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					PC Manager Meeting
     April 26, 2006

• ADPE Sanitization Procedures -Jack Kelly
• Updates
  – Next Meeting
  – Windows Policy
  – Security
• Jinitiator Upgrade – Mike Rosier
• Contracts & Software License Overview –
  Adam Walters
ADPE Sanitization Process

• Jack Kelly, BSS
Next Meeting

• May 24th
  – InDiCo: Integrated Digital Conference
    • John Bellendir/Jack Schmidt
Windows Policy Committee

• Next Meeting:
     May 3rd 1:30-2:30pm, WH5SW
  – Agenda:
    • Outstanding Account Requests
    • Server Baseline Checklist
Security Updates

• ScanMeNow is now available from outside
  the border router!
  – This scanner is replacing
    and is intended to give you a view of your system
    as the general Internet sees you.
  – You can no longer utilize the stand alone Nessus
    client against

  – You can access the outside scanner from the
    ScanMeNow web page at
Security Updates

• April Patches
• Five Patches Announced:
  –   Three Critical
  –   One Important For Outlook Express
  –   One Moderate for Frontpage
  –   None Considered Mandatory by CST
      • No new version of Fermi Windows needed
• Due 5/15/2006
Jinitiator Upgrade

• Mike Rosier, BSS
Jinitiator Upgrade

• In early June, 2006, the Oracle EBusiness
  Suite (eBS), Sunflower Assets,and CNAS
  business systems will undergo upgrades that
  require a new version of Oracle's JInitiator
  client - the new version is version
• Jinitiator needs to be installed prior
  to the upgrades and can reside with the
  current versions.
• Please use the installation provided by
  Business Systems – it contains specific
Current Jinitiator Version by
Application in BSS

• eBS11i
• Sunflower
• ProCard
June 2006 Jinitiator Versions by
Application in BSS

• eBS11i
• Sunflower
• ProCard
Deploying Jinitiator

• The executable to install Jinitiator
  can be found at:
• A readme.txt also exists in this folder.
• Curious about contents? Run oajinit.exe /X
  and you’ll be prompted to extract the
  source files.
• This is easily deployable via SMS or remote
  execute scripts as long as the correct filters
  and permissions exist. When deploying
  through SMS, no user is required to be
  logged in when the executable is run.
When to deploy?

• Some users outside of Business Systems are
  involved in testing, so you may be
  contacted before June to install Jinitiator
• The software can be deployed to any
  remaining systems as soon as you feel
  comfortable with any testing you have
  conducted. Based on our testing with this
  upgrade and past upgrades, this new
  version will not cause issues with any current
  applications using earlier releases of
Contracts & SW License

         Contract Support Team

       Sue Winter, Molly Anderson
  Cele Bruce, Jack Schmidt, Adam Walters, et al

                  April 26, 2006
Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Software
These are the products included at start of the agreement

•   Windows OS                      •   Virtual PC
•   Windows CAL                     •   SQL Server /CAL
•   MS Office Pro Suite *           •   Project Server/CAL
•   Sys Mgmt. Server / CAL          •   Front Page
•   Windows Server                  •   OneNote
•   Project Pro                     •   Terminal Server CAL
•   Visio Std / Pro / Ent

                                               * Mac software available
Additional Software
Administered by Contracts Support

    Does not include specialized software
    Ghost, Crystal Reports, Mathematica, Opera/Tosca, LabVIEW,

    • Windows                         • Apple
      – WRQ                             – Mac OS
      – Filemaker Pro                   – Filemaker Pro
      – Meeting Maker                   – Meeting Maker
      – Symantec/SAV                    – Symantec/SAV
Process for Acquiring Applications

• Requestor contacts their Division’s desktop support rep
• The OU Manager obtains software from pseekits
• The Division’s desktop support rep tracks installations throughout the
  contract year until true-up time

                   Applications that follow this model
         – Microsoft Office Pro Suite *    –   Front Page
         – Project Professional            –   OneNote
         – Visio Professional and          –   WRQ – Reflection X
           Standard                        –   Symantec Antivirus *
         – System Mgmt. Server (SMS)       –   Meeting Maker *
         – SQL                             –   Filemaker Pro *
         – Virtual PC
                                                    * Mac software available
Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

• Brief list of entitlements for purchased software
  under EA excluding WinOS
   – Provides a license that includes Software Assurance (SA)
     which means maintenance support (upgrades) until the
     end of the contract term (10/31/06)

   – Allows user to install software onto a secondary workstation
     (SW product cannot be used concurrently)

   – License is transferable from decommissioned computers.
     License can be transferred from a PC to a Mac.

   – Training, HUP, etc.
Microsoft EA True-Up’s

• The true-up process accounts for licenses
  that have been installed throughout the
  – True-up Process
        – Occurs annually September-October
        – Contract Support contacts the Division desktop support
          reps who provide the number of new installations over the
          current contract year
        – Chargebacks are processed for each Division/Section
          after the invoice has been paid (typically in the 1st
• Applications not included in EA must be
  purchased outside the support contract
Windows OS

• New computers should be purchased with the operating system only:
    – WinOS license cannot be purchased through the EA
    – Software Assurance is obtained through the True up process
    – SA permits upgrades

• If switching from Linux OS to WinOS or if running WinOS on VMware or
  other emulators:
    – User must purchase a license for every copy run
    – User must purchase WinOS outside the EA
        • Contract Support can coordinate the purchase through a reseller at GSA
    – The user then goes through normal channels for installation
    – SA will be included through the annual true up process

• WinOS license is not transferable:
    – The OS lives & dies with the machine it was purchased for.
Reflection X – WRQ

• Contract overview
  – Term: 8/31/05-8/30/06

• Cost
  – CD maintains a pool of licenses available to users
     • New license cost: $100 (2005 price)
     • Computing Division pays for maintenance lab-wide ($30.51

• Licensing
  – License count: ~ 450
  – At renewal time Contract Support generates an SMS report
    to obtain a count of the license base
Symantec Antivirus

• Contract overview
   – Term: 2/24/06-2/25/07

• Cost (2006 prices)
   –   PC 1yr maint. in a quantity of 2000+ ~ $6.50ea
   –   PC 1yr LIC/maint. for a quantity of 1-45 ~ $15.83ea
   –   MAC 1yr LIC/maint. for a quantity of 300 ~ $23.00ea
   –   Generally cost is covered by each Division/Section/Experiment

• Licensing
   – License count: ~ 2505
   – At renewal time, each Division’s desktop support rep reports the
     number of new and renewed licenses to Contract Support
   – Chargebacks for each Division are then submitted after the
     invoice has been paid
Filemaker Pro

• Contract overview
    – 2 yr. support contract - Term: 3/3/05-3/2/07

• New License Purchase
    – User may purchase license directly w/vendor rep at Filemaker Pro and
      receive a 50% educational discount
    – 1 or 2 year maintenance can also be purchased at additional cost
        • user should purchase the number of years necessary to co-term w/renewal
          contract. i.e., 1 yr. maint. support in 3/2006

• Cost (2005 prices) is covered by the end-users group
    – Renewed maintenance: $38.00
    – License w/maintenance: $114.00

• Licensing
    – License count: ~ 235
Meeting Maker

• Contract overview
   – Term: 1/1/06-12/31/06

• Cost (2006 Price)
   – New license & maint cost ~ $55.50ea
   – Renewal maintenance cost ~ $18.00ea

• Licensing
   – License count: ~ 750
   – Licenses are purchased in blocks by CD
       • Server connection to more than one system counts as one (1) license
       • Usage of the MM program throughout the contract year qualifies user
         for maintenance support
Mac OS

• Contract overview
   – Term: 5/1/05-4/30/08

• Cost
   – Purchase of a license w/3 yr.’s maintenance = $79.00
   – Purchase of media (CD or DVD) = $15.00

• Licensing
   – License count: 110
   – Create a helpdesk ticket with task number to obtain a license
   – Contract Support :
       • maintains a small number of available licenses
       • tracks the purchase of an OS license
       • processes a chargeback immediately
   – Installation is completed by either borrowing/purchasing the

• Typical software   WinXP OS
                                   $ 19.53
                                              $ 75.77*
  costs for 2006     Windows (CAL) $ 2.82     $ 17.84
                     MS Office Pro $ 47.88    $ 284.89
                     SMS (CAL)     $ 3.70     $ 24.30
                     Meeting Maker $ 18.00    $ 55.50
                     Symantec AV   $ 6.50     $ 15.83
                     WRQ           $ 30.51    $ 130.51
                     ========      =======    ======
                     Total         $ 128.94   $ 604.64

                          *maintenance only
(coming soon…)

•    The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement will be renewed on 11/01/06
    –   The Enterprise Agreement obligates all Fermi owned windows
        systems (site-wide) to participate.
    –   We are exploring the possibility of leveraging the DOE True up
        table which includes a robust collection of MS products.

•   Adobe Acrobat – We are pursuing a site agreement.

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