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					               Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management Solution
                                 Quick Reference Guide

Introducing the New Microsoft Enterprise                              Microsoft SQL Server™ Reporting Services for report,
                                                                      model definition, and full run-time report environment.
Project Management Solution
                                                                     Enterprise ready: Improved performance with the Active
                                                                      Cache and Queuing Service.
Intelligently Manage the Entire Investment Life Cycle
                                                                     Built on Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services:
from Strategic Portfolio Decisions to Managing Work
                                                                      Project Web Access has the same look and feel as
The Microsoft® Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
                                                                      Windows SharePoint Services with the ability to customize
Solution is an end-to-end collaborative portfolio, project, and
                                                                      through Web Parts.
resource management environment that helps organizations
                                                                     Extensible: Redesigned Project Server Interface
gain visibility, insight, and control to enhance decision-
                                                                      application programming interface (API), Server-Side
making, improve alignment of project and work initiatives
                                                                      Events, and Workflow capabilities for improved process
with the business strategy, maximize resource utilization, and
measure and increase operational efficiency.

The EPM Solution is for organizations that want a complete        What Has Been Improved
solution, from top-down portfolio planning, optimization, and      Timesheets include fiscal periods, reporting against
tracking to standardization across projects and programs,           summary tasks and projects, better tracking of non-
centralized resource management, and strong team                    project time, separate progress versus time spent, and
coordination. The EPM Solution provides a central repository        much more.
of portfolio, project, and resource information to consistently    More out-of-the-box templates and the ability to
manage and report on all work across the enterprise.                customize richer templates.
                                                                   Robust top-down portfolio management and tracking, and
                                                                    improved project planning, tracking, and resource
What’s New in the EPM Solution
                                                                    management capabilities.
Some of the important capabilities now available in the EPM
                                                                   Expanded Project Workspaces for collaboration.
Solution include:
                                                                   Better integration with Microsoft Office Outlook®
 Portfolio Management: Standardize business case
                                                                    (timesheet integration, To-Do Bar, tasks on the calendar,
   development; establish business drivers for project
                                                                    time-phased tracking).
   alignment; select and prioritize projects according to
                                                                   Expanded Timesheets functionality separate from task
   defined constraints; define optimal portfolios for value
   maximization; track project portfolios using summary
                                                                   Integration of SQL Server Reporting Services for real-time
   project cost and schedule data.
                                                                    Enterprise Reports.
 Financial Management: Cost Resources for planned and
                                                                   New sophisticated architecture with high availability and
   actual cost by task; Multicurrency support; Budget
                                                                    scalability through the use of four databases and a
   definition and tracking.
                                                                    multithreaded queuing system together with published
 Manage all work: Multiple Undo for “what-if” scenarios;
                                                                    methods of the Project Server Interface API for easier
   Proposals and Activity Plan features for full life cycle
                                                                    line-of-business systems integration.
   project management; Manage Programs through Master
   Projects that can be scheduled, tracked, and reported;
   Deliverables Management for definition of key                  What Are the Major Impact Areas
   commitments with dependencies across the organization;          Complete Project Portfolio Management capabilities.
   Task updates with previews to assess impact on Project          Create in Project Web Access for short-duration projects
   Plans.                                                           and maintenance work with Server-Side Scheduling.
 Resource management: Resource Plans and Team                     Financial controls at the Portfolio, Program, and Project
   Resources for capacity planning; Timesheets for tracking         level with full budget development and tracking of actuals.
   project and non-project work.                                   Coverage of the entire project life cycle from Proposals to
 Reporting: Cube Building Service and Reporting Data               post-project Activity Plans for operations work.
   Service support incremental updates versus full cube            Resource timesheets and task updates.
   rebuilds; Visual Reports of project plans; integration with     Integrated Enterprise Reporting through a Reporting Data
                                                                    Service taking published data to the reporting database
    and a Cube Building Service from the Reporting Data            Visibility and Insights
    Service.                                                       Surfaces information for analysis of your investments in work,
   Support of workflow for integration of business processes      and resources from one-time projects to complex programs
    to project work with the Event Service support of Windows      and portfolios across their entire life cycle.
    Workflow Foundation.
                                                                   Easier to Get Started
Architecture                                                       Increases value by enabling organization-wide adoption
The EPM Solution has a three-tier architecture and consists of     through integration with familiar tools, to communicate
a range of products offering capabilities for specific business    status, and to work effectively as teams.
needs. The architecture is built for scale and reliability. The
emphasis on integration and openness makes the EPM                 Enterprise Ready
Solution programmable and extensible. It is built with             Delivers a dependable, scalable solution both in terms of
powerful reporting and integrated with familiar tools.             number of users and different types of work, while providing
                                                                   a high-performance and manageable infrastructure.
At a high level, the solution offers the following applications:
                                                                   Extensible and Programmable
                                                                   Provides an extendable platform with workflow, application
                                                                   integration, and custom development.

                                                                   EPM Solution Benefits

                                                                   The EPM Solution provides a wide range of benefits for the
                                                                   different stakeholders of Enterprise Project Management
                                                                   within an organization.

                                                                   Benefits for Executives
                                                                   Capture, align, select, and prioritize all projects and
                                                                   programs, and all work initiatives with enterprise objectives.

                                                                   ●   Gain better visibility of all the work taking place in your
                                                                   ●   Manage your portfolio of project and program
                                                                   ●   Implement top-down budgeting and cost tracking.
                                                                   ●   Anticipate project problem areas and make changes
Overview of the Enterprise Project                                     accordingly.
                                                                   ●   Attain deeper insight into resource allocation for better
                                                                       alignment with strategic priorities.

                                                                   Benefits for the Project Management Office (PMO)
                                                                   Improve the PMO value proposition through deeper project
                                                                   analysis, standards definition, and better portfolio reporting.

                                                                   ●   Improve analysis through Project Center, Data Analysis,
                                                                       and Enterprise Reports of all project and program data.
                                                                   ●   Accelerate definition and management of best practices
                                                                       through the Project Guide, an interactive, step-by-step
                                                                       planning aid that guides users through the steps of the
                                                                       project management process.
                                                                   •   Easily create standard project plans for consistency and
                                                                       time saving in your organization using enterprise
Management Solution                                                    templates.

The EPM Solution value proposition is built around four pillars,   Benefits for Managers
taking advantage of the functionality that strives for true        Accurately assess your project’s needs to effectively deploy
adoption and sustainable business value.                           resources today and create Resource Plans for your
                                                                   organization’s future work.

                                                                   ●   Build the right plans through a rich set of tools to meet
                                                                       your organizational goals.
●   Drive accountability with your team through effective
●   Help ensure organizational alignment and efficiency                                     QUICK TIP
    through rich reports.
                                                                   Multiple Level Undo, Change Highlighting, and Task
Benefits for Team Members                                          Drivers
Enhance information-sharing and coordination among project         In Office Project Professional, project managers can visualize
teams for better participation, progress reporting, and            the impact of changes and trace back their steps.
collaboration.                                                     To turn the Change Highlighting feature on or off, click the
                                                                   View menu, and then click Hide Change Highlighting or
●   Take advantage of project management infrastructure            Show Change Highlighting. While the feature is enabled,
    using everyday Microsoft Office tools with built-in            all levels of tasks affected as a result of a change are
    integration.                                                   highlighted with a color as a visual indicator. Using this
●   Work more effectively with your team members through           feature together with the Multiple Level Undo feature,
    Windows SharePoint Services (workspaces and Web                project managers can do “what-if analysis” by trying a set of
    Services in Project Web Access).                               changes and then reversing unwanted changes.
●   Be an active participant in your organization’s
    transformation.                                                If further analysis of a task’s schedule is needed, the project
                                                                   manager can use Task Drivers in the Project menu to
Benefits for IT Organizations                                      determine the factors (such as task dependency, calendar
Employ a cost-effective and enterprise-ready solution.             constraints, schedule date, or vacation time) driving a task’s
                                                                   start date.
●   Easier to adopt with lower training and management
●   Take advantage of existing skills and rely on an
    experienced partner ecosystem.
●   Meet your needs with a high-performance, scalable, and
    more secure platform.
●   Integration out of the box or with flexible customization.
●   Defines the enterprise standard for project management
    systems in the organization.

Create a Project

Creating project plans is facilitated by new features that
address the needs of both occasional and advanced project
managers. Server-side scheduling and tight integration with
Windows SharePoint Services provide tools for defining high-
level project plans and for shorter, maintenance-type
projects. The strong scheduling capabilities of Office Project
Professional are used for fully developing project plans.         In this screen shot, a duration change highlights its impacts.
   Enterprise Templates drive project management standards
    and support best practices with predefined project            Efficiently Manage All Work Activities
                                                                  With the new EPM Solution it is easier to track a broader
   The Project Guide supports users with step-by-step
                                                                  range of work than just project work. Tracking of all work
    instructions for project planning, tracking, and reporting.
                                                                  activities (project and non-project) provides better control of
   Creation of proposals and activity plans in Project Web       an organization’s resource utilization.
    Access can be upgraded to Office Project Professional for
    full project plan development.                                Track Time for Unplanned Activities or Non-Project
   The Project Task List feature of Windows SharePoint
                                                                  Besides reporting the time spent on project activities, users
    Services enables users to quickly create simple projects
                                                                  can now report against non-project activities and
    that can be imported into Office Project Server as they
                                                                  administrative time through the use of Timesheets. These
    evolve or for reporting purposes.
                                                                  processes make possible the capturing of time spent on task-
                                                                  oriented work and non-project time commitments that
                                                                  historically have not been tracked in Project plans.
Managing Programs                                                 Also, after concluding a project, you can use Project Web
                                                                  Access for closing and archiving of a project, as well as for
The EPM Solution helps organizations easily manage sets of        the management of operations work, which usually follows
very large projects as a single program through the use of        after completing a project.
Master Projects. Assign budgets, define key performance
indicators (KPIs), track progress, and handle issues all at the   Functionality that supports the whole project life cycle
program level.                                                    includes:
                                                                   Web-based interface for Proposals and Activity Plans for
                                                                      project requests, short projects, and maintenance work
Handling Large Programs
With the EPM Solution, you can now manage large programs
                                                                   Project Deliverables and Resource Plans.
efficiently to help improve performance. New solution
                                                                   Extensive reports and views for tracking project phases.
capabilities to accomplish this include:

   A high-performance scalable platform for handling large
    and complex programs through the publishing of master                                   QUICK TIP
    projects.                                                      Create a Project Proposal
   Active Cache and Server Queues for improved                    Using Proposals, high-level project plans can be defined,
    performance.                                                   providing the key project information, milestones, and
   Integration with a wide range of line-of-business              resource demands.
    applications for cost and time accounting and reporting.
   Commitment list to easily show dependencies between            1.   In Project Web Access, click Proposals and Activity
    projects in a program.                                              Plans in the left action pane.
                                                                   2.   In the New menu, click Proposal.
                                                                   3.   In the New and Import section, click New.
Support for Real-World, Top-Down Planning
                                                                   4.   Enter Name of the Project, Description, Start Date,
Define and manage large programs top-down, tracking the
                                                                        Finish Date, and the Plan Owner. You can also add
program milestones separately from individual projects. Now
                                                                        Details with tasks or resources with a Resource Plan or
it is possible to track dependencies between projects,
                                                                        Build Team.
enabling meaningful reporting at the program level. This
                                                                   5.   Click Publish to complete the Project Proposal.
functionality is provided by using Master Projects and Project
Deliverables, new in this release of the EPM Solution. In          You have now created a complete Project Proposal pending
addition, project work site provisioning means program sites       approval.
can have sub-project work sites.

Program-Level Reporting
New features and capabilities for program reporting are now
available in the EPM Solution, including:
 Enhanced Program Workspace, a portal for every
 Rich standard and customized Program Reports.
 Executive Dashboards and KPIs.
 Program-level Risk and Issue reporting.

Managing the Whole Project Life Cycle

The EPM Solution provides the tools to support the full project
life cycle from concept stage to initiation, execution,           Reporting with the EPM Solution
monitoring, and closure.
                                                                  New and enhanced reporting functionality provided with the
Creating Proposals and Activity Plans                             EPM Solution enables greater insight for better decision-
Proposals in Project Web Access now enable project initiation     making.
on the Web. Tracking Proposals provides better analysis of
project requests and enables the use of business processes to     Visual Reports
track potential projects. Create a project task list and import   With the Visual Reports features in Office Project Professional,
it in Project Web Access to become a project in Office Project    project managers can create dynamic report templates in
Server. Create Proposals and have them authorized to              Microsoft Office Excel® and Microsoft Office Visio®
become new Projects.                                              Professional to communicate project status to different
The EPM Solution also provides 11 predefined data cubes that      communicate with the project manager by using Assignment
are customizable and easily manageable, and run with              Details to enter Transaction Comments and Task History,
improved performance.                                             Attachments, Contacts, Related Assignments, and Notes. In
                                                                  addition to Office Project Professional, task updates can be
Cube Building Service and Reporting Data Service                  done using Project Web Access, Microsoft Visual Studio®
The EPM Solution includes a graphical interface to build          Team Center, and Outlook—this latter using a COM add-in
custom analytical cubes for reporting by picking from a list of   available to Office Project Server customers.
data tracked in Project. The Cube Building Service relies on
the Reporting Data Service, which takes data in real time         Project managers receive and approve or reject the task
from the published database to the reporting database.            updates. After the updates are approved, team members can
                                                                  import task updates to their Timesheets for approval by their
Additional reporting functionality now available in the EPM       resource manager.
Solution includes:
 Unlimited enterprise custom fields with multivalue custom
   fields.                                                                                   QUICK TIP
 Enterprise Reports: a set of predefined reports integrating
                                                                   Task Updates and timesheet submittal and approval
   SQL Server Reporting Services within the EPM Solution.
 Reporting Wizard: a guide to enable users to specify data        Team members update project work in the Tasks, My Work
   and print reports.                                              section of Project Web Access. After they submit their task
 Four new types of views for Resource Plans, Activity Plans,      updates, the project manager approves or rejects their time
   Timesheets, and My Work capabilities enhance screening          on tasks in the Approvals, Task Updates section of Project
   and reporting.                                                  Web Access.
                                                                   At the end of each timesheet period, team members use
Timesheet Management                                               Import Task Progress to show progress on their
                                                                   timesheets along with any other administrative time spent
The EPM Solution offers another step in the evolution of           during the period.
Project Timesheets. New functionality makes it possible not        Resource managers can review, approve, and reconcile
only to track time against work performed, but also for            timesheets against reported project, non-project work, and
timesheets to serve as input for financial systems.                non-working time. You can use the following steps:
                                                                   1. In Project Web Access, click the Action pane.
The EPM Solution now includes predefined project accounting        2. In the Approvals section, click Timesheet.
codes such as cost codes, which enables better integration         3. In the Review My Timesheet Summary, click My
into other timesheet and payment applications.                        Timesheet.
                                                                   4. Click the Review Timesheet Detail page.
Reporting All Types of Work                                        5. Click Approve to complete the approval process.
Team members can now report how they spend their time on           6. In the Approvals section, click Admin Time.
project and non-project activities by entering their actual        7. Click the Review Admin Time Detail page.
hours against project tasks, summary tasks, projects, cost         8. Click Approve to complete the approval process.
codes, or non-project administrative tasks and other activities
in their timesheets. You now have the flexibility to define
multiple administrative time categories for non-project work.

Timesheet Approvals and Adjustment
Resource managers can now approve or reject timesheets
independently from project status updates sent to project
managers. They can use Timesheets to track and audit actual
time worked against tasks in a project. Timesheets are
approved by the timesheet owner and can have multiple,
serial approvers.

Customized Timesheets and Task Management
Timesheets now support billable and nonbillable time and
fiscal periods, and are 100 percent HTML Web-based through
Project Web Access. Also, the EPM Solution now provides for
built-in task update approval workflow with rules.                Managing Different Resource Types

The improved task management functionality provides the           The ability to manage different types of resources is an
ability to include task details or report work in the My Work     important focus area in the EPM Solution. Project managers
section of Project Web Access. Team members can                   require the flexibility to assign different types of resources in
                                                                  projects aside from the existing work and material resources.
In the planning process, project managers need the ability to              define the Date Range, Resource Units, and Utilization
build project budgets that can be tracked against actuals.                 settings for the Resource Plan, and then click Apply.
New solution capabilities to meet these needs include:                7.   Define the hours for each resource in the resource
                                                                           plan, and then click Save (or Publish).
     In addition to work and material, a new resource type,
      Cost, that can track arbitrary, non-time phased costs in
     Budget resources to define total project budgets and track
      actuals through the project summary level.
     Team resources to assign work to a group of resources
      that can self-assign or be assigned tasks by their resource

Capacity Utilization and Planning

With the EPM Solution, you can now do capacity planning with
high-level resource allocation when detailed resource
assignments (such as proposed and anticipated projects, or
single task projects) do not exist, or where assignments do
not accurately reflect resource availability. Managers now can
build Resource Plans that ensure the right people are
reserved in advance or assigned to high-priority projects
when detailed planning has not yet occurred. Resource Plans         Portfolio Management
are created against project plans and can be used
independently or together with project plans developed in           The EPM Solution now includes Microsoft Office Project
Office Project Professional, or with proposals or activity plans    Portfolio Server 2007, a top-down portfolio management
in Project Web Access. Resource plans help an organization to       solution that helps organizations to realize their potential by
effectively manage its future resource demand against               identifying, selecting, managing, and delivering portfolios that
availability.                                                       best align with their business strategy. Office Project Portfolio
                                                                    Server 2007 can help executives gain visibility, insight, and
New Resource Plans functionality includes:                          control across their project, program, and application
 Resource selection (Build Team) from the Enterprise               portfolios.
   Resource Pool.
 Support for start date, finish date, and units of resource
   allocated to a project (FTE or Hours).
 Project summary resource assignment to pull from
   resource plan or project assignments.
 Resource plan reporting in Office Project Server.

                            QUICK TIP
    Create a Resource Plan
    Resource and project managers can make resource
    assignments to projects that have not yet been fully
    developed thereby reducing the availability of the resource
    for project work. To accomplish this, you can use the
    following steps:
    1.   In Project Web Access, under the Projects section of       Gain visibility into your project, program, and application
         the left Action pane, click Proposals and Activity         portfolios by using Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 to
         Plans.                                                     standardize and streamline the collection of data within one
    2.   On the New menu, click Activity Plan.                      enterprise system of record. Automate the governance
    3.   Complete your new Activity Plan, and then click Save       processes across the organization to subject each project to
         (or Publish).                                              the appropriate governance controls throughout its entire life
    4.   After saving, click Resource Plan on the Activity Plan     cycle. Measure and track portfolio performance to help ensure
         page.                                                      the portfolios are managed effectively and realize the
    5.   Click Build Team, then click Add, and then click Save      forecasted benefits.
         to select resources for the project.
    6.   On the Resource Plan page, click View Options to           Define Workflows and Automate Governance Controls
Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 enables you to define,
communicate, and standardize multiple workflows to help
manage the projects throughout their entire life cycle, while
enforcing the portfolio governance framework across your
The workflows establish a blueprint for your organization’s
governance framework to help ensure all projects complete
the necessary deliverables and receive managerial sign-off
before moving to the next life-cycle step. This audit
functionality keeps stakeholders aware and accountable as
projects move from business case creation to consideration to

                                                                  Prioritize Business Strategy
                                                                  One of the most critical tasks in the portfolio management
                                                                  process is to define and prioritize the organization’s business
                                                                  strategy. The Portfolio Optimizer module in Office Project
                                                                  Portfolio Server 2007 includes the Pairwise Comparison Matrix
                                                                  technique to help executives objectively prioritize business
                                                                  strategy for the upcoming planning horizon.

                                                                  Generate Charts to Map Potential Portfolio Investments
Centralize and Streamline Portfolio Data Collection               Create charts and investment maps to visually evaluate the
Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 enables you to quickly       competing investments from multiple dimensions using the
capture all project, program, and application investments in      derived prioritization scores and other key metrics.
an enterprise repository, with easy-to-use customizable
templates to help ensure you standardize and streamline the
collection of essential data.
   Capture all project, program, and application investments
                                                                                             QUICK TIP
    in the Portfolio Builder module, providing you with a
    holistic view of all your investment portfolios in one
                                                                   Derive a strategic value score for projects
    central system of record.
                                                                   Use the intuitive prioritization wizard in Portfolio Optimizer
   Quickly slice and dice the investments across portfolios to
                                                                   to derive a strategic value score for projects.
    create intuitive and informative reports using the flexible
                                                                      Select an organization in the Builder Scorecard, and then
   Standardize and streamline the collection of data across
                                                                       click the Optimizer link on the main navigation bar.
    the organization by defining templates and forms for each
    investment type using the Portfolio Builder module of             Click the Analyze link to launch the Open Dialog screen
    Office Project Portfolio Server 2007.                              in the wizard.

                                                                      Select a completed pairwise comparison matrix and
                                                                       impact matrix, and then launch the wizard.

                                                                      Click Next Step to derive the business driver priorities.

                                                                      Click Next Step to launch the project to business driver
                                                                       impact matrix.

                                                                      Click Next Step to derive a Strategic Value score for
                                                                       each project.
Select the Portfolio Best Aligned with Strategic and
Financial Goals
 Employ sophisticated algorithms and embedded best
   practices to quickly determine the optimal project or
   program portfolio under varying budget and business
   constraints (for example, cost, FTE, and interproject
 Force in compliance or favorite projects, overriding the
   optimization algorithm to ensure these projects are
   included in the resulting portfolio.

                                                                 Measure and Track Portfolio Performance
                                                                 With the Portfolio Dashboard module of Office Project Portfolio
                                                                 Server 2007, you can measure and track projects, programs,
                                                                 and applications throughout their life cycle, giving you the
                                                                 visibility to proactively identify potential issues, make
                                                                 decisions, and help ensure that your portfolios deliver
                                                                 maximum business value.

                                                                    Analysts, managers, and executives can create
                                                                     personalized scorecards to track portfolio investments,
                                                                     and drill down from the organization level to view project,
                                                                     program, and application-level status reports.
                                                                    The snapshot reporting mechanism enables project,
                                                                     program, and application managers to generate periodic
Finalize Portfolio Selection Using the Decision                      status reports to measure the overall health of each
Dashboard                                                            investment throughout its life cycle.
The Portfolio Optimizer Decision Dashboard enables portfolio        Use the Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 report
analysts to publish key metrics and recommended portfolios           generators to customize and publish report templates so
into an intuitive view, helping to provide executives with the       you can standardize and streamline the reporting process
data to support project and program funding decisions. In            across the organization.
real time, executives can model project and program funding
decisions and automatically see the impact on the portfolio’s
strategic value.
                                                                 Integrate with Office Project Server 2007
                                                                 Tight integration with Office Project Server 2007 can help
                           QUICK TIP                             ensure that customers and partners can quickly deploy world-
                                                                 class portfolio analytical techniques and tools within the EPM
 Generating an Efficient Frontier                                Solution. The out-of-the-box integration between the two
 Assess your selected project portfolio against the Efficient    solutions provides the following benefits:
 Frontier. (Note: The steps below assume you have already           Provide your organization with a scalable end-to-end
 run an optimization scenario.)                                      project portfolio management solution.
                                                                    Help maintain data integrity between the two
    Right click an optimization scenario, and select Insight        environments through regular synchronization events.
     Analysis from the Advanced Analysis options.                   Consolidate across project servers in a central enterprise
    Wait while the Efficient Frontier generates.

    Analyze the constraints (in the right panel) prohibiting
     the portfolio from reaching the Efficient Frontier.         Extending the EPM Solution

                                                                 The EPM Solution offers an extendable platform for including
                                                                 workflow, application integration, and custom development.
You can derive additional value by tailoring the solution to            Capitalize on your existing IT experience and skills. The
your organization’s unique needs.                                       Project Server Interface can be used with the .NET
                                                                        Framework 2.0. Project Web Access is based on Windows
Capitalize on Investments                                               SharePoint Services (version 3) with all of its capabilities
Take advantage of your existing investments by integrating              exposed as Web Services. These elements make the Office
current software applications with the EPM Solution. Office             Project Server 2007 application a true enterprise class
Project includes many out-of-the-box wizards for integration            development platform.
with Microsoft Office system applications, such as the
previously covered reporting in Excel or Visio Professional and         Business Processes
time reporting via Outlook. The EPM Solution also delivers              The EPM Solution enables you to bridge business processes
solution starters such as the ERP Connector. You can also               with project management. Office Project Server includes an
create custom integration or functional extensions with                 Event Service that enables use of the new Windows Workflow
published methods for the Project Server Interface included in          Foundation. Office Project Portfolio Server includes built-in
the Office Project Server 2007 Software Development Kit                 workflow frameworks that can be tailored to your Project
(SDK). This API exposes all the functions of the server to the          Portfolio Governance process for IT and other lines of
clients and can be extended.                                            business.

Standard Technology

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