Software Engineering of America forges partnership with Cross Current by xqo30826


Software Engineering of America forges partnership with Cross
Current Corporation.

Cross Current Corporation is a full service firm specializing in custom software
development and systems integration. Cross Current has extensive experience in
analyzing, designing, developing, deploying, and integrating enterprise system solutions
in e-business and e-government. Their reputation is built on timely and within-budget
delivery of high-quality, customized applications and services in banking, IT audits,
telecommunications, staffing, healthcare, and the public sector.
SEA and Cross Current have joined forces to provide a complete solution and services for
companies looking to protect confidential and intellectual Information and meet
compliance and audit regulations.
SEA provides the CWAT solution for Insider Threat Management while Cross Current
delivers the consulting and implementation services to deploy CWAT, identify security
risks and create the policies to manage those security issues.
Cross Current has in depth experience in the deployment and configuration of CWAT
due to the long standing integration of CWAT with their product ccRMC for Enterprise
Risk Management.
ccRMC is secured by the CWAT solution to detect and stop, in real-time, the
unauthorized transfer of digital assets to protect intellectual property and non-public
private information. Over 530 leading enterprises and government agencies trust CWAT
to protect their organizations from the Insider Threat. CWAT also addresses the issue of
lost or stolen equipment such as laptop computers.

Software Engineering of America                             Cross Current Corporation
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Franklin Square, NY 11010                                   New Hope, PA 18938
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