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Directions to the Palm Event Center
1184 Vineyard Ave, Pleasanton
  •   Take 680 South and exit at Bernal
  •   Follow Bernal east 3.5 miles to Vineyard Avenue.
  •   Turn Right on Vineyard Ave.
  •   Proceed approximately 2 miles to the Palm Event
      Center on your right.
  •   After entering the driveway, the Palm Event Center will be
      on your left hand side
       Table of Contents


Introduction and Welcome                  1
Schedule of Events                        2
Auction Guidelines and Rules              3
Live Auction Items                        7
Silent Auction Items
        100s Seasonal Décor              17

      200s   Kids Corner                 22

      300s   Jewelry and Accessories     28

      400s   For Your Home               32

      500s   Getaways                    36

      600s   Spa, Wellness & Fitness     39

      700s   Something for Everyone      44

      800s   Entertainment               49

      900s    Food & Dining              52

      1000s Sports                       59

      1100s Buy-in Parties               66

       1200s Teacher Time                70
More Ways to Donate                      73
Special Recognition                      75
Event Donors                             79
Country Club Families,

Welcome to the 8th annual Country Club Affair, “Art from the Heart”.
Tonight is all about our children! What kind of education do we chose
to make possible for our children? With our fundraising efforts and
your help as parents, we have the ability to impact our school directly.
We started planning this event last May with its culmination tonight.
Our success depends on you. So dig deep in your wallets and
remember those smiling faces that will have an education beyond the
basics because of your hard work and generosity!! Thank you so much
for your support!

First and foremost this experience has been fun. We have had a
wonderful time working on this event because of the outstanding
people on our auction committee. We would personally like to thank
our Donation Chairman, Nadine Allport. Her fundraising experience has
been a great asset in putting together this wonderful evening. Thank
you to our wonderful auction committee: Danielle Hafdal, Wendy
Haase, Anaite Letona, Nicole Peters, Britt Jensky, Jenny Jensen, Lil
Cooke, Kathleen Kuhn, Teri Allen, Scott Dudley, Denise Huey, Valerie
Matlock, Tama Klaif, Rachel Hurd, Cindy Fischer, Jennifer Fuller, Robin
Pardo, Dedreia McGreary, Megan Portoni, Tami Mandeville and all the
Country Club Affair Class Liaisons. Sherry McCarthy, Jeanette Wool and
Mike Biondi have been a wonderful support system enabling us to get
things done when we needed it the most. You could not ask for a
better group of people to work with! Our families have also been
fabulous in their support of us. In addition, we would like to thank all
the businesses and individuals who have generously donated to our
auction. So please take the time to look over our donation and sponsor
lists, review their ads and promotions and support those businesses
that have supported us.

Thank you so much for coming. Enjoy this evening and bid on lots of
items. Remember, tonight is for our children!

Meg Dudley and Diana Mills , Auction Co-chairs

Country Club Elementary School                                             1
                   Schedule of Events

                     Silent Auction Begins

                 Silent Auction Tables Close
                         6:45 -7:30


                        Raffle Drawings
                         50” Television
                       Diamond Pendant

                     Dessert Live Auction

                          Live Auction

                 Dancing to Night Fever
    Auction Item Checkout available starting at 10:30

Country Club Elementary School                          2
                   Auction Guidelines and Rules

   1. All sales are final. Your bid, oral or written, constitutes a
      legal and binding contract. No item will be sold for less than
      its minimum bid. Any bid that does not exceed the previous
      bid by at least the minimum increment will be considered
      invalid. Indecipherable bids will not be honored. The auction
      committee shall have sole and final discretion to determine
      the successful bidder or to re-offer and re-sell articles in
      dispute. If any dispute arises after the sale, Cougar Fund’s
      sale record shall be conclusive.

   2. All items are sold “as is.” The Cougar Fund makes no
      warranties, assumption of liability, or representation of any
      kind with respect to any items, trips or services described in
      this brochure and sold at the auctions.

   3. Payment in full on March 31, 2007 is mandatory. Failure to
      do so will forfeit the item to the next highest bidder.
      Payment must be made with cash, Visa, MasterCard or check
      payable to The Cougar Fund.

   4. Successful bidders must claim their purchases at the
      checkout area. Please do not remove any items from the

   5. Unless otherwise specified, assume all gift certificates and
      services must be used by March 31, 2008. Please be aware
      that MANY items have expiration dates that need to be
      honored and ALL Teacher Time items expire by June 15,

   6. It shall be the responsibility of the successful bidder of
      services to contact the donor to arrange the time and place of

   7. Reservations for some items must be mutually arranged
      between donor and the successful bidder unless otherwise
      specified. The auction winner may not sell or give the
      winning item to a third party.

   8. If The Cougar Fund is prevented by fire, theft or any other
      reason whatsoever from delivering any property to the

Country Club Elementary School                                         3
       successful bidder, the liability shall be limited to the sum
       actually paid by the successful bidder.

                            Silent Auction

   1. To make a bid, write your bidder # and name on the line next
      to the Bid amount. Bid amounts will already be filled in based
      on the item’s value, minimum bid and minimum raise.

   2. No bids below the minimum bid amount will be accepted and
      in the case of a consignment item, the item will be

   3. Once a bid is entered, it may not be removed. The highest bid
      at closing time constitutes the winning bid. Please do not
      remove any bid sheets or any items from the tables. You will
      receive your item(s) and a receipt at check-out.

   4. Guaranteed Bid! At the bottom of some bid sheets a
      Guaranteed Bid amount will be displayed. This gives a bidder
      the opportunity to purchase the item for that set price and
      essentially close the bidding on that item. The bidder must
      complete the Guaranteed Bid section with his or her bidder #
      and name. All Guaranteed Bids are final.

   5. Closing Order: The Silent Auction Tables will close in
      numerical order beginning with the 100s at 6:45 and ending
      with the 1200s at 7:30.

                         Consignment Items

Some auction items have been acquired on consignment. This means
that these items must meet the minimum bid requirement to be sold.
If the item does not reach the minimum bid, the item will be
withdrawn. The Cougar Fund’s profit is the difference between
consignment value and the winning bid. Consignment items are
marked as such in the auction book.

Country Club Elementary School                                        4
                        Live Auction

    1. The Live Auction will continue without interruption until all
       auction items have been sold.

    2. Bidders will signify their bid by waving their bid number on
       the back of the auction booklet high into the air so that the
       auctioneer or a spotter can clearly see the bid.

    3. The auctioneer will determine the highest acceptable bid.

    4. If there is a minimum bid amount and it is not reached, the
       item will be withdrawn.

    5. In the event of a dispute, the auctioneer shall act as the final
       authority and his decision will be final.

    6. Once a successful bidder has been confirmed, the bidder then
       assumes all responsibility for the item and is liable to pay the
       full purchase price of the auction item.

                           Dessert Auction

Specialty desserts will be available to bid on tonight! These delicious
items will be part of the Live auction during dinner. You can bid on
one of the fantastic desserts to share at your table.

                            Group Bidding

You can bid with a group on both Silent and Live Auction items.
Assign one person as your bidder. When the group wins an item, the
assigned bidder will notify the checkout of the winning bid numbers.
Each member of the group can pay his or her portion individually if
his/her number was recorded on the group list.

The official bidder, however, is responsible for payment in full on
March 31, 2007 and will be expected to pay for any unpaid balance on
the item.

Country Club Elementary School                                            5
                               Double Down

At the time of the auction, there will be some items that can be
doubled. An example of this is Teacher Time. If the item is doubled,
each winning bidder will be expected to pay the winning bid amount
in full. The winning bid amount is not split, but is paid in FULL by
each of the highest winner(s). Double Down offerings will be clearly
labeled on the bid sheets.

                              Heads or Tails

Play heads or tails to win an item in the Auction. For a one time price
of $25 per person, you choose either heads or tails. Our auctioneer
will flip a coin and you will stay in the game depending on whether
your choice matches the flip of the coin. For each flip of the coin you
choose heads or tails. The coin continues to be flipped until we have
one person standing. This event will happen during the Live Auction.

                            “Oops Disclaimer”

The Country Club Affair Committee apologizes in advance for any
errors or omissions in this program. Please know we have all worked
hard and with the best intentions and hope we have not caused any


As an added convenience, “Art from the Heart” offers Auctionpay.

With Auctionpay:
    •   Your credit card is swiped at check- in and your information is
        securely encrypted and stored in our device.
    •   At the end of the evening you may bypass the cashier and go directly
        to Item Pick-up to confirm your successful bids and head on home.
    •   If you do not make any auction purchases, your credit card
        information will be destroyed and encrypted information erased.
Note: Auctionpay may not be used to purchase drinks.

Country Club Elementary School                                                 6
                  Dessert Live Auction
1        Strawberries and Cream

         How sweet and beautiful is this! This decadent white layered
         cake is filled with a light strawberry filling and covered in
         whipped cream. Continue your dessert treat with 2 bottles of
         Mitchell Katz Sparkling Brut. Cheers!

         Donor: Whole Foods
                                           Donor Value: Priceless!

2        Praline Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

         Treat your taste buds to one of the most delicious
         cheesecakes that you will ever taste. This classic New York
         cheesecake is topped with roasted pecan caramel sauce.
         Add a splash of Bailey's to your coffee and enjoy the band.

         Donor: Pleasanton Hotel
                                           Donor Value: Priceless!
3        Raspberries and Chocolate

         This decadent chocolate cake is filled with raspberry cream
         filling, frosted with butter cream and covered in rolled
         fondant. Hand created by a Country Club parent and local
         business, Kristie’s Cake Creations, just for this evening. This
         special treat is served with a bottle of Mitchell Katz "Liquid
         Love" Zinfandel Port to top off your evening.

         Donor: Kristie Jayne
                                           Donor Value: Priceless!

Country Club Elementary School                                         7
4        Decadent Niagara Falls

         Chocolate lovers sit up and take notice as this is one dessert
         you do not want to pass up! This rich chocolate cake is
         layered with chocolate fudge and butter cream and then
         topped with cascading chocolate ganache.            A special
         chocolate liqueur from Godiva should complete your ultimate
         chocolate least for tonight.

         Donor: Max's Cafe
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!

Country Club Elementary School                                        8
                          Live Items
1        Ultimate Caffeine Fix - 12 Months of Peet's Coffee

         Coffee lovers take notice! This certificate will allow you to
         redeem one pound of Peet's Deep Roasted coffee each
         month for 12 months at your local Peet's location. One
         quarter pound of tea may be substituted for one pound of

         Donor: Peet's Coffee and Tea
                                            Donor Value: $200.00
2        Special Occasion Package

         Have a special event coming up soon? Why not celebrate in
         San Francisco in style with a limo and elegant dinner at
         Tommy Toy's. Use this $200 gift certificate from Amax Limo
         towards rental of services (minimum of 4 hours)to cruise into
         San Francisco. Pair your trip with Tommy Toys signature
         dinner for 2 and ensure an unforgettable evening! Complete
         with champagne and two bottles of wine. Dinner not valid
         Friday, Saturdays, Valentines Day or New Year's Eve. See for vehicle information. Package expires 2-29-

         Donor: Max Don, and Tommy Toy's Donor Value: $390.00

3        Feel Like Getting Away? Fly Southwest For Your Next

         Feel like ... skiing in Salt Lake City, a jackpot junket to Las
         Vegas, an adventure in New Orleans, visiting our Nation's
         Capital, getting a history lesson in Philadelphia or playing
         with Mickey at Disneyworld? Southwest flies to 65 cities in
         the continental United States. So let Southwest fly you to
         your next adventure. This certificate includes two round trip
         Southwest Airline tickets between any two cities that
         Southwest flies. "Ding, You are Now Free To Roam the
         Donor: Southwest Airlines
                                              Donor Value: $800.00

Country Club Elementary School                                         9
4        Pizza for a Year!

         Dinner can be fast, easy and lots of fun! Enjoy 12 large
         different pizzas (dine in or take out) made to your taste at
         your favorite local pizzerias!

         Donor: Pavlo's Pizza, Papa Murphy's, Round Table Pizza,
         Round Table Pizza, New York Pizza, Pyzano's Pizzeria,
         Zachary's Chicago Pizza, Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi's Too,
         and Amicis East Coast Pizzeria
                                          Donor Value: $255.00
5        Front of the Line at Registration!

         Let Sherry McCarthy, our school's office manager open the
         door for you, whenever it is convenient for you to show up!
         Go to the front of the registration line in August! Don't stop
         to say hi to your friends, don't complain how long the line
         is...go right to the head of the line!

         Donor: Mike Biondi
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!
6        Date Nights for a Year

         Book your babysitter now! Get away from it all at least 12
         times this year. Relax and dine at some of the Valley's best
         restaurants. Also included to make your memories special
         are a 1999 Bottle of St. Clement wine and a $100 gift
         certificate to Heller's Jewelers.

         Donor: Guiseppe's Pasta and Grill, Heller Jewelers, Piatti
         Restaurant, Chevy's Restaurant, Cafe Esin, Mimi's Cafe,
         Mimi's Cafe, Pasta Pomodoro, Chutney's Restaurant, Stacey's
         Restaurant, Buckhorn Grill, Barone's Restaurant, Miraku
         Restaurant, and Charlotte Blackford.
                                            Donor Value: $730.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        10
7        Kindergarten Mosaic

         Enjoy a beautiful photo mosaic of all of our kindergarten
         Georgia O'Keeffe watercolor paintings. All 88 kindergarten
         watercolors were used to comprise this one beautiful print.
         Can you find your student's picture amongst the others?

         Donor: Cougar Fund, and Corners
                                            Donor Value: Priceless!
8        Photography by Diedre

         Deidre Lingenfelter will capture the personalities and spirits of
         your children in a photographic portrait you will cherish for a
         lifetime. She was "Northern California Photographer of the
         Year" in 2003. For twenty years she has been specializing in
         photographing children, delighting families with her whimsical
         approach and ability to relate to children. This session
         includes a consultation and planning session and an 11x14
         canvas wall portrait. Her beautiful work is on display at

         Donor: Diedre Lingenfelter
                                             Donor Value: $750.00

9        Mountain Cabin Getaway - Heads or Tails!

         Come relax in this 3 bedroom/2 bath cabin retreat that sleeps
         7 located in the beautiful Blue Lake Spring area in Arnold.
         This cabin features vaulted ceilings with floor to ceiling
         windows that bring the outdoors in. This vacation package
         includes passes to Snowflake Lodge which offers swimming,
         tennis, a beach and children's activities. Also included are
         passes to Sequoia Woods Country Club to enjoy mountain
         golfing. Guest fees are required and not included. The cabin
         is a short distance to Bear Valley for skiing or nearby
         Murphy's for wine tasting. Play "Heads or Tails" for a one
         time only $25 entrance fee and this wonderful cabin could be
         yours for the weekend! The weekend needs to be mutually
         agreeable and the getaway expires 3/1/08. See auction
         guidelines for an explanation of Heads or Tails.

Country Club Elementary School                                           11
         Donor: Mike Lego & Tama Klaif
                                           Donor Value: $450.00

10       Play The Olympic Club on the Lake Course

         This is a once in a lifetime golf experience for a twosome.
         The Lake Course is an eighteen hole par 71 course, lined with
         almost 40,000 trees and offers views of the Golden Gate
         Bridge and Golden Gate Park. The United States Golf
         Association recognizes the Olympic Club as one of the first
         100 golf clubs established in the United States. Lunch and
         post round drinks are included. You will be met and escorted
         by a member. Expires 12/31/07.

         Donor: Law Office of Christopher Cole
                                           Donor Value: $600.00
11       I Believe...

         Capture the most precious moments of childhood with this
         one of a kind, three dimensional piece of art work using the
         thoughts and words of third grade children from Mrs. Gaeta's
         class. Donor: Mrs. Gaeta's class/ Value: Priceless!

12       Family Meals for a Year

         Statistics prove that family's who eat meals together benefit
         in many ways. Take this opportunity to spend some great
         time together with great conversations!

         Donor: Mimi's Cafe, Chili's Restaurant, Macaroni Grill, Los
         Panchos, Uncle Yu's Szechuan Restaurant, The Hopyard
         American Alehouse and Grill, Papa Murphy's, Round Table
         Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Fuddruckers, Bagel Street
         Cafe, and Chipotle
                                           Donor Value: $340.00

Country Club Elementary School                                       12
13       Hooters VIP Wing Party

         Need we say anymore? 10 people are invited to Hooter's in
         Dublin for an all-you-can-eat chicken wing party.      You
         provide the friends, Hooters will provide the wings and the
         atmosphere! Beverages and other menu items not included.

         Donor: Hooters
                                           Donor Value: $250.00

14       Arriba! It is a Fiesta for 20 from Mexxi's

         Everything you need for a perfect Mexican Fiesta - a catered
         dinner for 20 from Mexxi's with invitations and decorations
         included. All you need is the house and your amigos! Not
         valid on May 5th. Expires 12/07.

         Donor: Mexxi's
                                           Donor Value: $250.00
15       Ready-made Book Club

         Are you a member of a book club or want to start one? If so,
         this is for you! Enjoy local author Deborah J. Wolfe's
         heartwarming book "With or Without You." Everyone in your
         book club will love this book about ever-changing
         relationships between mothers and daughters. Deborah will
         attend your book club meeting for a thought provoking
         discussion. Basket includes: 10 signed copies of the book,
         two bottles of wine plus other accessories to complement a
         fantastic event for your book club. Coordinated by Mrs.
         Jensen's class.

         Donor: Deborah Wolfe
                                         Donor Value: Priceless!

16       Bon Appetit

         This beautiful French garden planter box is bountiful! It
         includes a Dinners Galore Sampler session for four dinners,
         serving 4-6 people. Also tucked in the planter box are a

Country Club Elementary School                                      13
         green damask tablecloth, a wine accessory set, a French
         calendar, napkins, candles and six bottles of wine. Dinners
         Galore expires 12/2007.

         Donor: Mrs. Garrison's Class Basket
                                            Donor Value: $350.00
17       Fund-a-Need

         Technology available today could allow our children a much
         broader, richer, multimedia learning experience. The only
         thing holding them back is funding. Help unleash Country
         Club's teachers’ creativity by funding 2 multimedia projectors
         and 2 notebook computers to be utilized in your child's
         classroom. You can help solve this funding challenge now by
         raising your bidder number on the auctioneer's cue!

                                            Donor Value: Priceless!

18       Blackhawk Country Club Golf for 4

         Home to the Long's LPGA tour event, the Blackhawk Country
         Club is nestled in the foothills of Mt. Diablo. The Falls course
         is 6,738 yard par 72 course with some amazing elevation
         changes. In fact, standing on the elevated tee of the 400+
         yard 1st hole - many golfers have been known to hit their
         best drives ever! This item includes golf for four including
         carts. Days available are Monday thru Thursday excluding
         holidays. The certificate expires on March 31, 2008.

         Donor: Bob and Ginny Saldich       Value: $500

19       Mrs. Miller's Original Painting "Soft Surroundings"

         Always one of our most sought after auction items... Mrs.
         Miller has donated yet again one of her beautiful watercolor
         paintings. "Soft Surroundings” is a watercolor of three large
         white peonies with a butterfly nestled in one of the flowers.
         Ruth Miller, besides being one of our beloved kindergarten
         teachers, has been a professional artist for almost 20 years.
         She has studied under Jean Grastoff, Gerald Brommer and
         Dawn Heim, all nationally known watercolorists. She is a

Country Club Elementary School                                          14
         member of the Alamo Danville Art Association and the
         California Watercolor Society. Ruth has shown her pieces
         throughout California.

         Donor: Mrs. Ruth Miller       Donor Value: Priceless!

20       Principal for a Day

         Help Mr. Biondi run Country Club School for a day. This is a
         once in a lifetime opportunity!       Your child will attend
         meetings with Mr. Biondi, talk on his walkie-talkie, star on the
         Cougar Channel, patrol campus, make announcements and
         have lunch in the principal's office. Donor: Mike Biondi.
         Donor Value: Priceless!

21       It's El Balazo for 30

         Enjoy a fully catered fiesta for 30. Includes 3 entree choices,
         rice, beans, cabbage salad, guacamole, sour cream, tortillas,
         chips, fresh salsa, molida verde, and 30 hand shaken
         margaritas. Excludes Cinco de Mayo and may be used for
         pickup or delivery.

         Donor: Taqueria El Balazo
                                             Donor Value: $595.00

22       A Day Behind the Scenes with Joe Fonzi, Weekend
         Sports Anchor for KTVU Channel 2

         You and up to five friends can view a live newscast at the
         KTVU studios and tour the studio with Joe Fonzi. Day and
         time to be mutually agreed upon. Expires 3/31/08.

         Donor: KTVU Channel 2 - Joe Fonzi
                                        Donor Value: Priceless!

Country Club Elementary School                                          15
23       Castlewood Country Club Golf Foursome

         Wow - another one of the best golf courses in the East Bay!
         Two courses to choose from, the 6,240 yard par 70 Hills
         course or the 6,678 yard par 72 Valley course, each offer
         unique challenges. This certificate is good for Tuesday,
         Wednesday and Friday afternoons and includes golf carts.
         The certificate expires on 12/31/2007.

         Donors: Castlewood Country Club & John and Wendy

                                            Donor Value: $450.00

24       Incredible Tailgate Basket - Athletics vs. Yankees

         When we say this has everything you need for a tailgate, we
         aren't kidding! All you need is to clear your calendar as this
         jam packed cooler and mini BBQ is filled with 4 Oakland A's
         tickets to the April 15, 2007 Oakland A's vs. New York
         Yankees game. Every goodie imaginable is included for an
         unforgettable tailgate party and game. A signed baseball by
         Houston Street, 2005 American League Rookie of the Year,
         tops it off! Donated by Mrs. Miller's Class.

                                           Donor Value: Priceless!

25       Premium Parking Spot

         Enjoy your very own reserved parking spot at school from
         April 1, 2007 until next year's auction. You will not need to
         spend time looking for a spot - a special reserved spot will be
         yours in the staff parking lot in the front of school.

                                           Donor Value: Priceless!

Country Club Elementary School                                         16
                         Silent Items
                       01. Seasonal Decor

100      Holiday Bedazzle!

         Bedazzle em' with these 3 white Christmas tree decorations.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $30.00

101      Get Ready for the Holidays!

         Brighten your spirits with these Christmas candles and
         matching centerpiece.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $30.00

102      Holiday Decor at Its Best!

         Decorate your home beautifully with a complete snowman
         set, frame, candle holder and candy dish.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $30.00

103      The Holidays are Aglow!

         ...with these 2 tiered red candle table toppers..perfect for
         your coffee table or shelf.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $30.00

104      Light up your Holidays with Gold and Silver Ambience

         Set includes one 3 wick pillar candle surrounded by gold pine
         cones and fruit wreath on a silver platter. Accompanied by 3
         matching gold and silver votives.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $50.00

Country Club Elementary School                                         17
105      Shimmery Elegance

         Four piece silver mirrored candle set.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $30.00

106      Light up your Favorite Photo

         3x5" Santa frame and two matching pillar holders.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $35.00

107      Frosty is Coming to Town

         This snowman set includes 2 candles sticks, a dual tealite
         holder and a candy dish.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $50.00

108      Some Silver and Black for your Holiday Decor

         This sophisticated 7 piece candle and centerpiece set will add
         a special touch to your holiday decor.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $70.00

109      Mint Green Menagerie Village

         This mint green village ensemble will add elegance to your
         holiday festivities.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $75.00

110      Holiday Snowman Wooden Stool

         This stool is sure to become a holiday favorite in your home!

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $30.00

Country Club Elementary School                                           18
111      Whimsical and White Snowman

         Whimsical and free, this snowman won't melt in your home!

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $30.00

112      Cranberry Glitter Christmas

         This 3 piece set includes a 4" and 9" candle accompanied by
         3 votives surrounded by festive fruit.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $55.00

113      Cranberry Glitter on Pedestal

         Enhance your Christmas collection with this pillar and votive

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/ Value: $75.00

114      Rocking Peppermint Centerpiece

         Your kids will love to rock this jolly centerpiece and
         peppermint candle holder.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $50.00

115      Victorian Santa Candle Set

         This Victorian Santa accents a beautiful ivory and mint 5-
         piece elegant candle set.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $50.00

116      Whimsical Sparkly Snowman

         This 18" tall sparkly snowman is beautifully painted and
         carved. It will be a perfect addition to your holiday decor.

Country Club Elementary School                                       19
         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $30.00

117      Rejoice

         Light up your holiday with this elegant white and silver

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor
                                                  Value: $125.00

118      Trio of Holiday Gold

         Decorate your holiday season with two bejeweled reindeers
         and angel votive.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $60.00

119      A Thanksgiving Feast for You!

         Set includes a "Welcome" wall hanging, family of four
         figurines and two votive candleholders.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $75.00

120      Collectable Halloween Ornaments

         Set of five Halloween decorative glass ornaments.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $40.00

121      Ghouly Goodie Platters

         A 3 sectional serving plate, scarecrow votive and 2 festive
         candy dishes.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $40.00

Country Club Elementary School                                     20
122      Halloween Party Fun

         Fill up your chip and dip bowl and 3 candy bowls with holiday

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $55.00

123      Halloween Aglow

         Light your favorite scented candles in these Jack O'Lantern
         glass votive holders.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $30.00

124      Go Batty

         Decorate for one spooky October with these 2 mosaic wax
         lanterns accompanied by a black and white double wick

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/Value: $40.00

Country Club Elementary School                                       21
                       02. Kids Corner
200      Clifford the Big Red Dog - Signature Copy!

         This can be a Big Red Dog collector's item. Bid on this Clifford
         "The Firehouse Dog" Book signed by beloved author Norman
         Bridwell. The package also includes a plush Clifford.
         Coordinated by Mrs. Sorensen's class.

         Donor: Mr. Norman Bridwell
                                            Donor Value: Priceless!

201      American Girl - Molly Doll

         Add to your collection or start new with this American Girl
         Molly doll and "Molly" movie. A great present for a young
         girl. Molly and the "Molly" movie are part of the American
         Girl historical doll collection. Coordinated by Mrs. Saunder's

         Donor: American Girl
                                             Donor Value: $105.00

202      American Girl Custom Made Clothes

         Enjoy 5 custom made outfits that will fit any doll made by
         American Girl. Add to your collection with these beautiful
         clothes made with love. Coordinated by Mrs. Saunder's class.

         Donor: Rose Eggleston
                                             Donor Value: $100.00

203      A Krueger/Loofbourrow Class Quilt Production

         Always a popular item at our auction...each year this class
         puts together a quilt. The students cut and sew their own
         handprints and Mrs. Krueger works her magic and puts it all
         together. A wonderful keepsake!

         Donor: Mrs. Krueger and Mrs. Loofbourrow's 3rd grade class
                                         Donor Value: Priceless!

Country Club Elementary School                                          22
204      Mad Science Birthday Party in a Basket

         A complete birthday party kit with $50 off a Mad Science
         party. This basket includes a cupcake dessert stand, birthday
         plates, napkins, treat bags ready to be filled with gummy
         treats, pencils, door hangers and stickers. Also included is a
         cake mix, frosting, jumbo star sprinkles, primary color sugar
         sprinkles, red and blue food color spray and party streamers.
         Party on! Mad Science certificate expires 2/08. Coordinated
         by Mrs. Kravitz's class.

         Donor: Mad Science
                                             Donor Value: $150.00
205      Private Horse Riding Lessons

         Learn the joy of riding a horse, horsemanship and
         experiencing life on a ranch in the foothills of Mount Diablo in
         Walnut Creek. Includes three private lessons. Expires

         Donor: Castle Rock Arabians
                                             Donor Value: $195.00

206      For Your Little Gymnast

         This $50 certificate is valid for tuition or services at

         Donor: Gymtastics
                                              Donor Value: $50.00

207      Party at Pump it Up!

         A fun filled party is yours from Pump It Up! Includes a 2
         hour classic party for up to 25 kids plus the birthday child,
         Monday through Thursday, in the large inflatable play room
         and private party room area. Also includes a youth medium
         T-shirt, decorative paint tubes, water bottle and cup!

         Donor: Pump It Up/ Donor Value: $240.00

Country Club Elementary School                                          23
208      Shear Adventures Haircut and Hair Products

         Shear Adventures, a Danville children's hair salon owned and
         operated by a Country Club parent, has donated a haircut
         and a wide variety of hair care products. The basket includes
         3 fun colored hair gels, hairspray, texture defining lotion and
         more! Your children will look fabulous! Coordinated by Mrs.
         William's class.

         Donor: Shear Adventures
                                            Donor Value: $120.00

209      Glow in the Dark Birthday Party Kit

         We've done the shopping for you - you just need to provide
         the kids and the cake! Start the evening with neon bright
         chalk drawing and jump rope. Decorate black t-shirts (not
         included) with glow in the dark pens. As the sun sets, bring
         out the glow necklaces, bracelets and lanterns and play with
         the light up frisbees and flashing balls. Send the kids home
         with a glow in the dark tattoo. Invitations, partyware,
         invitations and thank you notes are also provided. How

         Donor: Mrs. Rubin's Class
                                            Donor Value: $100.00
210      Karate for Kids

         Your child will receive 1 month of karate lessons and uniform
         from Martial Arts America in San Ramon. Expires 06/15/2007.

         Donor: Martial Arts America
                                            Donor Value: $165.00

211      Need Childcare?

         This certificate includes 4 hours at Gracie's Place in San
         Ramon, a drop-in preschool located at the San Ramon

Country Club Elementary School                                         24
         Library. It is a fun, loving, flexible place for walking toddlers
         up to 5 year olds.

         Donor: Gracie's Place
                                               Donor Value: $32.00

212      Arts and Crafts for Your Kids

         Here is a perfect basket to present your child on a rainy day
         or for a special play date. Let the creativity begin!

         Donor: Entertainment Books
                                               Donor Value: $50.00
213      Parti Palooza Party for 21

         Enjoy a 2 hour basic party for one child at Parti Palooza in
         Livermore. Certificate includes 90 minutes of play in the jump
         room, at table games and singing karaoke, plus 30 minutes in
         the party room for gifts and cake. Maximum of 21 kids. Valid
         Monday - Thursday. Expires 01/10/08.

         Donor: Parti Palooza
                                             Donor Value: $235.00

214      25 Hollywood Passes

         Good towards rentals of DVD's, video's or video games.
         Expires 12/31/07.

         Donor: Hollywood Video
                                             Donor Value: $100.00

215      Join the Kids for Some Childhood Fun!

         Enjoy four passes to the Jungle in Concord or San Jose. (not
         valid for birthday package), 4 passes to play miniature golf
         (18 holes) at Golfland in Castro Valley, and four child or adult
         admissions to Fairyland.

         Donor: The Jungle Fun and Adventure, Golden Tee Golfland,
         and Children's Fairyland Donor Value: $83.00

Country Club Elementary School                                           25
216      A Date with Your Kids

         Start with lunch at Rolls Deli Cafe in San Ramon, then enjoy
         5 admissions to the Buddy Club Children's show in Berkeley.
         See the best magicians, jugglers, singers, ventriloquists,
         acrobats and more as you and your family enjoy the Bay
         Area's longest running show for families. Finish your day with
         a souvenir from Golden Apple.

         Donor: The Buddy Club Children's Shows, Rolls Deli Cafe and
         Catering, and Golden Apple
                                           Donor Value: $69.00

217      Logitech Pink Flower Mouse

         Online learning will be fun with this Hawaiian Pink Flower

         Donor: Logitech
                                             Donor Value: $14.99

218      Webkinz I

         Get them while they are available! Grab this adorable Bunny,
         Kitty and Webkinz carrier for your child! Webkinz pets are
         lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code.
         With it, you enter Webkinz World where you care for your
         virtual pet, answer trivia, earn KinzCash, and play the best
         kids games on the internet. These stuffed animals are age
         appropriate for elementary kids. See what all of the hype is
         about and take them home tonight. Go to
         for a preview!

         Donor: Mrs. O'Toole's Class
                                             Donor Value: $33.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        26
219      Webkinz II

         How about an Elephant and Frog Webkinz to start off your
         collection? These are the hot new toys kids are talking
         about! Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come
         with a unique Secret Code. With it, you enter Webkinz World
         where you care for your virtual pet, answer trivia, earn
         KinzCash, and play the best kids games on the internet. Go to for a preview.

         Donor: Mrs. O'Toole's Class
                                             Donor Value: $22.00

220      The Thrill is Yours!

         Enjoy 2 passes to Paramount's Great America. Valid for the
         2007 season.

         Donor: Paramount's Great America
                                            Donor Value: $100.00

221      Score! One Month Membership

         Valid for one month membership at Score! for K-10 students.
         Includes up to two one hour visits per week. New members
         only. Expires 12/01/2007.

         Donor: Score!
                                            Donor Value: $319.00

222      Penguins Galore

         Do you love penguins? This basket is a must have filled with
         the “March of the Penguins” movie, the very fun Penguin Pile-
         Up game, an adorable penguin necklace, a penguin wind up
         toy and popcorn to accompany the movie.

         Donors: Stephanie Brown-Meyers, Thea Scioscia, and Sue
                                     Donor Value: $55

Country Club Elementary School                                       27
            03. Jewelry and Accessories
300      Diamond and Blue Sapphire Earrings

         These earring are beautiful blue sapphires surrounded by .25
         carat weight pave set round brilliant diamonds set in 14 carat
         white gold. On consignment from B. Allan Jewelers.

         Donor: B. Allan Jewelers
                                            Donor Value: $720.00

301      14KT Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

         14 carat white gold blue topaz and diamond ring with an oval
         shaped Blue Topaz with a 1/3 carat weight of round brilliant
         cut diamonds. On consignment from B. Allan Jewelers.

         Donor: B. Allan Jewelers
                                            Donor Value: $990.00

302      What's in the Blue Box?

         Own a beautiful sterling silver "Return to Tiffany Heart Tag
         Pendant" size small, 16" chain. Exclusive to Tiffany & Co.

         Donor: Tiffany and Co
                                            Donor Value: $100.00

303      Green and Gorgeous Necklace

         This charming necklace featuring citrine, peridot, aventurine
         and petal pearls surrounding a large green amethyst belongs
         on you!

         Donor: Loretta Lee
                                            Donor Value: $125.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        28
304      Colorful and Classy Necklace

         This awesome, flashy, labradorite necklace is waiting for you!
         Tons of color sparkle from the huge beads that adorn this
         blue, green, red and gray necklace.

         Donor: Loretta Lee
                                            Donor Value: $175.00

305      Necklace Couture

         This high-end, three strand necklace features iolite,
         labradorite, baby pearls and an awesome marquezite
         pendant. Simply fabulous!

         Donor: Loretta Lee
                                            Donor Value: $175.00

306      Beautiful in Blue Necklace

         This is a must have for your spring wardrobe - chunky
         turquoise and aqua marine are strung on a sterling silver
         chain and accented with stardust sterling balls. A beauty!

         Donor: Loretta Lee
                                            Donor Value: $125.00

307      Personalized 3 Disc Necklace

         Handmade Silver personalized 3 disc necklace from Hayjac
         Designs. You pick the letters and customize to make your
         unique necklace.

         Donor: Hayjac Designs
                                             Donor Value: $55.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        29
308      Do You Love Silpada?

         You will look fabulous wearing these beautiful Iridescent
         Fresh Water Gray Pearl Earrings suspended in 2 Sterling
         Silver squares on locking French wires.

         Donor: Tracy Parsons/Silpada Jewelry
                                            Donor Value: $50.00

309      Everyone Loves a Tapestry Handbag with a Surprise

         Skora Designs of Martha's Vineyard created this buttery soft
         leather and tapestry handbag. It has a leather buckle strap,
         one zippered inside pocket and one large outside pocket. This
         original could be yours! And don't miss out on the surprise
         inside...$20 to Lauren's Closet is tucked into this purse just
         for you!

         Donor: Lauren's Closet, and Skora Designs
                                           Donor Value: $125.00

310      Beautiful Handmade Scarf with Hand Stitched Beaded

         Keep cozy with this handmade scarf with hand stitched
         beaded trim.

         Donor: Lillian Cooke
                                             Donor Value: $65.00

311      Beautiful Handmade Scarf with Hand Stitched Beaded

         Keep cozy with this handmade scarf with hand stitched
         beaded trim. Donor: Lillian Cooke
         Donor Value: $65.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        30
312      Beaded Fringe Custom Made Scarf

         It's cozy! It's custom! It's beautiful! It's YOU!

         Donor: Lillian Cooke
                                              Donor Value: $65.00

313      Beautiful Custom Made Scarf with Trim

         You'll look maaahvelous in this beautiful custom made scarf
         with trim!!!

         Donor: Lillian Cooke
                                              Donor Value: $65.00

Country Club Elementary School                                      31
                    04. For Your Home
400      "Mariposa" Butterfly Tile Artwork

         Ms. Sorensen's class has created a beautiful piece of
         art...words cannot adequately describe this beautiful piece.
         You have to see it!

         Donor: Ms. Sorensen's Class
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!

401      Make an Impression!

         Take a walk down a floral lined path to your own secret
         cottage. Framed in gold leaf, this original, impressionistic
         style painting by accomplished local artist Betty Brandt, and
         grandmother of Country Club 3rd grader Jessica Matlock, will
         be a beautiful addition to your home.

         Donor: Betty Brandt
                                           Donor Value: $500.00

402      "Repose in Provence"

         Add this beautiful 22" x 28" oil painting by San Francisco
         artist Isadore Kamins to your home.

         Donor: Isadore Kamins
                                           Donor Value: $600.00

403      Crown Molding

         Ready to redo a room? Clevenger Construction will provide
         crown molding to one room in your house. Certificate covers
         a 16x 16 room, materials, labor and paint. Expires 12/31/07.

         Donor: Clevenger Construction
                                           Donor Value: $500.00

Country Club Elementary School                                       32
404      It's Your Chance to Decorate!

         Want to redo something in your house? This is the ticket for
         you! $100 labor towards a sewing project for your home such
         as window treatments, pillows or bedding. Fabric and other
         materials not included.

         Donor: Christie Bru
                                           Donor Value: $100.00

405      Oink! Oink!

         Charlotte would find the perfect spot for these two laughing
         pigs in your home.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                            Donor Value: $50.00

406      This Vine's For You!

         A beautiful trio of vine decorated pottery pieces for your

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                            Donor Value: $40.00

407      Seashore Delight

         Bathroom accents include sandy shell embedded wall hanging
         and three tealight seashore candle holders.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                            Donor Value: $40.00

408      Antique White Wash Brunch Platter

         Light mauve roses and green leaves surround this elegant
         brunch serving platter or cake plate.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/ Donor Value: $35.00

Country Club Elementary School                                      33
409      Bedazzle your Backyard

         Shimmery mosaic tiles accent these two hurricane candles
         and hanging lantern.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Décor/ Value: $50.00

410      Add Sunshine to your Kitchen

         Fill this two-tiered white iron and lemon accented fruit basket
         with your favorite fruit. Complemented by a matching two
         bottle oil and vinegar set.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                             Donor Value: $50.00

411      Elegant Autumn Vase

         Fill this elegant vase with autumn flowers or display alone on
         your table.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                             Donor Value: $60.00

412      Golden Ivory Candle Set

         Gold rimmed rectangular glass platter holds four Golden
         accented Ivory candles.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                        Donor Value: $30.00
413      Verdigris Iron Garden Accessories

         Dress up your backyard with this four piece verdigris finish

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                             Donor Value: $70.00

Country Club Elementary School                                         34
414      A Trio of Tropical Tea lights

         3 glass tropical fish candle holders waiting for some tea lights
         to set them aglow. Would look great on your patio table!

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                              Donor Value: $50.00

415      Trio of Nested Pottery Bowls

         Add a bit of fun to your kitchen with these great cream
         colored nested bowls with blue and green polka dots.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                            Donor Value: Priceless!

416      Your Garden is Complete

         Your garden awaits this beautiful mosaic round rose tile with
         matching bird house. Complete your garden with a $30
         shopping spree at Armstrong Garden Center.

         Donor: Armstrong Garden Center, and Harbor Bay Home
                                        Donor Value: $80.00

417      Victorian Rose Collection

         Add an elegant feminine touch to a girl's bedroom or bath
         with this sage wrought iron set. Includes two rose and ivory
         hooks, double frame with stand and matching plaque.

         Donor: Harbor Bay Home Decor
                                              Donor Value: $75.00

Country Club Elementary School                                          35
                        05. Getaways
500      A Day on the Bay - Biondi Style

         Get away for a day on the Bay aboard a 36 foot sailboat with
         Mr. Biondi and his father, Nick. Your voyage will begin from
         Jack London Square in Oakland. You may choose from a sail
         around the Bay, a trip to Angel Island, shopping in San
         Francisco, or a trip to Sam's in Tiburon. A light meal and
         wine will be provided for 4 adults. Bon Voyage!

         Donor: Nick & Mike Biondi
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!

501      Catch Some Zzzz's on Us

         Catch a movie together at The Blackhawk Movies 7, enjoy a
         bottle of wine and finish your special night with a Friday or
         Saturday night stay in the comfort of a studio at San Ramon's
         Sierra Suites. Wake up to a hot breakfast the next morning!
         A perfect treat!

         Donor: Sierra Suites, Cinemark/Blackhawk Movies 7, and
         Charlotte Blackford
                                         Donor Value: $155.00

502      A Magical Disney Adventure!

         Enjoy 2 one day passes to Disneyland and a one night stay at
         your choice of the Anaheim Marriot, Residence Inn Maingate
         or Anaheim Marriot Suites. (One night stay is with a transfer
         of 25,000 Marriott Rewards points from The Cougar Fund to
         the auction winner. Use of hotel does not have to coincide
         with Disneyland trip).

         Donor: Disneyland and The Cougar Fund
                                             Donor Value: $350.00

Country Club Elementary School                                       36
503      Sacramento Field Trip

         Enjoy four passes to the Crocker Art Museum, featuring rare
         and significant works of early California art, highlighting its
         history from statehood to today. The museum also features
         world recognized master drawings, European paintings,
         American art, and Asian art. No expiration. Also included are
         4 passes to the Sacramento Zoo. Expires 01/31/08.

         Donor: Crocker Art Museum, and Sacramento Zoo
                                          Donor Value: $55.00

504      All Aboard to Play In Our Capital City

         This is a perfect complement to the Sacramento Field Trip!
         All aboard for some family fun with your roundtrip tickets
         from Oakland to Sacramento. Train Tickets expire on

         Donor: Amtrak National Railroad Passenger Corp
                                           Donor Value: $192.00

505      Get Away in San Ramon

         Sneak away in your hometown and hideout in a deluxe guest
         room for 2 nights on any Friday or Saturday night at the San
         Ramon Marriott. Breakfast for two in the Marriott restaurant,
         excluding tax, gratuities and alcoholic purchases. Marriott
         expires March 2008. Head on over to Hellers and shop for a
         bauble before heading to Pasta Pomodoro for dinner! Not a
         bad idea for an anniversary present...

         Donor: San Ramon Marriott, Pasta Pomodoro, and Heller
                                       Donor Value: $315.00

Country Club Elementary School                                         37
506      Escape to Seascape

         Looking for a spectacular away for spring or fall? Enjoy 2
         nights accommodations at the Seascape Resort in this 2
         bedroom, 2 bath oceanfront condo. Not redeemable on
         weekends. Valid Mon - Thurs. Blackout Dates May 25 - Sept
         7, 2007.

         Donor: Diversified Capital Funding
                                              Donor Value: $900.00

507      Tour the Hearst Mansion!

         Two admission passes to the Hearst Castle Experience Tour
         which includes a tour of Heart Castle and passes to the
         National Geographic screening of "Building the Dream." No

         Donor: Hearst Castle and National Geographic Theater
                                            Donor Value: $48.00

Country Club Elementary School                                       38
           06. Spa, Wellness and Fitness
600      Become Your Running Fitness Expert

         The RS200 Heart Rate Monitor for Runners was made for
         goal oriented runners who want to prepare for their first
         running event or who want to enhance their running
         experience. Use the Polar Sports Zones and the Event
         Countdown Timer to manage your training for that key
         running event. You can even upload your settings to your
         running computer and then download your workout files to
         the Polar Running Coach Web Service for analysis. WearLink
         fabric transmitter included.

         Donor: Tom and Debbie Counts
                                             Donor Value: $150.00

601      One Month        Family    Membership       at   Club    Sport

         Club Sport Pleasanton - one month family membership for
         new members. Must be 18 years of age and can not be used
         towards membership dues.           Expires December 2007.
         Coordinated by Mrs. Aguilar's Class.

         Donor: Club Sport/ Value: $280.00

602      Personal Training at Club Sport Pleasanton

         Includes two hours of personal training at Club Sport
         Pleasanton from a certified strength and conditioning
         specialist/personal trainer. Coordinated by Mrs. Aguilar's

         Donor: David B. Dunlap, CSCS
                                             Donor Value: $120.00

603      A Yoga Party and Lunch for 10

         Organize a group of your friends and get away from it all and
         rejuvenate your body and soul. This certificate includes a 2

Country Club Elementary School                                        39
         hour Yoga party for ten friends. The first hour is a private
         yoga class for all levels followed by a luncheon and tea!

         Donor: The Yoga Company
                                           Donor Value: $250.00

604      Ease your Aches and Pains with Chiropractic Care

         Includes one month of chiropractic care (approx 12 visits) by
         Dr. John Coleman D.C.

         Donor: Dr. John Coleman II D.C.
                                           Donor Value: $540.00

605      Dental Supplies for the Whole Family

         Your whole family will enjoy a basket of dental goodies
         including a new electric toothbrush from Oral B. Bonus item:
         Mom or Dad will get a free dental tray bleaching!
         Coordinated by Mrs. Cooley's class.

         Donor: Steven R Czekala, DDS - General Dentist
                                          Donor Value: $400.00

606     Personal Fitness Coach

         New Direction Personal Fitness and Sports Performance in
         San Ramon will provide you with the personal fitness
         coaching you have been looking for. This Certificate includes
         3 sessions. Expires 5/31/07.

         Donor: New Direction Personal Fitness
                                 Donor Value: $240.00

607      Therapeutic Massage - New Direction Fitness

         New Direction Fitness, San Ramon’s premier personal training
         and message therapy studio will provide you with one
         therapeutic massage treatment. Expires 5/31/07.

Country Club Elementary School                                       40
         Donor:      New         Direction      Personal      Fitness/
         Donor Value: $75.00

608      Boscia Skincare Products

         Try something new! Boscia preservative skin care collection
         includes purifying cleansing gel, amino eye treatment and
         SPF daily moisture cream. These products can be found at
         Sephora and Bath and Body Works.

                                              Donor Value: $82.00

609      An Aloe Vera Beauty Experience

         Pamper yourself with these moisturizing products!
         Coordinated by Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Berry's class.

         Donor: Lucy Romero
                                              Donor Value: $35.00

610      Arbonne International Skin Products

         This basket contains an anti aging travel bag with body wash
         scrub, body lotion, face wash, scrub, toner, Vitamin C gel,
         Day and Night cream and eye cream.

         Donor: Dedreia McGeary
                                             Donor Value: $125.00

611      A Spa Masterpiece

         Relax and enjoy this basket filled with bath soaps, bath
         caviar, bath treats, bath scrubs, candles, body sprays, jams,
         chocolates, and delicious treats. Tons of goodies to pamper

         Donor: Masterpiece Fundraising
                                             Donor Value: $150.00

Country Club Elementary School                                       41
612      One Handsome Dude!

         This basket includes two men's hair cuts, Crew Classic Wax
         and La Lavande L'Homme Eau de Toilette Natural Spray.
         Also included is a $50 gift certificate from The Men's
         Wearhouse and a $20 Tilly's gift certificate.

         Donor: Tilly's Inc, Nice Cuts, Men's Wearhouse, and La
                                         Donor Value: $238.00

613      Pamper Yourself

         Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure at Quality Nail
         Design, followed by either two UV free Mystic Spray or two
         tanning bed sessions with your $40 gift certificate. Expires
         May 1, 2007.

         Donor: Quality Nail Design, and Tans Plus
                                            Donor Value: $67.00

614      Spend Some Quality Time with Yourself!

         Experience a relaxing soak and spa pedicure at Bollinger Nail
         Salon then stroll over to The Place to Bead and enjoy $30
         towards your purchase. Expires 11/03/2007.

         Donor: The Place to Bead, and Bollinger Nail Salon
                                             Donor Value: $55.00

615      Rejuvenate from Head to Toe!

         Enjoy a pedicure from Amanda's Nail Salon and one
         aromatherapy facial from Renouvelle in Danville. No

         Donor: Amanda's Nail Salon, and Renouvelle
                                          Donor Value: $105.00

Country Club Elementary School                                       42
616      Indulgence Salon and Day Spa

         Look your best...this package includes $25 towards any
         service at the San Ramon salon. No expiration.

         Donor: Indulgence Salon
                                        Donor Value: $25.00

Country Club Elementary School                                43
            07. Something for Everyone
700      Theatre and Dinner Date for Two

         This basket contains a certificate for your choice of two
         tickets for a show at the Dean Lesher Center Rep Theater, a
         gift certificate for Prima Ristorante, a wonderful restaurant
         within walking distance of the show, a bottle of 1999 Merlot
         and to top it off, 2 dozen mocha and raspberry truffles for
         dessert. Coordinated by Mrs. Saupe and Mrs. Johnson's

         Donor: Dean Lesher Theater, and Prima Ristorante
                                          Donor Value: $225.00

701      Mrs. Krueger's Handmade Quilt

         Get a Krueger original from our school's wonderful quilter!

         Custom made by Mrs. Krueger
                                           Donor Value: Priceless!

702      File Your Taxes Now!

         Liberty Tax Service, owned by a Country Club family, has
         donated one personal tax preparation for 2006 taxes.

         Do not delay - taxes are due April 17th and this item expires
         on April 14th.

         Donor: Bob Downum
                                            Donor Value: $400.00

703      Creative Memories Basket O' Supplies

         This basket has all you need for the perfect scrapbook page.
         An album and supplies galore from Creative Memories are

         Donor: Jenny Lynn Campbell/ Donor Value: $75.00

Country Club Elementary School                                         44
704      Stampin' Up Scrapbooking Basket

         Everything you need to get started stamping - for
         scrapbooking, card making or gifts! Stamps, ink, paper and
         loads of accessories! This basket also contains an award-
         winning Idea Book/Catalog and a $25 gift certificate.

         Donor: Stacey Holder
                                           Donor Value: $375.00

705      Parents, Teachers and Coaches - Are you Looking for a
         Great Incentive?

         25 Hollywood video passes to use for your children, your
         students or your players. Good towards rentals of DVD's,
         video's or video games. Expires 12/31/07. Limit one coupon
         per membership account per visit.

         Donor: Hollywood Video
                                           Donor Value: $100.00

706      Quickcam Orbit MP Webcam

         This #1 selling Webcam delivers megapixel performance with
         Rightlight 2 Technology for sharp images while the elegant
         eye-level design with motorized pan and tilt automatically
         keeps its focus on you.

         Donor: Logitech
                                           Donor Value: $129.99

707      Plan the Perfect Mother's Day

         Treat your special Mother or wife to a delicious brunch for 4
         at the beautiful setting of the San Ramon Golf Club. In
         addition, this package includes hair care products, perfume
         and a lovely gift package of French soaps and bath salts from
         the french boutique, la Lavande.

Country Club Elementary School                                       45
         Donor: La Lavande, and Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet
                                      Donor Value: $150.00

708      Custom Made Pink/Green Baby Bag & Coordinating

         This soft flannel bag is perfect for any Mom with newborns or
         young children. Perfect for everyday use or as an extra
         playdate bag. Two hand sewn pockets inside and one
         outside will fit bottles, snacks, keys, cell phones and more!
         Both bag and blanket can be machine washed! Pick up this
         bag for yourself or the next baby shower you attend.

         Custom made by Mrs. Krueger
                                              Donor Value: $75.00

709      Custom Made Blue and Yellow Bag & Coordinating

         This soft flannel bag is perfect for any Mom with newborns or
         young children. Perfect for everyday use or as an extra
         playdate bag. Two hand sewn pockets inside and one
         outside will fit bottles, snacks, keys, cell phones and more!
         Both Bag and blanket can be machine washed! Pick up this
         bag for yourself or the next baby shower you attend.

         Custom made by Mrs. Krueger
                                             Donor Value: $75.00

710      Cat Lovers Basket

         Don’t forget about your favorite feline. This basket is full of
         fun treats for the cat in your life. You will find cat toys, cat
         food, food bowl and more in this basket. Coordinated by
         Mrs. Denton’s Class.

                                              Donor Value: $25.00

Country Club Elementary School                                          46
711      Dog Gone Good Stuff for your Dog!

         This crate full of treats will make your big dog sit and beg for
         more! There are a ton of items in this crate for your dog
         including rawhide bones, play toys, dog food, balls, water
         bowl and more. A $30 gift certificate to Pyrenees Pets is also
         included. Coordinated by Mrs. Denton's class.

         Donor: Pyrenees Pets
                                              Donor Value: $80.00

712      Dog Gone Good Stuff for your Little Dog!

         This crate is designed for the smaller pooch in mind.
         Included in this package are 3 dog outfits, a puppy training
         DVD plus the always necessary toys, bones and dog food.
         We can almost guarantee a happy dog with this item!
         Coordinated by Mrs. Denton’s class.

                                             Donor Value: $125.00

713      Darlene Tom Photography Session

         Art that celebrates life. Capture the memories of your family
         in an 11X14 portrait. This photo package includes a weekday
         studio session, 11X14 gallery portrait and some fun surprises.
         Expires 10/5/07.

         Donor: Ms. Darlene Tom
                                             Donor Value: $600.00

714      Photos For Every Occasion Photography Package

         This great package includes a 1 1/2 hour photo session at
         your home or at one of the photographer's locations, photo
         preview session, an 8 X 10 photo, and a CD of all your
         photos. Expires 06/30/07. Coordinated by Ms. Gee and Mr.
         Tingley's Class.

Country Club Elementary School                                          47
         Donor: Photos for Every Occasion
                                            Donor Value: $150.00

715      Focus on You Photography

         Do you have a special occasion you want to capture?
         Consider a professional photography session. This certificate
         includes one standard on location portrait session and one 8
         x 10 photo. Expires 3/31/08.

         Donor: Focus on You Photography/ Value: $280.00

716      A Studio Session by Tracey Prever Photography

         One Studio Portrait Session for 1-2 hours for a family of four
         or less and/or a child or baby.

         Donor: Tracey Prever Photography
                                            Donor Value: $175.00
717      Remember Me Photography

         This great photography package includes your sitting and an
         8 X 10 photo. Childhood goes so fast...remember to capture
         the moments!

         Donor: Remember Me Photography
                                       Donor Value: $190.00

718      Pam Biasotti Photography

         Pam Biasotti Photography offers custom lifestyle portrait of
         infants, children and expectant mothers, throughout the San
         Francisco Bay Area. This package includes an on location
         sitting for 4 and an 11 X 14 portrait.

         Donor: Pam Biasotti Photography
                                            Donor Value: $300.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        48
                    08. Entertainment
800      Mrs. Gaeta's Class Presents "Peter Pan"

         This "Tinkered" Tray includes a Tinkerbell handbag, six front
         row reserved seats to the class play in the Multi-Use Room,
         reserved parking spot in the staff lot on event night, April 5,
         2007, a class signed play bill and a Tom Newsom #432A
         "The Encounter" Theme plate.

         Donor: Mrs. Gaeta's class
                                           Donor Value: Priceless!

801      Fun in the Snow with Some Games Too!

         Imagine this...your family is up in the snow, it's a gorgeous
         day to go outside and sled/disc down the slopes. You grab
         some hot chocolate and watch the kids have a blast. Later,
         as everyone thaws out, you munch on snacks as you play
         games and watch movies. Basket includes discs, sleds, $65
         in gift cards and all you need for the perfect winter day!
         Coordinated by Mrs. Magilen's class.

         Donor: Big 5 Sporting Goods
                                            Donor Value: $290.00

802      It's Time to Get Real with Dr. Phil

         Four tickets to see Dr. Phil himself makes this package one of
         a kind. Includes priority seating for four guests and parking
         at the famous Paramount Pictures Studio in Hollywood.
         Advanced reservations required and must be 18 years of age.
         Valid through 3/31/2008.

         Donor: Dr. Phil
                                           Donor Value: Priceless!

803      It's a Kids World

         It's time for the kids to play with this fun filled package.
         Includes a family pass for 4 to Fairytale Town in Sacramento

Country Club Elementary School                                         49
         (expires 12/31/2007), four admissions to Happy Hollow in
         San Jose (no expiration) and four complimentary golf passes
         to Scandia Family Fun Center.

         Donor: Fairytale Town, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, and
         Scandia Family Center
                                        Donor Value: $70.00

804      Do You Love to Skate?

         Whether you like to glide on the ice or roller on the rink, this
         skating package has the perfect ticket! Includes four passes
         to Dublin Iceland and four passes to the Golden Skate.

         Donor: Golden Skate, Dublin Iceland/Value: $82.00

805      Spend your Day on the Bay in Monterey

         A bagel breakfast (one dozen bagels with cream cheese)
         starts the day right as you head south for a day of whale
         watching in Monterey. This pass for two is valid through

         Donor: Monterey Bay Whale Watch, and Bagel Street Cafe
                                          Donor Value: $96.00

806      "LOL" Girls Night Out!

         "Laugh out Loud" with your 10 tickets to Tommy T's
         Comedy in Pleasanton. Valid for any Tues, Wed., Thurs., or
         Sun. show or late show on Fri. or Sat. 2 item minimum
         purchase. Expires 12/30/07.

         Donor: Tommy T's
                                             Donor Value: $150.00

807      "LOL" Guys Night Out

         "Laugh out loud" with your 10 tickets to Tommy T's Comedy
         in Pleasanton. Valid for any Tues, Wed., Thurs., or Sun.

Country Club Elementary School                                          50
         show or late show on Fri. or Sat. 2 item minimum purchase.
         Expires 12/30/07.

         Donor: Tommy T's
                                           Donor Value: $150.00

808      Desperate Housewives

         Relive the entire first season of everyone's favorite show.
         This package includes the entire first season on DVD and the
         Desperate Housewives book documenting the tumultuous
         lives of Wisteria Lane.

         Donor: Cougar Fund
                                            Donor Value: $65.00

Country Club Elementary School                                      51
                   09. Food and Dining
900      Wine Tasting at Rios Lovell and Great Wine to Enjoy

         This basket contains a wine tasting for 12 at Rios-Lovell
         Winery in Livermore, a bottle of Tully Old Vine Zinfandel, a
         bottle of Murfatlar Romanian Chardonnay, a bottle of ZD
         Chardonnay, a bottle of Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon, a
         Rabbit wine preserver, Wine Style Book and a 2007 Wine
         Buying Guide. Coordinated by Mr. Schmit's Class.

         Donor: Rios Lovell Winery
                                            Donor Value: $250.00

901      It's Your Turn for a "Play" Date

         Dine at Faz Restaurant in Pleasanton and then enjoy 2 tickets
         to the Pleasanton Playhouse musical "Thoroughly Modern
         Millie". This 1920's musical has taken Broadway by storm.
         Your reserved seats are for the 8pm showing on July 20th,
         21st, 27th or 28th, August 3rd or 4th or the 2pm show on
         July 22nd, 29th, or August 5th.

         Donor: Pleasanton Playhouse, and Faz Restaurant
                                          Donor Value: $110.00

902      A Year's Supply of Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream

         This basket contains 24 free gift certificates for Dreyer's
         Grand Ice Cream but does not stop there! Also included are
         a set of 4 ice cream mugs, an ice cream scoop, yummy
         cones, all of your favorite syrups, toppings and sprinkles plus
         a few 'fun in the sun' items too! Toppings coordinated by
         Mrs. Stivers' class.

         Donor: Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream
                                            Donor Value: $200.00

Country Club Elementary School                                         52
903      Celebrate the Livermore Wine Harvest

         Enjoy 4 tickets to the 26th Annual Harvest Wine Celebration
         Tour of the Livermore Wineries. This Labor Day weekend
         event marks the grape crushing season with celebrating
         events, music, art and wine tasting at every winery! Includes
         Wente wines and a 6 piece boxed corkscrew set! Expires
         09/03/07. Coordinated by Mrs. William's Class.

         Donor: Wente Vineyard
                                             Donor Value: $230.00

904      Java, Java, Java

         Enjoy this coffee themed basket including coffee grinder,
         various coffees, 2 mugs, chocolates, Godiva cocoa and a $40
         Barnes and Noble Gift Card.

         Donor: Mrs. McPherson and Mrs. Ellman's Class
                                          Donor Value: $125.00

905      Family Meals the Quick and Healthy Way

         Dinner can be quick, healthy and complete with Food
         Network's Rachael Ray's "365 30 Minute No Repeats"
         Cookbook, a $50 Ensembles gift certificate (expires 11-07),
         pasta bowl, apron, trivet, utensils, towels, pasta, sauce,
         breadsticks and truffles. Dinner is served! Coordinated by
         Mrs. Trembley's Class.

         Donor: Ensembles
                                             Donor Value: $135.00

906      A Wine and Goodies Basket

         Treat yourself to some delicious wine and treats. Included
         are three bottles of wine (2004 Cuvaison, 2002 Rutherford
         Hill, Argyle 2005), $20 Trader Joe's Gift Certificate, appetizer

Country Club Elementary School                                          53
         plates, chocolate and a corkscrew. Coordinated by Mrs.
         Owens and Mrs. Berry's Class.

         Donor: Brian Eppler & Paige Williams, Liam O'Connor &
         Trish, Patrick Kwong, and Trader Joe's
                                           Donor Value: $135.00

907      A Taste of Lapis Luna

         Lapis Luna Wines invites up to 6 guests to enjoy their award
         winning wines. Located in Green Valley (Fairfield/Suisun
         Area). Enjoy our distinct vintages of Merlot, Cabernet
         Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petite Verdot, Petite Sirah and
         Chardonnay. Never again will you have to wait for the next
         blue moon to enjoy the best California has to offer. Includes
         one bottle of award winning Chardonnay to get you started.

         Donor: Lapis Luna Wines
                                             Donor Value: $70.00

908      Wine Tasting at G V Cellars

         G V Cellars, nestled nine miles southeast of the prestigious
         Napa Valley (Fairfield/Suisun Area) invites up to 6 people for
         a private wine tasting. Experience our six different varietals
         including Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dolcetto,
         Merlot, Syrah and Sangiovese. Includes one bottle of award
         winning Syrah to enjoy before your visit.

         Donor: G V Cellars Winery and Vineyard
                                            Donor Value: $88.00

909      Special Meals for Two

         Can't get away for long leisurely dinners? Here is your
         solution to spending time together and enjoying some great
         eats at eight different restaurants!!!

         Donor: The Brass Door, Mudd's Restaurant, Hana Japan
         Steak House, Ruggie's, Pearl Garden Restaurant, Cafe
         Tandoor, Katy's Korner, and Lark Creek Café/ Value: $210.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        54
910      Creative Cookie Kit

         Have an urge for homemade cookies? If so, this is the
         basket for you! Mrs. Bambury’s class has put together a
         collection of their favorite cookies cutters and combined them
         with pre-made cookie mixes, a cookbook and a student
         designed apron. Grab a bowl, preheat your oven and get

         Donated by Mrs. Bambury’s class
                                                 Value: Priceless!

911      A Freezer Full of Fabulous

         Use this $50 gift certificate towards delicious and healthy
         ready-to-cook family sized dinners prepared by you without
         even cracking a cookbook, shopping, slicing, dicing or
         cleanup! Located next to Albertson's in San Ramon.

         Donor: My Girlfriend's Kitchen
                                             Donor Value: $50.00

912      A Freezer Full of Fabulous II

         Use this $50 gift certificate towards delicious and healthy
         ready-to-cook family sized dinners prepared by you without
         even cracking a cookbook, shopping, slicing, dicing or
         cleanup! Located next to Albertson's in San Ramon.

         Donor: My Girlfriend's Kitchen
                                             Donor Value: $50.00

913      Now We're Cooking!

         "We shop, chop and mop - while you wine and dine" Small
         family feast - 8 meals feed 2-3 plus one dessert. Perfect for
         a hectic baseball season! Facility is located in Downtown
         Danville. Donor: Now We're Cooking!
                                            Donor Value: $130.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        55
914      An Awesome Threesome

         Three great restaurants to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy
         $50 at Itto Sushi, $50 at On the Border, and lunch or dinner
         for two at Pasta Pomodoro.

         Donor: Itto Sushi, Pasta Pomodoro, and On The Border
                                          Donor Value: $155.00

915      A Ladies Treat!

         Enjoy 2 "Simple Pleasures" pedicures, a movie and lunch for
         two - what a great way to celebrate a day with a special

         Donor: Tootsies, Mimi's Cafe, and Cinemark/Blackhawk
         Movies 7
                                        Donor Value: $96.00

916      Scrumptious Goodies

         This "masterpiece" includes all the fixins' for some yummy
         treats - festival platter, shortbread bites, sprinkles, key chain
         and a $65 gift certificate for any Masterpiece products.

         Donor: Masterpiece Fundraising.
                                       Donor Value: $150 Value

917      An Italian Red

         Enjoy a 1999 Riva Vecia Conte Loredan Gasparni bottle of red
         wine from Italy. Coordinated by Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Berry's

         Donor: Darby & Tom Greek
                                               Donor Value: $30.00

Country Club Elementary School                                           56
918      In-n-Out Galore!

         Includes T-shirt, logo flashlight, pen and post-it notes, hat,
         antenna topper and 2 meal certificates.

         Donor: In-and-Out Burger
                                              Donor Value: $40.00

919      Who Doesn't Love Red Wine?

         This 1999 Westover Merlot and 2000 Sangiovese Rutherford
         Grove are a tasty treat!

         Donor: Charlotte Blackford
                                              Donor Value: $70.00

920      St. Clement Cabernet

         Nothing tastier than this old world vintage.

         Donor: Charlotte Blackford
                                              Donor Value: $75.00

921      A Family Celebration!

         Celebrate any special occasion with a burrito party package
         for 8 and a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake.

         Donor: Baja Fresh, and Baskin Robbins
                                           Donor Value: $62.99

922      Z Pizza for a Year

         Enjoy one free 10" personal Z pizza each month for a year.
         One coupon per month valid at their Crow Canyon location.

         Donor: Z Pizza
                                              Donor Value: $90.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        57
923      Five Rivers Wine Collection

         Antique white wrought iron caddy filled with 3-Five River
         Monterey County 2005 Chardonnays and 3-Five River Paso
         Robles 2004 Cabernet Sauvignons. Donor: Young's Market
         Donor Value: $75.00

Country Club Elementary School                                   58
                           10. Sports
1000     Golf and Dinner for Two at Ruby Hills Golf Course

         Enjoy golf, dinner and drinks at a private Pleasanton club.
         This certificate entitles two golfers to a round of golf at Ruby
         Hills Golf Course. Eric Bambury will join your group for golf
         and Stephanie will join you for dinner. Expires 01/08.
         Coordinated by Mrs. Bambury's Class.

         Donor: Eric and Stephanie Bambury
                                         Donor Value: $300.00

1001     A Round for Four at Diablo Country Club

         Opened in 1914, the Diablo Country Club is one of the oldest
         golf courses in the Tri-Valley area. This members-only 6,640
         yard par 71 track is one of the hardest local courses to get
         out on. Luckily - Country Club School knows the right folks!
         Greens fees for four and two carts are included on a
         Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This certificate expires on

         Donor: Bob & Val Nealis
                                             Donor Value: $500.00

1002     Take Me Out to the Ball Game

         This basket includes two tickets to the SF Giants vs. the
         Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday May 5, 2007 at 12:55pm.
         Tickets are Field Club seats behind home plate and parking is
         included. You and your sports pal can enjoy a delicious meal
         before or after the game with a $100 MoMo's Restaurant
         certificate located across from the ballpark. Also included are
         two baseball caps, tote bag, sun screen, peanuts, sunflower
         seeds and water - all you need for a great day! Coordinated
         by Ms. Sorenson's Class.

Country Club Elementary School                                          59
         Donor: MoMo's Restaurant, and Anne Madruga
                                         Donor Value: $360.00

1003     Rose Bowl Bound Cal Bear Football Tickets

         Come watch the Cal Bears exact revenge on the team that
         kept them from winning the Pac 10 title in 2006 - the Arizona
         Wildcats. The 2006 Bears just missed going to a BCS bowl
         game. The 2007 Bears are looking to challenge for a national
         title. If you like Pac 10 football - come watch the best - Go
         Bears! This basket includes two tickets to the game in the
         Alumni section near midfield on September 22, 2007, seat
         cushions, a Cal water bottle and a Cal sweatshirt.

         Donor: Gregory Hahn MD
                                              Donor Value: $150.00
1004     iFitness

         This gym bag contains a new version of the Ipod shuffle,
         Rhino Ipod skin accents, shuffle armband, Itunes gift card
         ($25), ankle and wrist weights, ultimate reaction water
         bottle, deluxe black gym bag and 2 passes to 24 Hour

         Donor: Mr. Olbrycht's Class Basket
                                              Donor Value: $150.00

1005     Round of Golf for Four at Crow Canyon Country Club

         This par 69 6,052 yard course features beautiful vistas of Mt.
         Diablo. The lakes and myriad bunkers place an emphasis on
         accurate play. This item is valid Tuesday - Thursday and
         includes two carts. The certificate expires on 2/29/08.

         Donor: Crow Canyon Country Club
                                              Donor Value: $338.00

1006   Bridges Golf Club - Round of Golf and Cart for 2

         Enjoy two rounds of golf - golf cart included at The Bridges
         Golf Club. Valid Monday-Thursday. Expires 3/31/08.

Country Club Elementary School                                        60
         Donor: The Bridges Golf Club/Value: $130.00

1007     Cheer on the Golden State Warriors

         Includes two lower level tickets (Sec 119, Row 19, Seats 21
         and 22) to see the Warriors vs.the Timberwolves on Sunday
         April 15, 2007 at the Oakland Arena.

         Donor: Golden State Warriors
                                             Donor Value: $160.00

1008     Are You Ready for Some Football?

         Enjoy 4 sideline tickets (2 adults, 2 children) for the 10/12/07
         California High School football game against cross-town rivals
         San Ramon Valley High School.             Contact Fred Albano to arrange for gate passes. Don't forget
         to wear orange and black!

         Donor: California High School/ Donor Value: Priceless!

1009     John Doyle's Summer Soccer Camp

         John Doyle's Soccer Camp consists of comprehensive training
         in all areas of team play. John and his trainers will assess,
         evaluate and develop a personal camp plan that will utilize
         the most current technology and drills that professional
         players use daily. Valid Summer 2007 only. Camps are held
         in Danville.

         Donor: John Doyle Soccer
                                             Donor Value: $230.00

Country Club Elementary School                                          61
1010     Soccer Training Kit

         This soccer kit contains a size 3 Nike soccer ball, a set of 3
         Soccer Secrets & Fitness dvds featuring Mia Hamm, trading
         cards of David Beckham and Mia Hamm, a Soccer Mom
         magnet and a certificate for 4 one hour training sessions with
         Bulldog Soccer. Use these items to get ready for soccer

         Donor: Bulldog Soccer
                                            Donor Value: $170.00

1011     Father Son Baseball Game - Buy-in Party

         Make sure to check out the Father Son Baseball Game - Buy-
         in party #1109...A day of great fun for you and your son!

         Donor: Mrs. Gaeta's class
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!

1012     Mr. Tingley's Annual Sports Night

         Check out Buy-in Party #1110 for your ticket to Mr. Tingley's
         famous and unforgettable sports night!

         Donor: Dan Tingley & Andrea Elder/Priceless!

1013     Attention Raiders Fans!

         The basket of collector's items include an 8 X 10 black and
         white glossy autographed photo of Lincoln Kennedy, #12,
         Raiders "The Team of the Decades 2006" book and

         Donor: The Oakland Riaders
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!

1014     Runner's Delight

         Get ready, get set and enjoy a $50 gift certificate to Forward
         Motion Sports, sweatshirt, running hat and socks, waist

Country Club Elementary School                                        62
         wallet, Power Bars, Cliff Bars, Fiji water and Airborne. Basket
         Coordinated by Ms. Aguilar's Class.

         Donor: Forward Motion Sports
                                            Donor Value: $135.00

1015     IM=X Pilates

         Treat yourself to a 60 minute private pilates training session,
         pilates mat, pilates ring, and all the goodies to get you
         feeling great! Coordinated by Ms. Aguilar's Class.

         Donor: IM=X Pilates Studio
                                            Donor Value: $130.00

1016     Swim Summer 2007 at the San Ramon Olympic Pool

         Enjoy a full season of swimming and water fun! Valid for the
         entire 2007 season!

         Donor: City of San Ramon - Olympic Pool and Aquatic Center
                                          Donor Value: $150.00

1017     Bally's Total Fitness - 3 month membership

         Valid for a 3 month limited, non-renewable membership to
         Bally's in Northern California. With this membership you can
         enjoy fitness classes, cardiovascular and circuit training and
         more. Must be 18 years of age.

         Donor: Bally Total Fitness Corporation
                                            Donor Value: $255.00

1018     Calling All Junior Golfers ... Do You Want To Be Like
         Tiger Woods?

         Dale Bradley, PGA Director of Instruction for San Ramon Golf
         Club, will be teaching one lucky junior golfer in a series of 5
         individual lessons. Tiger Woods watch out!

         Donor: San Ramon Golf Club/ Donor Value: $150.00

Country Club Elementary School                                         63
1019     Crow Canyon Country Club Tennis Membership

         Tennis anyone? Skip the $750 membership fee and enjoy
         country club living including the tennis courts for your entire
         family. $200 per month dues are still applicable. Expires
         09/30/07. Donor: Crow Canyon Country Club
         Donor Value: $750.00

1020     Crow Canyon Country Club Social Membership

         Ever thought about becoming a member of Crow Canyon
         Country Club? This certificate pays for the annual initiation
         fee. The monthly membership dues of $126 per month must
         still be paid. You may upgrade to the tennis or golf

         Donor: Crow Canyon Country Club
                                            Donor Value: $300.00

1021     San Ramon Sports Batting Cage MVP Cards

         Enjoy one 25-token Batting Cage MVP Cards for San Ramon

         Donor: San Ramon Sports/ Donor Value: $62.00

1022     San Ramon Sports Batting Cage MVP Cards

         Enjoy two 10-token Batting Cage MVP Cards for San Ramon

         Donor: San Ramon Sports, Donor Value: $57.00

1023     San Jose Sharks Autographed Puck

         Enjoy a player autographed puck from the San Jose Sharks.
         Donor: San Jose Sharks/Value: $30.00

Country Club Elementary School                                         64
1024     For All You Pepsi and Gatorade Lovers!

         This full size cooler is full of wonderful Pepsi promotional
         products including two men's shirts, a baseball cap with the
         Gatorade logo, a Hollywood Light portable desk lamp. The
         cooler also contains all your exercise supplies - 3 bottle of
         Gatorade, 6 sports bottles, and a Gatorade towel.
         Coordinated by Mrs. Johnson's Class.

         Donor: PepsiCo
                                             Donor Value: $75.00
1025     Karate for Kids

         Your child will receive 1 month of Karate lessons and uniform
         from Martial Arts America in San Ramon. Expires 06/15/2007.
         Donor: Martial Arts America
                                            Donor Value: $165.00

1026     Cigar Humidor

         You have taken care of your tee times; now take care of your
         cigars. This beautifully crafted cigar humidor features a high
         gloss piano finish that is the result of an extraordinary 12
         coats of applied lacquer, a finely hand-finished exterior of
         Rosewood Bubinga with Birdseye Maple Burl wood inlay, an
         exquisite interior of Spanish Cedar with a top tray and
         dividers, Gold plated quadrant piano hinges, gold
         plated keys and lockwork, gold-plated side handles, an
         internal Brass hygrometer, a humidifier and scratch resistant
         felt lined bottom. This masterpiece has a capacity of roughly
         125 cigars, with exterior dimensions of approximately 16"W x
         9"D x 8"H.

         Donor: Michael and Jenny Collins
                                            Donor Value: $300.00

Country Club Elementary School                                        65
                    11. Buy-In Parties

1100     An Evening of Georgia O'Keeffe Art with
         Mrs. Miller

         For the first time ever, Mrs. Miller and the Kindergarten team
         will be hosting an evening of Georgia O'Keeffe Art on May
         2nd starting at 6:30 pm in K1. Come learn about the artist
         and her artistic style. Learn how to draw a flower composition
         and how to paint with watercolors. At the end of the evening,
         you will take home a finished, matted painting. Can you paint
         as well as your kindergartners!? That is the question!
         Refreshments will be served. Adults only! A once in a
         lifetime opportunity for the first 20 bidders for only $75 per

         Donor: Kindergarten Team
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!

1101     Super Supper Soiree

         Your answer to ..."What is for dinner?" Come to this group
         event where you will be able to enjoy appetizers, drinks and
         a door prize while making an entree of your choice.
         Additional meals can be made that evening for an additional
         cost. A fun evening out with friends while making dinner too!
         What more can you ask for? Scheduled for April 24th from
         6:30- 9. Enjoy this fun and productive evening available to
         the first 12 winners for $30 per person.

         Donor: Super Suppers
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!

1102     Craft Night Part II

         Back by popular demand, scrapbook, sew, knit, craft until you
         drop in the multi-purpose room on Friday June 1. Sign up
         your friends and come along. Dinner, drinks and door prizes
         provided. Don't miss this chance to catch up on your crafting

Country Club Elementary School                                        66
         projects for only $25 per person. Available to the first 40
         winners. Donor: Danielle Hafdal & Carrie Leung - Priceless!

1103     Cougar Camping

         The first 6 lucky winners can grab a sleeping bag and a
         favorite teddy bear and camp overnight in the Multipurpose
         Room with Ms. Tishler and Ms. Gee. Dinner, movie, dessert, a
         bagel breakfast and lots of fun will be provided. Campers
         must be in 2nd - 5th grade. Camp out date is Friday, May 18,
         2007 and can be yours for $25 per child.

         Donor: Bagel Street Cafe, Rose Tishler & Kazan Gee/ Donor
         Value: Priceless!

1104     Mother Daughter Garden Tea Party

         Be our guest! Nicole Peters and Rachel Hurd and their
         daughters will treat you and your daughter(s) to a traditional
         Afternoon Tea in Nicole’s lovely garden Sunday, June 3 from
         3 to 5 p.m. The menu will include tea sandwiches, scones
         with clotted cream and jams, a selection of sweets, and
         assorted beverages. Available to the first 18 winners for $15
         per person.

         Donor: Rachel Hurd & Nicole Peters
                                         Donor Value: Priceless!

1105     Lemondrops and Flip Flops Bunco Party

         A new theme for our annual bunco bash! Wear your flip
         flops, sip a lemondrop and play bunco with your friends.
         Dinner and entertainment will be provided at the Bari home
         for the first 24 women. $35 reserves your spot for Friday,
         May 11th. The lucky grand prize winner will receive a
         manicure and pedicure from Lana's Nail Salon. Who doesn't
         love great toes when wearing their flip flops?

         Donor: Lani Bari
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!

Country Club Elementary School                                        67
1106     A Ladies Luncheon at the Vineyard

         Visit beautiful Green Valley in the heart of the harvest
         season! Relax and enjoy yourself while you sip a variety of 10
         different wines and indulge in a delicious buffet lunch in the
         vineyard. Available to the first 20 winners for $40 per
         person. Event date will be October 7, 2007.

         Donor: G V Cellars Winery and Vineyard
                                          Donor Value: Priceless!

1107     Semi-Precious Jewelry Making with Loretta Lee

         Attend this workshop and you will walk away at the end with
         a beautiful pair of earrings that you will have made yourself.
         Loretta will teach wire wrapping techniques and consult on
         your bead choices. Come fill your afternoon with Margaritas,
         salsa, chips and a new found hobby! Date is set for May 5,
         2007 from 2-4 pm for the first 6 winners at $50 per person..

         Donor: Loretta Lee
                                            Donor Value: Priceless!

1108     An All Day Wine Adventure Aboard the Wine Bus

         Climb aboard for Country Club's Annual Wine Bus Adventure
         to the Napa Valley...A great day of fun with great
         friends...enjoy wine tasting at several wineries, an
         unforgettable picnic, a day full of laughter with not a worry in
         the world about who is driving. Reserve Sunday September
         16 for this great event! $50 per person. 40 guest maximum.

         Donor: Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream
                                            Donor Value: Priceless!

Country Club Elementary School                                          68
1109     Father Son Baseball Game

         Come play a baseball game at Cougar Stadium (our school's
         baseball field). Hot dogs and drinks will be provided! Game
         day is set for Sunday May 20th from 12-2 for the first 24
         winners. $20 dollars per player reserves your spot on the

         Donor: Mrs. Gaeta and class
                                           Donor Value: Priceless!

1110     Mr.Tingley's Annual Sports Night

         Come bring a friend to play sports, eat some pizza and have
         fun with other 2nd-4th graders at Mr.Tingley's Annual Sports
         Night in the Multi-Purpose Room. This year's event is
         scheduled for Monday April 2nd at 6:00 pm so don't
         forget! $35.00 for you and a friend is your ticket to this
         great event! Available to the first 10 winners.

         Donor: Dan Tingley & Andrea Elder
                                        Donor Value: Priceless!

Country Club Elementary School                                       69
                     12. Teacher Time
                      Value: Priceless!
1200     Pizza Lunch and Bowling with Mrs. Aguilar

         Have lunch with the Kindergarten Team at the Pizza Machine,
         followed by bowling at Danville Bowl on Wednesday, April 25.
         We will leave from school at 11:45 and return by 2:30.

1201     Pizza Lunch and Bowling with
         Mrs. Jensen

1202     Pizza Lunch and Bowling with Mrs. Miller

1203     Pizza Lunch and Bowling with Ms. Sorensen

1204     Pizza Lunch and Bowling with Mrs. Trembley

1205     An Ice Cream Outing - Mrs. Gee

         Tag along with the entire 1st grade teaching team for an ice
         cream treat after school.

1206     An Ice Cream Outing - Mrs. Rubin

1207     An Ice Cream Outing - Mrs. Saupe and
         Mrs. Johnson

1208     An Ice Cream Outing - Ms. Sorensen

1209     An Ice Cream Outing - Mrs. Williams

1210     Bowling Extravaganza - The "Bowlerator" Berry

         Join your second grade teacher for an afternoon of bowling.
         You and a friend will be escorted on Wednesday April 25th to
         Dublin Bowl where you will join the other teachers and
         students in a Second Grade Bowling Extravaganza! After
         treats and a commemorative t-shirt crafting, you will be
         ferried back home by your teacher.

Country Club Elementary School                                      70
1211     Bowling Extravaganza - "Eight Pin"         Ellman

1212     Bowling Extravaganza - "Krusher" Kravitz

1213     Bowling Extravaganza - "Outrageous” Owens

1214     Bowling Extravaganza - "Muscles" McPherson

1215     Bowling Extravaganza - "Striker" Stivers

1216     Movie, Dinner and a Trip to the Bookstore
         with Mrs. Gaeta

         You and a friend will enjoy going to a movie, dinner, and a
         trip to the bookstore during the week after school.

1217     Pizza and Ice Cream with Mrs. Magilen

         You and a friend will enjoy going out for pizza and ice cream
         with Mrs. Magilen.

1218     Ice Cream with Mrs. Garrison

         Grab a friend and join Mrs. Garrison for ice cream at Cold
         Stone Creamery, and as a special treat, you’ll receive a
         memory book to keep.

1219     Pizza Making and a Video with Mrs. Cooley

         Mrs. Cooley invites the winning student and 2 friends to her
         home to make pizza and watch a suitable video.

1220     Dinner and a Movie with Mrs. Denton

         Mrs. Denton will take the winner and a friend to dinner and a
         movie along with Mrs. Saunders and her two guests.

Country Club Elementary School                                       71
1221     Dinner and a Movie with Mrs. Saunders

         Mrs. Saunders will take the winner and a friend to dinner and
         a movie along with Mrs. Denton and her two guests.

1222     Fore! Golf Lesson with Mr. Schmit

         Mr. Schmit, our local golf expert, will give up to three
         students at the same time a one hour golf lesson.

1223     Gather 'round - it is Story Time!

         Mrs. Ellman will perform (not book read) a story for your
         child's class or party. Mrs. Ellman's storytelling is captivating
         for kids of all ages. Let her customize a program just for
         your child!

1224     Be a Guest Conductor at the Spring Concert

         Talk about a photo opportunity! One lucky child will be a
         guest conductor at the Spring Chorus concert and assemblies
         on June 5th. Miss Bertolero will select one piece of music for
         the auction winner to conduct.

Country Club Elementary School                                           72
1302     Jewelry Raffle Ticket - 1 Ticket

         B. Allan Jewelers, our Premier Jeweler for our event, has
         donated a .25ct Diamond Pendant set in 14kt white gold. The
         diamond is G Color, SI clarity and a $1,500.00 value. Raffle
         tickets to win this necklace will be sold the night of the event.
         Tickets will be one for $30, three for $50 and five for $100.
         This gorgeous necklace could be yours....

         Donor: B. Allan Jewelers/ Donor Value: $1,500.00

1303     Jewelry Raffle Ticket - 3 Tickets for $50

1304     Jewelry Raffle Ticket - 5 Tickets for $100

1305     Phillips Plasma 50" Flat Screen Television Raffle

         One lucky raffle winner will win a Phillips Plasma 50' Flat
         Screen with HD. Another winner will be drawn for a $250 gas
         card for Chevron. Raffle tickets will be sent home with all
         students. If you want to buy more chances to win this
         television, extra tickets can be purchased at the school office.
         Winner need not be present to win. Raffle winner drawn at

Country Club Elementary School                                           74
       Special Recognition
Event Chairs
Meg Dudley
Diana Mills

Donation Chairperson
Nadine Allport

Kathleen Kuhn
Lil Cooke
Teri Allen
Scott Dudley
Danielle Hafdal
Denise Huey
Robin Pardo
Dedreia McGreary
Jennifer Fuller
Ardis McDonnell - Harbor Bay Home Décor

Technical Support/Auction Software
Danielle Hafdal

Teri Allen

Special Projects
 Cindy Fischer
Tami Mandeville
Megan Portoni
Beth Beadle
Becca Burke
        Special Recognition
Nicole Peters

School Raffle
Anaite Letona-Vanier

Teacher Time/Auction Headquarters
Rachel Hurd

SAFE Note cards
Wendy Haase
Brit Jensky
Anaite Letona-Vanier

Dessert Auction
Lil Cooke

Britt Jensky
Tama Klaif

Ticket Sales
Jenny Jensen

Valerie Matlock

Auction Cover
Nico Espinosa, Mrs. Bambury’s 4th grade

Art Easels
Lucy Romero
Buy-in Party Hosts/Coordinators
Ruth Miller
Rossana Aguilar
Allison Jensen
Cheryl Trembley
Niki Sorensen
Meg Dudley
Danielle Hafdal
Carrie Leung
Rose Tishler
Kazan Gee
Nicole Peters
Rachel Hurd
Lani Bari
Loretta Lee
Lil Cooke
Nicole Lowrance
Kurt and Laura Tucker
Dan Tingley
Andrea Elder

Country Club Elementary School    77
                Class Room Liaisons

        Thank you to the class liaisons for coordinating
 donations from their classrooms. The liaisons were key to this
 evening’s success! Our liaisons this year are, in grade order:

Theresa Merchant
Martha Peebles
Anaite Letona-Vanier
Lisa Radzanowski
Lil Cooke
Melissa Shorrock
Hilary Ellis
Jennifer Fuller
Nadine Allport
Megan Portoni
Becky Mose
Kathleen Kuhn
Joan Liao
Danielle Hafdal
Dedreia McGreary
Britt Jensky
Nicole Peters
Andrea Elder
Heidi Graham
Deb Johnson
Simone Wang
Rochelle Philapil
Teri Ryan
Michelle Monteforte
Amy Silva
Donna Dao-Willins
Tracey Allman
Ardis McDonnell

Country Club Elementary School                                    78

Please thank those that support our school so generously!
7-Eleven                     Corners                    Itto Sushi
Academic Associates          Cougar Fund                Kristie Jayne
Advanced Auto                Creative Images by         John Doyle Soccer
Advanced Electrolysis        Crocker Art Museum         Isadore Kamins
Amanda's Nail Salon          Crow Canyon Country        Katy's Korner
American Girl                David B. Dunlap, CSCS      Kayak Connection
American River Raft Rental   Davidon Homes              Kindergarten Team
American Swim Academy        Dean Lesher Theater        KTVU Channel 2 -
                                                        Joe Fonzi
Amicis East Coast Pizzeria   Diablo Beauty at The       KTVU Channel 2
Amtrak National Railroad     Diablo Gymnastics School   Patrick Kwong
Anne Madruga                 Dinner My Way              La Lavande
Apex Construction            Disneyland                 Lana's Nail Salon
Armstrong Garden Center      Diversified Capital        Lapis Luna Wines
B Allan Jewelers             Max Don                    Lark Creek Cafe
Bagel Street Cafe            Bob Downum                 Laser Advantage
Baja Fresh                   Dr. Beanz                  Lauren's Closet
Bally Total Fitness          Dr. John Coleman II D.C.   Law Office of
Corporation                                             Christopher Cole
Lani Bari                    Dr. Patterson D.D.S.       Loretta Lee
Barone's Restaurant          Dr. Phil                   Mike Lego & Tama
Baskin Robbins               Dreyer's Grand Ice         Lindsey Wildlife
                             Cream                      Museum
Beach Blanket Babylon        Dublin Iceland             Diedre Lingenfelter
Berkeley Repertory Theatre   Dublin Nails               Logitech
Big 5 Sporting Goods         Rose Eggleston             Los Panchos
Big O Tires                  Ensembles                  Macaroni Grill
Bighorn Grill                Entertainment Books        Macy's
Bigman                                                  Mad Science
Mike Biondi                  Eric and Stephanie         Mrs. Peggy Magilen
Nick Biondi & Mike Biondi    Fairytale Town             Martial Arts America

Country Club Elementary School                                                 79
Charlotte Blackford         Farmers Insurance          Masterpiece
Blackhawk Museum            Faz Restaurant             Max's
Bollinger Nail Salon        Focus on You               McDonalds
Bonfante Gardens            Forward Motion Sports      Dedreia McGeary
Boomers!                    Frankie, Johnnie and       Men's Wearhouse
                            Luigi's Too
Betty Brandt                Fremont Bank               Mexxi's
Brenden Theatre Corporate   Fuddruckers                Mimi's Cafe
Mr. Norman Bridwell         G V Cellars Winery and     Mimi's Cafe
Christie Bru                Mrs. Gaeta’s class         Mimi's Cafe
Buckhorn Grill              Mrs. Judy Garrison         Miraku Restaurant
Bulldog Soccer              Golden Apple               MoMo's Restaurant
Byington Winery and         Golden Skate               Monterey Bay Whale
Vineyard                                               Watch
Cache Creek Casino Resort   Golden State Warriors      Mountain Mikes
Cafe Esin                   Golden Tee Golfland        Mr. Olbrycht's class
Cafe Tandoor                Gracie's Place             Mrs. Gaeta
California Academy of       Darby and Tom Greek        Mrs. Gaeta's class
California High School      Gregory Hahn MD            Mrs. Garrison's class
California Pizza Kitchen    Guiseppe's Pasta and       Mrs. Kamins
Jenny Lynn Campbell         Gymtastics                 Mrs. Krueger
Cartoon Art Museum          Danielle Hafdal & Carrie   Mrs. Krueger and
                            Leung                      Mrs. Loofbourrow's
                                                       3rd grade class
Castle Rock Arabians        Hana Japan Steak House     Mrs. McPherson
                                                       /Mrs. Ellman's Class
Castlewood Country Club     Happy Hollow Park and      Mrs. O'Toole's class
Chabot Space & Science      Harbor Bay Home Decor      Mrs. Rubin's class
Chevy's Restaurant          Hayjac Designs             Mrs. Ruth Miller
Children's Fairyland        Hearst Castle and          Mrs. Tishler's class
                            National Geographic
Chili's Restaurant          Heller Jewelers            Ms. Sorensen's class
Chipotle                    Stacey Holder              Mudd's Restaurant
Chutney's Restaurant        Hollywood Video            Murrieta's Well
Cinemark/Blackhawk          Hooters                    My Girlfriend's
Movies 7                                               Kitchen
City of San Ramon -         Hot Dog on a Stick         National Steinbeck

Country Club Elementary School                                                 80
Clevenger Construction        Rachel Hurd & Nicole    Bob & Val Nealis
Club Sport                    IM=X Pilates Studio     New Direction
Lillian Cooke                 In-and-Out Burger       New York Pizza
Nicole Gee Photography        Indulgence Salon        Nice Cuts
COPIA                         Infineon Raceway        Super Suppers
Now We're Cooking!            The Brass Door          Tans Plus
Liam O'Connor & Trish         The Bridges Golf Club   Taqueria El Balazo
Oakland Athletics             The Buddy Club          Tassajara Learning
                              Children's Shows        Center
On The Border                 The Hopyard American    Teamup Tutors
OSH                           The Jungle Fun and      Brian Eppler, Paige
                              Adventure               Williams
P & G Chem Dry                The Oakland Riaders     Olympic Pool and
                                                      Aquatic Center
Pam Biasotti Photography      The Place to Bead
Papa Murphy's                 The Yoga Company
Paramount's Great America     Tiffany and Co
Parti Palooza                 Tilly's Inc
Pasta Pomodoro                Dan Tingley & Andrea
Pavlo's Pizza                 Rose Tishler & Kazan
Pearl Garden Restaurant       Ms. Darlene Tom
Peet's Coffee and Tea         Tommy T's
PepsiCo                       Tommy Toy's
Pet Food Express              Tootsies
Photos for Every Occasion     Tracey Prever
Piatti Restaurant             Tracy Parsons/Silpada
Picture Perfect Party         Trader Joe's
Pier 39 Limited Partnership   Uncle Yu's Szechuan
Pleasanton Hotel              Viking HomeChef
                              Cooking School
Pleasanton Playhouse          Fisherman's Wharf             Wedgewood Wedding &
Prima Ristorante              Wells Fargo Bank
Pro Smile Dental Care         Wente Vineyard
Pump It Up                    Whole Foods
Pyranee's Pets                Wild Water Adventure

Country Club Elementary School                                              81
Pyzano's Pizzeria            Winchester Mystery
Quality Nail Design          Deborah Wolfe
Remember Me                  Young's Market Company
Renouvelle                   Z Pizza
Retzlaff Vineyards           Zachary's Chicago Pizza
Richard's Arts and Crafts
Rios Lovell Winery
Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not
Ritz Camera Center
Rolls Deli Cafe and
Lucy Romero
Round Table Pizza
Round Table Pizza
RVX International
Sacramento Zoo
Bob and Ginny Saldich
San Francisco Zoo
San Jose Sharks
San Ramon Golf Club
San Ramon Marriott
San Ramon Sports
Scandia Family Center
Shear Adventures
Sierra Suites
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Skora Designs
Sleep Train Pavillion at
Southwest Airlines
Stacey's Restaurant
Steven R Czekala, DDS -
Dan Schlotter, Cover

Country Club Elementary School                         82
7-ELEVEN #14181
SAN RAMON , CA 94583-4141

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consist of traditional R&B, Rock, Disco, 80's Dance, and
Modern Top 40. The continued success of Night Fever is
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