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					                   NCST's Technical Affiliate Scheme

1. Introduction

The National Centre for Software Technology (NCST) is a major R&D unit under
the administrative purview of the Department of Electronics.

Current areas of interest at the Centre include multi-media systems, knowledge
based computer systems, computer graphics, computer-aided design, computer
networks, client server computing, database systems, image processing, object
oriented programming, real-time systems and software engineering.

2. The Scheme

The Technical Affiliate Scheme promotes co-operation between NCST and
software      houses, manufacturers, R&D establishments and major users of
Information Technology. Institutions which have a significant interest in availing
of the Centre’s services and facilities may enrol themselves as Technical
Affiliates of NCST. The terms applicable are given in Appendix ‘A’.

The affiliates will get the following benefits:

 Twenty percent reduction in charges for the following:

      for all scheduled courses conducted by NCST (excluding the one year
       diploma courses PGDST & APGDST).

      for using NCST’s computing facilities

 The privilege of using the well-equipped lecture theatre, seminar room and
  laboratories on a payment basis, when NCST has not reserved them for
  internal work.

 Three Access Cards (for reading-access to library) and three Library Cards
  (necessary for book borrowing) offered free of charge for use in NCST
  Library. These cards would be valid, as specified by the user, for our library
  either in Mumbai or Bangalore.

 One charge-free institutional subscription to Vivek. This is a quarterly
  publication by NCST. Vivek will be mailed to the affiliate's librarian, unless
  otherwise instructed.

 Announcements of Professional Educational Programs at NCST would be
  sent to selected offices of the Technical Affiliate

All other services/facilities used by the technical affiliates will be charged at
NCST's standard rates in force. Specific projects sponsored or commissioned by
the Technical Affiliate will be carried out at mutually agreed costs, not subject to
the 20% reduction mentioned above.

Each Technical Affiliate will nominate one or two coordinators who will keep
close contact with NCST and plan all activities to be carried out under this
scheme. NCST has nominated an Officer (currently, Shri Bharat N. Desai) for
coordination from its side.      Coordinators of Technical Affiliates are also
welcome to deal directly with NCST’s Division Heads and Director. A copy of all
such communication may please be marked to “Coordinator, Technical Affiliate

3. Services and Facilities available at NCST
 i. Software development facilities at NCST, Mumbai

  The Centre has excellent software development and computing facilities

       A SUN Sparc Server 20 model 612 running Solaris 2.5 Operating
        System (at Juhu) connected to about thirty high end workstations
        comprising of Sun Sparc Classic and Sun Sparc 5 with color monitors
        connected on Ethernet network.

       An HP 9000/827S multi-user computer running HP/UX Ver 10.01 (at
        Juhu), soon to be upgraded to a HP D270 server.

       A Tata Elxsi Power Series 3200 running IRIX, Ver 5.2 at Air India
        building office of NCST at Nariman Point

       A number of NT servers.

       A number of workstations and personal computers on Centre’s network.

ii. Software development facilities at NCST, Bangalore

        Sun Sparc Server 20 Model 512 running Solaris 2.5 connected to about
         four high end workstations comprising of Sun Sparc Classic with color
         monitors connected on Ethernet network.
        DRS 6000/Krypton multi-terminal computer running UNIX SVR 4 7.3.2
        An IBM PC Server -325 and a Pentium running NT server.
        A number of workstations and personal computers on local area

Data Communication facility provide access to all NCST computers using dial-up
modems. Organisations equipped with dial-up modems and a terminal/PC would
be able to access many of NCST computers from their own offices. They would
also be able to use electronic mail to communicate with our staff and the large
community of our students and software developers.

A variety of software development tools, which would be of value to users, have
been provided on these machines.

iii. Education and Training Programmes

The different Divisions at the Centre conduct Professional Educational courses
periodically. These courses are full-time courses, each of one or two week’s
duration. The professional educational courses are mainly oriented towards
upgrading the skills and technology know-how of professionals sponsored by
their employers.

These courses are targeted towards

   computer professionals who wish to keep abreast of, and benefit from new
    technology trends in the field,
   professionals who have experience in a related field, including managers and
    engineers involved with computers, and
   professionals actively involved in research, and application development.

NCST also conducts professional education courses on request from companies
and other organisations. These special courses are conducted usually at NCST’s
premises (at Juhu, Air India Building or Bangalore) and also at times on-site in
the premises of that requesting organisation.

iv. Part Time Courses:

NCST conducts courses that provide a comprehensive training in software
technology. These are part-time courses lasting one year each. There are two
courses in this category: the Post-Graduate Diploma in Software Technology
(PGDST) and the Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Software Technology
(APGDST). The PGDST is a stand-alone foundation building course, covering
programming, data structures, algorithms, operating systems, computer
architecture, database management, computer networks, and object oriented
programming. Admission to the course is open to graduates in any discipline,
and is based on performance in the CST examination. The APGDST course is a
collection of modules of 10 weeks duration, for specialisation in software
technology. These include Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Parallel
Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Component Object Module,
Graphical User Interfaces, and Programming Paradigms etc. Admission is open
to computer science graduates (through CST examination) or those who
successfully complete the PGDST course.

Auditing Selected Course Modules:

Recognising the value of the education imparted through PGDST and APGDST
modules in specific technology areas, a number of organisations had requested
NCST to make PGDST / APGDST modules accessible to those who are not
necessarily seeking the diploma. Responding to these requests, NCST has
introduced a scheme by which computer professionals belonging to the technical
affiliate organisations of NCST can audit selected PGDST /APGDST modules.

The salient points of the auditing scheme are:

   The scheme is open only to the technical affiliates of NCST.

   The admission to a module for auditing will enable the participant to receive
    the course materials, to attend the lectures and to use the computing facilities
    that are normally provided to a regular student. At the end of the module, the
    participant is entitled to an attendance certificate provided the minimum
    attendance requirement is satisfied. The audited modules do not qualify as
    credits for the diploma.

   The admission to a module will be against the seats remaining vacant in the
    module after the regular students are admitted.

   The participant is expected to have the requisite background to attend the
    modules. The course co-ordinator, based on the applicant’s background, will
    decide whether the applicant can audit the requested module or not. In
    addition, the course co-ordinator will retain the right to refuse or to
    discontinue the admission to any auditing participant.

v. The Annual CST Examinations

NCST conducts a nation-wide examination on competence in software
technology (CST). This examination is used to select candidates for the courses
mentioned above.

The annual Competence in Software Technology Examination (CST) is
conducted at 4 levels viz. Entry (E) level, Intermediate (I) level, Diploma (D) level
and Graduate (G) level. The last CST examination was held on Sunday, January
28, 2001.

A brochure giving detailed information about the examination is available on

Database of Software Professionals.

NCST maintains a database of those certified by NCST at the post -graduate
certificate and post-graduate diploma levels, subject to their request. This
database, named DSP, also covers several thousand candidates who have done
well in the CST examination. A detailed brochure is available describing this
database and the method of using it to identify candidates for placement in
Companies. Fees payable are also listed in this brochure. A quick search of the
database can be conducted whenever required, covering many attributes,
including the following:

      age
      education
      experience
      specialisation and regional preferences
      Technical Affiliates will be exempted from the fee payable towards
       accessing the “Database of Software Professionals” Other charges will
       be applicable.

The current database can              be       viewed   on   our    web    site   at

NCST offers Technical Affiliates the option of selecting staff out of its carefully
selected participants of the one year post-graduate, part-time (PGDST)
courses. Those selected would be paid a salary by the Technical Affiliate and
would be on the Affiliate’s staff for regular work. The part-time course requires
attendance on Saturdays and Sundays, in addition to spare time work (which
could be flexibly scheduled by the person concerned, using his/her evenings and
weekends) on NCST computers. Any Technical Affiliate can request NCST, in
writing to list them in the Course brochure as an organisation interested in taking
such participants as employee.

 vi. Bibliographic Databases
Selected bibliographic databases at NCST will be accessible to users of its
computing facilities. These would be of significant value to R&D staff working in
the computer field, particularly in software. Affiliates can contact the NCST
library for the same.

vii. Access to NCST Library for staff members of the affiliated

The NCST library houses a very significant collection of books, journals and
other periodicals in all spheres of computer science and technology, worth well
over five million rupees. Staff members of Technical Affiliates will find it valuable
to have access to this source of information and knowledge. NCST keeps on
adding a large number of publications every year as its effort to maintain an
update and well equipped library.

viii. Publication

NCST publishes the following quarterly.

Vivek: a quarterly in AI.

 ix. Invitation to major lectures at NCST

The Centre organizes from time to time, lectures, seminars and conferences by
eminent speakers in the fields of computer science and related areas round the
year. Staff members of Technical Affiliates can avail of the opportunities to
attend these lectures and keep abreast of new developments in the field.

4. Scope of the Scheme

The Scheme will foster contact between NCST staff and staff of the Technical
Affiliates, and promote formal as well as informal communication between them.
However, the Scheme does not confer any rights or privileges other than those
listed in this brochure. Specifically, no commercial and/or proprietary rights over
products, inventions, copyrights and patents arising from NCST’s work or that of
its staff, are conferred on the Affiliates. Most of the facilities listed in (3) above
involve a charge. Information on charges applicable is enclosed.

Organizations interested in joint R & D, collaboration, or in sponsoring R & D at
NCST can discuss and finalize arrangements for the same outside the scope of
Technical Affiliate Scheme.

When NCST staff travel to Affiliates’ sites for work, at their request, NCST will bill
the concerned Affiliates for travel expenses incurred such as airfare and TA/DA
in case of outstation trips.

NCST reserves its right to amend the Technical Affiliate Scheme when
necessary. However, NCST will inform all the Technical Affiliates by sending
them copies of the updated brochure.

5. How to Join the Scheme

Organizations interested in joining the Technical Affiliate Scheme may please fill
up the enclosed form and send it to the Co-ordinator, Technical Affiliate scheme
at NCST, Juhu. The applicant’s Company Profile must be attached with the
application form.


Current NCST Charges for External Services

The current membership fee to be paid by the Technical Affiliate is Rs. 26,000/-
per financial year (1st April to 31st March). Each year is divided into four
quarters, and those who join the scheme in the middle of the year are required to
pay only for the remaining quarters. However, If an organization wishes to join
the Scheme in the last quarter of a year, payment should be made for five
quarters (to cover one quarter of the current year and four quarters of the
following year).

1. Consultancy:

Rs. 5,000/- per man-day to Rs. 10,000/- per man-day, depending upon the
experience of the staff member involved. Minimum billing is for a half day.
Travel and stay expenses are additional at actuals. Generally NCST staff will not
be available for consultancy on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Designation of the staff member             Rates per day per person
 Director,                                 Rs. 15,000/-
 Associate Director
 Principal Research Scientist,
 Principal Software Specialist,
 Principal IT Specialist,                  Rs, 12,000/-
 Senior Research Scientist,
 Senior Software Specialist,
 Chief Manager, SPC
 Research Scientist,
 Software Specialist,
 Senior Manager,                           Rs. 10,000/-
 Senior Staff Scientist,
 Manager, SPC
 Staff Scientist or other staff            Rs. 8,000/-

2. Library Access for Additional Members

Access Cards for reference privileges in the library can be requested at Rs.
600/- each per year.

Library borrowing Cards can be requested at Rs. 2,500/- each per year plus a
deposit of Rs. 2,000/-.       (Borrowing privileges are available to those who
produce an Access Card or a letter of authority from the Technical Co-ordinator
of that Organisation and a Library Card).

All affiliates will be offered three Access Cards and three Library Cards free of
charge, and without any deposit. Additional cards will be charged at the rates
mentioned above.

3. Periodical:

Vivek, Quarterlies.

   Libraries    - Rs. 500/- per year (mailing by Registered Post),

   Individuals - Rs. 125/- per year (mailing by Registered Post), and

                 - Rs. 100/- per year (mailing by ordinary post).

These prices are effective from Vol. 10 of Vivek.

Affiliates are offered one charge-free annual subscription to Vivek .

Accounting Practice for the Technical Affiliate Scheme

1. Entrance

Any organisation can join the Technical Affiliate Scheme at any time of the year.
The Annual Membership covers the period from the 1st of April of a given year to
the 31st March of the following year. Those who join in the middle of the
financial year will pay membership dues for the quarter in which they are joining
the scheme and for the balance quarters till the end of the year. The
membership fee for each quarter will be Rs.6, 500/- for this purpose.

2. Suspension of Membership Privileges

If membership dues or renewals have not been received from a Technical
Affiliate in time, membership privileges will be temporarily suspended. This will
be resumed on receipt of the full membership dues.

3. Lapsing of Technical Affiliate Membership

If a whole financial year lapses without payment of dues by a Technical Affiliate,
the Technical Affiliate Membership will lapse. This can then be resumed on a
payment of re-admission fee of Rs.26,000/-, in addition to the membership fees.
Membership fees will be determined by the terms (Para 1 above) applicable to a
new member.

4. Advance payment towards logins on NCST servers.

As per the policy of NCST, any user on Shakti (HP 9000/827S) / Soochak (Tata
Elxsi Power Series) will have to pay Rs.3,000/- as advance towards the usage
per login-id. Every additional login-id would need a separate advance of
Rs.3,000/- towards the usage. NCST sends monthly bills indicating the usage
and all users are required to make payments in time to keep their balances
above Rs.1,000/- or more at any point of time. Accounts having balances below
Rs.1,000/- are disabled automatically.

Application Form

    Name of the Organisation:

    Address (Head Office):

    No. of offices/branches:

    Contact Person's Name:

    (required only if different from the one above)

    Phone No.:

    Fax No.:

    Main Business activity:

    Intended use of our Technical Affiliate Scheme
    (Give a brief description)

    ( Please enclose a copy of the Company profile )