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									                                                                  NWHPEC Board Meeting
                                                          February 25, 2010 at Columbia Machine
                              In Attendance: Elizabeth King, Bryan Goodman, Kyle Stavig, Charlie Lake, Brett Gantz, Julie Hatten

Financial Update (Dale):                                                           Mfg. Workforce Strategy Update (Charlie):
-Elizabeth updated the Board on the tax audit issue stating that it is mostly      -The final report has been resubmitted with suggested changes to
resolved with the State stating they made a mistake. Kim’s situation is            CCWD.
currently under review again, as we may not have had to make any changes.          -The Workforce Strategy is in the hands of the OWIB now. The OWIB
-Charges from Stoel-Reeves are expected to be around $7500. The Board              will start the bid process for the required work for 2010.
unanimously agreed that NWHPEC should cover this expense, not ESCO.                -OMWS Accomplishments:
                                                                                             -Formation of consortia. HiDEC, MWHPEC, and the EV-HPEC
Event Updates (Julie):                                                                       are all doing very well and are an excellent resource for the
Learning Tours: We have 11 Learning Tours currently scheduled with two                       State to tap into.
companies indicating they also want to host! At this point, Julie doesn’t have               -Work with the Community Colleges to collaborate on
any concerns regarding not having enough demand to attend Learning                           translatable and transferable curriculum
                                                                                             -Overall, the Lean lexicon in the State has been strengthened
Training Classes: As Julie is meeting with the membership, training needs
                                                                                   -Charlie will likely be in the Mfg. Industry Committee, lead by Mark
are documented, but no companies are requesting to host training classes at
                                                                                   Lewis from the OWIB
this point. Julie and Amy talk on a weekly basis and Julie keeps Amy
apprised of her meetings and potential interest.
                                                                                   Old Business:
 Pascal Dennis: Strategy Deployment Executive Forum, scheduled for May
14th at Con-way. Julie and Dale are working with Pascal on course content          Backup Training Service Provider: After some discussion, the Board
and Julie will announce to the membership by the end of the week of March          agreed that we should have several training providers identified to pull
1st.                                                                               upon, if needed. Learn-Lead-Teach is our primary service provider and
                                                                                   we will continue to work with them until demand exceeds their capacity.
 Improvement Kata SIG & Rother: The I.K. SIG meet for the 1st time on              When this happens, we will review the identified training service
Feb. 24th for an excellent meeting. Their plan is to meet again mid-March.         providers, look for fit and their willingness and ability to meet our needs,
Mike Rother is delivering the Toyota Kata Workshop for the MWHPEC March            references, etc and make selections at that time. No other action is
30th – April 1st and he is available to work with this group on April 2nd. Julie   needed now.
is awaiting confirmation from the SIG companies they will pick up Mike’s fee
and will update the Board on this.                                                 Open Board Director Seat: The Board discussed the list of names
                                                                                   brainstormed during our last Board meeting and chose to move forward
                                                                                   with two names. Kyle offered to join Julie at the introductory meetings
                                                                                   to discuss the Board opportunity and help identify which of the two
Next Board Meeting: March 25th from noon – 2:00pm via telecom.                     names will be the best fit, has the passion, and wants to do this work.
Dial: 800-531-3250          Conf. ID: 3928041                                      Julie and Kyle will update the Board with their recommendation at
                                                                                   the next Board meeting.
                                                            NWHPEC Board Meeting Telecom

New Business:                                                                     New Business:
Genie Industries Proposal: Julie presented a proposal from Genie                  AME Affiliate Program: Julie was recently contacted by Keith Syberg
Industries. Genie has a need to send their Workshop Leaders to companies          regarding AME exploring an Affiliate program and if NWHPEC would
outside of Genie to increase their experience. Genie proposed to send one         have any interest in being an affiliate. While nothing is concrete, Keith
of their Workshop Leaders to a NWHPEC member to help them run internal            suggested that NWHPEC members would gain access to AME Connect,
Kaizen events, using the Genie model at a cost to the host company of travel      potentially receive discounts into regional workshops, NWHPEC
expenses. In return, NWHPEC would provide Genie with 2 seats in any               members would have a national group to benchmark, and AME would
Executive Forum Workshop at no cost and provide NWHPEC members                    put NWHPEC’s website link on their website. In return, NWHPEC could
access to participating in Genie’s week long Kaizen Events at a cost of $400      guarantee that a certain number of members are also AME members or
per person.                                                                       possibly have a certain number of Corporate AME members and
The Board had several concerns with this proposal, such as providing              NWHPEC would put AME’s website link on our website. Because Julie
facilitation that is consistent and has continuity with what we’ve provided in    sits on the W. Region Board, our members are already offered reduced
the past with Amy, fit of the Genie person, aka, you never know how anyone        rate into local AME workshops, Julie feels like our benchmarking ability
will fit, the fact that our consortium is starting to move away from the Kaizen   is already strong with 46 member companies who are local, and doesn’t
mentality and is more about daily C.I., leadership, and strategy, and this plan   feel that putting our website link on AME’s website would provide any
could take away work from Amy, who we need to keep engaged in                     value to the consortium members. Elizabeth King would like to discuss
NWHPEC.                                                                           this further with Mark Lewis, who is on AME’s National Board and may
As a counter proposal, the Board suggested offering to help Genie start a         have more insight into this. Elizabeth has the action to report back to
local consortium, where they could potentially meet their need for sending        the Board.
their Workshop Leaders to other companies locally. We would volunteer to
facilitate an initial meeting with interested companies (Julie & Charlie road
trip); up to four Genie people can attend any of our one-day Executive
Forum’s at our member rate, more people can attend if seats are available;
and we would ask for access for two NWHPEC members to attend one week
long Genie Kaizen/quarter at a fee of $400 per person. Julie has a telecom
scheduled with Genie during the first week of March and will update the
Board at the next meeting.
LEI Transformational Leadership Program: LEI offered one free seat to
NWHPEC in this program, which Aaron Brown from Con-way attended. The
feedback about the program was excellent and Aaron felt it would bring high
value to NWHPEC. Julie met with Tom Foco to discuss the possibility of
bringing this workshop to NWHPEC: 2 days, 8 people, $24000. Even though
Tom asked for a proposal from NWHPEC, the Board felt the gap was so
large between what we would propose, that we are going to decline this
opportunity for 2010. The Board discussed potentially holding some type of
Lean Leadership workshop for top executives in the future, but not at this                                                                   Page 2
time. Julie will communicate this outcome to Tom.

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