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					PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution
, A Mega Job portal for India and designed for India gets into Beta Version

       By Sanket,
       Dated: Feb 01, 2007, since launch in mid Jan 2007, with a very minimal marketing done has more than 200
       software companies posting jobs, More than 1000 visitors a day, About 1500 resumes already registered,
       and 8000 plus applicatios processed. (INDIA, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi)
        Jober is a new free service which is helpful for employers (companies), employees as well as job seekers.
       Jober is made free to make sure it has all the jobs available online which otherwise cannot make it on the
       leading portals in India as they are very costly for the companies to post jobs.

        Why another job site in Indian Market?
        There are many "Me -Too" job portals in India copying a concept from US and somehow they are working
       fine too, but are they the real need of India or Indian environment is a big question. So here is our attempt
       with Jober to try to give Indian audience something which we have found could be useful after doing many
       surveys both companies as well as candidate. Interestingly we have found that employees too play an
       important role in hiring and we think we would be 1st to offer a solution to them too. In additional to
       simplifying the process of applying for a job online we think we should be well ahead other portals as we
       have identified and solved peculiar to India context.

        What’s different about Jober compared to other leading job portals?
        Jober is FREE for all!, not just that job posting, applying to the job is made very easy with Jober. Jober
       also offers a unique service to employees of the companies to post the job and get resumes for the same.
       Events is another unique option available with the companies on Jober by which companies can post their
       future events on te Jober calendar which is available for the job seekers worldwide!

        In India copying US portals models though working so far is not a perfect solution, example models like
       referral, walk-in, campus events by companies, etc are not so common in US recruitment models. Indian
       companies are spending a lot in this domain too, but you will not see any good solution to manage this.
       Jober is trying to address this need too!

        Employees also play an important role in the recruitment due to referral models and Jober has given equal
       power to employees to earn resumes by posting the job alike companies/employers!

        Why is Jober free for all – Employers, job seekers as well as employees?
        Good question, here are the reasons
        1. About 50% or more jobs in India today do not see online space (internet) one of the I reasons is cost. So
       Joeber’s model gives the best option to the companies to promote their jobs online!
        2. Complex resume and job management: both for employers and job seekers the jobs and resume
       management is complex, Jober has simplified it multi-times! This is free as we have to compete in the

        About US
        A great stealth management with more than 20+ consolidated experience in both IT, Manufacturing and
       various sectors both India as well as outside India.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

Mr. Sanket, Business development and communications

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