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					                     Affiliate Congress Attendees
                     Nashville, TN July 27 - 28, 2007

Name                        Organization

Sandy Steffy                TxOLAN – Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas New Mexico
Ric Metcalf                 TxOLAN – Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas New Mexico
Don Stanwyck                AAWW – Alpaca Assoc of Western Washington
Dan Merriell                IMPACA – Intermountain West Alpaca Assoc
Courtney Williams           Georgia Alpaca Assoc
Katy Spears                 Deep South Alpaca Connection
Karen Roberts               ASFN – Alpacas Small Farm Network
Bill Johnson                NJAC – New Jersey Alpaca Community
Greg Schneider              WABA – Willamette Valley Alpaca Community
Rick Stumpf                 MABA – Maryland Alpaca Owners
Monica Kline                MAPACA – Mid Atlantic Alpaca Assoc
Miriam Donaldson            TSN – The Suri Network
Cathy Knight                CABO – Carolina Alpaca Breeders and Owners
Kay Kemp                    SEAA – Southeastern Alpaca Assoc
Glenn Alpert                MOPACA – Midwest Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assoc
Gwen Wolff                  MOPACA – Midwest Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assoc
Bobbie Hunhoff              AROW – Alpaca Ranchers of the Northwest
Sue Ives                    VAOBA – Virginia Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assoc
Keli Howard                 VAOBA – Virginia Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assoc
Jennifer Scott              SoCALPACA - Southern California Alpaca Breeders
Carl McGill                 ABR – Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies
Pattey Bleecker             NEAOBA – New England Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assoc
Jeannie Wells               STAR – State of Texas Alpaca Ranchers
Larry Roach                 KAA – Kentucky Alpaca Assoc
Connie Roach                KAA – Kentucky Alpaca Assoc (Scribe the minutes)
Kat Medrea                  IAOBA – Illinois Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assoc
Adrian Steward              SOJAA – South Oregon Alpaca Assoc
Kathleen Cullen      PNAA – Pacific Northwest Alpaca Assoc
Jeff Neumann                CABA – Columbia Alpaca Breeders Assoc
Bruce Nelson                CALPACA – California Alpaca Breeders Assoc
John Robinson               AOK – Alpacas of Oklahoma

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                        Affiliate Congress Not In Attendance
                        Nashville, TN July 27 - 28, 2007

Jim Burbach                     AB4C – Alpaca Breeders of the Four Corners
Steve McCarthy                  EAA – Empire Alpaca Assoc
Cathy Fontaine                  EVAA – Emerald Valley Alpaca Assoc
Carol Howard                    PAOBA – Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners & Breeders Assoc

The meeting began July 27, 2007 at the Holiday Inn ,Nashville, TN . The meeting concluded July 28, 2007.
Carl McGill and Greg Schneider presided over the meeting.

Old Business

Carl ran through the results from January, 2007 meeting
     The ACEC conducts a monthly telephone conference with AOBA BOD liaison 2nd Tuesday of each
     The AOBA BOD meets via telephone conference each 3rd Tuesday
     There were some problems with getting results on discussed items
     New liaison from AOBA to Affiliate Congress is Jerry Forstner. Jerry seems to be a positive
        change to this process. The initial communication efforts did not go smoothly.
     Amy McCroskie has gotten involved and things seem to be getting accomplished
     Carl explained and other member added comments as to the organization of the AC.
             o The AC is a stand alone, independent organization, not under AOBA control or direction.
             o The ACEC is an official AOBA committee, subject to direction from AOBA BOD, and
                eligible for AOBA committee benefits such as funding.
     United we will be a stronger voice to be heard by the AOBA board
     The Affiliate Congress web page is now on the AOBA website,, per request
             o Discussion followed about who is controlling content of the AOBA AC web page
             o It was decided AC should completely control the web page content
             o It appears no one from AC is notifying AOBA about web site content
             o The ACEC should be listed as an AOBA committee on AOBA web site
             o Betty Brock is the AOBA web contact person
             o AC needs to define someone to keep the AC section on the AOBA web site updated
     Job descriptions have been written by Cathy Knight
     AOBA has appointed a membership committee with Becky Zierer as chairperson and David
        Barboza as liaison
       We, as a team, need to work on improving communications between AC & AOBA BOD, and
        share back with our affiliates.

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       The Yahoo site has been the primary method of AC communication. All agreed this was
A discussion ensured concerning how the AC liaison would interface with the AC. Greg made a motion
to include the AC liaison in the monthly teleconference, and to invite them to any other meeting
deemed appropriate by the ACEC. 2nd by Jennifer Scott, motion carried.

Carl shared that Jerry discussed how he planned to act as liaison. Jerry was not here to run our
meetings, but here to listen, and contribute where appropriate.

Greg stated he would copy Amy on all the monthly teleconference meeting notes as well as the
members .
AC members discussed increasing the number of Affiliate Congress Executive Committee members from
3 to 5. Pattey made a motion to increase the number of members to 3 with a recorder, seconded by
Larry, followed by discussion. Only eleven voted yes, the motion did not pass. A motion was made by
Bobbie Hunhoff and seconded by John Robinson, to have 2 officers and 1 recorder. This motion passed.

Greg made a motion to set up a team of 5 to redefine the job descriptions and report back to the AC,
seconded by Jennifer Scott. Motion carried. Dan Merrill, Miriam, Cathy, Adrian, Bill Johnson were
assigned to the committee.

Motion by Bill Johnson to move to goals and fiber as these are most important to our meeting, 2nd by
Greg, motion carried.

Carl then moved on to the new business concerning goals and fiber.

New Business

GOAL –Affiliate Congress establish 5 action items to present to the AOBA board on Saturday. These
items require joint cooperation between AOBA and the Affiliate Congress.

All team members suggested items for consideration:

    A.   Information sharing with affiliates
            a. Share info about what goes well at shows and with your group
    B.   Communication between AOBA members and AOBA board
    C.   Support 1st 4 items on AOBA Public Ed Growth
    D.   Prepare to support 2009 International Yr of Fibers
    E.   What all we need to do to mkt our fiber
    F.   AC help establish/promote alpaca American product industry
    G.   Mentoring new affiliates
    H.   Local/regional shows point system
            a. Include fiber/fleece/halter awards

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   I. Welcome packet to new farms cosponsored AOABA
         a. Free membership 1st yr or shows or something
   J. Break down culture of secrecy in AOBA
   K. AC to promote livestock business
   L. Clean up bylaws of AOBA
   M. AOBA membership list for purchase for marketing purposes
   N. Prohibit AOBA from releasing email list
   O. Members list on AOBA web site w/ cost
   P. Assist AOBA marketing for small, medium & large farms
   Q. Increase interest in nat’l show /Cost
   R. More detail list of budget from AOBA
   S. Build nat’l fiber herd
   T. Nat’l alpaca day
   U. Criminal background checks on AOBA officers/judges
   V. Affiliate contact on AOBA .org

The list above was reviewed with some items combined into broader topics. The new list was presented
for voting and the top five were defined.

Greg suggested that we break down in groups and brain storm on the actions needed to accomplish the
goals. We broke at 7:00 PM and re-adjourned at 8:20

Each team shared the action items to help accomplish the goals selected to present to the AOBA board
on Saturday. They are as follows:

1. Establish American Alpaca Product Industry with a livestock business model incorporating a
national fiber industry

   a) AOBA to be pro-active and establish a vision plan and develop a leadership plan
   b) Currently, too much emphasis being placed on breeding investment, not emphasizing the fiber
   c) Would like to know the fiber statistics (production capacity, processes and pricing) for every
          a. Who, what, when, where how much will they pay (market research into alpaca
   d) Information clearing house for all things fiber related Educate on livestock status so that every
      state achieves and maintains livestock status
   e) As the market changes direction matures, we need to facilitate a soft landing for production
      animal prices
   f) AOBA Show division to develop rules that reflect the commercial value of fiber

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2. Build stronger affiliate communication between affiliates & AOBA as well as mentor new affiliates

   1. Build stronger affiliates – share & mentor affiliates
   2. It was suggested affiliate Invite other affiliate members to their meetings
   3. In the affiliate section of AOBA website-identify affiliate members willing to answer questions,
      and provide guidance to other affiliates.
   4. In the affiliate section of AOBA website, have a “Good Ideas” area. Sharing what worked for
      affiliates and what did not work
   5. Affiliate information package. Send out to all affiliates
   6. Suggested a 3 year AC commitment from affiliate rep – Internal to AC.

3. Continue to enhance the transparency of information exchange in a continued spirit of openness to
include such items as budget detail
    1. AOBA financials on the AOBA Web Site including the detailed budget
    2. Timely posting committee minutes
    3. Agendas, action items topics discussed
    4. Distrust of board members feeling lack of communication
    5. Accuracy of staff communication i.e.: format ,content errors, timeliness
    6. What are the goals of AOBA board, action items and what steps are they taking
    7. This has greatly improved in the last 6 weeks.

4. Prepare to support 2009 International Year of Fibers

   1.    AOBA marketing committee add a tag line to support 2009 Fiber Year on all marketing
   2.    Display comprehensive resource guide :
                 Mills- processors
                 Weaving guilds
                 Rug guilds
                 Product manufacturers
                 How to booklets
   3.    Present fiber processing seminars
   4.    Promote alpaca products made in North American
   5.    Promote cottage industries
   6.    Student design projects are textile colleges/Universities

5. Outreach to new members who joint AOBA/new affiliates

   a)  AOBA thru membership committee w/assistance of affiliates of AC send a welcome packet
      containing the following: thank you letter, list of pertinent web sites, info on affiliates such as an
      affiliates list,
   b) Include info on ARI, AFCNA various AOBA committees, comprehensive resource guides.

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The following topics were considered but were not in the top five.
6. Members listed on AOBA web site @ no cost
7. Increase interest in National show
8. Point system for showing including fleece
9. Members use of membership list
10. Purchase of AOBA list by members with an option to opt out on info release
11. Assist AOBA with equal marketing to small/med/large farms
12. Clean up AOBA By-laws.

Carl asked if there were question we wanted to ask the AOBA board. The following questions were
defined by the AC attendees.

                        Questions /Items to discuss with AOBA BOD
    1.  Members have been told they cannot purchase names by state vs. purchase all names
    2.  What were the results of the insurance questionnaire – what actions are being taken
    3.  Explanation of back $200,000 tax payment paid by AOBA
    4.  Please discuss how show volunteers are rewarded
    5.  Update on TN/CO question re: merger
    6.  Are there umbrella insurance policies which cover affiliates – officers/BOD
    7.  Please provide S/W update / web page update
    8.  Who decides the standards for fleece criteria both on & off the animal.
    9.  National show expenses what can be done about the increased fees ?
    10. There is a concern about the length of the national show – stress on animals – separation of
        show and other events such as education and meetings
    11. What funding is available for AC or do we need to raise our own funds

Move by John Robinson to adjourn at 9:25 PM, Pattey Bleecker seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30

                               Saturday Morning Meeting

Carl called meeting to order Saturday, July 28, 2007 at 8:35 AM

Monica Klein has been named as a lobbyist for GIRCOM. She explained the need for getting the
governors of each state to sign the proclamation that has been forwarded to each affiliate. The
proclamation declares alpacas to be livestock and if signed by the governor you will have a record of this
for tax purposes. Monica suggested taking an alpaca gift to the governor as well as an alpaca that is very
friendly and approachable, to increase their sensitivity to alpacas. Texas and Oklahoma already have this
signed. It cost them some alpaca socks. AROW- Alpaca Ranchers of the Northwest, IAOBA-Illinois Alpaca

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Owners & Breeders Association, CALPACA-California Alpaca Breeders Association, KAA-Kentucky Alpaca
Association, VAOBA-Virginia Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association have it in the works to get the
proclamation signed. A sample of the proclamation can be obtained from the web site Valerie Starr, with AOBA, instructed that the web site will have information
of what is needed on your farm if you are participating in National Farm Day.

AOBA Presentation

Jerry Miller from Brown and Miller Communications, Inc spoke about commercials that will be running in
August & September to promote National Farm Day. He showed the 4 different ads they will run on
television. He suggested that each affiliate or individual can contact the cable provider and the sales
person can help with times and prices to run information about your farm or affiliate. $200 for national
morning show commercial is a less expensive way to go. AOBA broadcast quality dub can be purchased
for $50.00 to send to TV channels. Typically 8-15 runs will prompt a call and/or a sale.

Other suggestions were given such as having a poker run between farms in your area and giving away a
nice alpaca gift at the end. Buying billboard advertising space for a year, changing the ad on the
billboard several times during the year was another suggestion promoting your farms and/or affiliates.
Another idea was to put a link on your website to go to www.alpacafarmday.

AOBA will have templates for the affiliates to use. They are working on a portal to forward inquiries
from your area to your farm.

And last by not least the big news….AOBA will have a float in the Rose Bowl Parade 2009.

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Gwen Wolff and Glenn Alpert presented Fiber to Fashion Student Design Competition offered through
AOBA. A packet was given to each affiliate which contained a CD which has all of the information
needed by student/teacher to participate in the competition.

                ACTION Contributions of rovings/yarn is needed. Contact Robin Alpert
                          Sponsorship of student(s) cost $200
                          Contact teachers at colleges/universities near you

Bruce Beatty from ARI gave an update. The new ARI software is out and most of the glitches have been
worked out. They are very pleased with the improvements. The group discussed what information ARI
should track such as

               Fiber animals sold not transferred
               Crias that die after 24-48 hours or stillbirths
               Gelded animals
               Hereditary or disease problems with alpacas

                    o   ACTION Go to the ARI web site, review and update (clean up) your farm
                                        Get the message to all members of your affiliates to clean up
                                         their farm information
                                        Register animals online to enable ARI to lower the cost of
                                        Changing color to proper color information on your animal
                                         enables show registration much easier, especially when the new
                                         AOBA show software is interfaced with the ARI database.

The five AC topic teams shared with AOBA the topics and suggested direction for each of the areas, and
the AC goals for each.
   1.    Established American Alpaca Industry with livestock business model incorporating national
        fiber industry.
        Much discussion over this goal Jerry Forstner said this goal would be very, very difficult to
        Jerry discussed that this is a very, very difficult to accomplish and sees this as not workable.
        Steve Hull supports. Bill Johnson stated that we want seed to be planted for fiber. Greg stated
        the message is not getting out about what to do with fiber. Cathy stated that we need to create
        the demand, but then be able to fill the demand. Keli discussed that what the membership is
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       looking for is support from AOBA on promoting the fiber, to brand the American made product.
       Change the pyridine from alpaca lifestyle to fiber producing was discussed. John Robinson spoke
       about what we want to do is setup a subcommittee & bring forth ideas & develop plans how to
       bring forth this next step. Bring to AOBA. Amy is very open to what John R suggested.

       Glen stated on the web page it states 35% of fleece is being thrown away. It was explained that
       skirting and sorting are the problems.

       Bruce wants to change the perception so the legislature takes us seriously as a livestock
       industry. “You mean set vision & direction by the AOBA BOD, AOBA focus on plans, targets &
       goals”, David Barboza said. He stated also that AOBA give us the leadership, direction and share
       the information.

               ACTION -David Barboza summarized that he thought AOBA could work on was setting
               vision & direction, moving toward more fiber education for affiliates and new members.
       After much discussion, Amy and other board members agreed the AC and the AOBA BOD are on
       the same page. AOBA is already moving in this direction on several initiatives.

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   2. Build stronger affiliate communications between affiliates, new affiliates and AOBA

       Rick addressed this action. Putting affiliates on AOBA website would be a key step in this

       Have a list of knowledgeable people on AOBA web site for new affiliate contact and guidance.
       Also add “idea of the month” on the website with do’s or don’ts in affiliate organization and
       operation. Jerry & Steve added that the AOBA could add a workshop to teach affiliates about
       services offered by AOBA. There are usually 1-2 new affiliates per year.

       It was suggested, we need a packet to be sent to new affiliates.

       Jerry suggested AOBA bring new affiliate officers to Nashville to teach them the pitfalls what to
       do, services available from AOBA , and a workshop to teach . Steve Hull brought up not just new
       affiliates but all affiliates could use this kind of help especially as new officers are elected.

       The importance of affiliates sending current and accurate information to AOBA was emphasized.

               ACTION - Amy agreed that if the Affiliate Congress would put information together they
               would send it out. Everyone agreed it is very important to keep information up to date
               on the AOBA website.
   3. Continue to enhance the transparency of information exchange in a continued spirit of
      openness to include such items as budget detail
               There was much discussion regarding what and how much information to put on the
               web. The AC strongly suggested detail budget information be added to the web site.
               The AC raised the issue of having timely board meeting and committee minutes on the
               web site.      The BOD explained it takes 30-40 days before minutes are finalized,
               approved and ready for publication or display. After each meeting, the minutes must be
               finalized and sent to each member for review and correction. Then at the next meeting,
               the minutes are finalized and officially approved. It then takes a week or so to have
               published to the AOBA web site.
               Again the AC emphasized the important of detail information, as requested by our
               members and full disclosure as a way to build trust in the AOBA board members.

               ACTION – Jerry finally agreed to put the detailed budget & expenses on the AOBA web
               site. Gordon passed out detail budget information for the AC to review.

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                The offer was made by Jerry and Amy that if an affiliate wanted an AOBA board member
                to speak at a meeting, there is money set up in the budget for this and the board
                members welcome the opportunity to meet with the affiliates.

                The AC expressed concern about the work load of the show committee. Amy agreed
                Connie Alexander is overworked, and they have hired another person to be JTCC & JAC
                coordinator, relieving some of the work load from Connie.
                 A new AOBA board member has been selected – Tim McCarthy

    4. Prepare to support 2009 International Year of Fiber

                 ACTION – The Fiber Committee will work toward displaying a directory of fiber
                resources on the AOBA web site.

                It was stated, the AOBA marketing committee has been working on this for four months.

                David Barboza is the liaison to the fiber committee and will go through Jerry Forstner to
                the ACEC

                May want to ask the marketing chair of AOBA to join the ACEC monthly meeting

    5. Outreach to new members who join AOBA and new affiliates

        The following suggestion was made by the AC

                a) Affiliate notification when new members join AOBA

                b) Suggest alpaca sellers:

                        a. Offer to pay AOBA dues and/or affiliate dues Offer to pay other dues such as
                           Suri Network or AFCNA

                c) When someone drops out of AOBA, call to find out why

                Amy said she did not know how to do this today, but she would work on it.

        It was stated AOBA now sends a welcome letter, info on NAFD, membership directory and
        Alpaca Magazine cover and index.

Following the discussion of the top five mutual objections, the AC presented a list of discussion topics
and questions to the AOBA BOD.

                        Questions /Items to discuss with AOBA BOD

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    1. Members have been told they cannot purchase names by state vs. purchase all names

        ANSWER: You can buy membership list by state and lead list by zip code, farm & ranch guide list
        by state location. The cost is.35 cents per membership name for individuals and .30 per name
        for affiliates. The FRG is leads are .35 per name, but is only available to those who advertise in
        the FRG. This has been true since the last meeting. PA buys an ad in the farm & ranch & buys
        the leads.

    2. What were the results of the insurance questionnaire – what actions are being taken

        ANSWER: AOBA BOD members meet with insurance company but could not get reasonable
        group rates due to the diverse types of members. The AOBA BOD didn’t see any advantages for
        the members. Health insurance was the specific coverage the BOD was investigating. AOBA
        BOD asked if anyone can help them find insurance coverage for 7 employees & board members.
        AC members suggested Farm Bureau as an alternative since many members use Farm Bureau
        for their farm coverage. The question was raised, is this something the AC would like to do?

    3. Explanation of back $200,000 tax payment

        ANSWER: AOBA participates in three activities that generate profit according to the IRS
        regulations: Annual animal auction, Farm and Range Guide and Alpaca Magazine. The first two
        CPA firms utilized by AOBA did not raise nor suggest AOBA was liable for taxes on this income.
        When AOBA moved to Tennessee, a3rd accounting firm was engaged and this 3rd firm raised the
        taxable liability question. It should be noted this tax liability was not raised by the IRS, and
        therefore AOBA is in no danger of losing its tax exempt status

        Upon investigating this situation, it was determined AOBA did in fact owe this “Unrelated
        Business Income Tax” and was liable for three years taxes. In the spirit of full disclosure and
        integrity, the AOBA BOD agreed to pay the taxes.

        The AOBA BOD with the assistance of the CPA and the board attorney, have determined there
        are methods to eliminate this tax liability and are taking the proper steps to put these methods
        in place. This includes moving the fund raising activities to a Foundation.

It should be noted the Affiliates could have this same problem.

    4. Please discuss how show volunteers are rewarded_

        ANSWER: AOBA does NOT reward volunteers. The only perceived exception would be Tee
        shirts or the purchase of lunches for some volunteers. Otherwise, volunteers are considered
        volunteers who receive valuable experience for their efforts.

        Alpacas Magazine will spotlight long time volunteer, but these are committee members with
        prolonged service.

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       Carl said they buy tickets to the Rockies game & barb-b-que.

   5. Update on TN/CO question re: merger

       This is possible to create a new TN non-profit organization and merge the existing CO
       organization with the new TN one, according to the law firm. The By-laws would be exactly the
       same with the exception of the vote results necessary to amend the by-laws.

       Currently, it takes a 66% majority of all eligible members to changes the by-laws. The new by-
       laws would require a 66% majority of those voting. Both the current by-laws and the new by-
       laws would require a 30% quorum for any by-law change.

       The AOBA BOD would like to get this on a ballet before next May.

       The AOBA BOD asked the AC, how do they go about getting this accomplished? Adrian asked,
       “Is there a difference in CO & TN law regarding non-profit organizations”? THE BOD answered,
       there was no difference in the law, and the only by-law change would be the method of
       changing the by-laws, everything else would be the sane. The merger vote needs 50% majority
       of all members to pass. A quorum is still needed.

       There is a simple, clear rationale for what we are doing CO vs. TN structure per Greg.

       Bruce stated, we need to have the same message going out from AC & Affiliates & AOABA -
       same wording before the election.

       Miriam stated the need to explain to us, very clearly, why do you want to merge? And why not
       just ask for judicial relief? Miriam stated she believes judicial relief was granted previously.
       Jerry and Steve responded judicial relief was not appropriate, and is appropriate only in the case
       of insolvency.

       It was noted, a 30% response equals 1200 members to vote then 66% have to be in favor.

   6. Are there umbrella insurance policies which cover affiliates – officers/BOD

       ANSWER: NO

   7. Please provide Software update / web page update

       ANSWER: Aug 3 2007, the membership database software will be released. It will have a store,
       track items purchased, and will have improved on-line membership registration. It will come up
       new on Aug 3rd with only a very short, 10-15 minute shut down.

       Some of the benefits are:

                      Track which affiliate(s) each member belongs

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ffe84bd3-3e49-4967-83c1-b90ad8428a55.doc                                  Page 13
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                      Will be able to collect affiliate dues at the same time and also ability to renew
                       AOBA & affiliate at the same time

                      Update personal farm data. Hopefully will have a lot of benefits

                      Directory will be easier. Supposed to track information of who has served on
                       what committees etc.

       Rewriting the entire Show Division software:

                     The Empire Show, Scott Young AOBA board member, will be the beta site

                     Then in January will be ready for all shows

                     No fee to use this registration

                     Internet based - each show super will have a copy on their computer

                     Ready now for fleece show to be used.

                     Show results will be searchable by membership

   8. Who decides the standards for fleece criteria both on or off the animals

       ANSWER: Show rules committee – JTC

       The question was asked, why is not uniformity one of the most important rules since the
       industry requires uniformity? The BOAD answered, we should be patience until the new 2008
       rules are published. Cameron & Julio addressed this in the new rules

   9. National show expenses what can be done about the increased fees?

       ANSWER: Amy said they are attempting to address this question. This very question has gone
       thru committees who were asked what to do. Amy stated they think they will have some
       answers after this meeting. Everything is on the table from cutting out the dinner or just having
       h’orderves, etc…

       The issue of a Point system was discussed. Some have suggested having regional points in order
       to qualify for the national .

       The BOD asked us to question our affiliates for suggestions. Any new approach would not be in
       effect until 2009 at the earliest.

   10. There is a concern about the length of the national show – stress on animals – separation of
       show and other events such as education and meetings

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ffe84bd3-3e49-4967-83c1-b90ad8428a55.doc                                   Page 14
of 17
       Steve stated, when you don’t have animals to show, there is better attendance at the
       educational and other events. Steve suggested we ask our members if they want education
       separate from the national show. Do we want education at 2 arenas, maybe one east and one
       west? Gwen stated this would be almost impossible, to have quality speakers at two events.

       It was agreed; new breeders are a high priority for education.

   11. What funding is available for AC or do we need to raise our own funds

       Since the ACEC is an AOBA committee, the ACEC face to face meetings, like today can have
       funding. Likewise, teleconference, rooms and lunches can be budgeted. The ACEC needs to
       setup budget for this travel time and expenses and submit to AOBA BOD via the liaison.

       Affiliate grants money is a budgeted item, but whether they need it or not is a question. Most
       affiliates have sufficient money to pay all their expenses. New, start-up affiliates are the
       exception and they sometimes need grants for start up funds.

       Some of the affiliate grant money, currently budgeted around $50,000, could be redirected to
       the ACEC for approved expenses.

It was noted, Alpaca Magazine renewal rates will decrease from $50 to $39 this coming year.

After meeting with AOBA BOD, Greg reconvened the AC and members volunteered for the committees.

   1. Established American Alpaca Industry with livestock business model incorporating national
      fiber industry.
           a.   Gwen Wolff - Chairperson
           b.   Adrian Steward
           c.   Keli Howard
           d.   Cathy Knight
           e.   Kat Medrea
           f.   Karen Roberts
           g.   Sue Ives

   2. Build stronger affiliate communications between affiliates, new affiliates and AOBA
           a.   Rick Metcalf – Chairperson
           b.   Jeannie Wells
           c.   Carl McGill
           d.   Dan Merriell
           e.   Sandy Steffy
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ffe84bd3-3e49-4967-83c1-b90ad8428a55.doc                               Page 15
of 17
         f. Larry Dietch (volunteered)
   3. Continue to enhance the transparency of information exchange in a continued spirit of
      openness to include such items as budget detail
          a. Bill Johnson – Chairperson
          b. Greg Schneider
          c. Ric Stumph

   4. Prepare to support 2009 International Year of Fiber

          a.   Glenn Alpert - Chairperson
          b.   Jeff Neumann,
          c.   John Robinson
          d.   Pattey Bleecker
          e.   Jennifer Scott

   5. Outreach to new members who join AOBA and new affiliates

          a.   Miriam Donaldson
          b.   Bobbie Hunhoff
          c.   Courtney Williams
          d.   Kathleen Cullen
          e.   Bill Johnson
          f.   Larry Roach

   6. Increase the interest in the National Show and generate new excitement
          a. Katie Spears
          b. Keli Howard
          c. Bill Johnson
          d. Pattey Bleecker
          e. Dan Merriell
          f. Rick Stumpf

   7. Investigate and report back questions related to the Bylaw changes and the CO / TN merger
          a. Don Stanwyck – Chairperson
          b. Greg Schneider
          c. Bruce Nelson
          d. Sue Ives
          e. Jennifer Scott

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\ffe84bd3-3e49-4967-83c1-b90ad8428a55.doc                          Page 16
of 17
It was decided to take no action concerning the insurance committee. After much discussion, the AC
felt this was not an area where we could assist.

Miriam again raised the question of judicial relief as an alternative to the CO/TN merger issue. This
discussion, in part, resulted in the formation of committee no. 7 above.

The AC agreed all financial information should be available for the members, and agreed to ask Jerry
to post detail information on the AOBA web site. Gordon had
Cathy Knight introduced a motion to accept the job descriptions as amended by the group. Bill
Johnson seconded the motion. The changes from the submitted document are:
        1. Strike “with a minimum of”
        2. “They are elected by” on 2nd line 2nd paragraph
        3. The language suggested by Don Stanwyck concerning “If the board affiliate does not show,
            there will be no meeting…” was stricken
        4. Change the language when minutes would be ready from 72 hours to 3 business days

        After much discussion, the motion passed.

        Motion made to adjourn and seconded, and the group dismissed.

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