Guitar Solo Scale

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  Guitar Solo Scale

  Minor Pentatonic Scale – An Effective Guitar Solo Scale to Learn

  The minor pentatonic scale is an effective guitar solo scale to learn that you can always learn to
  make guitar soloing a wonderful experience. Most of the beginners while learning to create
  guitar solos start by first by learning this awesome scale. However, the problem lies in the fact
that they only learn to just use the scale in their solos. They do not make an effort to learn the
minor pentatonic scale to its full potential. This article portrays the uniqueness and beauty of this
scale in terms of guitar solos along with other three commonly used chords - minor, major and
dominant 7th chords.

Minor chords

Using the minor pentatonic scale along with the minor chords is relatively easy. You only have
to use the minor pentatonic of those chords you are choosing to play. For, instance when you are
playing E minor chord you need to use E minor pentatonic. Quite similarly, when you are
playing D minor chord you have to play D minor pentatonic.

Major chords

Major chords in general always have a relative minor chord. So, the easiest way of locating
which is the relative minor chord of a major chord is sorted out by simply taking a note that is
three frets below the original note of the concerned major chord. For instance, for locating the
relative minor chord of G major chord you need to take the note three frets below the original
note of the G major chord. On doing so, you will find that the relative minor chord for G major
chord is E. Using the similar technique you can find the relative minor chord of C and F major
chords as well.

Dominant 7th Chords

When it comes using minor pentatonic scale along with the Dominant 7th Chords you have a
couple of choices. You can either use the minor pentatonic scale a tone below the root of the
dom7 chord or employ the relative minor pentatonic of the chord. For instance, for G7 you can
either opt to use the D minor pentatonic or use E minor pentatonic, which is the relative minor of

The above techniques that have been mentioned for guitar soloing over chords are quite useful
and effective enough. So just master the guitar solo scale and see the difference for yourself!

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