers Happy”
     Account management staff assigned to monitor every project to ensure adherence to schedules and commitments

 Proven Business Management
     Agility and responsiveness of a small business; results of a mid–tier business
     Hands-on Senior Management with large business acumen and standards; collective industry experience 50+ years
     Ability to immediately provide expertise and project appropriate resources
     Strong, effective cost management and fiscal responsibility (no debt) with DCAA approved rates and financial system
     No unnecessary layers of management insuring projects have Top Leadership commitment
     Commitment to employee development

Contracting Information

 GSA Schedule 70: IT Services - GS-35F-0075P
 Seaport-e: Prime Small Business - N00178-05-D-4658
 Alliant: Prime Small Business - GS-06F-0626Z
 Primary NAICS:
   541512 Computer Systems Design Services
   Other – 518210, 541330, 541511, 541513, 541519, 541611

Points of Contact

  Lorie Collins DuBasky, Strategic Account Manager
      571.748.4452

  Terry Watkins, Southeastern Region
      843.576.1412

  Danielle LaCharité, Business Development Operations/Program Management Center
      571.748.4459

                                        11250 Waples Mill Road
                                        Suite 300
                                        Fairfax, VA 22030



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