Grant Proposal Supporting the Arts and the Ames Community through the Iowa Youth Ballet Prepared For Gary Hunziker Hunziker A

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					            Grant Proposal
Supporting the Arts and the Ames Community
        through the Iowa Youth Ballet

              Prepared For:
              Gary Hunziker
           Hunziker & Associates

               Prepared By:
             Iowa Youth Ballet

                May 1, 2007
Hunziker & Associations

105 South 16th Street

Ames, IA 50010

Dear Mr. Hunziker:

        Cuts in the educational budget have forced our schools to cut or reduce studies that are

considered non-essential. Some of those areas that are subject to cuts include physical education and

the arts. As a result, while our young people can experience physical education through athletic clubs

for most sports, our young people are suffering from under exposure to the arts and opportunities to

express themselves artistically.

        Athletic clubs, including soccer clubs, hockey, and organized basketball are often supported

through sponsorship from the community, including local businesses, private contributions, and

fundraisers. But those same communities do not as eagerly support artistic organizations that provide

instruction in discipline, athleticism, and artistic interpretation.

        As members of the Ames Chamber of Commerce, also involved with the Ames Economic

Development Commission, frequent contributors to political campaigns, the Rotary, and DMACC, you

clearly have a several types of philanthropies within the Ames community. You have also donated a

substantial amount to help support the Hunziker Sports Complex in Ames. You enjoy helping to

support families in their quest for the “American dream.” Dreams are important to everyone, especially

children. Donating funds to the Iowa Youth Ballet to continue the love of art developing within the

children can help make their dreams come true, in a unique, artistic way.

History of the Iowa Youth Ballet

        The Iowa Youth Ballet is an organization designed to provide young people, ages eight through

twenty-one, with experience in artistic direction, performance, choreography, and musical
composition. However, the organization is also created to develop art awareness, community outreach

and charitable support to the community through outreach and development programs, while seeking

to provide a dance education foundation for those young people of all backgrounds, races and incomes.

        The Iowa Youth Ballet’s 2007 season, Elevation, is the 2006-2007 repertoire of instruction and

performances designed to nurture the love of dance and provide an enjoyable exploration of technique

and artistic expression through and eclectic mix of pieces including Peter and the Wolf, Gaite

Parisienne, Gershwin Suite, and other modern and classic arrangements.

        Performances of these pieces will include a recording for Iowa Public Television, public

appearances for local and other Midwest organizations, and a final production at the Ames City Hall

auditorium on May 6, 2007. Our dance company has also been invited to perform at various charity

events that support community development and artistic enrichment.

How You Can Help

        The objective of this proposal is to help the Iowa Youth Ballet gain much needed access to

funds to help them complete their mission of enriching the lives of children through ballet. As a

relatively new organization, the ballet does not have long-standing supporters or corporate

sponsorships. Instead, all the Iowa Youth Ballet has is the support of a few caring individuals or

businesses. We are asking you to be one of those businesses that think in favor of supporting culture in

the community. Money is needed for a variety of things: costumes, tuition, teachers, etc. However, we

are asking you to fund only a small portion of these needs—studio rental.


        The Iowa Youth Ballet needs a place to rehearse like a studio. Because the organization is not

yet fully developed, the Iowa Youth Ballet has not yet raised enough money to build a studio of our

own. Meanwhile, the Iowa Youth Ballet will be renting a studio to teach students and rehearse
production pieces. The cost of a studio rental is $500 for one term. The Iowa Youth Ballet is asking

your business to make this one time donation to help cover those studio expenses.

       Hunziker and Associates benefit greatly if they were to donate $500 toward the cost of a studio

rental. One option would involve the Iowa Youth Ballet performing at a function of your choice.

       Sponsoring a studio rental would help your business gain name recognition with the dancer’s

parents, a whole new demographic for your company to gain new business. Your business’ name gets

familiarized within the community; people often shop at the first business that comes to mind.

Donations are also tax-deductible.

       Besides the advantage of gaining an opportunity to do more business within the community,

donating to the arts helps increase your already solid reputation in supporting the community. Doing

something so wonderful to benefit your community will also give you feelings of personal satisfaction.

You would also gain the lifelong appreciation of all the children, parents, directors, and teachers

involved with the Iowa Youth Ballet. Making a donation to help the Iowa Youth Ballet rent a studio

also helps the community, by way of the children—the future of the community. Children do need a

way to express themselves in a positive manner, and ballet is an excellent form of expression.

       When Hunziker and Associates decides to make a donation, they can send a check that will be

directly and only used for a studio rental for the Iowa Youth Ballet. You can be sure that none of your

money will be used for administrative fees; your money will only be used to benefit the children who

participate in the ballet. We have a choice of renting two different Robert Thomas Dancenter studios;

Ames has two studio locations. Robert Thomas South is located at 319 South Seventeenth Street;

Robert Thomas West is located at 134 Dotson Street. The money you donate will go to rent one of

these locations. Every penny of your money will be spent for that purpose. Not only will the children

benefit from the use of the studio, your company will benefit as well.
Hunziker and the Community of Ames

        Hunziker and Associates has been operating in and around the Ames community for over fifty

years. As a family-owned company, you understand how important acting in the best interest of the

family is for the community. Families and communities thrive at a corresponding rate. You are known

for your willingness to act in the best interests of the people in the real estate world, as well as in the

community. You have proven that you are a community supporter through all the donations you have

made over the years, including your generous donation to help fund the new soccer fields. Donations

like these help make dreams possible; donations like these help communities and children thrive.

        The dance instructors of the Iowa Youth Ballet teach this non-profit, semi-professional dance

troupe mostly because they want to share their love of dance with children, especially in the Midwest,

where, often, even fewer opportunities for art exposure exist. Lessons are made affordable for families,

as are the costumes for the performances. Involvement in the Iowa Youth Ballet is not based on what

the family can afford; the goal is getting children to participate. The teachers are very qualified.

        Mike Fothergill, the Artistic Director and current vice president of the Iowa Youth Ballet, has

studied all over the country; he has also studied worldwide. After being involved with a series of ballet

companies, Mike broadened his horizons to also become an instructor and company leader; he has

taught both publicly and privately. He is a member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO,

the cultural branch of the United Nations. His choreography has been commissioned and performed

across the United States, Australia and Japan. He was interested in assuming directorship of the Iowa

Youth Ballet with his wife, Miki Kawamura-Fothergill, another world-renowned dancer.

        Miki Kawamura-Fothergill is a native of Japan, and his been training in ballet since an early

age. After joining the Japan Ballet Association’s professional production, Miki went abroad to dance in

Canada and the United States, in Oregon and then in California—as a principal dancer, no less. Miki is

also a teacher, both in the United States and Japan. Now she and her husband reside in Iowa,

continuing to teach and foster a love of ballet of children.
       Robert Thomas, of the Robert Thomas Dancenter, is also an instructor. He has toured all over

the United States, and around the world, performing ballet. He has performed with several major ballet

companies along with his wife, Miyoko.

       Miyoko Kato-Thomas, Robert Thomas’ wife, hails from Japan also; she received her

formal training at the Tachibana Ballet School of Tokyo. Miyoko has performed all over the world as

well, including at the White House. While touring Europe, Miyoko had the chance to perform at the

Monto Carlo Opera House for Prince Rainer and Princess Grace of Monaco . Both Robert and Miyoko

serve as Executive Directors for the Iowa Youth Ballet.

        Another instructor, Wendy Jones, has been dancing since age eight. She has training in the

following areas: creative movement, pre-ballet, music theory, Vaganova method of ballet, modern

dance, anatomy, and injury prevention. She loves her job as an instructor because ballet gives her an

opportunity to share her experience and love of dance with students, both present and future. All the

instructors for the Iowa Youth Ballet are deeply impassioned about sharing their love of dance with


       As you can see, making this substantial $500 donation to the Iowa Youth Ballet for a studio

rental would greatly benefit your business and the Ames Community. The arts are of immeasurable

benefit to children and again, the children are the future of the community. Please make the decision to

support the future; please help the Iowa Youth Ballet.

       The Iowa Youth Ballet appreciates your consideration. We know you value the community of

Ames and its children—you have shown this community generosity time and time again. Please

support the arts; please support the Iowa Youth Ballet.


The Iowa Youth Ballet

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