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									                   Kaiser Permanente (KP) HealthConnect™
                            Online-Affiliate System
                         Frequently Asked Questions
                                         (September 2007)

What is KP HealthConnect Online-Affiliate?
KP HealthConnect Online-Affiliate (KP Online-Affiliate) system is a Web-based software
program allowing affiliated community providers selected access to the electronic health
records of any Kaiser Permanente member they may treat. It allows you to view patient
information and communicate with providers about your patient. This system will be
another component of Kaiser Permanente’s secure online Community Provider Portal,
found at

When will my practice be able to access KP Online-Affiliate?
We will implement KP Online-Affiliate to all of our contracted providers from late fall 2007
to early spring 2008. Each organization/practice will receive specific information about
their implementation assignment on an individual basis.

What type of information can I access with KP Online-Affiliate?
With KP Online-Affiliate, you can:

       review patient demographics
       verify insurance coverage
       view benefit information
       view a patient’s clinical information
       review and create patient referrals
       communicate with Kaiser Permanente clinicians and other administrative

What about claims information?
Access to claims information will be available in July 2008. If you currently use ePower
(Kaiser Permanente’s current electronic claims status system), you will continue to have
access to this program until July 2008.

How soon will information (consult notes, lab results, etc.) be loaded in the
Kaiser Permanente’s electronic health records primarily reflect information that has been
captured during patient encounters at Kaiser Permanente facilities. This information
includes: vitals, allergies, progress notes, lab results, radiology reports, consults and
patient histories. The system also contains results for lab tests or radiology procedures
that were ordered by a non-Kaiser Permanente provider but performed in Kaiser

KP HealthConnect Online-Affiliate FAQs                                                    1
Permanente facilities. The information is captured on a real-time basis. Any notes that
are sent to Kaiser Permanente from outside providers will be scanned in and available in
Chart Review.

As a Kaiser Permanente contracted provider, am I able to access all Kaiser
Permanete member information?
Access to patient information is based on the provider’s relationship to the patient.
PCPs have access to members on their patient panels. Specialists have access to
patients who have been referred to them. Access for hospitals and ancillary providers is
based on the provider’s need for information.

If a member changes their PCP designation and is seen by the new PCP on the
same day, will I—as the new PCP—be able to access that member’s information
as soon as the change is made?
KP Online-Affiliate has a feature called “First Access” that allows a provider access to a
patient who may not be already assigned to that provider’s panel.

How do I enter consult notes, office visit information, etc., into the system?
The clinical information available in KP Online-Affiliate is “view only.” While the system
has messaging functionality that allows providers to send electronic messages and
information to one another, providers are not able to document on the chart.

Will I be able to view eligibility information on this system?
Yes, eligibility information is on the system and there is some benefit information as well.

Do we need passwords for every staff member or is it one for the entire group?
Every person in the office that uses KP Online-Affiliate will have a separate user ID and

Is there an initial cost to use KP Online-Affiliate? Are there any monthly charges
to use the system?
If you have Internet access and the appropriate browser there is no cost to you to use
KP Online-Affiliate. There are no monthly charges to use KP Online-Affiliate.

Will Kaiser Permanente provide Online-Affiliate training?
Yes, training will be provided via a Web-based program.

Is there on-going support if we have any problems?
Yes, you can call or message us if you have any issues or questions. You can contact
Kaiser Permanente at 877-240-1433.

What are the system’s requirements?
High-speed Internet access is strongly recommended. The following browsers will
support the KP Online-Affiliate application:

       Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.x, 6.0, or 7.0 (for Microsoft Windows® platforms)
       Mozilla Firefox™ 1.5.x or higher (for Microsoft Windows platforms)
       Netscape Navigator® 8.0 (for Microsoft Windows platforms) (Note: Netscape
        Navigator 8.0 can only be run using the Firefox rendering engine.)

KP HealthConnect Online-Affiliate FAQs                                                       2
I have dial-up Internet service. Has this system been tested with dial-up
connections? KP Online-Affiliate will work with a dial-up system, however high-speed
Internet service is recommended since it is faster than traditional dial-up service.

If my system does not meet the requirements for this system, will I continue to
communicate and send referrals as I do today?
The use of KP Online-Affiliate is required for submitting referrals and receiving payment
for claims associated with Kaiser Permanente.

Since this system is required, will Kaiser Permanente provide updates,
computers, etc., so that I meet the requirements?
If any software updates are done to KP Online-Affiliate, they will be done by Kaiser
Permanente. Kaiser Permanente will not provide computers or related equipment to
contracted providers.

What messages can I share with my Kaiser Permanente patients about
KP Online-Affiliate?
    With KP Online-Affiliate, you have a seamless picture of your patient’s health
      history translates to more complete care.
    KP Online-Affiliate is a highly-secure service that is only accessible by authorized
    KP Online-Affiliate is the only such program of its kind in the health care industry
      and is part of the largest private electronic health record project in the country.
    KP Online-Affiliate allows for affiliated community providers to quickly confer with
      Kaiser Permanente providers, saving time and eliminating miscommunication.
    KP Online-Affiliate allows affiliated community providers to access vital medical
      records instantly, without waiting for the manual delivery of records. This leads to
      quicker care for patients, especially in situations where minutes count.
    Authorized providers in Kaiser Permanente-affiliated community hospitals also
      have access to these records, which is vital in emergency situations.

KP HealthConnect Online-Affiliate FAQs                                                      3

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