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					                                                 Sample RFI
                                            (Request for Information)

Brief explanation of the situation and what you wish the training solution to accomplish.

Anticipated start date: _____________ and completion date: _____________
or specific dates (for example, if you are hiring a trainer to deliver training)

Tasks and Deliverables (what are you expecting to receive, and when?)

Assumptions / Limitations
(e.g. no personnel from your organization will be available to assist the vendor during the last week of each quarter)

Budget (you don’t want to reveal this to the vendor too early in the process, however you will need to have an
understanding of what your budget is, because it might allow you to reject vendors early-on in the process if their fees
will be much more than your budget will allow. On the other hand, budget should not be a defining factor too early in
your discussions with the vendor because you may find that a higher “cost” results in a much greater return on
investment for you. You want to give the vendor a chance to fully explain their services and fee structure.)

What’s the most important thing that you are expecting from this vendor? (saving you time, saving you
money, teaching you new skills and knowledge, allowing you to not worry about the project, etc.)

Is there anything the vendor should be aware of? (the program is sensitive or will have high visibility or has
political implications?)
Question(s) for Vendor                                 Vendor Response

Given our objectives, how do your
products/services match our needs?

What past projects have you completed that are
similar to our situation and needs?

May I see samples of your previous work?

I expect/would like to receive the following
deliverables (list) – are you capable of providing
each of these items?
This project will roll-out (date) which means I will
need all of the deliverables by (date) – is this a
deadline you can meet?
Explain your work process: will you work at our
site or yours? What will you need from us in
terms of space, personnel, etc.?
Explain your review process: how many
milestones do you expect? How will we monitor
your progress? How do you prefer to receive
Who will be working on this project?
What roles will they play?
Who will be my primary liaison?
How do you charge (hourly, project fee, retainer,
etc.) and what do you expect this project, as I
have explained it, will cost?
How are expenses handled?
If we experience overruns in cost or time – do
you have a method for handling these
Who will the final work belong to? My company?
Your company?

How do you propose we evaluate the success of
this program? The success of our working
Do you have references available?

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