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What is the International Society
of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM)?
ISBM is a Federation of national or regionally-based societies,
whose goal is to serve the needs of all health-related
disciplines concerned with issues relevant to behavioural
medicine. Each national society must have membership from
different relevant disciplines or professions.
Behavioural medicine is an interdisciplinary field
concerned with the development and integration of
sociocultural, psychosocial, behavioural and biomedical
knowledge relevant to health and illness and the
application of this knowledge to disease prevention,
health promotion, etiology, diagnosis, treatment and

                                           ISBM Charter
Executive Committee          Board Members
                             Redford Williams President
         Redford Williams
                             Antti Uutela Immediate-Past President
                             Hege R. Eriksen President-Elect
                             Petra Lindfors Treasurer
                             Marc Gellman Secretary
         Antti Uutela
         Past President      Victoria Gordillo Chair, Education & Training Committee
                             Richard Peter Chair, Communications Committee

                             Linda Baumann Chair, Finance Committee
         Hege R. Eriksen     Norito Kawakami Chair, International Collaborative
         President Elect     Studies Committee
                             Joost Dekker Editor, International Journal of
                             Behavioural Medicine
         Petra Lindfors      Neil Schneiderman Chair, Membership Committee
                             Graciela Rodriguez Chair, Organisational Liaison Committee
                             Theresa Marteau Chair, Program Committee
                             Brian Oldenburg Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
         Marc Gellman        Arja Aro Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
          Member Societies

                                  Asia / Pacific

                         Member Societies
North America                                      Asia Pacific
• Academy of Behavioural Medicine Research         • Australasian Society for Behavioural Health & Medicine
• American Psychosomatic Society                   •The Korean Society of Stress Medicine
• Society of Behavioural Medicine                  • Japanese Society of Behavioural Medicine
                                                   • Thailand Society of Behavioural Medicine
Latin America
• The Chilean Society of Behavioural Medicine
• Mexican Society of Behavioural Medicine
• Venezuelan Interdisciplinary Group of Behavioural Medicine

• Behavioural Medicine Section of the Czech Medical Association
• Danish Society of Psychosocial Medicine
• Finnish Section of Behavioural Medicine of the Finnish Association of
  Social Medicine
• German Society of Behavioural Medicine & Behaviour Modification
• Hungarian Institute of Behavioural Sciences
• Italian Society of Psychosocial Medicine
• Netherlands Behavioural Medicine Federation
• Norwegian Society of Behavioural Medicine
• Psychosomatic & Behavioural Medicine Section of the Slovak Medicine
• Spanish Society of Behavioural Medicine & Health Psychology
• Swedish Society of Behavioural Medicine
• UK Society of Behavioural Medicine
Emerging Member Societies
                Membership of ISBM
Membership is available to:
• All national/regional societies of behavioral medicine

And must have:
• A balance of members between biomedical & behavioural/social sciences
• A commitment to behavioural medicine as defined in the ISBM charter
• Affiliate membership is also available
Membership entitlements include:
• Reduced registration fee at the International Congresses
• Reduced rate for subscribing to the International Journal of Behavioural
• Invitations to participate in the scientific and educational activities of the
The function of ISBM is to:
• Conduct activities that stimulate BM research and practice
• Coordinate communication and interaction within the
  worldwide behavioural medicine community.
Dissemination and interaction
occurs through:
• ISBM International Congresses
• Major Scientific Journal - International Journal of
  Behavioural Medicine (IJBM). First issue in 1994.
• Teaching seminars in conjunction with other world leaders
  in health and medicine i.e. WHO, National Public Health
  Institute of Finland etc.
•Liaison with other professional organisations
•Education and training through the preparation of curricula
 and the facilitation of international collaborative research
Special Interest Groups
The ISBM along with international
collaborators have identified a number of
interest groups and issues that require
research input to improve the health of all
through behavioural medicine.

These interest groups are as follows:
                               Education & Training

                               International Network for Subjective and Unexplained
                                Health Complaints

                               Women’s Health Issues

                               Diabetes Collaboration

                               Global Biological Health Threats
• Major Scientific Journal - The International Journal of Behavioural Medicine (IJBM).
• First issue in 1994.
• Current editor – Ulf Lundberg (Sweden). Editor – Joost Dekker (Netherlands)

                  For more information and subscriptions:

               Past Congresses
1990 – Uppsala, Sweden       2002 – Helsinki, Finland

1992 – Hamburg, Germany      2004 – Mainz, Germany
1994 - Amsterdam
1996 – Washington DC, USA
1998 - Copenhagen, Denmark
2000 – Brisbane, Australia

  First Symposium of Central Eastern
European Behavioural Medicine Network

   Location: Targu-Mures, Romania
      Date: 14-16 October 2005
                              Ninth International
                           Congress of International
                           Medicine – Bangkok 2006
    Date: November 29 – December 2, 2006
    Location: Sofitel Central Plaza Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Second Announcement & Call for Abstracts
Important Dates:
•   1 July 2005 –      Opening of on-line abstract submissions
•   1 December 2005 – Deadline for workshop proposals
•   1 March 2006 –     Deadline for abstract submissions
•   15 June 2006 –     Deadline for early registration
•   1 September 2006 – Deadline for submitting rapid communication posters
Scientific Program
• Covering the fields of public health, clinical research and basic processes in
  behavioural medicine
• Examining the connections between health and behaviour
• How these relationships are viewed and understood in the different regions of the world

Keynote Presentations
                  Karen A. Mathews, PhD
                  University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA
                  Title: Recent advances in understanding women’s heart disease: socioeconomic status,
                        personality and mediators.

                  Michael J. Meaney, PhD
                  McGill Centre for the Study of Behaviour, Genes and Environment, Canada
                  Title: Maternal care alters DNA methylation and brain glucocorticoid receptor
                        expression: A mechanism for the epigenetic regulation of stress responses.

                  Anuar Zaini, M.D
                  Monash University, Malaysia
                  Title: Global health challenges and emerging health threats – The opportunities for
                        behavioural medicine
Master Lectures
         Leenah Hsu, M.D
         Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, USA
         Title: Influence of socio-economic development on HIV vulnerability & behavioural

         Norito Kawakami, PhD
         Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine & Dentistry, Japan
         Title: Job stress prevention: research and implementation

         Terrie E. Moffitt, PhD
         Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s
         College, London, United Kingdom
         Title: Interaction between measured genes and measured environments: A research

         Manfred Schedlowski
         Division of Psychology & Behavioural Immunobiology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
         Title: Behavioural Conditioned Immune Response: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications
Panel Sessions
         Prakash C. Gupta, PhD
         Sekhsaria Institute of Public Health, India

         Title: Challenges for tobacco control in countries undergoing rapid
         socioeconomic transition
         Prakit Vathesatogkit, M.D
         Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand

        Ruth Bonita, PhD
        World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland

        Title: The impact of recent public health challenges on the health
        systems of countries in the Asia Region

        Liming Lee, M.D
        Chinese Academy of Medical Science & Peking Union Medical College, China
Other sessions/presentations
• Symposia, Oral & Poster presentations
• Workshops

Key events
Wednesday 29 November 2006
       Opening Ceremony & Irmela Florin Memorial Lecture
       Welcoming Reception
Friday 1 December 2006
          Garden Party
Saturday 2 December 2006
         Closing Ceremony & Farewell Party

It has been recommended that all registration and abstracts are
to be submitted through the ICBM website

ICBM 2006 Program Committee
        Brian Oldenburg, PhD                    Alexandra Martin, PhD
        Program Chair                           International Workshop Coord.
        School of Public Health, Queensland     Dept. of Clinical Psychology &
        University of Technology, Brisbane,     Psychotherapy, Philipps-Universitat,
        Australia                               Marburg, Germany

        Marc D. Gellman, PhD                    Antti Uutela, PhD
        Program Co-Chair                        ISBM President
        Behavioural Medicine Research Center,   National Public Health Institute (KTL),
        Dept. of Psychology, University of      Finland
        Miami, USA

        Ulrike Ehlert, PhD
        Program Co-Chair                         Redford Williams, M.D
        Dept. of Clinical Psychology &           ISBM President-elect
        Psychotherapy, University of Zurich,     Duke University, USA

        Nittaya J. Kotchabhakdi, M.D
        Program Co-Chair                         Neil Schneiderman, PhD
        National Institute for Child & Family    International Advisor
        Development, Mahidol University,         University of Miami, USA
            For more information:
• ISBM Website:

• International Congress of Behavioural Medicine 2006

• International Journal of Behavioural Medicine