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									           Team IP Researcher’s Operating Agreement

       Mission Statement: Our mission is to create a team focused on achieving a goal
that implements the knowledge acquired from the teachings of Business Information
Systems and Communications 2100.

I. Team Responsibilities
All team members will be responsible for the following:
   taking pride in one’s work and performing to the best of his/her ability.
   being able to cooperate with one another to perform certain tasks.
   being able to work though differences in order to complete given assignments.
   being attentive and willing to help other group members during meetings and outside
    of the classroom.
   having a positive attitude toward the project and fellow team members.

II. Team Contact
   Meetings will be held Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and
    1:00 p.m. at the Sturgis Library or other designated locations.
   Members should post messages to discussion board “IP Researchers” in cases of
    meeting absences and make an effort to retrieve information discussed in missed team
   All members should make a valiant effort to check WebCT discussion boards daily
    for updates and new information concerning the team and the project.
   All members are prohibited from using derogatory or obscene language towards one
    another to ensure friendly relations among group members.

III. Team Purpose
   To research and analyze information pertaining to IPV6(Internet Protocol Version
   To educate the general public about some of the basics of internet protocol with the
    hope to enable a full understanding of this immensely important topic at hand.
   To discuss some of the reasons for the desired change and the possible complications
    involved in doing so.

IV. Team Decision-Making & Problem Solving
   Decisions will be made by consensus within the group
   Decisions can be suggested and will be discussed in team meetings if more than one
    member initiates an interest for this decision.
   To clarify problems, ask someone in the group to explain the problem in their own
    eyes. In addition, collect the opinions of other group members to see if this problem is
    shared by the group. This will help resolve conflicts among one another and help
    proceed to working at the task at hand.
   In cases of division among making a decision, the team leader will be the deciding
    factor in making the decision.

V. Team Structure
   The project leader will oversee all organization, deadlines, and will coordinate all
    group events.
   All members of the group will keep the leader informed with the team’s progress and
    their daily individual contributions.
   The project leader will be in charge of communicating any problems or situations that
    may arise with Professor Leeds.

VI. Team Meeting Schedule/Attendance Policy
   Team meetings will be held every Tuesday and Thursday after class from 11 a.m. to 1
    p.m. in the Sturgis Library.
   Attendance to these meetings is mandatory unless the group agrees that a satisfactory
    point of completion has been met.
   If a group member is unable to attend a meeting, the team leader must be notified
    prior to the planned meeting.
   Failure to get the absence excused will result in a deduction of 10% of the final
    attendance grade.
   A role sheet will be passed around in meetings to keep track of attendance. This will
    be performed by the team leader who will also function as the meeting facilitator.

VII. Team Preparation/Performance
   All members are required to bring paper, pen/pencil and other necessary items to all
   All members should have planned discussions prior to meetings to ensure productive
    meetings take place.
   All members should take responsibility for performing his/her part of the project.
   All members should perform at the same level in terms of effort and dedication
    toward completion of the project.
   The quality of an individual’s work can be measured by the feedback by other group
    members in addition with supporting evidence to either approve his/her work or other
    alternatives to improve his/her work.

VIII. Individual Non-Performance/Peer-Review
   To receive full credit for peer evaluations, regular attendance is required at team
    meetings. (See Attendance Policy)
   Failure to communicate with other team members and lack of effort and desire toward
    the project will be noted and expressed in the final peer evaluation.
   If one member is not performing up to par, then steps will be taken to reassign this
    member to another task. If this member still does not perform well, then the professor
    will be notified and removal from the group can be implemented.
   To help prevent these actions from occurring, all members should be willing to help
    one another to create the best project possible.

IX. Project Requirements and Schedule of Deliverables
March 17, 2005        Work on operating agreement

March 22, 2005        Hand in hard copy of the agreement
                      Identify Roles
                      Talk about Website content, Design, Layout
                      Research Sources (10 min.)

March 24, 2005        Keep working on the March 22 nd info.
                      Go more into Website Content
                      In-Class Web design March 30

March 29, 2005        Web Master comes into Lead role
                      Provides team with his knowledge
                      Tomorrow it is DUE

March 31, 2005        Work on reference list
                      Check week 13 on Formal report timetable and deliverables
                      This is due April 5th Tuesday

April 5, 2005         Turn in the requirements that have been worked on week 12 th.
                      “Evaluation form”

April 7, 2005         Team should be finishing up the Formal Report
                      Camera checkout, filming locations, and editing times
                      Turning in Formal Report-responsibility of Strategic Planner

April 12, 2005        Continue working on Final Draft
                      Work on the requirements of week 14

April 14, 2005        Writing, almost finishing the final Draft

April 19, 2005        Formal Report due on April 22nd
                      Take PTD QUIZ!
                      Must have a copy to gain access (Training Manual)

April 21, 2005        Make sure camera is reserved!
                      In addition, editing appointment must be taken care of.

April 22, 2005        Turn in formal report on WebCT.
                      Each team member must submit a copy thru WebCT.
April 26, 2005        Final editing to be done for Video File
                      WebMaster is to conduct the final inspection of the file.

April 28, 2005        Team is to be working on Video presentation and Web page

April 29, 2005        Video Presentation File and Web Page Due!

May 2, 2005           Presentation Review and Analysis Due!

X. Certificate of Authenticity
By signing this document, I agree to abide by the following rules and guidelines
governing this project until completion of the semester.









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