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Civics Congress Powers and Duties


What Are the Duties of Congress document sample

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                                         Powers and Duties
                                           (p. 146-155)
Answer the following:

  1. What are expressed powers?

  2. What are implied powers?

  3. Congress has the power to collect ____________ to pay for the government.

  4. ________________________bills create projects and establish how much money can be spent on them.

  5. ________________________bills actually provide the money for each program or activity.

  6. What is trade and other economic activity between the states called?

  7. The House has the sole authority to _________________, or to accuse official of misconduct in office.

  8. The Senate’s investigation of the Watergate scandal prompted _________________________ to resign.

  9. Explain the following limits on Congressional power.

         a. Writ of habeas corpus

         b. Bills of attainder

         c. Ex post facto laws

  10. What is the current annual salary for members of Congress?

  11. The ability to send job related mail without paying postage is called the _________________________.

  12. What are the duties of a congressman’s personal staff?

  13. Name three of the support agencies created to help Congress do its work?

  14. What are the three major jobs of members of Congress?

  15. What are pork-barrel projects?

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