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									                                         Wedding Day Programme of Romeo & Juliet

                           05th May 05, Stamford Ballroom, Raffles The Plaza, Singapore

Time                            Action                                       Remarks

0715          Gather at Romeo's place for            - Helper A to bunk-in at Romeo's place night before.
              breakfast coffee:                      - Helper B to drive home bridal car night before.
                                                     - Helper A to drive accompanying car: to tie ribbons
                                                     before move-out to hotel.

0745          Depart for bridal hotel: Raffles       Convoy:
              The Plaza (RTP)                        - Bridal car: Helper B, Romeo
                                                     - Helper A car: Helper A only.

0830          Be at bride's hotel room doorway.      - Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door.

0830 - 0945   Hurdle crossing, unveil the bride,     - Note noise volume, RTP has warned not to
              photo taking.                          disturb other neighbouring guests.

0945          Depart RTP for Romeo's place.          Convoy:
                                                     - Bridal car: Helper B, Romeo, Juliet
                                                     - Helper A car: Helper A, briRomeomaid, photographer
                                                     - Romeo's relatives est. 2 cars.

By 1030       Arrive Romeo's place.                  - Open bridal car door by kid at carpark.

1030 - 1245   Tea ceremony, photo taking,
              buffet lunch

1245 - 1300   Depart Romeo's place for outdoor       - Photographer
              shooting                               - Convoy: Bridal car & Helper A car.
                                                     - Others to follow optional.

1300 - 1500   Outdoor photo shoot.                   - Possible venues: Fort Canning, Botanical Garden
                                                       Bugis shop houses, Clarke / Boat Quay

1500          Check in RTP.                          - RTP concierge (x 1) to receive bride, groom &
                                                       Co. at lobby. Will stick with couple until end of
                                                     - Valet parking for bridal car (overnight).
                                                     - Helper A's car to park at carpark with complimentary

1500 - 1630   Rest & shower                          - Share bridal suite with Helper A, Helper B.

1630 - 1745   Bridal make-up in bridal suite         - Make-up hairstylist to arrive.
                                                     - Flower kids to arrive for hair-do & rehearsal.
Time                            Action                                       Remarks
1630 - 1745   Meeting with banquet floor              - Final check-thru & task tie-down amongst all players
              manager & rehearsal.
                                                      - Rehearsal: march-in, stage speech etc.
              Arranged timing with Hotel: 1715        - Check: Foyer set-up, ballroom set-up, table
              Technical sound check: 1715             arrangement, smart lights, audio, video, stage etc.
                                                      - Collect loose petals from florist.
1700          Fetch Solemniser                        - Mdm :________
                                                      - Mobile:________
              Helper A to meet at lobby to walk her
              to bridal suite upon arrival -
              approx 1845hrs
1800 - 1845   Solemnisation ceremony at               - Emcee to host.
              bridal suite                            - Buddies to attend.
                                                      - Small crowd expected (approx 15-20)
                                                      - Best man to present wedding bands.

1900          Guests arrival / cocktail reception     - Check receptionists arrival?
              at Foyer                                  Romeo's sister , Romeo's cousins
                                                      - Check female emcee arrival?


            Helper A
            Helper B
            Helper A

        Helper A, Helper B

          Romeo, Juliet
            Helper A

          Romeo, Juliet
        Helper A, Helper B

        Helper A, Helper B
Helper A, Helper B

Helper A, Helper B
   Romeo's sis

    Helper A
    Helper B

    Helper B

    Helper B

    Helper A
                                Banquet Programme of Romeo & Juliet

               05th May 05, Stamford Ballroom, Raffles The Plaza, Singapore

   Time                     Action                                   Remarks                         Task
1900 - 1945 Guests arrival / cocktail reception - Monitor and report guests arrival status.        A, Recept
            at Foyer                            - Final preparation and fine-tuning inside          B, C, A
                                                closed door ballroom.

    1930      Ballroom opens for entrance        - MTV slideshow (bridal shoot pics) & CD1            A
                                                 (tracA 01-07) commences to play repeatedly
                                                 inside ballroom.

    1945      Foyer clearance.                   - Usher all guests into ballroom to be seated.       A, B
                                                 - Reception remains till deems fit to clear.      A, Recept
                                                 - Clear reception table.                          A, Recept
                                                 - Keep ang pow box. (into bridal suite?)          A, Recept
                                                 - Consolidate parking tickets - controlled        A, Recept
                                                 - Remove all display portraits.                      A

2000 - 2015 1st entrance of bride and groom      - Emcees prompt with welcome speech.                B, C
            (proceed to stage directly to cut    - Stop MTV slideshow, play CD1 1st                   A
            cake)                                march-in song.
                                                 - Floor coordination, standby flower kids (x 2)     B, A
              Cake cutting ceremony              - Emcees prompt, CD1 cake-cutting song.            B, C, A

2030 latest   1st dinner course presentation     - CD1 presentation song (play till finished),        A
                                                 followed by CD2 / 3.
                                                 - Commence play slideshow together with              A
                                                 CD2 track 01.
                                                 - Floor coordination.                               B, A

3rd dish on   Bride and groom proceed to         - Remind bride & groom.                              B
table         change for 2nd march-in.

4th dish      2nd entrance of bride & groom      - Emcees prompt with "history" speech.              B, C
cleared frm   (proceed to stage directly for     - Pause slideshow, play CD1 2nd march-in             A
table         champagne pour)                    song.
                                                 - Floor coordination, hold 5th dish from serve.     B, A

              Champagne pouring ceremony         - Emcees prompt, CD1 champagne-pour song.          B, C, A
              followed by:
              Toasting ceremony                  - Emcees prompt, pause all audio & video.          B, C, A

5th dish      All get seated.                    - Resume slideshow & CD2 / 3.                        A
serving                                          - Serve 5th dish.                                   B, A
5th dish      Photo montage                       - Emcees prompt, play montage.                       B, C, A
cleared frm                                       - Hold 6th dish from serving, to serve once           B, A
table         followed by:                        montage finishes.
   Time                      Action                                   Remarks                           Task

6th dish      Speech by bride & groom             - Bride & groom proceed to stage.                  Romeo,Juliet

7th dish &    Table to table photography          - Resume slideshow & CD2 / 3.                           A
after                                             - Prepare guests for photo taking in table-table       A, B

Dessert       Goodbye speech                      - Pause slideshow & CD2 / 3.                            A
serving                                           - Emcees round-up, bid goodbye, goodnight,             B, C
                                                   drive safely & thank you.
                                                  - Resume slideshow & play CD1 goodbye                     A
                                                  songs after speech finishes, resume CD2 / 3

              Good night                          - Hosts to see Guests off at Foyer.                Romeo,Juliet
                                                                                                      & parents

1. A, B & C - Helpers
2. Vegetarian (2 nos) food allocation (none muslim)
3. Special wine (1 bottle) allocation.
4. Total 30 + 3 red wines expected to be delivered (12 bottles to be arranged by Des's dad)
5. Hard liquor still pending.
6. To conduct mini tea ceremony for missed out relatives in the day.
7. To control distribution of complimentary parking tickets (30%) at Reception desk during Guest arrival.
8. 1 x Baby high chair for Huang Xiuling's kid.
9. Total guests: 34 tables (guaranteed), 2 reserve tables.
10. Hotel to provide 1 x complimentary ang bao box.
11. Dressing room to be provided by Hotel near ballroom for couple change clothes.

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