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                     ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION
                                   April 12, 1995

                            Updated July 12, 1996

             Serving Central and North Central Massachusetts cities & towns.

                        ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION

                                  Table of Contents

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  1           Table of Contents

  2           League Name
              League Powers

  3           Age Groups
              Annual Meeting
              Board of Governors
              Financial Policy

  4           Regular Meetings
              Meeting Rules
              Amending these Articles
              Ethics & Morals

5-8           Duties & Responsibilities
               - President     - Vice-President - Treasurer     - Secretary       - Player Agent -
               - Head Umpire - Equipment Mgr - Scorekeeper      - Fin. Comm. Chairperson
               - Head Groundskeeper             - Team Managers                 - Coaches
               - Team Parent - Team Scorekeeper

9 - 11        Tournament Team Selection
               - Team Selection - Team Manager Selection

12 - 15       Playing Rules
                - Game Length - Field Responsibilities - Must Play Rule - 10 Run Rule
                - Courtesey Runner - Pitching Limitations - Re-Entry - Protests
                - Trips to the mound - Cancellation of games - Protective Equipment
                - Failure to attend - Uniforms - Tobacco - Alcohol

 16           Disciplinary Policy

 17           Player Disciplinary Policy (7/12/96)

                               MONTACHUSETT SENIOR BABE RUTH LEAGUE

                              ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION
                                    (Last Revision 7/12/96)


The name of the corporation is the MONTACHUSETT SENIOR BABE RUTH LEAGUE, Inc., a non-profit


The period of duration is indefinite beginning in the year 1994.


The purpose for which this league is organized is to develop and operate a baseball program in affiliation with the Babe
Ruth League, Inc. a New Jersey based corporation, in conformity with and pursuant to the principles, rules, and
regulations enunciated by said Babe Ruth League, Inc. In conjunction with such purpose, the objective of this league
is that, through the medium of a supervised, competitive baseball program, guided and governed by said Babe Ruth
League, Inc., this league will seek to implant in the youth of the community ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty,
loyalty, courage, and reverence, so that they may be finer, stronger, and happier youth who will grow to be good, clean,
healthy adults.


The principle office for the transaction and operation of this league shall be in and about the city of Leominster, Mass
and may extend into such areas as provided for by the State, Regional, and National headquarters rules and


The following Cities/Towns are included as part of our Territory......
         Acton; Ashburnham; Ashby; Ayer; Bolton; Boxboro; Clinton*; Fitchburg; Gardner; Groton; Harvard;
         Lancaster; Leominster; Littleton; Lunenburg; Maynard; Pepperell; Phillipston; Shirley; Sterling*; Stow;
         Templeton; Townsend; Westminster; Winchendon;

          Note: * indicates open to either MSBRL or Paul Johnson League of Worcester


This league shall be affiliated with the Babe Ruth League, Inc., a New jersey based corporation, and shall be governed
by, and shall comply with the principles, rules, and regulations enunciated and decreed by Babe Ruth Inc.


This league shall have the following powers in addition to the powers expressly or implicitly conferred on it by law.

A. To make and enforce rules and regulations to govern itself on a local basis, but consistent with and not contrary to
any rules and regulations promulgated by Babe Ruth League, Inc., a New Jersey based corporation, or by the Regional
or State echelons of said Babe Ruth League, Inc., to which this league is subject.

B. To solicit contributions for the financial operation of the league, as deemed necessary by State, Regional, and
National Headquarters.

C. To enter into contracts and hold and own property as necessary for the operation of said league.


Any youth who has attained the age of sixteen (16) years but has not attained the age of nineteen (19), determined by
the Rules and Regulations of the National Headquarters of Babe Ruth League, Inc. shall be eligible for active
membership in the MONTACHUSETT Senior Babe Ruth League of Leominster, MA.


A. The annual meeting of the MONTACHUSETT SR. BABE RUTH LEAGUE, Inc. shall be conducted no later than
the 30th of September in each year. This meeting shall be for purposes of reading reports and the election of officers
and directors who shall comprise the Board of Governors.

B. All officers and directors of the Board of Governors shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting of the
MONTACHUSETT Sr. Babe Ruth League, Inc. Notice of said annual meeting shall be given by the publication of the
time and place of said annual meeting once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in the local newspapers of general
circulation in the MONTACHUSETT area. This term of office shall be for one (1) year and re-election permissible.


There shall be a Board of Governors composed of six (6) officers and one (1) director representing each team in the
League. Cities/towns with multiple teams shall be entitled to have one (1) representative per team.

The officers of the MONTACHUSETT Sr. Babe Ruth League shall be as follows: President; Vice-President;
Secretary; Treasurer; Player Agent; and Head Umpire. The directors shall be a representative from each city/town with
a team(s) in the League.

All members of the Board of Governors must be citizens of the community in good standing.

The MONTACHUSETT Sr. Babe Ruth League shall be under the direct supervision of the President. In the event of
his/her absence, resignation, death or inability to act the vice-president shall assume the duties of the President.

A vacancy on the Board of Governors may occur due to the resignation, death, or expulsion of a member. Expulsion
shall occur only following a hearing before the Board of Governors, for a willful violation of, or failure to comply with
the Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, or the duly promulgated rules and regulations of the MONTACHUSETT Sr.
Babe Ruth League, Inc. respecting membership rights and duties; provided however that not less than fifteen (15) days
written notice of such hearing shall be given to the members and he or she be expelled only by a two-thirds majority
vote of the Board of Governors. In the event of any vacancies, the board of Governors shall appoint any citizen who is
in good standing and well respected within the community to fulfill the vacated tern of office. State and National
headquarters are to be notified of any action taken.


A. The board of Governors shall decide all matters pertaining to the finances of the MONTACHUSETT Sr. Babe Ruth
League, Inc. and it shall be a permanent policy to place all income with the League Treasurer.

B. The Treasurer and President shall determine how money will be turned in and disbursed, with he approval of the
Board of Governors.

C. All items over One-Hundred ($250.00) to be purchased by the league, must be (whenever possible) submitted with
two (2) bids or quotes, and must be approved by a majority vote of the board of Governors. Items approved must not
exceed the amount approved. The Treasurer will not be authorized to issue a check over the amount approved, or for
any item over $250 not approved by a vote of the Board of Governors.


A. Regular meetings shall be held monthly for the purpose of conducting routine business, to provide information, and
make decisions on behalf of the league. The months of November and December may be exempted depending upon the
circumstances of any particular year. The monthly meetings shall be called by the President with reasonable
notice given to all members.

B. Special meetings may be called by the President as necessary or upon the written request of the majority of the
Board of Governors.

C. A majority of the members of the Board of Governors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

D. All meetings of the Board of Governors shall be open to the public. The only exception to this is any special
meeting for the purpose of conducting disciplinary action.


Robert's Rules of Order" shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not covered by the Articles of Incorporation
and By-laws for the Montachusett Sr. Babe Ruth League, Inc.


These articles of Incorporation and By-laws may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the
Board of Governors, provided that written notice of such proposed changes (over the signature of the League
Secretary) are forwarded to each member of the Board of Governors at least fifteen days prior to the meeting at which
time the proposed changes are to be submitted for vote. All rules must conform with the National Babe Ruth League.


Upon the winding up and dissolution of this corporation, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and
obligations of the corporation, the remaining assets shall be distributed back to the geography’s involved in the League
at that time. The total funds available for distribution shall be equally apportioned amongst all the teams in the

No part of the net earnings of this corporation shall be for the benefit of or be distributed to any League Officers,
Directors, Staff, or other individuals, except in the event of debts owed as reasonable compensation for services
rendered or material procured and paid for out of an individuals private funds.


It is a requirement of the League that all members shall be in good standing within their
respective community. For purposes of this document, good standing shall mean they
shall not have any any pending police matters such as arrests or the like for offenses such
as: Illegal Drugs; Alcohol possesion; Firearms possesion; Driving while under the Influence; Spousal, Child, or
Parental Abuse; Sex Crimes; Illegal Gambling; or matters pertaining to Financial/Business areas. Such arrests shall be
grounds for immediate and irrevocable dismissal from the Montachusett Senior Babe Ruth League.



A. President -- the duties of the office of President shall be to;

          1. Preside at all meetings of this league and perform all the duties usually
                   pertaining to this office.
          2. Assume all responsibility of the operation of the local league; appoint all
                   committees; and supervise the activity thereof.
          3. Ensure that this league adheres to the rules, regulations, and policies of Babe
                   Ruth League, Inc.
          4. Attend and represent the League at State meetings.
          5. Have final authority for all local league protests and disputes.

B. VICE-PRESIDENT -- the duties of the office of VICE-PRESIDENT shall be to;

          1. Compile a list of the prospective managers for the teams and present said list to
                    the Board of Governors for approval.
          2. Support the President so as to ensure that this league adheres to the rules,
                    regulations, and policies of Babe Ruth League, Inc.
          3. In support of, or in the absence of the President, attend and represent the
                    League at meetings.

C. TREASURER -- the duties of the office of Treasurer shall be to;

          1. Receive all funds of the League.
          2. Ensure the safety and timely deposit of all funds received.
          3. Serve as the focal point for all League payables and prepare a League check to
                    be co-signed by the President.
          4. Prepare reports as follows;
                    > Projected Income statement in the Fall for the following season
                    > Monthly Income statement during April - September
                    > A final Year End Income statement in September for the preceding

D. SECRETARY -- the duties of the office of the Secretary shall be to;

          1. Keep the minutes of all meetings and proceedings and ensure that copies are
                   prepared for the next meeting.
          2. Send out notices of special meetings.
          3. Maintain an official record of the League's activities & correspondence.
          4. Compile a list of all members of the Board of Governors and Coaching staffs.
          5. Prepare and record agendas for upcoming meetings.
          6. Ensure that all Insurance claims are properly filed and tracked.

E. Player Agent -- the duties of the Player Agent shall be to;

          1. Maintain an up-to-date record of all team rosters.
          2. Ensure that all League Players meet the eligibility requirements of Age &
          3. Prepare and submit team rosters (to include Managers & Coaches) along
                   copies of the League schedule, prior to the first regular season game, to
                   Babe Ruth HQ, The State Commissioner, and the Assistant State
                   Commissioner as required by National Babe Ruth regulations.
          4. Ensure that any revisions to these rosters are submitted immediately to the same persons
                   as listed above. (This is to ensure insurance coverage and tournament eligibility)
          5. Furnish necessary information on each player selected to tournament teams to
                   the preparer of each tournament team credential book.
          6. Keep a copy of each player's Birth Certificate on file for the duration of their
                   Babe Ruth career.

F.. Head Umpire -- the duties of the Head Umpire shall be to;

          1. Act as a liaison between the Board of Governors and the umpires.
          2. Responsible for Scheduling, training, supervising of all umpires.
          3. Sit on all rules and/or protest committees as necessary.
          4. Review all umpire and manager/team disagreements and report such to the
          5. Examine League policies and observe league play with a view towards unsafe
                    practices which should be eliminated.

II. Other KEY Administrative Positions

A. Equipment Manager -- the duties of the Equipment Mgr. shall be to;

          1. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all Babe Ruth owned equipment.
          2. Recommend, in writing, to the Board replacement or repair of equipment and
                    supplies as may be required.
          3. Ensure equipment is ready for distribution to the team managers prior to their
                    first practice.
          4. Maintain a file of receipts signed by the manager for equipment issued.
          5. Coordinate the return of League owned equipment/supplies at the conclusion of
                    each season.

B. Head Scorekeeper (optional) -- the duties of the Head Scorekeeper shall be to;

          1. Schedule and conduct training sessions for scorekeepers.
          2. Oversee all Scorekeepers to ensure that they keep the scorebooks in
                    accordance with guidelines established by the League.
          3. Responsible for auditing scorebooks and collecting required ALL STAR data
                    for submission to Babe Ruth.
          4. Establish and coordinate a Communications program between the League and
                    local media (newspapers, radio, etc..).

C. Finance Committee Chairperson (optional) -- the duties of the Finance Committee Chairperson shall be to;

         1. Responsible for the coordination and supervision of the Fund-Raising events for the MBRL.
         2. Act as a contact between the auxiliary and the Board of Governors.
         3. Responsible for organizing and coordinating Team Parents in the league and
                   keeping team duties running smoothly.

D. Head Groundskeeper (optional) -- the duties of the Head Groundskeeper shall be to;

         1. Serve as a focal point for all Playing Facilities throughout the MBRL geography so as to
                   (a) ensure fields meet Safety standards, (b) serve as a consultant to other geography’s
                   wanting to improve their fields.
         2. Responsible for detailing in writing prior to the all meeting, all projects that
         require off season repair and/or maintain.


A. Team Manager -- each team shall have a Manager who shall have overall responsibility and accountability for that
particular team. Each Manager shall be nominated by the vice-president for approval by the Board of Governors.
Duties and responsibilities of the Manger shall be;

         1. Participate in the Player selection process for purposes of developing the team
         2. Conduct a team meeting of players and parents/guardians prior to the start of
                   organized practices. The goals of this meeting should include;
                   a. Establish Team objectives regarding participation, competition, and
                   b. Select a Team Parent Rep.
                   c. Discuss and explain the goals and philosophy of the MBRL.
                   d. Discuss and explain the rules and regulations of the National Babe Ruth
                   e. Select a team scorekeeper and a backup.
                   f. Distribute team rosters, practice schedule, and game schedule.
         3. Select a coaching staff, which must be submitted to the Board of Governors for
         4. Coordinate with the Equipment Mgr. the distribution of equipment and Player's
                   uniforms. Once specific uniform numbers have been assigned to players,
                   advise the Player Agent, League Secretary, and Head Scorekeeper as to
                   those names/numbers.
         5. Be responsible for his/her actions and those of their team on the field of play.
                   All Mgrs. and Coaches are entrusted with displaying good sportsmanship and the
                   principles of fair play at all times.
         6. Ensure that ANY injuries suffered during a practice or game are documented
                   and submitted to the League Secretary. This action MUST be completed even though
                   there may not be any need for immediate medical attention.
         7. Report any grievances to the League vice-president.

B. Coaches -- each team is allowed two (2) coaches. These coaches must have been approved by the Board of
        governors. The primary duties of the coaches shall be to assist the team manager with responsibilities
        outlined above in section A.

C. Team Parent -- the duties of the Team Parent shall be to;

          1. Assist the Team Manager in coordinating all off field activities.
          2. Plan season-ending activity for awards, if desired.
          3. Assist the team manager with administrative duties as may be requested.

D. Scorekeepers -- the duties of the scorekeepers shall be to;

          1. Attend the scorekeepers training session(s).
          2. Keep the official team score book in a capable, honest fashion.
          3. Be present at all scheduled games or make arrangements with a substitute.

                                      TOURNAMENT TEAM SELECTION

A. Objective

         To select a team comprised of players who will best represent the Montachusett
         Sr. Babe Ruth League in Tournament play. The basis for selection shall be made
         based upon a combination of ; League Statistics, Sportsmanship, Team Play,
         Attitude, Leadership, and Competitive Spirit demonstrated during the season.

         Consideration of a players ability by specific positions may prove of value in
         making selections, but it is not a requirement.

B. Definition

         Tournaments shall be defined as either;

                   1) Those sanctioned and sponsored by National Babe Ruth, Inc,
                      such as District/State/Regional All Star play, or

                   2) Opportunities provided by local cities/towns or Leagues

         Entry of a team either comprised of Montachusett Sr. Babe Ruth League players or formally representing
         Montachusett Sr. Babe Ruth League into either of the above shall require approval of the Board of Directors.

         Unsanctioned entry into any tournament play will result in disciplinary action
         against the offending Manager and/or Coaches.

         Note: No tournament play other than National Babe Ruth League, Inc shall be allowed to interfere with
         regular season games, unless so specified by the Board of Directors.

C. Players

         All players who participate in at least 50% of the regular Montachusett Sr. Babe Ruth League scheduled
         games shall be eligible for Tournament Team selection.

D. Team Selection Process

         16 Year Old & 16-18 Year Old All Star Teams:

         Players shall be selected in the following manner;

         Each team Manager will nominate one (1) Player form their team to represent them on the All Star teams
         [note: this shall mean one (1) Player for the 16 yr old team AND one (1) Player for the 16-18 yr old team].
         This Player shall automatically be included as a member of the respective All Star team.

         Each Team Manager will than submit additional name(s) for consideration by the All Star Team Manager.
         The final “x” number of spots (the difference between the number of players to be carried -- minimum 15,
         maximum 18 -- and the numberof teams) will be made from those nominations by the All Star Team Mgr.

         While the Tournament Team Mgr shall have the final decision making authority on the final roster spots, it
         is hoped that input from other team mgrs will be solicited so as to consider multiple points-of-views
         towards rounding out the overall team composition.

D. Team Selection Process (cont’d):

         Finally it is the express written desire of this body of people that the “spirit” of this process and it’s intent
         be adhered to by all parties. While acknowledging that there is not a perfect, foolproof methodology, it is
         our belief that the above process will yield favorable results both in a selection process free of “politics and
         backroom antics” which have typically plagued Tournament team selection processes in other Youth

E. Team Selection Priority

         In general, it is the belief of the Montachusett Sr. Babe Ruth League that players and thus the overall
         League are best served by players playing at the appropriate League Age level of Tournament Play.
         Therefore, it is expected that 16 yr old players will play on the 16 yr old All-Star team, and 17-18 year old
         players will comprise the 16-18 yr old team.

         Any exceptions to this must be approved by the Board of Directors AND agreed to by both the Player and
         his/her Parents/Guardians.

F. Selection Meeting

         The Tournament Team selection meeting at which time team Managers shall submit their first team
         nomination, as well as any other nominations, shall be presided over by the League Player Agent.
         Attendance at this meeting shall be restricted to one (1) representative per team, preferably the Team
         Manager. In the event the Team Mgr cannot attend, one of his duly authorized Team Coaches
         may attend in his place.

G. Confidentiality:

         ALL discussions held at the League Mgrs meeting MUST REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL! This includes;
                 (a) the order of player selection,
                 (b) who was picked by the Mgr vs the Team Mgr, and
                 (c) all discussions relating to players abilities.

         Also, the order of Team selection should NOT be interpreted to connote spots in the starting line-up. That
         will be the determination of the Tournament Team Coaching Staff.

         Breaches of this confidentiality shall be treated in accordance with established League disciplinary

Other Tournament Teams:

         The selection process for Non-National Babe Ruth All Star Tournament Teams shall be the same process as
         outlined above.

          [note: Players previously elected to the 16 or 16-18 Yr Old All Star team shall not be eligible for selection
         unless their Team has been eliminated prior to selection of this team].


A. Team Manager

          Interested candidates shall apply in writing to the Screening Committee as appointed by the League
          President through the Board of Directors.

B. Eligibility

          16 yr old or 16-18 yr old All Star Team Manager

          To be eligible for consideration, a candidate must be a regular season Montachusett Sr. Babe Ruth League
          Team Manager in good standing.

          Other Tournament Team Manager

          To be eligible for consideration, a candidate must be a regular season Montachusett Sr. Babe Ruth League
          Team Manager or Coach in good standing.

C. Process

          The League President through the Board of Directors shall establish a Three (3) person Screening
          Committee for the purposes of selecting Tournament Team Managers. This activity shall take place prior to
          the start of the regular season.

          This committee shall set forth in writing the criteria which will be use to evaluate candidates. Among
          examples of the criteria may be;
                   Baseball Knowledge; Experience; Communication Skills; Leadership abilities; and

          In the event that there are more than two candidates, the screening committee shall solicit input from (a)
          Players, (b) Team Managers, and (c) Umpires relative to their preferences.

          This input will be factored in with the other criteria and a candidate shall be   appointed by said committee.

D. Tournament Team Coaches

          Upon confirmation of selection as the Tournament Team Mgr, said individual shall present for
          consideration to the Screening Committee and subsequently to the Board of Directors, the names of two
          coaches to assist with the tournament team.

                                                          PLAYING RULES

All Montachusett Senior Babe Ruth League games shall be played according to the Official Baseball Rules 1.00
through 10.24, the Babe Ruth Baseball Rules and Regulations and the Montachusett Senior Babe Ruth League, rules
contained herein. Any local rule in conflict with the Babe Ruth Rules and Regulations shall be null and void,
superseded by the Babe Ruth Rules and Regulations.


A.       All games will be seven (7) innings and will be played until the game is complete or has been called by the

B.       Any game not reaching 4-1/2 or 5 innings before being 'called' shall be declared a "no game" and made up. It
         shall be rescheduled at a time determined by the League President.

C.       Any regulation game not able to be completed for any reason, whose score is tied shall be declared a
         suspended game. Suspension shall mean that al things are 'frozen' (i.e. score, lineups, etc.).


A.       Each manager shall be responsible for the following:

         1.        Provide each scorekeeper and the opposing team with a complete batting order and approved
                   League form, to include positions and uniform numbers, prior to the start of the game. This batting
                   order should also include those players on the roster who are not in the starting lineup. If a player
                   is absent, or on disciplinary probation, it should be noted.

         2.        Report any player changes as they occur to the opposing team (and scorekeeper, if present).

         3.        Supervise the clean up of their respective dugout areas at the completion of the game.

         4.        If a games is played and an official scorekeeper is not present, then the "home" book will be
                   considered the official score book. It is the responsibility of the 'Away' team to verify the score
                   after each half inning.

         5.        Set up of the field is the home team responsibility.


A.       The League has chosen not to terminate any game due to a 10 run advantage.


A.       Pitching rules will be those of major league baseball.

         [note: this rule was amended in 1996 to elminate the 9 inning; 2 day between assigment rule]


A.    Any of the nine starting players may withdraw and re-enter once, provided such player occupies the same
      batting position in the lineup. A substitute who is withdrawn may not re-enter. However, if all substitutes
      have been used and an injury occurs, an already used player may re-enter. Selection of this substitute must
      be made by the opposing manager. This type of re-entry can only take place when an injury prevents a player
      from continuing in the game. The injured player once removed, cannot re-enter.

      A player ejected for unsportsman-like conduct or violation of the rules when all substitutes have been used,
      shall result in forfeiture of the game. Any re-entry violation shall be brought to the umpire's attention by the

B.    Blood Rule per M.I.A.A. Statute.


A.    Notice of a game being played under protest must be filed with the Head Umpire (usually the plate umpire)
      by the manager at the time of the disputed decision and before the next ball is pitched or a runner is retired.
      (See rule 4.19 Official Baseball Rules.) NO UMPIRE JUDGEMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR

B     A written report, setting forth all facts of the protest, must be filed with the League President within forty
      eight (48) hours of the date of the protest.

C.    The League President shall appoint three (3) members of the league, not connected with the teams involved
      with the protest, to serve on a Protest Committee.

D.    Final decision on all protests shall be decided by the Protest Committee.


A.    Trips to the mound by a manager or coach shall not exceed one (1) per pitcher per inning. A second trip to
      the same pitcher in the same inning will result in his/her removal from the position of pitcher.


A.    Cancellation of a game will occur when both coaches agree that the field conditions are unplayable
      If conditions are questionable, it is still the responsibility of the teams to be present at the field to await this
      decision, unless notified by the proper League officer by telephone.

      Regardless of the coaches agreement to play, the umpire will have the right to suspend the game after the first
      pitch if he/she considers the playing field or conditions unsafe or unacceptable.

      (see Rainout Procedures information sheet for additional details)


A.    Protective headgear shall be worn by all players while batting, on deck and base running, during practice and
      all games. Such headgear must cover the top of the head and have extended ear flaps which cover both ears
      and properly fit the player wearing it. If a player refuses to wear protective headgear, he/she shall be
      removed from the game.

B.    Protective headgear, as described above, shall be worn by all bat boys/girls. Refusal to wear such protective
      headgear shall result in removal from the field.

C.    Any player warming up the pitcher shall be required to wear a catcher's mask and protective headgear that
      covers the top of the head. (Only players may warm up the pitcher.) All catcher's masks shall be equipped
      with a separately attached protective throat guard. A metal extension on a catcher's mask is not a substitute
      approved by Babe Ruth Baseball.

D.    A protective cup, a supporter, as well as protective headgear that covers the top of the head and properly fits
      the player who is wearing it, must be worn by the catcher during practice and all games.


A.    It is understood by all managers and coaches who have been approved by the
      League Board that they are expected to give a total commitment to the team and
      players. Managers or coaches who fail to attend their games or who, in the
      judgment of the Board, are not displaying that commitment to the League may be
      called before the Board to determine their interest level and may be suspended from the League.

      Managers are required to attend all mandatory managers' meetings which are scheduled by the League

B.    Any manager or coach who has been suspended from the league for "Failure to Attend", who wishes to
      participate in the league the following season, will be required to submit a written request to the Board of
      Governors for approval.

C.    Each team manager will set his/her own team's players attendance requirements.


A.    Team uniforms and hats must be worn by all players during each game. No substitution of any part of the
      uniform or hat will be allowed. Refusal to abide by this rule shall result in removal from the game and
      possible forfeiture.

B.    Uniforms may be altered for size purposes only.

C.    Players must keep uniforms clean and in good repair.

D.    All uniform shirts will be tucked into the pants while on the field of play.

E.    If pants which require belts are used, belts will not have dangerous buckles.

F.    Managers and coaches, while on the field of play, will wear the uniform shirt of their team as supplied by the
      League. No Bermuda shorts or open-toed shoes will be allowed on any on-field


        The use of tobacco, in any form, by players belonging to the Senior Babe Ruth League is prohibited. This
        rule shall apply to Managers, Coaches and Umpires while they are on the playing field or in the dugouts.
        Violation of this rule could result in suspension.


        No alcoholic beverages are allowed.


        In keeping with the overall spirit of Fair Play and Good Sportsmanship the following policy shall be in

        Players & On-Field Team Personnel --

        First Offense:
        Anytime the ejection from the game of any of these individuals occurs the Umpire in charge shall call time,
        summon both Team Mgrs (or a Coach should the Mgr be the individual in question) and offer a
        non-debateable explaination of the reason for said action. It will then be the responsibility of the offending
        team to contact the League President within 24 hours to; (a) Give the name of the impacted individual and
        (b) a brief explaination as to the circumstances under which said individual was ejected.

        The League President shall use their discretion as to if the situation warrants any further action.

        Second Offense:
        Should the same individual receive a second ejection during the course of the season, this shall result in an
         automatic one (1) game suspension, effect the next game. Should this occur in the last regular season
        game, the penalty will carry forward into any post season League play.

        Additional Offenses:
        Will result in immediate, indefinite suspension and a review by the League Board of Directors. Said
        review will be scheduled within five (5) days of the violation.

        SPECTATORS --

        It is the hope and expectation of the Montachusett Sr. Babe Ruth League that the conduct of the spectators
        shall be civil in nature and that positive reinforcement of your team should be offered in lieu of negative,
        deconstructive remarks about your opponent.

        In the event that a spectators behavior becomes totally obnoxious and/or threatening to any League assigned
        personnel (Mgrs, Coaches, Players, Umpires) that individual will be asked to leave the premises. Failure
        to do so will result in MSBRL calling in appropriate local authorities.

        Recurrance of such activity could result in the permenant exclusion for all League games and events.

   Individual Team PLAYER DISCIPLINARY PROCESS (Approved 7/12/96)

         Players -- While it is our hope that this policy shall not have to be exercised, we acknowledge the need
         for a TEAM based Disciplinary policy. This policy will be invoked in instances of; insubordination;
         blantant disrespect for team management personnel, league officials, spectators, or teammates; abusive/foul
         language; physicial intimidation or contact of players, team personnel, league officials, or spectators;
         possession of dangerous weapons; possesion of drugs or alchohol; or other situations as may be warranted.

         In the event that a player requires disciplinary action by his Team Manager the following procedures shall
         be adhered to.

         First Offense:

         The TEAM MANAGER shall do the following;

         (a) inform the offending player that his actions (define these actions) have become a disruption to the team
                   and for that reason he will be benched for the remainder of the current game or practice AND
                   will be suspended -- but not excused from attending -- the next scheduled game. The next game
                   may be either a regularly scheduled game or a playoff game.

         (b) The Team will then contact the League President within 24 hours to; (1) Give the name of the impacted
         individual; (2) a brief explaination as to the circumstances under which said individual was
                   suspended; and (3) the duration of his suspension.

         Note: The League reserves the right to remove a player from the League should the first offense be deemed to be
         very serious in nature. If an offense is so deemed we will proceed immediately to the process outlined under
         “additional offenses”.

         Additional Offenses:
         Should this individual give the Team Manager cause for additional disciplinary action it will result in
         immediate, indefinite suspension and possible removal from the team pending a review by the League
         President and League Officers. Said review will be scheduled within five (5) days of the violation
         and will include (a) The Team Mgr, (b) Player, (c) Player’s Parent/Guardian, and (d) League Officers
as may appropriate.


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