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									Digital Rights Management for Mobiles

                    Jani Suomalainen

    Research Seminar on Telecommunications Business II
       Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
                Helsinki University of Technology
                          April 20th 2004
2. Introduction
   The openness of multimedia capable mobile terminals for
    content (e.g. ringtones, music and video tracks, programs,
    games) has brought the piracy problem also to mobile
    content industry

   Digital Rights Management (DRM) is provisioning and storing
    content in such a manner that use and copying is authorized
    and controlled

   This presentation will provide a survey on:
      – DRM content provisioning strategies,
      – protection means,
      – actors affecting in the DRM economy
   from mobile terminals point of view

                 Jani Suomalainen / Digital Rights Management for Mobiles / 20.4.2004
3. Content Provisioning
   OMA DRM content delivery models try to fulfil all users’
    requirements (trying not to make the use of DRM content
    more difficult than ‘free’ content):
      – basic download
      – streaming
      – sharing content between peers (super distribution)
      – using content with multiple devices (domain model)

   Wireless interface or hardware modules as delivery
    medium (wireless is the strategy used in OMA DRM)

                Jani Suomalainen / Digital Rights Management for Mobiles / 20.4.2004
4. Content and Rights
   Identifying copy righted content from ‘free’ content is one of
     the fundamental problems of DRM
   • OMA’s strategy is a separate delivery of rights and content -
     enabling diverse content delivery methods (see figure)
   • Alternatively rights could be embedded to content (e.g.
                     Content                                             Rights
                      issuer                                             issuer

                            Content                           Right
                             object                           object                    Right
   Storage      Content
                 object                                                                     Other
                                             Mobile                         Content
   Removable    Right                                                        object         Mobiles
                object                      Terminal

                 Jani Suomalainen / Digital Rights Management for Mobiles / 20.4.2004
                                                                              Means against ‘what is right’, threat
                                                                              Knowledge of distribution based
                                                                              Access to content
                                                                              Trusted Computing can beof
  5. DRM Protection                                                           pirated content: of
                                                                              of possession
                                                                              onpunishment and correct pricing
                                                                              - HW based mandatory access
                                                                                trusted hardware
                                                                              - fingerprintsnormal users from
                                                                              will prevent to Computing Group)
                                                                              control (Trusted track leakage
                                                                              - Assuring‘free’attackingthrough
                                                                              acquiring and content distributors
                                                                                encryption keys trustworthiness
                                                                                scanning terminal (CMLA for
                                                                              trusted OMA key distribution)
                                                                              (remote attestation)
                                                                              awkward ways
                                                                              - P2P poisoning, DoS attacks

               Copies from                                   Reverse-                   Copying        Darknets
                                Copies from
 Threat         transport                                     engin. /                using analog     (pirated
examples         medium                                     transform.                   means         content)

               Proactive means       Secure delivery                  Terminal                 Reactive coun-
Protective     - legislation         - trusted                        security                 ter attacks
               -ethics               hardware                         - mandatory              - legislation
               -pricing              - encryption                     access control           - hindering P2P

Provisioning        Content                                    Mobile                                Mobile
  path of           producer                                  terminal                                user
 DRM data
                        Jani Suomalainen / Digital Rights Management for Mobiles / 20.4.2004
6. Actors in the DRM Field


                                                     Want content

              Want content                   Users
                                         Want terminals without
                                         content usage restrictions
  Provides      Encourage Regulators      Encourage      devices
  content       competition               competition
        producers     Want DRM                                  Want content
                      capable devices                           availability
      Provides guarantees       Industry                                          Provides guarantees
      of compatibility and      alliances                                         of compatibility and
      trustworthiness                                                             content availability
                    Jani Suomalainen / Digital Rights Management for Mobiles / 20.4.2004
7. Conclusions
   Technical and social means cannot weed piracy completely
      – Openness of mobile terminals is out of the ‘bottle’,
        terminals will be able to play free content
      – DRM content can be made to look like free content and
        will be available from somewhere

   DRM protection can only provide extra time and make piracy

   Trends seem to direct us towards flexibility (user-
    friendliness) as well as industry wide trust model and

                 Jani Suomalainen / Digital Rights Management for Mobiles / 20.4.2004
8. Thank You!

   Comments, questions?

              Jani Suomalainen / Digital Rights Management for Mobiles / 20.4.2004

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