Environmental Protection Agency Region 3 by rfk70948


									                                                ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, REGION III

                                                                              REGIONAL ADMINISTRATOR
                                                                                        Shawn M. Garvin
                                                                      215-814-2900                                     3RA00

                                                                           DEPUTY REGIONAL ADMINISTRATOR
                                                                                   William C. Early

                                                                      215-814-2900                                     3DA00

               OFFICE OF POLICY AND                                                                        OFFICE OF STATE AND
                   MANAGEMENT                             OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS                       CONGRESSIONAL RELATIONS                     OFFICE OF REGIONAL COUNSEL

                   James W. Newsom,                        Micheal Kulik, Acting Director                    Catherine Libertz, Director                       Marcia E. Mulkey,
             Assistant Regional Administrator                                                                                                                  Regional Counsel
                                                           Brian Nishitani, Acting Deputy                  Brian Nishitani, Acting Deputy
            John J. Krakowiak, Acting Deputy                                                                                                                  Lydia Isales, Deputy

           215-814-5200                    3PM00       215-814-5100                    3PA00            215-814-5105                   3CR00        215-814-2602                     3RC00

                                                         WATER PROTECTION DIVISION                        HAZARDOUS SITE CLEANUP
              AIR PROTECTION DIVISION                                                                            DIVISION                            LAND AND CHEMICALS DIVISION

                                                            Jon M. Capacasa, Director                                                                     Abraham Ferdas, Director
                  Diana Esher, Director                                                                      Ronald Borsellino, Director
                                                            John A. Armstead, Deputy                                                                      Wayne S. Naylor, Deputy
                 David L. Arnold, Deputy                                                                     Kathryn Hodgkiss, Deputy

          215-814-2500                     3AP00      215-814-2300                     3WP00           215-814-3000                    3HS00        215-814-3100                     3LC00

                                  CHESAPEAKE BAY PROGRAM                         OFFICE OF ENFORCEMENT,                        ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT
                                          OFFICE                                     COMPLIANCE AND                              AND INNOVATION DIVISION
                                                                                 ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE
                                    James Edward, Acting Director                                                                    John "Randy" Pomponio,
                                                                                     Samantha Beers, Director                                Director
                                     Robert Wood, Acting Deputy
                                                                                  Brian Nishitani, Acting Deputy                     Tai-Ming Chang, Deputy

                                410-267-5700                 3CB00           215-814-2627                   3EC00              215-814-2700               3EA00

Last Updated: June 6, 2010

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