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  A business
“ out of a box”

 IntEnt business box
  October 12th 2007
Content of the presentation

   1. Background of the project
   2. BusinessBox and its partners
   3. Current status of the project and
      experiences so far
IntEnt ; migrant enterprise
   IntEnt provides BDS and (limited)
   financial services to migrants who
   want to start a business in their
   country of origin.
Some facts on sending money
   Many migrants have tried to support their
   relatives to start a business to improve
   their income situation.

   Many small and micro businesses
   sponsored my migrants in this way failed.
  Franchises improve
  success chance
                     BDS (Skills,
         Finance     knowledge)

Supply chain   Entrepreneur   Market
        concept    Machines /
Franchises improve
success chance
An all-inclusive, professional business package
for starting a small business in Ghana or Ethiopia.
Cost: Between 250 to 2500 euro
                  - Hardware
                  - Training
                  - Finance
                  - Proven business concept
First step: a quickscan
 Structured interview with the Business Advisor:
 - Assessment of Entrepreneurial skills
 - Understanding the responsibilities and tasks
 - Commitment and ownership
 - Skills (and training needed)
 - The opportunities in the market
Reputable partners
Hardware suppliers and product were selected
- Product that can be used for income generation
- Proven product, with a ready market
- Deliver products from stock
- Can offer after-sales service
Who provides training?
1. Commercial players in the supply chain, such
   as the (hardware) supplier or the buyers
2. Local business advisor who can level with the
   small and micro enterprise
Solar phone charging

Mobile phones hare penetrated
the market, also where the grid
does not reach.
Solar energy can provide power
to charge your and your
customers phones from your
shop or home

Franchise-partner DENG LTD
Nail stylist box
Especially in Accra, growing
demand for professionally
trained & service oriented nail

Franchise: FC GROUP
Manufacturer of beauty
products and official training
centre for beauty services

Investment: 905 euro,
Including shared rent of
working space
Beekeeping box

Honey is in high demand in
Ethiopia, some regions, also
as an export product.

Franchisee: HARMONY LTD.
The not-extruded honey and wax
can be sold to Harmony, or can be
sold on local market for honey-wine

Investment in a single hyve is only
100 EURO
Current status
First BusinessBox has been installed, and promotion
to Ethiopian and Ghanaian community is ongoing.
The product was received positively, especially the
BDS component.
Challenging to match location of relatives to project
partners locations (Ethiopia especially)

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