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Guitar Solo Licks


Guitar Solo Licks

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  Guitar Solo Licks

  Ways to Enhance Playing Guitar Solo Licks

  It is a common practice of the professional solo guitarists to include guitar solo licks in few lines of their
  solo. These licks that they play are quite effective in mesmerizing the audiences. Besides, it also speaks
  volumes about his/her style of playing acoustic guitar. Learning to play guitar licks properly will assist
  you in enhancing your solo performances to a great extent.
Important lessons to learn before learning licks

Mastering the kill of playing solo licks is not an easy task. Before learning to play licks you need to know
all the possible scales that can be played on the major keys. Further, you also need to know about the
pentatonic scales. Pentatonic scales are used in most of the guitar solos. Only when you are able to
understand these concepts, learning to play lead guitar licks will not be a difficult task any more.

Another important aspect that you need to learn before mastering to play the licks is locating the key of
a particular song. Locating the key of your solo will help you in playing effective licks that will get you
audience appraisal and acknowledgment.

Learning all these lessons will require some time. So, you need to have a lot of patience and at the same
time you need to practice your guitar solos regularly to achieve your goal of playing solo licks

Blues Scale

The Blues scale is one of the most important scales that are frequently used in playing lead guitar licks
on an acoustic guitar. As such you need to master this technique. Try practicing this scale backward and
forward by using the alternative picking techniques. Trying different ways to play this scale, will give a
variety to your playing style. The more you practice solo licks combinations, the more unique and
original your playing style will be!
So do consider these important suggestions quite seriously if you really want to play guitar solo licks
effectively. Just improvise on these tips that have been mentioned above and observe the difference in

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