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									                                  From India


   ISO 9001:2000 ,GMP certified
        Vertically integrated
     Manufacturer and exporter
      From Hyderabad. India
   Winner of the Best Performance Award
    2006, received from the Honourable
    Governor of A.P., India.
   VISION -Our vision is to become the most
    preferred supply partner to our customers
    worldwide and achieve sustained growth,
    through consistent delivery of innovative,
    world-class quality products.
                       Quality policy
   METROCHEM API PVT. LTD. is committed to providing the highest
    quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates to our
    customers' satisfaction, through effective implementation and
    continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

.   Quality is both a goal and a holistic, continuous process with us. Our
    Quality initiative covers Product, Operational and Environmental
    Quality with well designed plants that comply with international

. We have a comprehensive range of instruments-FTIR, Head Space Gas
   Chromatograph, Double beam U .V. Spectrophotometer, Gradient
   HPCL systems, Stability chambers etc. apart from ancillary
   instruments to implement our Quality Assurance program.
             Quality policy (contd)
   METROCHEM API is ISO 9001: 2000 certified and to further strengthen
    our value proposition to our customers, we are moving towards WHO
    GMP Certification making us a preferred global partner.

   The Management ’s vision is to establish METROCHEM API as a High
    Volume. High Quality, Customer- Centric manufacturer by
    implementing practices that translate the company ’s vision & mission
    into reality.

   The above Quality policy is achieved through measurable quality
    objectives at each function level which shall be issued under format
    MC/MR/F.19, whose compliance to the implementation will be reviewed
    in each Management Review Meeting and wherever amendments
    required, they will be made and issued. It will be ensured that the
    quality objectives are measurable and consistent with the above
    Quality policy.
              Quality Control

   The QC department comprises of an in-
    process lab and instrumentation lab with
    instruments like HPLC, GC etc. It is
    maintained by highly qualified
    and trained people and is a core
    area of our plant ensuring that the
    highest quality products are consistently
             Production Floor

   The Production floor consists of
    S.S.Reactors and Glass Lined Reactors.
    The area is provided with proper
    concealed drainage facility and all process
    facilities are performed under protective

 The utilities include Boiler (capacity 1000
  kg), chilling plant (capacity 2000 liters) and
  DM water plant (capacity 1000 liters / hr)
  and the DM water is generating
  water which meets all required
 Preventive maintenance is being followed
  as per schedule for plant and utilities
                  Ware House

   The plant is having sufficient storage facility for
    raw materials. All solid raw materials are stored
    and identified properly. Liquid raw materials are
    stored in storage tanks appropriately.
    HOUSE KEEPING-A regular house keeping
    schedule with adequate preventive maintenance
    ensures that the plant is consistently maintained
    as per GMP standards
              PRODUCT RANGE
   Our product range covers wide range of therapeutic
    segments like
    Anti ulceratives,
   Anti fungals,
   Anti thrombotics,
   Gastroprokinetics,
    Anti lipemics,
   Anti histaminics,
   Anti hypertensives, and
    Anti diabetics .
   many new molecules are in the pipe line to be introduced
    as per the present trends in the pharmaceutical industry
PELLETS- Omeprazole, Esomeprazole
 Lansoprazole, Rabeprazole, Pantoprazole,
 Dex Rabeprazole, Dex Lansorpazole,
  Itraconazole, Domperidone,
 Omeprazole (EC) & Domperidone (SR),
 Pantoprazole Sodium (EC) & Domperidone IR &
 Rabeprazole Sodium (EC) & Domperidone (SR),
 Esomeprazole Magnesium (EC) & Domperidone
 Clopedogrel. ETC
   API”s-Omeprazole - IP / BP / EP / USP, Omeprazole Sodium - BP /

   Omeprazole Magnesium – USP, Esomeprazole Magnesium
    (Trihydrate) - IP / USP/    Ph. Eur,

   Lansoprazole - USP / Ph. Eur, Rabeprazole Sodium - IHS / IP,

   Pantoprazole Sodium - USP / Ph. Eur, Dex Rabeprazole Sodium –

   DexLansoprazole – HIS, Itraconazole - BP / EP, Fluconazole - USP /
    EP /       IHS*,

   Citalopram HBr - IHS*, Telmisartan,

   Losartan Potassium*, Clopdogrel Bisulphate – USP,

   Itopride – HIS, Levocetrizine, ETC.
            KEY STRENGHTS
   Among our key strengths are our ability to
    rapidly start a backward –integration process
    enabling complete control of the intermediate
    pipeline for our API’S

   Such vertical integration further strengthens our
    ability to scale up to very high volumes of
    commercial production leading to economies of
    scale and production of consistently superior
    catering specific customer requirements/markets
                   The people
   METROCHEM API most valuable recourse is its
    people ,we are a knowledge –driven company
    with dedicated professionals in R&D, Production,
    QC,QA, Marketing, Sourcing and Finance.

   Over 500 trained people employed at
    all our plants enabling us to deliver
    consistent ,world class quality products on time
    to our customers
                       Our strength
   8 manufacturing facilities
   2 USFDA Green field projects
   2 high volume –API& Intermediate facilities
   Dedicated R&D Lab
   Custom synthesis
   Lab scale to multi ton lot-Contract manufacturing

    Our contact –,,,,
    fax: +91-40-23705088

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