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					    Upcoming Training

   NPS Webinar Series
  Future Sessions are currently
  on hold. Check back at the
  Tribal NPS Home Page for
  updates on the status of these

                        106 Training Webcast
                         August 26, 2009
               Introduction to Section 106 of the
               Clean Water Act (CWA): Grants for
               Pollution Control Programs
              Provide introductory information on the Section
              106 program, with particular emphasis on what is
              needed to establish a water quality program that is
              eligible to receive Section 106 funding.


We will be holding a webcast introducing CWA section 106 on August 26. You may
register at EPA’s tribal training Web site.
                          Upcoming Training
            National Nonpoint Source Workshop
            Morongo Casino Resort and Spa
            Cabazon, CA
            September 29 - October 1, 2009

            Focus audience will be those tribes with more advanced 319

            programs to implement their NPS Management Program.

            Watershed-based planning concepts will also be highlighted.

                 tribalworkshop                                               10

I’m very excited to announce our first national NPS workshop for tribes. We have
had many regionally-focused workshops for many years now, but this year we have
developed a workshop for tribes w/ more advanced NPS programs. The Web site
for the workshop is now posted and includes workshop information, hotel and travel
information, a description of the field trip and the poster session and a draft agenda.
You can register and pay online for the workshop through this Web site, too. All of
the workshop information may be accessed through the tribal NPS homepage the
appears on your screen.

                             Upcoming Training

               National Nonpoint Source Workshop
               Poster Session
               Morongo Casino Resort and Spa, Cabazon, CA
               September 29 - October 1, 2009

                Posters can include any NPS-related activities. Tribes do not
                have to sign up during registration for the Workshop, we will
                be taking submissions up until the day of the poster session.


We are currently looking for tribes that would like to present a poser at the National
Tribal NPS Workshop in September. If you have a NPS-related success story to
share, a story of obstacles overcome; amazing collaborations to improve water
quality; of measured water quality improvements; or other items of interest to the
Nonpoint Source Community. Please contact us so that we can get all of the
relevant information to you.

As I mentioned before, you may have questions that arise which were unable to
answer on this Webinar. If you’re not sure of your EPA region, take a look at the
map and identify your location, so that you know which EPA Tribal NPS Coordinator
is your contact.

                 EPA Tribal NPS Coordinators

        Headquarters: Andrea Matzke       Region 6: George Craft
          202-566-1150                      214-665-6684
          matzke.andrea@epa.gov             craft.george@epa.gov
        Region 1: Beth Edwards            Region 7: Pete Davis
          617-918-1840                      913-551-7372
          edwards.beth@epa.gov              davis.peter@epa.gov
        Region 2: Rick Balla              Region 8: Mitra Jha
          212-637-3788                      303-312-6895
          balla.richard@epa.gov             jha.mitra@epa.gov
        Region 4: Yolanda Brown           Region 9: Tiffany Eastman
          404-562-9451                      eastman.tiffany@epa.gov
          brown.yolanda@epa.gov           Region 10: Krista Mendelman
        Region 5: Dan Cozza                 206-553-1571
          312-886-7252                      mendelman.krista@epa.gov

Regions 1-10 contacts are listed here. The tribal NPS homepage also has this
information available.

             Certificate of Completion

             To download a certificate for attending
                       this webinar go to:


You have now officially completed this webinar. Feel free to download the certificate
at this weblink. If you maximize your control panel, you will receive a note with this
link so that you may easily copy and paste it into your internet browser.


                          Got Questions?

                                                   Tiffany Eastman, EPA R9
Elicia Blumberg, Tetra Tech

                              Mike Bira, EPA R6

   Rodger Field, EPA R5                  Gretchen Watkins, Lac du Flambeau 16