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Business Plans

A written guide to starting and running your business successfully is essential. A business plan will encourage loans,
promote growth, and provide a map for you to follow.

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Specific Business Plans or Guides:

The vast majority of our Sample Business Plans Come from Palo Alto Software Makers of Business Plan Pro. Their
generosity helps keep the Small Business Development Centers free for all U.S. entrepreneurs. Click here for our Business
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A - Business Plans

Aircraft Equipment Maker
Aircraft Rental Instruction
Artificial Flowers Import
Auto Parts Store
Auto Repair Service

Art Gallery (First Nations Canada)

B - Business Plans

Bar and Tavern
Bed & Breakfast (Canadian) (pdf format)
Bed and Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast
Bee Keeper (Canadian)
Benefits Administration
Beverage Machine Retail
Bookstore, Retail (Canadian) (pdf format)
Business Cooperative

C - Business Plans

Cafe Bistro
Car Wash
Charter School
Chicken Broiler Producer (Canadian)
Child Day Care Services
Children's Play Program
Children's Website
Clothing E-commerce Site
Clothing Retail
Coffee Distribution
Coffee Export
Coffee Kiosk
Coffeehouse Business Plan
Computer & Software Sales
Computer Consulting
Computer Hardware Reseller
Construction Firm
Construction Firm, Small (Canadian)
Consulting Service (Canadian) (pdf format)
Convenience Store
Convenience Store (First Nations Canada)
Convenience Store Gas Station Business Plan

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Dairy Operation (Canadian) Business Plan
Day Spa Business Plan
Decorative Pottery Business Plan
Dessert Bakery Business Plan
Dinner Theater Business Plan
Dog and Cat Kennel Business Plan
Drapery Fabricator Business Plan
Driving School Business Plan

E - Business Plans

E-Commerce Business Plan
Engineering Consulting Business Plan
Ethnic Food Restaurant Business Plan
Export Watch Manufacturer Business Plan

F - Business Plans

Fine Dining Restaurant Business Plan
Formwork Construction Business Plan
Furniture Manufacturer Business Plan
Farming Business Plan - Ginseng Producers (Canadian) (pdf format)

G - Business Plans

Gas Station Business Plan
General Freight Trucking Business Plan
Global Marketing Business Plan
Gourmet Food Store Business Plan
Grains & Seeds Producer Business Plan (Canadian)
Graphic Artist Business Plan
Greenhouse Floriculture Business Plan(Canadian)
Greenhouse Vegetables Business Plan(Canadian)

H- Business Plans

Hair and Beauty Salon Business Plan
Health Club Business Plan
Health Plan Administration Business Plan
Heavy Equipment Maker Business Plan
High-Tech Marketing Business Plan
Home-based Business Plan
Home healthcare business plan                             Powered by Joomla!                                  Generated: 7 July, 2010, 11:35
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Horse Reseller Business Plan

I - Business Plans

Inline Skating Products Business Plan
Insurance Company Business Plan
International Travel Agency Business Plan
Internet Cafe Business Plan
Irish Pub Bar Business Plan
ISP Business Plan
Building an ISP Business Plan - from
Italian Restaurant Business Plan
Ice Cream Parlor Business Plan

L - Business Plans

Lawn and Garden Services Business Plan

M - Business Plans

Machine Tooling Business Plan
Magazine Publisher Business Plan
Mail Order Returns Business Plan
Manufacturing, Furniture Business Plan (Canadian)(pdf format)
Maternity Clothing Online Business Plan
Medical Billing Business Plan
Medical Equipment Developer Business Plan
Mexican Restaurant Business Plan
Microbrew Bar Business Plan
Mortgage Broker Business Plan
Motel - Hunting Lodge Business Plan
Multi Sport Complex Business Plan

N - Business Plans

Nightclub Business Plan
Nightclub Saloon Business Plan
Nightclub, Dance Classes Business Plan
Nonprofit Food Bank Business Plan
Nonprofit Trade Association Business Plan
Non-profit (Community Technology Center) Business Plan                              Powered by Joomla!                                  Generated: 7 July, 2010, 11:35
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Non-profit (Community Technology Center) Business Plan

O - Business Plans

Office Furniture Manufacturer Business Plan
Organic Restaurant Business Plan

P - Business Plans

Painting Contractors Business Plan
Pallet Manufacturer Business Plan
Personal Event Planning Business Plan
Personal Shopping Services Business Plan
Pet Photography Business Plan
Photography Studio Business Plan
Physical Therapy Massage Business Plan
Pizzeria Business Plan
Pizzeria Franchise Business Plan
Plastics Recycling Business Plan
Print Broker Business Plan
Print Shop Website Business Plan
Publishing, Magazine Business Plan (Canadian)(pdf format)

R - Business Plans

Real Estate Brokerage Business Plan
Real Estate Management Business Plan
Recycling Enterprises: Plastics, Glass, or Rubber Business Plan (pdf)
Regional Airline Business Plan
Religious Coffeeshop Business Plan
Restaurant Business Plan
Retail Bicycle Shop Business Plan
Retail Tennis Shop Business Plan
Retailers Business Plan (Canadian)

S - Business Plans

Salsa Manufacturer Business Plan
Scrapbooking Store Business Plan
Self-Storage Business Plan
Shaved Ice Beverage Business Plan
Singles Bar Business Plan
Software Publisher Business Plan
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Sports Bar Business Plan
Sports Equipment Cafe Business Plan
Sports Medical Equipment Business Plan
Steak Buffet Restaurant Business Plan

T - Business Plans

Tea Room - Palo Alto
Theatrical Music Producer - Palo Alto
Tourism, Adventure Business Plan (Canadian)(pdf format)
Truck Stop - Palo Alto

U - Business Plans

UK High-Tech Consulting - Palo Alto

V - Business Plans

Vending Services - Palo Alto

W - Business Plans

Wedding Consultant - Palo Alto
Wholesale Nursery (Canadian) Business Plan
Wi-Fi Kiosk - Palo Alto
Wine Store - Palo Alto

Y - Business Plans

Yoga Center Business Plan                             Powered by Joomla!                                  Generated: 7 July, 2010, 11:35

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