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					                  LuckY B BUY/SELL CONTRACT

                            Steven Boland & Alicia Davis
                        19245 Boland Rd., Waverly, MO 64096
                                   (660) 909-1515


This document constitutes a contract and a written guarantee by and between Steven
Boland and Alicia Davis, (hereinafter referred to as SELLER/BREEDER) and
(Hereinafter referred to as BUYER/PURCHASER) for the purpose of setting forth the
terms and conditions of the following purebred Australian Shepherd:

Name of Dog:
Date Whelped:
Registration # ASCA:
Sire: Winslide Dutch Treat
       Registration # ASCA: E135524

       Registration # ASCA:         AKC:

SELLER agrees to sell an ownership in the above mentioned Australian Shepherd for the
sum of $__________ Date:______________

TERMS OF SALE: Outright purchase ( X ) Co-Ownership (           )

REGISTRATION: The Seller/Breeder certifies that the dog is eligible for registration
under the Regulations of the Australian Shepherd Club of America as a purebred
Australian Shepherd and will provide the proper forms for such a registration. The name
must start with LUCKY B. No other may be used without the express written permission
of the BREEDER. The BUYER agrees to register the dog by 6 months of age.


   1. SELLER warrants that the above-described dog is in good health at the time
      BUYER assumes ownership. SELLER shall refund BUYER’S purchase monies
      if said dog should become ill from a communicable disease or congenital illness
      within 48 hours of receipt and BUYER wishes to return the dog. Documentation
      from a licensed veterinarian must confirm illness was contracted prior to
      BUYER’S assumption of dog.

  2. SELLER warrants that said dog shall be free of the following:
        a. Canine Hip/Elbow Dysplasia – as evidenced on radiographic findings and
           evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Dog must be
           OFA’d by the age of 28 months. Any dog that doesn’t pass OFA testing
           must be spayed or neutered.
        b. Hereditary Eye Defects – as evidenced by an evaluation performed by a
           certified veterinary ophthalmologist
        c. Hereditary teeth/bite defects.
        d. Congenital Seizures, epilepsy.
        e. Poor Temperament – extremely unstable or vicious temperaments

   3. SELLER warrants the dog will have working instinct.
   4. SELLER does not guarantee the dog to earn titles. Earning titles is dependent
      upon handling, training, socialization, exposure, instructors, and environment as
      much as it is dependent upon genetics.
   5. SELLER is not to be held responsible for any expenses related to the raising or
      training of the dog prior to the hip and eye testing.
   6. The puppy will be up to date on all shots and has been dewormed. A vet record
      will be provided. The Breeder shall not be responsible for any medical expenses
      incurred after purchase.


   1. The PURCHASER agrees to maintain the dog in a humane environment and
      properly train and care for the dog. Specifically, the dog will be inoculated
      against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and other communicable diseases as
      recommended by a qualified licensed veterinarian. The PURCHASER agrees to
      maintain the dog on a commercial Heartworm preventative as is recommended for
      the specific region in which the dog will reside.
   2. The PURCHASER agrees to ensure that the puppy will be socialized and
      obedience trained appropriately.
   3. The PURCHASER agrees that the dog is not being purchased for resale nor will it
      be used or trained for activities which are illegal or for which it is not suited by
      reason of temperament or conformation. Specifically, it will not be used as a
      guard or attack dog, to hunt or fight other animals, or used in scientific
      experimental research.
   4. The PURCHASER agrees that he/she is not acting as an agent of, nor will the
      PURCHASER in turn, sell this dog or it’s progeny to any pet store, wholesale
      outlet, known puppy mills, guard dog business or research facility.
   5. The BREEDER strongly recommends permanent identification by tattoo or


In the event of emergence of any genetic disorder, (up to 28 months) which is sufficiently
serious in the opinion of two qualified veterinarians, one of whom is selected by the
BREEDER, to prevent the animal from fulfilling his represented role to the
    A. Return the puppy or dog in its original condition and receive a replacement of
        equal quality at the BREEDER’S discretion from the next available litter, or if
        both parties agree, receive a refund of half the purchase price. The PURCHASER
        agrees that all shipping and transportation costs of the replacement dog are their
        responsibility and no animal will be shipped without these costs being remitted to
        the BREEDER first.


A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to hold a pup for purchase. Buyer may
contract prior to a litter being born or following delivery of a litter. Receipt of deposit
and the buy/sell contract indicate pick order and constitute a legal and binding contract
between Buyer and Seller. No deposit is accepted until the Buyer is approved as a
prospective home for a LUCKY B dog. Falsification of answers will result in a breech of
this Contract.


If Buyer does not pick a pup from the litter, or does not make arrangements for shipping
or delivery of a pup from the litter by the 8th week of age, Buyer shall forego their pick
and Buyer’s deposit shall be retained and not refunded. All health certificates and any
other expenses related to shipping a puppy are at the Buyers expense. Airport trips are
$50. If Seller does not have a puppy for a Buyer, the deposit will be refunded.


LUCKY B reserves first right of refusal on any dog sold to Buyer. LUCKY B will not
transfer the guarantees without written confirmation to the new owner. If LUCKY B
does not exercise it’s first right of refusal, LUCKY B still has the right to approve any
new home prior to placement of the dog.

__________________________________   ________________________________
SELLER                 DATE          SELLER                   DATE

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BUYER                  DATE          BUYER                   DATE

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