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1) The attachment called “AOII stickers for nuts.doc” is the marketing brain child of
Vicky Stumpf. Vicky suggests using the template to create stickers “ for items that we have
purchased. It could be used for nuts/candy OR any of the items that folks bought from Jill. Hope
that it works for everyone. Publicity is good!” Vicky set up the labels using Avery #8160,
purchased at Office Depot. Thanks Vicky!!!

2) Thank you to everyone who supported our AOPersonalize It! fundraiser. If I
counted correctly, nine of us attended and we had lots of guests too. As always, Suzette
Rickert was the most wonderful hostess—thank you! Orders continue to come in and I
hope to have an update/summary at December’s meeting.

3) Founders’ Day is Saturday January 24, 2009 at Casa Royale in Des Plaines. You get
salad with your choice of ranch or Italian dressing, entrée choice of chicken Marsala or
eggplant parmesan, and an ice cream sundae. Please include your collegiate chapter and
entrée choice when sending in your check (see attachment titled:
FoundersDayInvite2009 for all the details).

4) On that note: Is there anyone we should acknowledge at Founders’ Day who is
celebrating their 25 or 50 year AOII anniversary? Please let me know really soon.

5) STRIKE OUT ARTHRITIS bowling event is on Sunday February 22, 2009. Plan to
bring family and friends to share the afternoon with us. Please remember to RSVP to
EVITE so we can have enough lanes for everyone. Thanks!

6) Do you ever think that you want to do something for the troops in Iraq or
Afghanistan, but don’t know what to do? Please consider Operation Holiday Card;
http://sites.google.com/site/operationholidaycard/Home. My fellow Theta chapter sister
Darby Jameson spearheads the efforts to get holiday cards to troops overseas so they can
have a little holiday cheer when so far from home. Deadline is December 3, 2008.

7) Just in from HQ: AOII has been invited to colonize at Washington University in
St. Louis, Missouri this coming spring!!! This will be the 187th collegiate chapter of
AOII. If you know any AOIIs in the St. Louis area who would offer assistance in any
way, please have them contact HQ as soon as possible.

8) Lastly, during this Thanksgiving season, I want to tell you all how grateful and proud
I am that we are sisters. Not only is my life richer because of YOU, but AOII would not
be what it is without each and every one of you as well.

Alpha love,

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