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					                                          Web TimeSheet 3.3: Service Release 4
                                                               Release Notes
The main purpose of a service release is to provide support to existing customers and prospects that are
currently evaluating WTS 3.3.



Report Periods - In Administration - Report Period Settings, after clicking on the view Icon to display the
historical information, clicking on the done button always returns to the system tab.

Editing Journal Notes – The administrator can now edit notes for all tasks.

License Key – When there are more users than the license key allows you will get a “license key has
expired” message

Access to SQL Migration – Cgi messages and minor error messages are no longer being generated
after migrating from Expert Access to SQL when creating new projects

Import Engine – Has been updated for the latest database structures.

Expenses - Values for Reimbursement can now be entered in any currency


Adding expense entry - Adding an expense entry to a rejected expense sheet returns to the proper

Editing Timesheet - When editing a timesheet you are automatically redirected back to the approvals list


Timesheet - Timesheet marked as approved for the user even if the state is waiting for approval.

Closing Timesheets – When administrator closes a timesheet using "List Report Periods" under
"Administration" - the timesheet is shown under waiting for approval for supervisor

Email Notifications – Notifications are automatically sent to the appropriate users when their timesheets
have been approved.

Line Item Approvals – Approver will only see one record per submitted timesheet instead of duplicate

Project Template Tasks - Assignments defined for projects created from templates; the tasks belonging
to these projects inherit only the first assignment.

Project Templates - Project leaders can create projects starting from projects templates, which have
previously been created by an administrator - these projects were previously inaccessible for the project

Task Selector – Performance in terms of speed for the task selector has been increased.


Billing reports - Project subtotal does not include the fixed cost for that particular project.

Payroll Item by User – This report now ignores the status of entries for that Payroll item (ie

Billing Reports - By Client, & Projects By Client - certain scenarios no longer included errant data.

Company Logo - The customer’s company logo can now be displayed on the reports as well.

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