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  Guitar Solo Backing Tracks

  Enhance your Guitar Playing Skills with Guitar Solo Backing Tracks

  Guitar solo backing tracks are one of the gifts of modern technology to music lovers. Backing
  tracks are basically audio tracks that you can use in your guitar practice sessions. You can either
  download these wonderful tracks from the internet or you can purchase them from any music
store. If you are seriously considering of pursuing your career as a solo guitarist then you need
practice daily. Sometimes your practice sessions can seem boring and monotonous.
Incorporating backing tracks can make your practice sessions a fruitful and wonderful

Importance of backing tracks in your practice

Backing tracks generally have background music and are devoid of any vocalist and lead
guitarists. Whatever riffs and guitar techniques that you learn from online tutorials, DVDs, CDs,
etc., you can practice them with these backing tracks. Initially you may find it difficult to
practices with these tracks; but gradually you will get quite used to it. It’s just a matter of
practicing regularly. It may so happen that you may completely lose interest in these tracks but
do not stop practicing them. Once you get used to them you will discover how useful they are in
honing your guitar playing skills.

Backing tracks are quite suitable for practicing several important guitar techniques which include
pentatonic scales, Hammering-ons, Spider walking, Tapping, Palm muting, Pulling-off, sliding
and so on. These tracks are also effective for improving other important aspects of guitar playing
such as timing, guitar phrasing, etc.

Moreover, backing tracks can also be used as a metronome. You can use them quite effectively
for tuning your acoustic guitars.

Substitutes for your jamming friends

Backing tracks are also referred to as "jam tracks". This is due to the fact that whenever you are
alone and have no friends to jam with you can use them for jamming. You no longer have to
depend on your band members or friends for jamming. Further, with guitar solo backing tracks
you can jam anytime you want and at a suitable place of your choice. So, do use these awesome
tracks and keep reaping the rewards!

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