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									             PHADA’s Affiliate Membership Program Application
q Yes, I would like to join PHADA as an Affiliate Member for just $1000 per year.
q I would like to learn more about PHADA’s Affiliate Membership program. Please
   have a PHADA representative contact me.

Business name ______________________________________ Contact ______________________

Type of products and/or services provided ____________________________________________


City_________________________________________State___________ZipCode________________         AFFILIATE
Telephone ____________________________________ Fax ________________________________

Email address _____________________________________________________________________
Website address___________________________________________________________________           PROGRAM

     q A check in the amount of $1000 is enclosed

     Please bill my q    VISA       q    Mastercard   q   American Express

                                                                                                PHADA is opening its membership
     Account Number______________________________________________ Expiration date_________
                                                                                                   door to other stakeholders
     Print Name____________________________________ Signature____________________________
                                                                                                  in the public housing arena.

                                                                                                Become an Affiliate Member today
                    Please fill out entirely and return with payment to:                       to better connect with 1900 housing
        PHADA Membership, 511 Capitol Court, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4937                       authority executives nationwide.
        or fax to PHADA Director of Membership, Norma Bellew at 202-546-4166

       The cost of PHADA’s Affiliate Membership is just $1000 per year.
                                                                                             Public Housing Authorities Directors Association
            PUBLIC	HOUSING
Why should you become an                                                      Benefits of an Affiliate
Affiliate Member of PHADA?                                                    Membership
E xposure and access to PHADA’s exclusive membership
    At PHADA, our housing authority members are represented almost
 exclusively by the executive director. When doing business with one
                                                                              •	 Access	to	PHADA’s	password	protected	website.	
                                                                              •	 Company	listing	in	the	“Guide	to	Housing	Authority	
                                                                                 Suppliers” located on PHADA’s website.
 of PHADA’s 1900+ members, you know that you are dealing with the             •	 Company	listing	in	the	“Guide	to	Housing	Authority	
 housing authority’s key decision maker.                                         Suppliers” section of PHADA’s Membership
                                                                                 Directory, published every two years.

B   uild beneficial and lasting relationships with PHADA
    and its members by uniting under common goals
 You need to understand the issues affecting your clients and to stay
                                                                              •	 Discounted	conference	registration	rates.
                                                                              •	 Complimentary	subscription	to	PHADA’s	acclaimed	
                                                                                 bi-weekly newsletter, the Advocate.
 current on industry trends, set-backs and successes in order to better       •	 Opportunity	to	submit	speaking	and/or	seminar	
 serve them. PHADA always takes a leadership role in advocating for              proposals for PHADA’s three annual conferences.
 the interests of public housing authorities, and will keep you up-to-date
                                                                              •	 Company	listing,	including	website	address,	featured	
 through its website, bi-weekly newsletter the Advocate, other special
 publications, and conference education sessions.                                each quarter in the Advocate.
                                                                              •	 Discounted	rates	on	exhibit	booth	and	sponsorship	
                                                                                 package rates.

E ffective tools available to help you promote your
  products and services to PHADA members
                                                                              •	 Opportunity	to	submit	relevant	news-oriented	
                                                                                 articles for the Advocate (on a space available basis).
                                                                              •	 Access	to	an	online	directory	of	PHADA’s	Housing	
 Take advantage of PHADA’s “Guide to Housing Authority Suppliers”
 available on our website and in print form, three annual conferences,           Authority membership.
 trade shows, sponsorship opportunities, Advocate advertising, and
 various other platforms to market your products and services and to         The cost of PHADA’s Affiliate Membership
 create and maintain relationships with housing professionals.                          is just $1000 per year.

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