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									eJob-Room - The Online Job Portal for the Public
Employment Service Austria
The eJob-Room is the online job portal developed by the Public Employment Service
Austria (AMS) in cooperation with the Arbeitsmarktservice BetriebsgmbH & Co KG
(amsbg). Free of charge, its general purpose is to support both, job-seekers to find
vacancies and employers to find employees.

Austrian Public Employment Service                 employers’ organisations. Under the Public
                                                   Employment Service Act of July 1, 1994, the
The Austrian Public Employment Service
                                                   Labour Market Administration Authority was
(AMS) is Austria’s leading provider of labour-
                                                   spun off from the Federal Ministry of Employ-
market related services. The employees of
                                                   ment, Health und Social Affairs, and the new
AMS match candidates with job openings and
                                                   Public Employment Service AMS was set up as
assist jobseekers and companies who turn to
                                                   a service agency under public law.
them by offering advice, information, quali-
                                                   For more than 10 years the Arbeitsmarkt-
fication opportunities and financial assistance.
                                                   service BetriebsgmbH & Co KG, the leading
Within the framework of the Federal Govern-
                                                   private IT service provider in Austria
ment’s policy of full employment, the AMS
                                                   specializing in turn-key IT solutions for the
renders a major contribution to preventing
                                                   public employment services sector, is the full
and eradicating unemployment in Austria.
                                                   service IT outsourcing partner of the AMS.
Commissioned by the Federal Ministry of
                                                   amsbg is majority-owned by Siemens Busi-
Economic Affairs and Labour, the AMS
                                                   ness Services (SBS), which makes amsbg a
assumes its role as an enterprise under public
                                                   Siemens Group company.
law in close cooperation with labour and
The Project
                                                    •   A self-acting data matching with
Making the most of internet services, the               national and international placement-
eJob-Room is a web-solution that is                     data-bases allows to obtain quick and
integrated into the existing job-matching               up-to-date data
process of the AMS. Companies can select            •   Technical interfaces to local job
from a large pool of job seekers and place              agencies and to the international
advertisements for vacant positions. A person           EURES database
looking for a job can choose from numerous,         •   High level of data accuracy since users
even international positions and establish              can update their entries themselves
contact immediately via E-Mail.                     •   A text messaging service via mobile
                                                        phones or e-mail provides applicants
eGovernment Award                                       the immediate information about a
The application was honored in 2001 by the              new match and allows for prompt
eGovernment Award as one of the best                    application
eGovernment projects in Europe.                     •   The communication via personal mail
                                                        boxes accelerates the placement
Highlights                                              process, enables data protection, and
   • Access to the latest information allows            protects the privacy of the users
       for top data accuracy and shortens the
       matching process

Contact:                                        Arbeitsmarktservice
Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich                  BetriebsgmbH & Co KG
Bundesgeschäftsstelle                           Hofmühlgasse 3-5
Dr. Annelise Burgstaller                        A-1060 Vienna
Treustraße 35-43                                Austria
A-1200 Vienna                                   Dipl. Inf. (FH) Robert Schuld
Austria                                         Phone: (+43 1) 599 05-9170
Phone: (+43 1) 331 78-301                       Fax: (+43 1) 599 05-9105
Fax: (+43 1) 331 78-130                         E-mail: robert.schuld@amsbg.at
E-mail: annelise.burgstaller@ams.at             www.amsbg.com

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