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                                Teach Yourself Guitar Online Sans the Frills

There is an essential difference between quantifiable science and talent based arts. One depends
entirely on theory and knowledge and the other is completely dependant on a person’s individual
abilities and inclinations. You cannot literally teach somebody to play a musical instrument, you can just
guide him. It’s up to him to utilise this guidance and combine this with his sense of music to become a
successful player. The same goes for the guitar. Whether you teach yourself guitar online or appoint a
music teacher, most importantly you need to have an ear for music.
Learning to play the acoustic guitar is not solely about how much you know about the instrument, it’s
about how you use it to play a soulful melody. In order to play a solo piece which touches the audiences’
soul, you need to create it form your inner self. It hardly matters how knowledgeable you are about the
keys, notes and scales. What matters is how you use it to create pure melody. The most heart wrenching
pieces on the guitar have been created from as few as four to five notes. So, the theoretical knowledge
is really not that important.

These online courses advice you not to get into too much theory as this could bog you down completely.
They ask you to start playing as soon as you can. Once you learn a new concept, go ahead and
implement it in a song. Get a little creative. Try to improvise. You might not get it correct in the first
attempt. This will fuel your creativity and will help you gain control of the instrument. Once you convert
the concept in to practical tunes, they become very familiar and easy to understand.

The online courses will train you in a number of bends, licks and riffs but how you use it depends
entirely on you. Try to stick to the pentatonic scale as it is easy to implement. Try to use all your skills, to
make something entirely original. Play it with random music pieces from the television or radio, and set
the rhythm right. Set your mind on a particular genre, for instance rock, pop or jazz. With these basic
guidelines in mind set your creative self free. Listen to the music of your inner soul to create the right
sounds with your instrument.

You can make a decent attempt in teaching yourself guitar online, but it’s the musician in you that will
do the trick.

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