Background                                                 Kodak has taken a number of initiatives to venture        a retail distribution network of photofinishing labs,
                                                                                                                                                                                Kodak India Limited: AT A GLANCE
Eastman Kodak USA is one of the largest imaging            into the retailing side of business and has penetrated    general stores etc. It has taken fresh initiatives like:
                                                                                                                                                                                • Largest image manufacturing company in the
products manufacturing companies in the world.             the market in an efficient manner. The retail venture     • Kodak Express venture was started in 1990. These
                                                           of Kodak is called Kodak Express. This arrangement                                                                      world, 63,900 employees and US$ 13.3 billion
Headquartered in Rochester, it has manufacturing                                                                       outlets have been opened in more than 300
                                                           is similar to a franchise agreement between Kodak                                                                       in revenues.
operations spread across Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the                                                                   metros and mini-metros of India and are targeted
United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and the         and the retailer. Kodak Express is the world’s largest                                                               • In India – holds 60 per cent of the camera
                                                                                                                       at amateur photographers.
USA. Kodak products are marketed by subsidiary             non-food retail chain.                                                                                                  market and 47 per cent of the digital camera
                                                                                                                     • Kodak PhotoShop - a branded neighbourhood
companies to people in more than 150 countries. It                                                                                                                                 market
                                                                                                                       studio-store also for the amateur customer.
had a turnover of US$ 13.3 billion in 2003 and it          Factors for Success                                                                                                  • Diverse portfolio of products in the consumer
employs over 63900 people.                                                                                           • FMCG-style distribution operation for
                                                                                                                                                                                   and commercial segments and a wide
With a turnover of over US$ 250 million, Kodak             Diverse portfolio to capture the market                     photographic film, with 600 distributors taking
                                                                                                                       films to grocery, novelty, medical and lifestyle            distribution network in the country – 1300
India Ltd. is one of the largest players in the            Kodak has a wide product portfolio, which includes
                                                                                                                       stores.                                                     Kodak Express outlets in the country
photographic products industry in the country. It          films for amateur and professional photographers,
started its operations in 1913 as a subsidiary of          photographic paper and chemicals, photo-finishing         • Fotoplus retail outlets for processing and printing      • Factors for success: Bringing in the latest
Eastman Kodak USA and employs over 650 people              services, medical/X-ray films, graphic arts and             colour films in different cities.                           technology and tapping new market segments
today. Kodak India operates in consumer and                microfilming equipment. Kodak is one of the largest                                                                     like digital cameras and mobile subscribers with
commercial segments.                                       suppliers of raw stock to India’s motion picture          Leveraging the India advantage                                camera phones
• Consumer Segment: Films, Cameras and Digital             industry.                                                 to create a manufacturing hub                              • For Kodak, India is: A sourcing hub for films,
  Products.                                                                                                          Kodak manufactures colour negative films, motion              photo chemicals and cameras. A huge market
                                                           Bringing latest technology to the Indian Market
• Commercial Segment: Professional Imaging,                                                                          picture positive films, cardiology films and X-ray films   • Future plans, India: Launch new technologies,
                                                           Kodak has always brought the latest technology in
  Health Imaging, Documents and Entertainment.                                                                       at its Goa plant. Photo chemicals are manufactured            products and services
                                                           the photography world to India.
                                                                                                                     at the Malanpur plant in Madhya Pradesh. A part of
Kodak India’s sales have increased at a CAGR of            • To stay abreast with digital technology, Kodak
                                                                                                                     these photo chemicals manufactured in India are
14 per cent in the last 5 years.                             introduced Digital Cameras, additional Multimedia
                                                             kit and colour inkjet printers
Kodak is a leading player in the                                                                                     Kodak has a camera manufacturing and assembly plant
                                                           • Kodak has gone into a three-way partnership with
Indian imaging products market                                                                                       near Bangalore, which produces over four million units
                                                             Hutch and Nokia to provide value added services
                                                                                                                     per year. Around 60 - 70 percent of this centre’s
Kodak is one of the oldest players in the photographic       to their customers. The service allows Hutch
                                                                                                                     products was exported to the US, Europe, West
film and camera markets in India. Kodak has successfully     mobile subscribers with GPRS-enabled Nokia
changed the perception of photography in the minds                                                                   Asia and the Far East in 2003.
                                                             camera phones to click away and have their
of consumers from being marriage-centric to a day-           developed pictures couriered to any destination
to-day usage commodity.                                      in India within five days.                              Future Plans
Kodak has witnessed increased market penetration                                                                     • Kodak plans to launch new technologies, products
with products that have built a reputation for quality     Wide distribution and retail network                        and services targeted at consumers (amateur and
and consistent performance. Kodak is presently             Kodak distributes its products through a central            professional) and health imaging areas.
a market leader with a market share of 60 per cent         distribution centre located at Mumbai and 4 regional      • Kodak India has announced the launch of a
in the three million units camera market of India.         distribution centres located in the metros. It also has     ‘photographer-on-call-programme’ whereby
Kodak had 47 per cent market share in digital cameras      a network consisting of 27 Clearing and Forwarding          consumers can link up directly with photographers
in 2003.                                                   agents (CFA), 1,300 Kodak Express outlets, besides          accredited by Kodak by dialling a toll-free number.

                                                                                                                                                 US COMPANIES IN INDIA

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