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					                                       Webster PAW PRINTS
                                                September 2009
Webster welcomes its new students and their families. We would like to also welcome all the new kindergarten
children and their families. We look forward to very rewarding days as we work together.

New students to Webster include:                                                       Grade 4
                                                Grade 3                                Alexis Arnoldussen
    Grade 1                                     Kailee Blazek                          Hailie Cash
    Evan Pauly                                  Riana Garivay                          Claire Hoffman
    Trevor Schildknecht                         Luke Gifford                           Noah Johnson
                                                Megan Kohel                            Julia Kennedy
                                                Amber Minton                           Charles Koch
                                                Alexander Nickel                       Keefe Little
    Grade 2                                     Emileigh Parpart                       Autumn Oxford
    Maya Cassaday                               Tanner Quinn                           Christian Rojano
    Brysen Clark                                Lane Schafer
    Andrew Doornek                              Devin Sorenson                         Grade 5
                                                Cassandra Torres                       Sarah Kennedy
    Ethan Pauly
                                                Audrea Tweedie                         Owen Kosanovich
                                                Jillian Yanick                         Ryan Potrykus
                                                Lauren Zautner                         Hunter Quinn
                                                                                       Skyler Shepphard
                                                                                       Jubilee Stolar
                                                                                       Ariel Wickert
Your child’s punctual, regular attendance at school is a large component of his/her success. We encourage all families to make
regular school attendance a family priority. We understand, however, that illness and occasional extenuating circumstances will
require that your child be absent from school. In that case, we ask that when your child is absent, that you call the school (262-
1490). Please leave a message on the voice mail if you are calling during non-school hours. Please let us know if your child is
having any flu-like symptoms. Flu-like symptoms include: fever of 100 or more, cough, sore throat, or body aches. We are
asking that your child stay home for at least 24 hours after their fever is gone. If you know that your child will be absent for any
number of consecutive days, please indicate that on the first call rather than calling every day. Absences exceeding three days will
require a physician’s excuse before returning to class. In addition, exemption from physical education class will only be allowed
with a doctor’s excuse as well.
If a child is not excused by a phone call or note from a parent by 3:30 pm on the day following the absence, the child is then
considered truant. Unexcused late or tardy to school may be treated as truancy when a pattern becomes habitual or
                                               HELP KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE
As we begin the school year, we ask for your help in working to promote the safety of our children. The Watertown Police
Department has been sending an officer by Webster before and after school. Please note that wherever there is yellow paint you
may NOT park during school hours. He tells me that any unattended vehicle will be ticketed. If you are doing a quick drop off or
pick up you will not be ticketed. Please note that the first 2 spots are reserved for Handicapped parking only. We need your help
and understanding to get our students to school and home safely. Students may be quickly dropped off in the tenth street
driveway, but no cars are allowed in the driveway after school. In addition, we ask that you refrain from bringing your pets to
school when you drop off and pick up your children. This poses a safety as well as a personal liability issue. When you are
parking on the south playground for events, please make sure you are leaving the exit open for cars to leave. Finally, a reminder
that there is no playground supervision after school. Students need to be leaving the premises by 3:15. Thank you for your
cooperation in helping to keep our Webster students safe.
 PAW PRINTS is a monthly publication of Webster Elementary School, 634 S 12 th Street, Watertown, WI 53094, (920) 262-1490
                                              Editor: Brad Clark, Principal
             Webster PAW PRINTS                          Page 2                  September 2009

Welcome Webster’s New Staff:                                      SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS
Mrs. Sue Moldenhauer, Library Media Specialist;                   Students:
                                                                  September 01    Samantha Abel
Mrs. Katy Mihalko, 5th Grade Teacher; Mrs. Linda                  September 01    Autumn Crowley
Meitner, Special Education Paraprofessional.                      September 01    Evan Ziemer
                                                                  September 03    Courtney Boeder
                                                                  September 04    Julianna Douglas
                                                                  September 04    Reagan Wolff
Mrs. Moldenhauer, Library Media Specialist :                      September 05    Logan Haasch
Hi! I'm Sue Moldenhauer. I've been with the Watertown             September 05    Leighton Maurer
                                                                  September 06    Ethan Bergen
Unified School District for 18 years, nine years as a             September 06    Darren Boyce
teacher at Webster before becoming the library media              September 07    Tariq Newson
                                                                  September 07    Avalon Uecke
specialist at Riverside Middle School. I have a Bachelor's        September 07    Emma Wollenberg
degree in Elementary Education from UW-Madison and a              September 09    Claire Reichardt
Master's in Library Science from UW-Milwaukee. My                 September 09    Harley Wyszkowski
                                                                  September 10    Michael Travis
husband, Jon, and I have two children. Rachel is a second         September 12    Dalton Galecki
grader at Webster, and Ryan is a junior at UW-Madison             September 12    Rosanna Hookstead-Montiel
majoring in Music Education. I'm excited to be back at            September 12    Jackson Wehner
                                                                  September 13    Tanner Good
Webster and look forward to sharing my love for books             September 13    Autumn Oxford
and reading with all you Wildcats!                                September 13    Jared Wehking
                                                                  September 14    Vanessa Yenor
                                                                  September 15    Jolee Miller
                                                                  September 17    Jesse Day
Mrs. Mihalko, 5th Grade Teacher:                                  September 17    Evan Yanick
Hi! My name is Katy Mihalko. I am long term subbing               September 18    Katie Crogan
                                                                  September 18    Noah Kislia
in the 5th grade for the first semester. I am returning to        September 18    Teagan Peterson
Webster after 3 years of being away. While away, I spent          September 18    Garrett Radtke
one year living in North Dakota and two years back in             September 20    Elijah Allen
                                                                  September 20    Skylar Morgan
Watertown. My husband, Ron, and I have been married               September 20    Jonah Seibel
for 3 years. We have two children. Graeson is three and           September 21    Destiny Mielke
Gillian is 2! We love spending time outside riding bikes          September 22    Raine Dawson
                                                                  September 22    Kaitlynn Phillips
and playing at the park. I also love to play volleyball,          September 22    Kaitlyn Raue
fish and I enjoy cooking and gardening. I am very                 September 23    Jailine Acosta
happy to be back at Webster and look forward to                   September 23    Eric Chairez
                                                                  September 25    Marcella Marchan
a great semester with my class!                                   September 25    Isabel Hookstead-Montiel
                                                                  September 25    Trevor Olson
                                                                  September 26    Jacob Miller
                                                                  September 27    Haley Seager
Mrs. Meitner, Special Education Paraprofessional:                 September 28    Liam Coughlan
My name is Mrs. Linda Meitner. I am a Para/Interpreter.           September 28    Collin Ketchum
My husband, Richard, and I have a family farm. We have            September 28    R.J. Lewis
                                                                  September 28    Emmaline Polinsky
4 grown children, 2 son-in-laws, 3 grandchildren, 2               September 28    Nadia Sebero
adopted children and 2 foster children. We also have a            September 30    Devren Almanza
dog, cat, and a cockatoo. I enjoy gardening, Suduko,
reading, playing with our grandkids, helping others and           Staff:
                                                                  September 02    Mrs. Provenzano
crafting.                                                         September 02    Mrs. Rademaker
                                                                  September 18    Mrs. French
                                                                  September 18    Mrs. Yeoman
                                                                  September 21    Mrs. Houchin
                                                                  September 22    Mr. Lehman
                                                                  September 28    Mrs. Moll
                                                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!!
             Webster PAW PRINTS                   Page 3                   September 2009

        PICTURE DAY                                    LUNCH AND BREAKFAST REMINDERS
        Picture Day has been set for Thursday,         Notification of low meal accounts will be sent
        September 24th and we are using a new          home. Please remember to check and make sure
photography studio this year. We will be using         your child has enough money in their account.
Herff Jones Photography. Please Note:                  Children will be allowed to charge one lunch.
Everybody that orders a picture packet will            After that, they will receive a mini meal which
receive a Memory Book in spring. If you do not         consists of a peanut butter sandwich and a white
order a packet but would like a Memory Book you        milk at no charge for one week. This policy only
will need to order the Memory Book on the              applies to meals at lunch. Students who do not
Picture Order Form and send payment. Picture           have money in their account will not be given
Retakes and Activity photos will be taken on           breakfast or snack milk. Also, if your child orders
Wednesday, November 11th.                              a school bag lunch for a field trip and brings in a
                                                       lunch from home, they will still be given the
                                                       school bag lunch and charged for it.
FALL FUNDRAISER                                        Also a reminder regarding breakfast: Breakfast is
The fall fundraiser will begin on Wednesday,           served starting at 7:15a.m. and will end promptly
September 9th and will end on Thursday Oct 1st.        at 7:45a.m. so the gym can be cleaned up for
PTO representative will be by the office on            classes.
Thursday October 1st from 7:30-8:00 and 2:30-
3:30 to collect money and order forms. Please
have checks made payable to Webster PTO.               PULL TABS FOR THE RONALD
Delivery date of items is October 21st. Items          MCDONALD HOUSE
should be picked up between 2:30-5:00pm. Please        Mrs. French’s kindergarten class in room 103 and
remember that if you do not wish to participate in     Mrs. Kaczmarek’s kindergarten class in room 104
this fundraiser, donations to the PTO are also         continue to collect can tabs for the Ronald
welcome.                                               McDonald House. Over 96 5-quart ice cream pails
                                                       were filled last year. The total weight was 330
LOST AND FOUND                                         pounds. The tabs were recycled and a check for
Please label gym shoes, backpacks, coats, hats,        $132.00 was sent to the Ronald McDonald House.
mittens, boots, sweaters, etc. with your child’s       Please take any tabs to Mrs. French or Mrs.
name. If an item does become lost, children may        Kaczmarek or put them in the Ronald McDonald
check with the office to see if it has been turned     House container located in the entry way by the
in. They should also check the lost and found bins     office. Mrs. French and Mrs. Kaczmarek also need
that are located outside the office, by the gym, by    empty/clean ice cream buckets to keep the tabs in.
the north doors (near room 200) and by the south       These can be dropped off in their rooms also.
doors (near room 201). Students should also check      Thank you.
in the office for smaller items like jewelry, keys,
glasses, etc.                                          THANK YOU
                                                       Thanks to all parents who attended Webster’s
           SCHOOL CALENDARS                            registration nights on August 20th and 27th. We
School Calendar magnets have been sent home.           enjoyed meeting our new students and families
Watertown Unified School District 2009-2010            and also seeing the return of previous students and
calendars are available on-line at                     their parents. It is also very helpful for the office                               to have you come in on these days and pay school
                                                       fees, put money into your child’s lunch account
                                                       and return updated enrollment forms. Thank you

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