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                                                                                         No. 16
                                    Scuba News SEPTEMBER 2006
                                                                                          No. 2

Fall General Meeting                                                           In This Issue
Another great dive season is winding down and the Fall General
Meeting of the A.S.C. will soon be upon us. This year’s meeting will           Fall General Meeting
be held on September 28th / 2006 at the Ajax Community Centre.                  2006 Dive Season
The meeting will occur between 7:00 - 9:00 pm. in the Admirals                    Scuba Courses
Room.                                                                          Weather Network Tour
                                                                                Upcoming Events
As usual, elections will occur to allow anyone interested in becoming
                                                                                   Social Scene
part of the executive. If you feel you would like to contribute or learn
                                                                                Warship Divesites
how the club is run, come on out and be nominated for a position.
                                                                                    Foto Finish
Brian Pallock, owner of Divesource, will also be attending as a guest
                                                                                   Yo Yo !...DM’s
speaker. With winter dive destinations looming, Brian will be speaking
                                                                                   Stuff For Sale
about tropical fish identification and underwater photography.

Feedback 2006                                   Ian Smith / Dive Coordinator
As we enter the final month of the 2006 scheduled dive season, many of you will be looking for-
ward to those last few dives, others are getting ready to put their gear away for the season. In
either case, I hope you enjoyed the 2006 dive season with the club.
This year, we introduced a feedback form which many of you took the time to fill out. I was not able
to dive with the club this year, so your comments and suggestions from these forms is invaluable
- for 2006, you are my eyes and ears. We can't do much about the weather, but all other feedback
is being evaluated and will be acted upon for future events.
I would like to take this time to thank all of you who assisted me in the creation of the 2006 dive
season, and offer encouragement to all members to help me design a season - with you in mind -
for 2007. Destinations, alternate accommodations, suggestions for new dates, even winter
escapes. Anything - diving related - that you can think of, is appreciated.

Upcoming Courses                                        Social Scene
Do you know someone who wants to be certi-              Everybody complains about the weather, but
fied? ... in scuba diving that is! The club is offer-   nobody does anything about it! Find out more
ing a PADI Open Water Course commencing on              inside the zany world of weather when the club
October 18th. For more information, please con-         tours the Weather Network. The tour is being
tact our Training Director, Audrey Wood.                planned for November 4th. More information                            will be forthcoming at the Fall Meeting.
                                                        On November 30th , the club is planning a
                                                        billiards night. For more information on both
                                                        events, please contact our Promotions Director,
                                                        Michiho Morii.
                   Scuba News                                                             PAGE

Events Near You
The Great Lakes Chapter Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society's annual symposium day is
on Saturday October 21, 2006 at the usual location (Canada Centre for Inland Waters, Burlington)

The title this year is 'Pearls of Diving Wisdom' ... Topics include
 - Police Diving in Ontario                               - Diving for a Living
 - PFO's (Patent Foramen Ovale) & the Bends               - Cold Water Diving
 - Diabetes & Diving                                      - Children & Diving - How Safe?

It's a full day event, with registration at 8:00. The symposium runs from 8:30 to 5:30 with lunch pro-
vided, and there is usually a wine & cheese following. This is always a very informative day, with
excellent speakers and interesting topics. It is recommended for:
         - Recreational and Tech Divers                   - Professional Divers
         - Dive Masters & Instructors                     - Diving & Hyperbaric Professionals

Contact: Ron Nishi, 416-494-4183,
Cost: $50.00 (before Oct. 6) $65.00 (after Oct. 6)

Where Do Old Warships Go?                                                 Dan Paul / Newsletter Editor
Several years ago, I wrote a series of articles chronicling the ongoing saga of various organiza-
tions trying to obtain and sink decommisioned Canadian warships as divesites in Ontario. The
fiasco went on for years and involved several Canadian warships and various committees. It also
involved a number of potential locations. After all the dust had settled, the result was that noth-
ing ended up in Ontario. As it now stands, you can dive a Canadian warship in Quebec (HMCS-
Nipigon), Nova Scotia (HMCS-Saguenay), British Columbia (HMCS-Columbia and HMCS
Chaudiere), and believe it or not, San Diego, California (HMCS-Yukon) ... but not in Ontario. So
what happened?

I have spoken to several people about it, and most recently boat captain, Ron MacDonald. The
list of problems is long but the consensus seemed to be two major things. The first problem was
that some people on the committees put their personal ambitions ahead of the project goal which
was to buy and sink a warship. When a group is not united in it’s efforts, a more organized group
will win out. (Nipigon goes to Quebec) The second problem was the usual governmental red tape
which snarled things from the Federal level (environmental concerns and limitations) all the way
down to Municipal levels (certain cities did not believe that their community would benefit in any
way). Interesting logic ... surely no town wants increased tourism revenue.

At that time I had found a statistic that stated there were over 120,000 certified scuba divers in
the Golden Horseshoe area alone. Consider the number of divers that would come from all over
(Quebec and the U.S.) to dive a huge destroyer in a place like Brockville or Kingston and I’m sure
that number would be much higher. It’s truly sad that with numbers like that, a small committee
could not get enough support from the dive community to sink a warship in one of the busiest
dive areas in the world. As we continue to dive the same wrecks again and again, and as those
wrecks slowly deteriorate, it becomes increasingly clear that losing those warships as new
divesites is a huge loss.
            Scuba News                                                     PAGE

Foto Finish                                    All Photos: Nicole Brake

                                       Thanks DM’s!
                                       With the end of each dive season, we also
                                       need to say thanks to the club’s divemasters.
                                       Our dive weekends would not operate nearly as
                                       smoothly or as safely without the tireless efforts
                                       of these people.There is a huge responsibility
                                       that goes with being a divemaster and we all
                                       appreciate your commitment. P.S. I personally
                                       hope that the tradition of the apres’ dive
                                       oranges never disappears ... Thanks Marc!

 For all your ASC information, go to ...
        The Backpage                                     Scuba Stuff For Sale
TANKS          5 tanks ... have current VIP’s for this year
               1 - Dark blue Sherwood aluminum 80’, K valve, hydro’d 04/04
               1 - Light blue Luxfer aluminum 80’, K valve, hydro’d 05/05
               1 - Yellow US Divers aluminum 80’ (SP922), K valve, hydro’d 05/05
               2 - Yellow US Divers aluminum 50’s (SP6498). J valves, both hydro’d May/06
               Pony tank: K-valve, approx 5 cu’. Out of hydro.
               Yoke and 2 bands for making twin 50’s or twin 80’s
REGS           Dacor XLE Pacer/Dacor XP Pacer 2nd stages, Dacor 1’st stage, Guages +
               Compass ... Recently serviced, good condition
               (same reg set that the club just recently retired, better guages)
               US Diver Aquarius – unbalanced 1’st stage, only one 2’nd stage, Guages
               (good for shallow water, backup reg, staging tank, tire inflator, etc)
COMPUTER       Sunnto CPU ...Currently mounted on Dacor console hose, can be wrist mounted
SUITS          Viking Sport Dry Suit, Green Upper, Blue chest/legs. Viking size 3 (will fit a diver up to 6’3")
               Open cell underwear, Recent cuffs and neck seal, heavy duty zipper, spare cuffs (new)
               A few small patches (thanks to zebra mussels), no leaks
               Bare drysuit hood + thin hood for warmer temp’s, Kevlar gloves – gaunlet style, 3 finger
               XXL coveralls – use to protect the suit if you plan to closely inspect wrecks
               Viking Dry Bag – Large
               Bare Supra Arctic Wet Suit: ML, blue/black
               Will fit a diver 165-185 lbs, 5’9’ – 6’1’
               Very warm suit. Full length John, Jacket has built-in hood
               Sherwood boots, size 9, Very good condition
               Fathom Wet Suit: Jacket and John, ML. Will fit a diver 5’9" – 6’1", 150 lbs – 175 lbs
               Blue torso, black arms, black farmer john, 3 finger gloves, Cold water hood, Fair condition
BC             SeaQuest Spectrum BC, Large. Blue/Green, Fair conditions (a bit faded), no holes/patches
               Power inflator & hose (presently attached to the Dacor reg)
               (Has holes to attach the bands used to twin up 50’s or 80’
LIGHTS         5 !! Two are good for primary dive lights, three are suitable as backup lights
WEIGHT BELTS   ... and weights: 3 belts & steel buckles, Weights ... 2 x 8 lb coated-blue, 4 x 6 lb coated-
               green (matches dry suit), 1 x 3 lb coated-green, 1 x 10 lb (used as a tank weight)
               Ankle weights: 2 sets, 3-4 lbs/set
FINS:          US Diver X-Large ‘Blades’ – Blue fins, Black foot pocket – for dry suit
               Dacor Large ‘Alpha’ – Grey foot pocket, Yellow fins US Diver full-foot fins – size 9-10
               Extra clips and straps (will fit either set of fins)
MASKS          Cressi-Sub, full face mask, USDivers, no-name
MISC           Tons of extra stuff, too numerous to mention. Main items are listed here:
               US Divers Lift bag (helpfull for lifting weight belts, anchors, boat motors, etc) Large nylon
               mesh goodie bag Dive flag & float, reel with 150’ of line Trident Reel with 150’ of line Large
               Dive Knife with sheath (leg mount)Large dive knife, chisel tip (no sheath) Spare low pressue
               hose – long, yellow, 4 Dive bags 2 nylon. 2 canvas, Strobe light, Tire inflator (attaches to
               BC inflator hose – handy item to have), Air nozzle (attaches to BC inflator hose – handy
               item to have), Tank pressure guage (saves you from digging out the whole reg set)
               ReefMaster Underwater Camera + Case (not sure if fully functional), Save-a-dive kit:
               Misc. O-rings, mouth piece, straps, plugs, adaptors, patches, tiewraps, etc
               If you want to cherry pick, then the prices will end up being higher than the package price
               Please call: Dave Brant - home: 905-509-3623 (evenings + weekends only)

ADDTNL .TANK   ... not mine: 1 x Steel 105 cu foot.
               Contact Dave Brant and I will pass your name & phone# on to the owner.