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									Intelligent Building Management System
Enabling the Service Enterprise

Overview IBMS is a unique development platform            integration platform. They are becoming an agent for
and management system for building and facility              change by providing a foundation for new forms of
management. It is different from a conventional BMS          services. Also removing the requirement for the
system, in the way it brings together THREE KEY              multitude of expensive Building Management Systems
TECHNOLOGY FRAMEWORKS:                                       whilst drastically improving functionality and overall
                                                             performance of said systems and integrating them into
. Enterprise Application Integration                         an enhanced IT infrastructure. Furthermore, the
. Business Process Management                                implementation of client defined Business Process
. Service Portal                                             Management across the entire integrated
                                                             Electromechanical and IT Infrastructure is giving
Value Benefits of Implementing an IBMS                       residents and operators of modern properties a 21st
System                                                       century experience.

Construction:                                                Buildings today are installed with multiple proprietary
i) Operational costs are dramatically reduced,               networks for the various building management systems,
    especially energy where 10-30% savings are               and telephony and data networks. The result is complex
    possible.                                                and expensive network management issues, high
ii) More than doubling the functionality in the Control of   installation costs with limited functionality and
    Buildings and Communities.                               automation.

Post Construction:                                           IBMS solution from Eutech Cybernetics has been driven
i) Running costs dramatically reduced, especially            by two rapidly merging technologies. The multi-function
     Energy Costs where huge savings can be gained.          building automation systems that bring together
ii) Build cost-effective ecosystems that serve and           separate applications like HVAC (heating, ventilation and
     reward the clients and residents.                       air conditioning), security and access, energy, lighting,
iii) 'Business Process Management' will radically            fire and safety and the convergence of multimedia
     improve the Quality of Life of the residents.           voice, video and data services.

Intelligent Building Management Systems (IBMS) and           The bond between Eutech & Seven Seas, streamlines
Command & Control Centers (CCC) are being                    the process by using a converged IP network for
reinvented; going beyond their traditional roles as an       Building Systems and Business Systems, thus creating
a Managed Services Platform providing a Single                 One of the important developments in Internet
Management System with integrated, intelligent                 technologies is the area of Web services, which is only
functionality whilst aligning Building Systems and             just coming of age. Full implementation will bring new
Business Systems.                                              opportunities to work more collaboratively. IBMS - A Foundation for Value-                     Intelligent Buildings - Convergence of Form.
Added Services                                                 Function and Technology - as a plug and play, "out-of-
                                                               the-box solution", IBMS obviates
The strength of the Internet is that it is based on the        implementation complexity.
most commonly accepted data protocol in the world;
namely, TCP/IP. Because TCP/IP is media independent,           Also, because it provides a unified operating
optimum communication speed and cost can be chosen             environment, is easy and cost effective to
for every application. More and more applications and          operate and maintain.
systems are becoming Internet enabled.

                                                               Next Generation IBMS Technology

                                                               What differentiates

Thus, it is not surprising that the Internet is fast           The EAI Framework is quite different from
becoming the defacto enterprise network, replacing             the integration capabilities of other commercially
WANs and campus networks. This in turn, is driving             available BMS systems.
business transformation in every area of activity.
Wireless & broadband technologies are leading to a             1. Conventional BMS have a limited ability to integrate
mobile, always on Internet that will change consumer              multiple control systems through standard protocols
expectations and use dramatically, and further fuel               such as BACNet. However, because of the unique
business transformation. Hence, IBMS is evolving from    EAI works across virtually any system or
an integration platform sitting in the building to a service      application including control systems, enterprise
platform sitting at the edge of the Internet, where the           business applications and transaction based
IBMS functionality is delivered as a service. The Internet        systems.
enables the delivery of new types of services that exploit
the ability to aggregate, consolidate and streamline           2.' EAI Framework is object-oriented (not
processes, services and systems across multiple                   Tag based as most BMS systems, including EBI).
buildings, people and geographic locations. Also, real-           The Framework provides the ability to create an
time information from any site can be captured                    integrated application structure/middleware of
instantaneously and turned into actionable business               hierarchical components (Application Objects) using
intelligence.                                                     object-oriented workflow methodology.
  Business Asset Management
 The          TM
                               family of product
                                     Facility Office
    Facility Office                                                      Facility Booking              personal ISCADA             Space Manager

                                    FacilityOf fice                               Facility                  personal                  Space
  FacilityOf fice                                                                                                                    Manager
                                       (.com)                                     Booking                    SCADA

    Enhance qualit y of             Manage distributed                      Streamlining and              Implement SCADA            Take Facilities
  ser vice by streamlining          assets and ser vices                        regulate the             projects in nex t to on   Management to the
  and regulating ser vice           centrally, using this                 utilization of facilities,      time, with this true        nex t level by
   operations, using this           power ful web-based                        using this user           drag-and-drop, click-      enhancing it with
   power ful groupware                groupware tool                       friendly web based           and-build rapid SCADA         visualization
            tool                                                                    tool               application development         capabilities

Other distinctive features of the EAI                                           Tools and Utilities
Framework include the following.
                                                                                            The BPM Framework includes tools and
1. Global application changes can be propagated from                                        functions that enable greater agility in change
   Application Object templates.                                                            management and provides business visibility in
                                                                                            operations and maintenance. These include:
2. It is possible to configure objects centrally while run
   time processing can be distributed.                                                      Event Recognition - provides the ability to recognize and
                                                                                            report events.
3. An Application - Level Security Gateway enables the                                      Process Initiation - the system can be initiated by
   isolation of subsystems and applications within a                                        events, which could be derived from a subsystem, user
   private network, behind a router and firewall so that                                    or process scheduler.
   no public IP address is exposed.                                                         Process Tracking - can be tracked by the process
4. Application Objects can be configured to build                                           System Association - ability to build relationships
   relationships between disparate applications and                                         between applications and subsystems.
   subsystems enabling condition-based/event-based                                          Exception Reporting - ability to recognize exceptions
   management of processes.                                                                 and provides reports.
                                                                                            Process Modeling - ability to model and simulate
                Service Portal
                                                         Delivers end-user services
                                                                                            business processes.
                                                        Defines and manages
                                                                                            Generating Statistics - ability to generate statistics
        Business Process Management                     business processes
                                                                                            relating to the process including KPIs and process
                                                        Enables Subsystem /
      Object -Oriented Middleware for
                                                        Application Integration             exceptions.
   Subsystem and Application Integration           EAI
                                                   Frame through Application Objects
                                                        Protects Subsystems and
     Application-Level Security Gateway                 Applications

  Building     Security and
 Automation   Access Control            Car Park
  System         System
      Service Portal - Delivering Information and Services to End Users

The fundamental capability and framework that other                  consolidate and aggregate information as you move
commercial BMS systems such as EBI do not have is a                  up the tree.
Service Portal Framework for Service Delivery. A Service
Portal provides a single point through which end users,            4. Search Tool - search engine for information retrieval.
such as service technicians, building managers and
tenants, can access applications and services.                     5. KPI - provides a set of report templates and charts.

Service Portal Benefits                                            6. Two Way SMS, PDA / Handheld Devices - manages
                                                                      communication between applications and users
The Service Portal Framework provides the                  through remote devices.
following capabilities and components for implementing
Service Portal solutions.                                          7. Framelet - enables third party applications to be
                                                                      managed and displayed within the Dashboard.
1. Central User Management - enables user profile
   configuration and application access authentication -           8. API for third party application - enables integration to
   for controlling access across applications and plug-in             third-party applications.
                                                                   iViva. works IBMS - Enabling the Centralized Management of Services

2. User Configurable Personal Dashboard - presents a
   customized snapshot of facility information for each
   user.                                                                                                         Concierge      Multimedia
                                                                                                          Document                       IT and
                                                                                      Cetralized          managing                      Physical
                                                                                   Service Provider      and archiving                  Security
3. Workplace - enables the arrangement of all enterprise                                                    Property
                                                                                                           Management                  and Facility
   assets within a hierarchical tree structure. Users can                                                                Audio-Video

   be given rights to operate a specific part (one branch
   or more) of the tree. It is possible to automatically

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