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									                         Welcome to Wells Fargo Center

We are pleased that you have chosen to locate your business at Wells Fargo Center. This guide
will answer some general questions about our operations in the building and point out some of
the amenities and services that we are delighted to provide to you and your staff.

In the pages that follow you will find information about:

       •    Working with the Hines Property Management Office
       •    Building Facilities and Services including:
                • After Hours Building Access
                • Elevators
                • Parking
                • Building Amenities
       •    Available Maintenance Services
       •    Requesting Overtime Air Conditioning or Heating
       •    Preparing for Emergency Situations
       •    Various Nearby Downtown Amenities

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality office facility available in Minneapolis.

4/18/2005                                                                                       1
Hines Property Management Office
Our telephones are answered 24 hours a day, everyday, by a member of the Hines Property
Management Team. You always have access to Hines Managers or Engineers, as conditions

Telephone:    (612) 344-1200
Fax:          (612) 344-1189
Website:      www.hines.com

Hines Property Management Staff at Wells Fargo Center includes the following
individuals, who are on site Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.:

Property Manager:                      Amy Jo Wimmer          amy_jo_wimmer@hines.com
Assistant Property Manager:            Beth Molitor           beth_molitor@hines.com
Assistant Property Manager             Chris Linssen          chris_linssen@hines.com
Project Accountant:                    Stacey Larson          stacey_larson@hines.com
Administrative Assistant:              Joyelle La Valle       joyelle_lavalle@hines.com
Staff Assistant:                       Karen Jokinen          karen_jokinen@hines.com

Engineering Manager:                   Troy Sturm             troy_sturm@hines.com
Assistant Engineering Manager:         Bob Sherwood           bob_sherwood@hines.com
Engineer:                              Pierre Khalil          pierre_khalil@hines.com
Engineer:                              Matt Swanson           matthew_swanson@hines.com
Engineer:                               John Van Heuvelen     john_vanheuvelen@hines.com
Engineer:                              Kelly Antoniewicz      kelly_antoniewicz@hines.com
Engineer:                              Victor Ustinenkov      victor_ustinenkov@hines.com
Engineer:                              Scott Carter           scott_carter@hines.com
Light Bulbs:                           Julio Sotelo

Additionally, Security Staff Members are on site 24 hours a day, everyday of the year for your

Each year Wells Fargo Center observes the following holidays:

       New Year’s Day
       Memorial Day
       Independence Day
       Labor Day
       Thanksgiving Day
       Christmas Day

4/18/2005                                                                                        2
Call the Management Office if…

The following is a list of some of the reasons your designated TENANT CONTACT may need
to call Hines:

      • Cleaning
      • Maintenance
      • Leaking water or other liquid
      • Spillage of any substance
      • Elevator malfunction
      • Air Conditioning is desired outside of normal building hours
      • To report missing or stolen personal or company property
      • Moving furniture or equipment into, out of or within the building
      • Receiving deliveries outside the hours of normal building operation
      • Work is scheduled in your space outside the hours of normal building operation
      • Solicitor is noted in the building
      • Suspicious person is noted in the building


       •    Fire
       •    Medical Emergency
       •    Civil Disturbance
       •    Bomb Threat
       •    Discovery of potential safety hazard
       •    Chemical smell or smoke
       •    Planning for tenant sponsored evacuation drill

No list can capture all the reasons you may need to contact Hines’ Property Management
Office. We are here to provide service and support. Do not hesitate to call for answers to your
questions or to discuss conditions affecting the building or its operation.

4/18/2005                                                                                    3
Building Facilities and Services
•   Normal Building Hours
    Floor 1
       Monday – Friday         6:30am – 6:00pm
       Saturday                Closed (enter at the corner of 7th Street and Marquette Avenue)
       Sunday                  Closed (enter at the corner of 7th Street and Marquette Avenue)
       Monday – Friday         6:30am – 10:00pm
       Saturday                9:30am – 8:00pm
       Sunday                  11:00pm – 6:00pm

    After normal building hours, access to Wells Fargo Center may be gained by using an access card at
    the corner of 7th Street and Marquette Avenue or at the elevator on the east side of the Skyway

•   Building Entrance & Exit
    Lobby entrances are located on 6th Street, Marquette Avenue, 7th Street, and through
    Gaviidae Common. There are Skyway Level entrances on both the east and west side of
    the Skyway.

•   Building Access Control
    The building is staffed with Security Staff personnel 24 hours a day, everyday. When lobby
    doors are locked, authorized personnel may enter using their access card and exit by
    pressing the red door release button at the door on the corner of 7th Street and Marquette

•   Access Cards
    Contact the Property Management Office if you have any building access issues, such as a
    lost access card, a new employee, or a change in an individual’s permitted access. Please
    designate one person in your office to handle all building access issues for your personnel.

•   Elevators
    There are three (3) elevators serving floors 1 – 9, five (5) elevators serving floors 10 – 19,
    six (6) elevators serving floors 20 – 32, five (5) elevators serving floors 33 – 42, and five (5)
    elevators serving floors 43 – 51. Access to levels 52 – 55 is gained by using the two (2)
    shuttle elevators located on the 51st floor. Additionally, there are two (2) garage elevators
    to service Lower Level 1 – Lower Level 4. There are two (2) service elevators. One travels
    between Lower Level 1 and Level 51, while the other travels to all floors in the building.
    These elevators should be used by all outside contractors and delivery personnel.

•   Janitorial Service
    Your offices are cleaned each night, Monday through Friday between the hours of 6pm –

4/18/2005                                                                                           4
•   Building Parking
    The building parking garage is contract only for Wells Fargo Center Tenants. The cost is
    currently $286.00 per month. If you’re interested in parking, call Hines at (612) 344-1200.

•   Contractors
    Contractors working in the building must check in at the Courtesy Desk on Level 1. The
    Contractor will receive a badge to wear while working in the building.

•   Loading Dock
    The Loading dock entrance is located on the north side of 7th Street between Marquette
    Avenue and Nicollet Avenue. Anyone who works in the building may use the dock. It is
    available on a first come, first serve basis during normal building hours. Loading dock use is
    for one hour only and is for loading and unloading only, unless arrangements have been
    made. Contractors may not park at the loading dock without permission from Hines.
    Loading dock users must leave keys inside their vehicle, register in the logbook, and check
    out a service elevator access card in exchange for a photo ID.

•   Deliveries
    Deliveries of furniture or other large items must be performed after normal building hours.
    Arrangements should be made by contacting Hines.
       Scheduling of moves and large deliveries
       Please notify Hines of dates and estimated times of all moves and deliveries. Service
       elevators must be reserved and the Security Staff needs to be notified. The lobby floor
       and other building surfaces may also require special protection.

       Notification and scheduling are necessary in order to minimize the possibility of having
       conflicting moves at the same time. It may be necessary to reschedule a move or delivery
       if another tenant has “reserved” the elevators prior to your company’s call.

•   Postal and Express Mail Services
    The U.S. Post Office maintains a sub-station in Wells Fargo Center. The facility is located on
    Lower Level 1 just off of the garage elevator lobby. This sub-station delivers tenant mail to
    assigned postal boxes and accepts both metered and stamped outbound mail. Collection
    times are 1:30pm and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Also, drop boxes are provided
    adjacent to the U.S. Post Office sub-station for major private and express mail services.

                                                                 Pick-up Time
              DHL (formerly           Monday – Friday               6:30pm
              Airborne Express)

              Federal Express         Monday – Friday               6:00pm

              UPS                     Monday – Friday               5:30pm

              UHL Worldwide           Monday – Friday               6:30pm

4/18/2005                                                                                       5
•   Telephone/Data Line Service
    Wells Fargo Center provides a Landlord-managed telephone cable system (a “Riser”) that
    runs throughout the building. Landlord coordinates the connection of tenant’s telephone or
    data line service from the circuit provider to the riser as part of the overall phone service
    installation. This allows efficient management and maintenance of the cabling necessary for
    delivering voice and data service throughout the building. For further information, please
    see Appendix A.

•   Cable TV
    The cable provider at Wells Fargo Center is Time Warner, Inc. (612) 522-2000

4/18/2005                                                                                       6
Building Maintenance Services
Contact Hines to have any of the Maintenance Services performed that are listed below. Please
designate one person in your office to report building maintenance issues to Hines.

The following services are provided at no additional cost to you:
   • Changing building standard light bulbs and ballasts.
   • Air-conditioning and heating temperature comfort checks, and resetting of thermostats
      during normal building hours.

Currently, the additional cost for the following services are as indicated or per bid provided at
the time the service is performed:
    • Replace damaged ceiling tile
    • Cut duplicate key for door @ $2.50 per key
    • Install door closer
    • Install electrical (wall) outlet
    • Install a light fixture in a ceiling
    • Install a lock set (including two (2) keys) @ $476.10
    • Install or change an existing door sign graphic
    • Install lock cylinders @ $40.00
    • Add/delete name to WFC Directory Board @ $50.00 per change per 2 boards.
    • Remove bulky or heavy trash such as packing boxes or crates
    • Overtime Air @ $38.00 per hour if requested before 5:00pm Monday – Friday, or called
       in anytime on the automated Air Call-In System.
      Requests received at the management office after 5:00pm, Monday – Friday, are subject
      to an $80.00 activation charge, in addition to the $38.00 hourly rate. For a request form
      and instructions to the over time Air Call-In System, see Appendix B.

Where appropriate, a labor charge is for Maintenance Services as follows:
  • $40.50/hour – regular time
  • $60.75/hour – overtime

All maintenance charges for maintenance services agreed to by you and Hines, are due and
payable within thirty (30) days of invoicing.

4/18/2005                                                                                       7
Emergency Preparedness
•   Tenant Fire Warden
    Each tenant is required to designate one or more Fire Warden(s) to provide leadership
    should it become necessary to respond to an emergency situation. Fire Warden training is
    conducted in the building once each year. Fire Warden Training videotapes may be viewed
    at times other than the annual training by making arrangements with Hines.

•   Elevator Safety
    Should you experience difficulties while in one of the elevators, open the telephone panel
    door and remove the handset from the hook. The phone will automatically dial out and
    connect you with Hines or a Security Staff member who is trained to assist you. Be
    prepared to report your elevator number and floor location if known. The elevator number
    is located on the back of the handset.

    Assistance will be immediately dispatched. Remember, the elevators are equipped with
    automatic safety devices.

    Should an elevator car stop between floors, and the doors open, DO NOT TRY TO CLIMB

    When the above procedures are followed, help is on the way within minutes.

•   After hours Security Staff Escort Service
    Security Staff will escort individuals who park in the building to their car after normal
    building hours. If you would like an escort after normal building hours, call 344-1200. A
    Security Staff member will answer the phone and send an escort promptly.

•   Bomb Threats
    Should you receive a bomb threat, the following steps should be taken:

    1. The person receiving the threat should REMAIN CALM.
    2. Notify the Minneapolis Police Department, by dialing 911.
    3. Notify Hines at 344-1200.

    For more information regarding what to do in case of a bomb threat, please refer to
    Appendix C.

4/18/2005                                                                                   8

1.   Sidewalks, doorways, vestibules, halls, stairways, and other similar areas shall not be used
     for the disposal of trash, be obstructed by tenants, or be used by tenants for any purpose
     other than entrance to and exit from the leased premises and for going from one part of
     the Building to another part of the Building.

2.   Plumbing fixtures shall be used only for the purposes for which they are designed, and no
     sweepings, rubbish, rags or other unsuitable materials shall be disposed into them.
     Damage resulting to any such fixtures from misuse by a tenant shall be the liability of said

3.   Signs, advertisements, or notices visible in or from public corridors or from outside the
     Building shall be subject to Landlord's prior written approval. Window coverings and
     lighting equipment shall be Building standard or shall be subject to Landlord's prior written
     approval, exercising its sole discretion.

4.   Movement in or out of the Building of furniture, office equipment, or any other bulky or
     heavy materials shall be restricted to such hours as Landlord reasonably designates.
     Landlord will determine the method and routing of said items so as to ensure the safety of
     all persons and property concerned. Advance written notice of intent to move such items
     must be made to the Building management office.

5.   Building management shall have the authority to prescribe the weight and manner that
     heavy furniture and equipment are positioned.

6.   Corridor doors, when not in use, shall be kept closed.

7.   Tenant space that is visible from public areas must be kept neat and clean.

8.   All freight elevator lobbies are to be kept neat and clean. The disposal of trash or storage
     of materials in these areas is prohibited.

9.   No animals, fish tanks or aquariums shall be brought into or kept in, on or about the

10. Tenant shall not tamper with or attempt to adjust temperature control thermostats in the
    leased premises. Landlord shall adjust thermostats as required to maintain the Building
    standard temperature.

11. Tenant will comply with all security procedures during business hours and after hours and
    on weekends.

12. Tenants are requested to lock all office doors leading to corridors and to turn out all lights
    at the close of their working day.

4/18/2005                                                                                       9
13. All requests for overtime air conditioning or heating must be submitted in writing to the
    Building Management Office by 5:00 p.m. on the day desired for weekday requests, by
    5:00 p.m. Friday for weekend requests and by 5:00 p.m. on the preceding business day for
    holiday requests.

14. No flammable or explosive fluids or materials shall be kept or used within the Building
    except in areas approved by Landlord, and Tenant shall comply with all applicable building
    and fire codes relating thereto.

15. Neither Tenant nor any other occupant shall use (including during occupancy, re-modeling
    or construction) any obnoxious gases or items which produce gases that would be
    hazardous, offensive or objectionable to the Landlord or any other tenants or occupants of
    the Building. Without limitation to the foregoing, no smoking or other use of tobacco
    products shall be allowed in any portion of the leased premises or the public areas of the

16. Tenant may not place any items on the balconies of the Building without obtaining
    Landlord's prior written consent to be given in Landlord's sole discretion.

17. Landlord shall have the right to name or change the name of the Building.

18. The outside Building envelope shall not be punctured, penetrated or otherwise adversely
    affected by wall hangings or other improvements or property located in, on or about the
    leased premises.

19.   All tenant modifications resulting from remodeling in or to the leased premises must
      conform to the City of Minneapolis Building and Fire Codes. Tenant shall obtain approval
      from the Building Management Office of any such modifications and shall deliver "as built"
      plans therefor to the Building Management Office upon completion, except as otherwise
      permitted in this lease.

Landlord reserves the right to rescind any of these rules and regulations and to make such other
and further rules and regulations as in its reasonable judgment shall, from time to time, be
required for the safety, protection, care and cleanliness of the Building, the operation thereof,
the preservation of good order therein and the protection and comfort of the tenants and their
agents, employees and invitees. Such rules and regulations, when made and written notice
thereof is given to a tenant, shall be binding upon it in like manner as if originally herein

4/18/2005                                                                                      10
Downtown Amenities
Becoming acclimated to a new location can be overwhelming for a company. In providing this
list of some of the nearby necessities, we hope to help make this transition easier on you, your
employees and your guests. This list will help to answer some of the most commonly asked
questions about the services surrounding Wells Fargo Center. Please keep in mind that this is
not a complete list of the services available near Wells Fargo Center.

•   ATM Locations
    There are five (5) ATM’s in the building. Two (2) located on the East Side of level 1 and two
    (2) on the West Side of level 2 as well as one (1) on the 6th Street side of level 1.

•   Taxi Stand
    The nearest place to hail a taxi, is in front of the Marquette Hotel on the Southwest corner
    of 7th Street and Marquette Avenue

•   Pharmacy
    The nearest pharmacy is Walgreen’s located on Nicollet Mall and 9th Street.

•   Convenience Stores
    There are several convenience stores near Wells Fargo Center. The nearest is Gaviidae
    Convenience located on the skyway level of Gaviidae, just off the west side of the building.

•   Dry Cleaners
    There are several Dry Cleaners located within blocks of Wells Fargo Center. Through the
    skyways, the following cleaners can be reached easily:

                    Dry Cleaners                 Location
                    Roxy Cleaner                 Crystal Court – IDS Center
                    White Way Cleaners           333 South Sixth Street

•   Coffee Shops
    Coffee shops are abundant in Downtown Minneapolis. The following are those closest to
    Wells Fargo Center:

                    Coffee Shops                 Location
                    Caribou Coffee               2nd floor Gaviidae, 2nd floor 225 South Sixth
                    Starbuck’s                   2nd floor IDS, 2nd floor One Financial Plaza
                    Bruegger’s Bagels            1st floor Gaviidae

4/18/2005                                                                                        11
    The following is a list of caterers that are often hired by tenants in the building:

Restaurant               Meals Served              Location                     Phone Number
Au Bon Pain              Breakfast & Lunch         333 South Sixth Street

The Brothers Deli        Breakfast & Lunch         50 South Sixth Street        612-341-8007

D. Brian’s Deli          Breakfast & Lunch         One Financial Plaza          612-335-9095

D’Amico                   Lunch & Dinner           Gaviidae                     612-342-2700

Leeann Chin              Lunch & Dinner            Marshall Field’s             612-275-2763

Nicol’s Deli             Breakfast & Lunch         Gaviidae Commons             612-333-0680

Zelino                   Lunch                     831 Nicollet Mall            612-333-7707
(Italian Take-out)

4/18/2005                                                                                      12

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