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									MSc thesis research
Annex 4 Overview of MSc students involved in demand led research
No           Student            University                         MSC Thesis Title                               Field of Study             Advisor
1.    Ephrem Assefa             Addis Ababa    Impact Assessment Of Rainwater Harvesting Technologies:         Natural Resources and      Berhanu
                                               The case of Atsbi PLS, Tigray                                   Environmental
2     Belete Anteneh            Hawassa        Studies on cattle milk and meat production in Fogera woreda:    Dairy Sciences             Azage/Berhanu
                                               production system, constraints and opportunities for
3     Rebeka Amaha              Addis Ababa    Impact of rainwater harvesting Ponds: A case study in Alaba     Natural Resources and      Berhanu
                                               Woreda                                                          Environmental
3     Rehima Mussema            Haramaya       Analysis of Red Pepper Marketing Chains: The case of Alaba      Agricultural Marketing     Dirk Berhanu
                                               and Siltie, Ethiopia
4     Kindie Aysheshum          Haramaya       Sesame Market Chain Analysis: The Case of Metema Woreda         Agricultural marketing     Dirk /Berhanu
5     Demeke Tilahun            Haramaya       Performance of Coffee Farmer’s Marketing Cooperatives and       Agricultural marketing     Dirk /Berhanu
                                               Member’s Satisfaction in Dale Woreda, South Ethiopia
6     Kedija Huseen             Haramaya       Characterization of milk production system and opportunity to   Animal Production          Azage/Berhanu
                                               market orientation: case study of Mieso woreda
7     Ousman Surur              Haramaya       Effectiveness of Agricultural Development Training Program:     Agricultural Extension &   Ranjitha
                                               The cases of Teff and Livestock Farmers of Alaba Woreda,        Rural Development
                                               Southern Ethiopia
8     Endeshaw Asefa             Hawassa       Assessment of production systems and marketing of meat          Animal Production          Azage/Berhanu
                                               goats in Dale Woreda
9     Tsedeke Kocho              Hawassa       Production, marketing system and performance potential of       Animal Production          Azage/Berhanu
                                               sheep in Alaba Woreda, Southern Ethiopia
10    Binyam Kassa               Hawassa       Dairy production, processing and marketing systems and          Dairy Science              Azage/Berhanu
                                               quality of milk and butter in Alaba-Wollaita milkshed
11    Sintayehu Yigrem Mersha    Hawassa       Dairy production systems, marketing channels, challenges and    Dairy Science              Azage/Berhanu
                                               opportunities: The case of Shashemene-Dilla Milkshed,
                                               Southern Ethiopia
12    Tsefaye Mengiste           Hawassa       Characterization of cattle production systems, processing and   Dairy Science              Azage/Berhanu
                                        marketing of dairy and meat products in Metema Woreda,
                                        Amhara Region
13   Mekonnen G/Egziabher    Hawassa    A study on poultry production and marketing in Dale Woreda,     Animal Production        Tadelle
                                        Southern Region
14   Bogale Kibret           Haramaya   A study on poultry production system, performance of local      Animal Breeding          Tadelle
                                        chicken ecotypes and market linkages in Fogera Woreda,
                                        Amhara Region
15   Daniel Tewodros         Haramaya   Cattle production systems and off take by export abattoirs in   Animal Production        Azage/Berhanu
16   Bekele Kerebih Kassa    Haramaya   The Performance of Livestock and Meat Marketing System in       Agri Economics           Berhanu/Teressa
17   Tesfaye Desalew         Haramaya   Characterization of Rangeland Resources, Utilization            Animal Science/Range     Azage
                                        Practices, Condition, and Quality and Opportunities for         Ecology and
                                        Developing Livestock Feed Resources in Metema District of       Management
                                        North Gonder Zone, Ethiopia
18   Jamal Kuru Mama         Haramaya   Knowledge flows and constraints of extension in reaching out    Agricultural Extension   Ranjitha
                                        to women
19   Ahimed Yuya Hibro       Haramaya   Market chain analysis of small ruminants, cattle and camels     Agricultural Economics   Berhanu
                                        production in Mieso
20   Abay Aklilu             Haramaya   Market chain analysis of vegetables production in Fogera        Agricultural Economics   Berhanu
21   Bosea Tegegne Delele    Haramaya   Market chain analysis of cotton production in Metema            Agricultural Economics
22   Daniel Tadesse          Haramaya   Access and Utilization of Agricultural Knowledge and            Agricultural Extension   Berhanu
                                        Information by Resettler Farming Households: case of Metema
                                        Woreda, North Gondar, Ethiopia
23   Assefa Abebe            Haramaya   Market chain analysis of honey production in Atsbi              Agricultural Economics
24   Adugna Gesesse Tekka    Haramaya   Market chain analysis of vegetables and fruit production in     Agricultural Economics   Berhanu
25   Hailay Berhane          Haramaya   Water use efficiency for horticultural crops production in      Natural Resources
                                        Atsbi                                                           Management
26   Tewodros Gebremedhin    Haramaya   Market chain analysis of small ruminants production in Atsbi    Agricultural Economics   Berhanu
                                        and Almata
27   Habte Gebre Wolde       Haramaya   Market chain analysis of small ruminants production in Alaba    Agricultural Marketing   Berhanu
                                        and Dale
28   Derebe Kaske Katcharo   Haramaya   Agricultural Information Networks of Farm Women and Role        Agricultural Extension   Ranjitha
                                        of Agricultural Extension: The case of Dale Woreda, Southern
                                        Nations, Nationalities & Peoples’ Region (SNNPR)
29   Rahmeto Negash         Haramaya   Determinants of the adoption of improved haricot bean           Agricultural Extension    Ranjitha
                                       package in Alaba special woreda
30   Mohammed Urgessa       Haramaya   Market chain analysis of teff and wheat production in Alaba     Agricultural Economics    Berhanu
New Students - Research support only
31   Zeleke Aged            Haramaya   Market chain analysis of haricot bean production                Agricultural Economics    Berhanu
                                                                                                       (Federal MoARD)
32   Zelalem Tamirat        Haramaya   Adoption of small ruminants fattening packages by               Agricultural Extension    Ranjitha
                                       agropastoralists in Mieso woreda, East Oromia Zone              ( Kombolcha TVET)
33   Addis Haramayahu       Haramaya   Dairy Extension and Adoption of Dairy Package in Fogera         Agricultural Extension,   Ranjitha
                                       Woreda of South Gondar Zone, Amhara Region                      Bench Maji Zone,
34   Workneh Abebe          Haramaya   Determinants of adoption of improved box hive in Atsbi          Agricultural Extension,   Ranjitha
                                       district of eastern zone, Tigray Region                         EIAR, Holetta,
35   Woldemichael Someno*   Haramaya   Market chain analysis of dairy production in Shashemene-        Agricultural Economics    Berhanu
                                       Dilla milkshed
36   Abdulhady Haji         Haramaya   Market chain analysis of teff and wheat production in Ada’a     Agricultural Economics    Berhanu
37   Atinkut Lule           Haramaya   Market chain analysis of fruits in Dale                         Agricultural Economics    Berhanu
38   Yeshitila Admassu      Haramaya   Efficiency of Livestock Feed Resources Utilization and Forage   Animal Science, Alagea    Azage
                                       Development in Alaba Woreda, Southern Ethiopia                  TVET

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