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									                                    EMPLOYEE MANUAL
                                        Revised: July 1, 2006


This booklet is provided to you as an employee of Avenues in order to better acquaint you with
our applicable policies and benefits.

The policies and descriptions in this manual do not constitute a contract of employment in whole
or in part and are intended as guidelines only. Employment with Avenues is on an "at-will"
basis. The employment relationship with Avenues can be terminated at any time by the
employee or Avenues for any reason not expressly prohibited by law.

Any written or oral statements that are in addition, or contrary to these guidelines, are not valid
unless issued by the President/CEO of Avenues to Independence.

Employment law is constantly changing. This manual strives to be current in its adherence to all
applicable standards and is not intentionally written to be in violation of any federal, state, local
or other applicable laws.

As part of a continuing process to remain current with any and all standards, Avenues reserves
the right to add, amend, and/or delete any policy, practice, benefit or statement.

________________________________________                       July 1, 2006
Robert Okazaki, CEO, Avenues to Independence

This edition supersedes all previously issued employee manuals.
Created: 12- 27-1993; Revised: 6-30-1994; 6-1-1995; 7-1- 1997, 12-1-2000, 12-1-2005

                    Also available online at: www.avenuestoindependence.org/staff.html
Avenues to Independence
Employee Manual
Revised, July 1, 2006

Non-discrimination Equal Opportunity Policy
    Avenues is committed to providing equal opportunities, without regard to race, religion, color, ancestry, sex, age, sexual
    preference, national origin, marital status, veteran status, disabilities-including the provision of reasonable accommodations and
    other protected classes in all employment, personnel advancement, program admissions and other issues related to Avenues. All
    matters related to employment with Avenues are based upon performance of essential job functions and Avenues will take all steps
    necessary to comply with federal, state and local fair employment laws and guidelines.

Non-harassment Policy
    Avenues strongly prohibits any individual from engaging in verbal or physical harassment of any other person on the basis of race,
    religion, color, ancestry, sex, age, sexual preference, national origin, marital status, veteran status, disability or other protected

Sexual Harassment Policy
    Avenues strongly prohibits and will not tolerate any actions which constitute sexual harassment of an employee. All employees are
    expected to avoid offensive or inappropriate sexual behavior at work and are expected to assure that the workplace is free from
    sexual harassment at all times. Avenues prohibits: unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual acts or favors, with or without
    accompanying promises, threats or reciprocal favors or actions; and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature made to an
    employee when:
        submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a condition of an individual's employment;
        submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for employment decisions;
        such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual's work performance;
        such conduct has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

     Examples of prohibited conduct include but are not limited to: deliberate, repeated and unsolicited comments with sexual
     overtones, sexual acts or ridicule, physical gestures or actions of a sexual nature, sexual contact with any program participant of
     Avenues and solicitations for sexual favors.

     Any employee who has a complaint of sexual harassment at work by anyone, including but not limited to supervisors, co-workers
     and visitors, must bring the matter to the attention of their immediate supervisor for investigation and resolution. Should the
     complaint involve the immediate supervisor, then it should be directed to the next level Director or the Avenues CEO. If either the
     Director level employee or Avenues CEO is an involved party, the complaint should be directed to the Chairman of the Avenues
     Board of Directors. Information disclosed by the employee will remain confidential unless disclosure is authorized by the
     complaining party.

Anti-Violence Policy
     Avenues strongly prohibits and will not tolerate any actions which constitute violent acts or threats of violence. Avenues is
     committed to providing a safe workplace and will enforce a zero tolerance policy for all individuals in the Avenues workplace or
     while conducting Avenues business.

     Examples of prohibited conduct include but are not limited to: physical contact; attempted physical contact; throwing objects;
     verbal, written and use of electronic medias to convey threats of harm; engaging in threatening gestures or any such conduct which
     has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

     Any employee who has a concern or complaint related to safe workplace/violence issues, including but not limited to employees,
     supervisors, co-workers and visitors, must bring the matter to the attention of their immediate supervisor for investigation and
     resolution. Should the complaint involve the immediate supervisor, then it should be directed to the next level Director or the
     Avenues CEO. If either the Director level employee or Avenues CEO is an involved party, the complaint should be directed to the
     Chairman of the Avenues Board of Directors. Information disclosed by the employee will remain confidential unless disclosure is
     authorized by the complaining party.

Grievance and Reporting Policy
     You are encouraged to discuss any difficulties, problems, violations of policy or other employment issues with your immediate
     supervisor. It is in this manner that the majority of issues are expected to be resolved. If the nature of the problem involves the
     supervisor, or if the severity of the problem warrants a higher level review, then it must be brought to the attention of the Director
     level administrator assigned to your program. Depending upon the complexity of the situation, you will be required to provide a
     written summary of your grievance, complaint, etc. for review.
Avenues Employee Manual
    If, after 5 working days of the presentation of your issue to the Director Level Administrator, or if the problem involves a Director
    Level Administrator, or if it is felt that the severity or timing of the issue warrants a higher level review, the issue should be
    presented to the Vice President of Programs. A written summary regarding the issue will be required; depending upon the
    immediate need for a decision, the Program VP has up to 20 business days to review and respond to the issue/grievance.

     The decision of the Program VP is final. Appeal to the Avenues Board of Directors may be considered upon written request to the
     Avenues CEO. If the employee fails to process his/her issue within the specified time limits, Avenues will consider the issue to
     have been resolved by the last decision rendered. Time limits may be extended upon mutual consent of all parties.

I. Staff Employment
A. Recruitment
      It is the policy of Avenues to employ appropriately qualified and educated personnel in all of its positions. Avenues will employ
      staff on the basis of our requirements for the position and the verified qualifications of the potential employee. Avenues reserves
      the right to hire, allocate, reassign, increase or decrease staff as necessary.

B. Employment Descriptions
    A job description will be provided to you for your respective position. Job descriptions will be the majority basis by which your
    performance will be evaluated. As part of your decision to accept a position with Avenues, you are asserting that you have an
    ability to meet the requirements of the position and are agreeing to the terms and conditions of employment as detailed in the job
    description . Identification as an exempt or non-exempt employee will be reflected on the job description.

C. Employment Requirements
    Each person accepted for employment at Avenues must have a completed application and other mandatory documents on file. A
    list of what documents need to be provided or completed will be provided to all employees. Employment eligibility, credential and
    other educational, certification and related licenses will be verified as a condition for new and/or continued employment. All
    programs require state police, nursing assistant and other background checks; at the sole discretion of Avenues, you must pass in
    order to be employed here.

     Certain programs will require evidence of tuberculin skin test, TB chest x-ray and/or general medical exam and review for
     communicable diseases. Employees in this category will be notified as necessary and provided with time off and exam
     reimbursement according to the Avenues Reimbursement Schedule that is in effect. As a requirement for new and continued
     employment in all programs, you must not have any medical condition that would interfere with your ability to fulfill the essential
     responsibilities of your position.

     All Avenues programs will require evidence of compliance with the Illinois and Federal Drug Free Workplace Act. You are
     expected to comply with this act as a condition of employment. This is further explained elsewhere in these policies. All programs
     require compliance with local and/or other ordinances related to smoke free workplaces. Smoking will not be permitted by
     employees inside any building operated by Avenues to Independence.

     Failure to possess or maintain; or falsification of any employment related information will be grounds for disciplinary action.

D. Employment Classifications
    A regular full time employee is defined as a person who is classified to work a minimum of 37.5 hours per week and has completed
    more than 90 days as an Avenues employee.

     Any employee who is classified to work minimum of 32 hours per week but less than 37.5 and has satisfactorily completed 90 days
     as an Avenues employee, is eligible for pro-rated benefits as described in the benefits section of this manual. Any employee who is
     classified to work a minimum of 20 hours per week but less than 32 and has satisfactorily completed more than 90 days as an
     Avenues employee, is also eligible for a pro-rated benefit package as described in the benefits section of this manual.

     Employees who is classified to work less than 20 hours per week are not eligible for Avenues benefits. All employees with less
     than 90 days of employment, regardless of the number of hours worked, are classified as in an orientation period and are not
     eligible for Avenues benefits. Temporary or seasonal employees are hired on a day to day basis, with employment not to exceed a
     continuous 3 calendar month period. A temporary employee is not eligible for Avenues benefits and may not be subject to other
     provisions of this manual except as required by law.

     Non-exempt is a classification for those employees defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act as eligible for overtime at the rate of
     one and one-half the hourly rate for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours during the Avenues work week. Exempt is a
     classification for those employees defined by FLSA as not mandatory eligible for overtime pay.

E. Orientation Period
Avenues Employee Manual
    Each employee for the first 3 calendar months of employment, shall be considered in an orientation period. During this period, the
    employee is not eligible for Avenues benefits. Credential and other verifications, required training and general performance
    observations will take place during this period.

F. Performance Reviews
     Each employee is eligible for a written performance review upon completion of his/her initial 3 calendar months of employment.
     All employees with more than 12 months of employment, will be eligible for a performance review as scheduled by their
     supervisory staff. Employees with more than 12 months of service, who have transferred into different positions, will be scheduled
     for evaluations as needed by his/her immediate supervisor. A review may also be scheduled as necessary by the appropriate
     supervisory staff.

G. Avenues Work Week and Hours
    The Avenues work week begins at 12:00 a.m. Sunday morning and ends at 12:00 midnight on the following Saturday.

     Avenues has programs that are in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Hours of work will be as assigned for the
     employee's classification, program, position, schedule and needs of Avenues. Location assignments and work schedules are subject
     to change; notice will be given as far in advance as possible.

     Break times and lengths will be as assigned for the employee's classification, program, position and schedule, in accordance with
     all applicable federal, state and local laws. Shortened work days, leaving early etc., in lieu of taking a break are not permitted.

H. Overtime
    Overtime will be paid to all non-exempt employees in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 as amended.
    Overtime will only apply to actual hours worked in excess of 40 hours during the Avenues work week. Overtime is required as a
    condition of employment and the employee will be notified when this will be the case. Overtime must have the approval of the
    respective Director Level Administrator.

     If the Avenues work week and payroll periods do not coincide, overtime payments will be compensated on the payroll immediately
     following the period in which the overtime was incurred.

I. Pay Period
     All salaries will be paid in 24 equal installments over a 12 month period. Wage and Salary payments will take place on the 15th
     and last day of each month. If either date falls on a weekend or holiday, employees will be paid on the closest regular work day.

     Avenues reserves the right to make changes to pay period schedules as necessary. Payroll computation may not coincide with the
     end of the payroll period and therefore not be current on pay-day for part-time, overtime, sick, no pay and other payroll
     fluctuations. These additions will be reconciled on the next payroll cycle.

J. Payroll Deductions
     Social Security (FICA), federal and state income taxes are automatically deducted as required by law. Other deductions as required
     by law or court order will also take place. As authorized by you as an employee, deductions for insurance premiums, annuities and
     other programs may also take place.

K. Salary Administration
    Avenues has an established salary scale for its positions. Salary decisions are based on budgetary, length of service, individual
    performance considerations; and other factors; however, no guarantees are made for specific salary amounts or increases/decreases
    in salary at any time.

L. Termination of Avenues Employment
    Voluntary terminations of Avenues employment will be with the submission of a letter of resignation. A minimum of 2 weeks
    notice for direct care staff, up to 4 weeks notice for administrative staff is encouraged. The decision to terminate employment with
    Avenues remains at the absolute discretion of the Avenues employee or Avenues to Independence.

     Any employee absent 3 consecutive days without notice to his/her immediate supervisor, will have assumed to have resigned
     effective on the first day of absence. An employee will receive his/her paycheck at the end of the regularly scheduled pay period in
     which the employment has come to an end. Final adjustments may need to be compensated on the pay period immediately

     Earned but unused vacation pay will be included in the final adjustment. No other accrued time off benefits will be compensated.
Avenues Employee Manual
    Employees leaving Avenues will be notified of any eligibility for continuing benefits under the COBRA continuing coverage or
    other applicable acts.

     Outgoing employees will be provided with an opportunity to submit an exit survey or participate in an exit interview. All Avenues
     identification, property, keys and equipment must be returned on the last day of employment. Final paychecks may be held or
     reduced until all items are properly accounted for.

M. Disciplinary Processes
    In the best interest and for the protection of all persons associated with Avenues, reasonable rules of conduct, appearance, behavior
    and adherence to Avenues policies and procedures are expected to be exhibited by all employees. Under the absolute discretion of
    the board and management staff of Avenues, appropriate measures including verbal or written warnings and employment
    termination will be utilized as a means to maintain this interest and protection. Progressive procedures such as: verbal warning;
    written warning; suspension without pay; and termination of employment may be utilized by Avenues management when
    appropriate; but are not necessarily a prerequisite to termination of employment. As deemed necessary, additional civil, criminal or
    other legal remedies may be sought by Avenues.

II. Benefits
A. Group Health and Dental Plan
     Avenues will attempt to provide a group health and dental plan for you as an employee. A summary of the group carrier and
     available medical benefits through this program will be provided to you. Any employee who is classified to work a minimum of 32
     hours per week and has completed 90 calendar days as an Avenues employee, will be eligible for coverage under the Avenues
     group medical plan and/or dental plan. Enrollment will begin on the 1st of the month immediately following the end of your
     orientation period.

     Within the first 30 days of employment, you can choose to participate or not participate by completing the enrollment package.

     For the medical plan, up to 100% of the employee only premium may be covered by Avenues. Again, depending upon the
     premium cost, dependent coverage would be available at the option of the employee through payroll deduction of up to 100% of
     the additional premium. Current rate and employee contribution information is set forth in the group carrier and medical benefit
     summary. The dental plan is only available under a deduction 100% paid for by the employee. See the current coverage summary
     for information.

     Insurance is available to an employee upon termination, at the employee's expense, in accordance with federal COBRA guidelines.
     Failure to pay any premium due by the employee, will result in cancellation of coverage. Avenues employees who elect to waive
     coverage, will be compensated at the current rate set forth in the Avenues Schedule of Reimbursements.

     At the sole discretion of Avenues, any aspect of this group health plan can be changed or eliminated at any time. This includes but
     is not limited to: changes in the company carrier; change to HMO or an indemnity plan; employee contribution to premium.

B. Disability
    Avenues employees who are classified to work a minimum of 32 hours per week and have completed 90 calendar days as an
    Avenues employee, are eligible for short and long-term disability benefits. The plan will begin on the 1st of the month immediately
    following the end of the orientation period.

     Avenues pays 100% of the premium which is available to employee's only. The short-term plan provides a weekly stipend for a
     maximum of 22 weeks. After 22 weeks up to age 65, the long-term plan will provide a defined benefit amount, subject to certain
     restrictions and qualifications. Benefit amount and carrier are subject to change and this information will be provided to each
     eligible employee. It is the employee's responsibility to assure that he/she meets any required medical and other eligibility

     This insurance benefit will cease upon the last day of employment.

C. Group Term Life Insurance
    Any employee who is classified to work a minimum of 32 hours per week and has completed 90 calendar days as an Avenues
    employee, is eligible for the group term life insurance provided by Avenues. Benefit amount and carrier information will be
    provided to each eligible employee. The plan will begin on the 1st of the month immediately following the end of your orientation
    period. Avenues pays 100% of the premium. This insurance benefit will cease upon the last day of employment.
Avenues Employee Manual
D. Required Benefits
    Social Security, Unemployment compensation, and Worker's compensation insurance is also provided to each employee as
    required by law. You are required to immediately inform your respective supervisor for any job related accident or illness.
    Information on Avenues's worker's compensation insurance is posted and available at each Avenues location and upon request.

E. Notifications
    Staff who are unable to be at work during their scheduled time, must call and talk to a member of their respective program
    management staff, as soon as possible prior to the his/her scheduled start time. In the event that no one in their own program is
    available, contact with another Avenues’ management/admin staff will be necessary. It will then be the responsibility of that
    management/admin staff to inform the necessary people as to the absence of their employee. A list of names of appropriate
    admin/management staff who can be contacted will be provided to each employee. Email and answering machine messages will
    not be accepted as notification of absence, all employees are instructed to make contact with a present staff when they are unable to
    be at work.

     Employees should schedule planned time-off as far in advance as possible. Eligible time off will be granted on a first-come, first
     served basis. Due to the need for staff presence in programs, time-off may not be granted if it would cause staffing shortages.

F. Vacation
    Full time employees are eligible for paid vacations as follows:
          1st through 5th year              2 weeks
          6th through 10th year             3 weeks
          11th year +                       4 weeks

     Program and other administrative level directors
          1st through 5th year              3 weeks
          6th through 10th year             4 weeks

     New Employees will not be eligible to use vacation days until after 6 calendar months of employment. Vacation days will accrue at
     1/12 the total annual rate for each calendar month of employment, from the employee’s first day of employment.

     A maximum of 150% of the total annual vacation rate can be accrued by an employee. Vacation time in excess of this amount will
     be lost and not compensated to the employee. At no time will the accrual exceed 150% for any employee; therefore time off must
     be scheduled to ensure that the employee does not exceed his/her allowed maximum. Notification and scheduling procedures will
     apply to all employees, regardless of excess accrual issues.

     Time off will be scheduled on a first-come first served, length-of-service basis and will be granted to the extent that efficient and
     effective Avenues operations can be maintained. Requests must be submitted in advance to the employees immediate supervisor.

     Employees classified less than 40 hours per week , will receive vacation time on a pro-rated basis. Employees who are classified to
     work less than 20 hours per week are not eligible for any vacation benefits.

G. Paid Sick Leave
    Paid sick leave can be utilized for any personal or immediate family related illness or care.

     Employees classified to work 40 hour per week employees will accrue paid sick time at a rate of 6 hours per month, beginning on
     the 1st day of the month immediately following the end of the orientation period. Employees classified less than 40 hours per
     week, will accrue paid sick time on a pro rated basis. Employees who are classified to work less than 20 hours per week are not
     eligible for any sick leave benefits.

     Paid sick leave can be accrued to a maximum of 1080 hours. Employees in their orientation period do not have and do not accrue
     paid sick time.

     Employees will be paid at their standard rate and continue to accrue time off benefits during the period in which they utilize paid
     sick leave time. If sick, personal, vacation or other paid time off is requested at a time when the employee does not have any paid
     time-off credits, then the employee will not be paid for the time off and will not accrue any additional paid time off benefits.

     Accrued paid sick, personal, or holiday time off will not be compensated upon any termination of employment with Avenues.

H. Personal Time
Avenues Employee Manual
    Each 40 hour per week classified employee can receive up to 24 paid personal hours per year, with an additional 24 paid personal
    hours available for a major illness or death in the immediate family. These personal days do not accrue from year to year and are
    not available to persons during their orientation period. Each year renews upon the employee's anniversary starting date. When
    possible, requests are to be submitted in advance to the person's immediate supervisor or program level director. Employees who
    are classified to work between 21 to 37.5 hours per week will receive a pro-rated personal time benefit. Employees who are
    classified to work 20 hours per week or less are not eligible for personal time benefits.

I.. Leaves of Absence
      All applications for leaves of absence must be requested as far in advance as possible. All leaves are without pay and without
      accrual of any time off or other benefits. Length of the leave and reinstatement rights will be defined in writing for each person at
      the time the leave is approved. Employees with less than 12 calendar months of service will not be considered for a leave of
      absence. Employees must work a minimum of 1,250 hours during the 12 month period prior to the commencement of a leave.
      Failure to comply with reinstatement agreements will be considered as a resignation effective on the expiration date of the leave of

     Family and medical leaves are provided to eligible employees for the birth and care of children, placement for adoption or foster
     care, care of immediate family members who are seriously ill, and for serious health conditions of a personal nature. For family
     and medical leaves, the employee will first utilize all accrued paid sick and vacation time. Any additional time off in excess of paid
     sick and vacation, will be unpaid time off, up to a maximum of 12 weeks unpaid time off. The 12-week period is measured forward
     from the date any employee's first family and medical leave begins.

     For all leave categories, Avenues will provide group health coverage, term life and short-term disability for one calendar month
     beyond the beginning of the leave period. After one calendar month on leave, the employee will be responsible for his/her portion
     of any respective premium payment.

     No time off benefits are accrued by the employee during any unpaid time off. The employee must not be on unpaid leave on their
     last regularly scheduled workday before and their first regularly scheduled workday after a holiday in order to receive this benefit.
     Avenues's group health coverage may be available to an employee during uncovered leave time and upon termination of
     employment after a leave, at the employee's expense, in accordance with federal COBRA guidelines.

J. Holidays
     A schedule will be published of all Avenues holidays. On those days, the main office and work centers will be closed. Residential
     locations will schedule shifts according to specific coverage needs. Avenues employees who are regularly scheduled to work, but
     are off due to the holiday, will receive their regular rate of pay, pro-rated to their regular number of hours worked per week.
     Employees classified at less than 20 hours or less per week are not eligible for the holiday benefit. Employees who must work on
     regularly scheduled holidays will receive compensation in the form of other days off or additional pay as outlined on the holiday
     pay schedule. Employees whose regular day off falls on a holiday, will receive additional time off at a later date as agreed upon by
     the employee and his/her manager. Employees on unpaid leave or time off are not eligible to receive this benefit. Employees in
     this category must work his/her regular schedule before and at their first regularly scheduled day after the holiday in order to
     receive this benefit.

K.. Jury Duty
     Leave for jury duty will be granted upon presentation of written evidence that the employee has been called for jury duty. During
     such leaves, the employee will continue to be paid by Avenues, minus the jury duty pay.

L. Military Leave
    Military leave of absences without pay with re-employment rights will be granted to all employees called or enlisting in the military
    in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws.

M. Staff Development
    Avenues employees are provided with opportunities to continue their professional and personal development. Staff are required to
    complete all required training hours during each 12 month review period. Avenues will schedule training days each fiscal year for
    the purpose of staff development.

     Individuals will be provided with opportunities to attend, conferences, seminars and other meetings pertinent to his/her areas of
     responsibility at Avenues expense. All employees are required to take part in staff development. Depending upon the position,
     other local, state and federal regulations regarding training will also be applicable.

N. Professional and General Liability
Avenues Employee Manual
    As an employee of Avenues, you are covered under the Avenues Umbrella Liability policy and the Avenues Professional Liability
    policy for good faith decisions and actions made in the course of your work here, provided that such actions are not in violation of
    any federal, state or local statute; or general Avenues policy and subject to any restrictions as imposed by the insuring entity.

O. Retirement Plan
    Beginning with all eligible employees as of December 31, 2000, Avenues has instituted an employer sponsored, discretionary
    contribution retirement plan. Depending upon budget circumstances, funds are not guaranteed to be distributed each year,
    Eligible employees with five years of service will be immediately vested for this benefit during the calendar year 2000. Employees
    who reach five years of eligible service during 2000 and each year thereafter will also be qualified for this benefit. A summary of
    the established plan, benefits and investment information will be provided to each eligible employee.

III. Other General Policies

A. Tuition Reimbursement
    Beginning January, 2007, Avenues has revised its tuition reimbursement policy. Tuition reimbursement will be provided to
    employees who are classified to work at least 32 hours per week and who have been employed at Avenues for at least 12
    consecutive calendar months. Reimbursements will be pro-rated for employees regularly classified to work 16-32 hours per week.
    This benefit will not be provided for persons whose work classification is at 15 hours or less per week.

     The Avenues tuition reimbursement program will not cover 100% of any employees’ tuition costs. Books and fees are also not
     covered under the Avenues’ program.

     Prior authorization is required from the Avenues Executive Director for employees to participate. A listing of coursework and
     expected dates of graduation must be submitted as part of the Avenues Tuition Reimbursement application process.

     Tuition reimbursement will be for coursework completed with a grade of C or higher. Tuition reimbursement will not exceed the
     maximum level as published in the current year Schedule of Reimbursements. Reimbursements will be provided only to persons
     who are current employees of Avenues at the time of submission of final grade and reimbursement requests.

B. Job Related Expenses
     Employees will be reimbursed for travel and other expenses incurred for Avenues business. Meals and travel expenses will be
     reimbursed according the current Avenues Schedule of Reimbursements that is in effect. Expenses incurred by an employee while
     supervising persons within an Avenues program, that are not considered to be essential for adequate, appropriate supervision, will
     not be reimbursed. When in doubt please have these and other expenses pre-approved by your program or the executive director.

C. Safety
    Avenues will make every attempt to provide safe working conditions. Information, education, training and enforcement in the
    areas of occupational safety and health will be provided. Awareness and adherence to safety rules is mandatory for all employees.

     You are required to immediately notify an Avenues director in the event of any unsafe condition or injury. You are responsible for
     ensuring that you are medically able to carry out the responsibilities of your position and to notify your supervisor if you are not.

D. Alcohol and Substance Abuse
    In all work areas of Avenues it is prohibited to manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess or use any controlled substance, illegal
    drug or alcoholic beverage (hereinafter collectively referred to as prohibited substances and individually as a prohibited substance).

     As required by the Illinois Drug Free Workplace Act, any employee who manufactures, uses, possesses, distributes or sells or who
     falls under the influence of a prohibited substance during working hours shall be subject to termination. For purposes of this policy
     and its enforcement the phrase "under the influence" means the effect of a prohibited substance on an employee that is detectable in
     any manner whatsoever, including, without limitation, odor, misbehavior, slurred speech, and/or impaired physical and mental
     dexterity. The definition of the phrase shall not be confined to any legal definition of "under the influence" or "intoxication." A
     determination of whether an employee is "under the influence" of a prohibited substance may be founded upon a professional
     opinion, a lay opinion, and/or the results of a scientifically valid test.

     The consequences described in the first sentence of paragraph 2 above shall not apply to an employee who wishes to partake in the
     social consumption of alcoholic beverages while attending an Avenues sponsored or sanctioned activity, provided that the
     employee is not then responsible for the supervision or transportation of persons served or is not currently or scheduled to return to
     work at an Avenues location.
Avenues Employee Manual
    Each employee shall abide by the terms and conditions of this policy as a condition of employment. Each employee shall also
    have the duty to notify Avenues of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation no later than five days after such a
    conviction. An employee who is convicted of a drug statute violation that occurs in the workplace shall be subject to termination.

     In order to carry out the policy set forth, Avenues, for cause, shall have the right to search all persons and all areas in the
     workplaces that it provides, including without limitation, desks, lockers, purses, briefcases, tote bags, lunch boxes, sacks, and
     similar items, and also employee motor vehicles parked on Avenues premises.

     By accepting employment by Avenues, an employee shall be deemed to have granted to Avenues the employee's consent to search
     as provided in the previous sentence. Avenues may inquire of any job applicant whether he or she uses prohibited substances and
     whether he or she uses legal drugs and alcohol abusively.

     Avenues encourages each employee who experiences an abuse problem with a prohibited substance to contact the Avenues CEO
     for assistance that shall include education, identification, guidance, referral and follow-up. Each and every such contact shall
     receive strict confidence. Information produced by each such contact shall be shared with Avenues employees on a "need to know"
     basis. only. Each employee shall have the right to seek such assistance at least once without putting his or her employment in

     Avenues shall establish a substance abuse awareness program to inform its employees about:
        1) The dangers of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace;
        2) Avenues policy of maintaining a drug and alcohol free workplace;
        3) the availability of drug and alcohol abuse counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs; and the penalties
        that may be imposed upon an employee for drug and alcohol abuse violations that occur in the workplace.

E. Public Information Representation
    In the interest of providing education to the community regarding the programs of Avenues, public speaking and Avenues tours will
    be provided by Avenues management staff. Record of such presentations must be submitted to the Director of Development.

     No employee of Avenues shall represent Avenues through memos, letters, press releases, media interviews or other
     communications without the explicit written approval of the Avenues CEO,VP of Development or Public Relations Director.

F. Confidentiality
    Without your written consent, no information other than the fact of employment (past or present) will be released outside the
    agency. Personnel information can only be accessed by those persons with specific access authority. Changes in employee
    personnel information, ie., address, telephone, marital status, dependents, insurance beneficiaries, emergency contact, etc., must be
    reported to your immediate supervisor and recorded for legal and benefit purposes. .

     All employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of personal employment, program participant, accounting, fund raising
     and other data that they may have access to in the course of their Avenues employment. All confidential information is strictly
     limited for use related to Avenues’ purposes only.

G. Conflict of Interest
    All employees shall disclose in writing anytime a business and/or family relationships might potentially create a conflict of interest
    with Avenues. All employees are required to disclose to his/her immediate supervisor any other employment outside of Avenues.

    No employee may participate in the selection, award or administration of a contract or purchase in which the employee or an
    immediate family member of the employee has a financial interest.

    Its is in the best interest of Avenues management not to place any employee in a circumstance in which he/she is supervised by a
    family member. These situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis and only permitted through written authorization by the
    Executive Director.

H. Abuse and Neglect
    Under no circumstances will any employee allow activities of a neglectful or abusive nature to take place involving participants in
    any Avenues programs. All employees are required to immediately report suspicious or actual activities of a neglectful or abusive
    nature to their immediate supervisor or other management authority.

I. No Solicitation or Distribution
     Without express approval of the Avenues CEO or VP of Operations, solicitation of employees by other employees or non-
     employees is not permitted. Distribution of non-agency information or literature by employees to other employees in working areas
     or on work time is prohibited. Designated sales of items (ie scout cookies, school items, etc.,) and/or the recruitment of Avenues
Avenues Employee Manual
    staff for non-Avenues events, must be approved in advance and if approved, can only take place at certain times and designated
    places as specified by Avenues' management.

J. Information Systems Use
      The information Systems (including computers, computer accounts, printers, networks, software, electronic mail, telephones and
      telephone long distance and voice mail accounts) at Avenues to Independence are provided for the use of staff, as approved, in
      support of the programs of the agency. All staff are responsible for seeing that these information systems are used in an effective,
      efficient ethical and lawful manner. The use of information systems is a privilege, not a right, which may be revoked at any time for
      misuse. The following policies relate to their use.

     1.    The information systems are owned by Avenues to Independence and are to be used for Avenues to Independence related
           activities only.

     2.    Information systems are to be used only for the purpose for which they are assigned and are not to be used for commercial
           purposes or non-Avenues to Independence related activities.

     3.    All Computer programs, electronic mail and voice mail are the property of Avenues to Independence. The Avenues policies
           and procedures related to Confidentiality and right-to-know apply to all electronic storage and transmission of Avenues
           related documents, messages, etc. Only authorized individuals will have access to such information.

     4.    Fraudulent, harassing or obscene messages and/or materials are not to be sent, printed, requested, displayed, or stored. Any
           Avenues to Independence Information Systems Resource should not be used in a manner that would embarrass or bring
           discredit to Avenues to Independence programs, personnel or persons served. Chain letters and other unauthorized forms of
           mass mailings are not allowed. Information (i.e. pictures and personal information) about others is not to be made publicly
           available, such as on Web pages, without those individuals explicit approval.

     5.    A computer, computer account, electronic mail account, telephone and/or voice mail account service provided to an
           individual must not be used by others outside of Avenues to Independence.

     6.    No one should deliberately attempt to degrade the performance of an information system (including computers, networks,
           telephone systems and video systems).

     7.    No one should deprive authorized personnel of resources or access to any Avenues to Independence information system. All
           hardware, software, data and other computer created information are and remain the property of Avenues to Independence.

     8.    The use of loopholes or specific tools to circumvent information systems or network security, the knowledge of special
           passwords, or the covert acquisition of passwords to damage information systems, obtain extra resources, take the resources
           from another user, or gain access or control of any system for which proper authorization has not been granted is expressly

     An individual's information systems usage privileges may be suspended immediately upon the discovery of possible abuse of these

K. Acceptance of Gifts, Loans
    Employees are not permitted to accept cash or loans of any type; or gifts of a substantial nature from any vendor, program
    participant, families of program participants or other employees of Avenues. Gifts intended for the benefit of the program
    participants and/or the programs and services of Avenues must be made directly to Avenues to Independence, where they can be
    properly acknowledged and recorded for tax and legal purposes.

L. Personnel Policies Review
   These policies will be reviewed on a regular basis. You are encouraged to respond to surveys, questionnaires and other means of
    personnel policy input. You may provide input at any time by submitting your suggestions, comments, etc. to the Avenues CEO.
Avenues Employee Manual
                                                       Code of Ethics for Avenues Staff

We, Staff members of Avenues, recognizing the critical role of conscience in choosing among courses of action and taking into account
the moral ambiguities of life, commit ourselves to:

1. Demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty and fortitude in our professional activities in order to
inspire confidence and trust in our institution;

2.   Provide service with respect, concern, courtesy, and responsiveness to those we serve.

3. Strive for professional excellence and encourage the professional development of our fellow staff members and those seeking to
enter our field.

4.   Approach our duties with a positive attitude and constructively support open communication, creativity, dedication, and compassion.

5.   Serve in such a way that we do not realize undue personal gain from the performance of our official duties.

6.   Avoid any interest or activity which is in conflict with our official duties.

7.   Respect and protect the privileged information to which we have access in our professional duties.

8.   Exercise whatever discretionary authority we have to promote the interest of those we serve.

9. Accept as a personal duty the responsibility to keep up-to-date on emerging issues and to serve with professional competence,
fairness, impartiality, efficiency and effectiveness.

10. Support, promote, and implement merit employment and programs of affirmative action; and assure equal opportunity by
recruitment, selection, and advancement of qualified persons from all elements of society.

11. Assure professional care of persons being served; proper management of personnel matters; and prudent use of agency funds.

12. Respect and support federal and state laws and requirements regarding Avenues, and when necessary and appropriate, work with
other agencies to protect and promote the interests of those we serve.
Avenues Employee Manual
Receipt of Information

I have been issued a copy of the Avenues Employee Manual and I have read and understood it. I
further understand that all policies, plans, programs and practices contained herein have been
established by Avenues as guidelines, and hence, Avenues reserves the right to promulgate,
administer, revise, expand or discontinue any or all of such policies, plans, programs and
practices at any time, at Avenues' sole discretion and without prior notice.

No policy, plan, program or practice contained herein, nor any other term or condition of
employment set forth in writing or verbally, either individually or collectively, constitute or in
any way reduce or restrict Avenues' policy of "at will" employment or represent either an
express or implied employment contract between Avenues and an Employee(s).

In regard to Avenues property and identification; and any insurance premiums or other expenses
that may be owed to Avenues at the time of any employment termination, I hereby authorize
Avenues to deduct from my final paycheck any and all amounts which are due and owing to
Avenues for said property or payments due. I understand and agree that my liability for any
amount(s) which remain due shall survive my termination until I have repaid the full amount.

I also understand and agree to the Avenues policy on Alcohol and Substance Abuse,
harassments, and confidentiality.

_______________________________________ ____________________________
Employee Signature                      Date

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